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You may have heard of me, I am "Smiling" Bobby Bryce. I was very big on the comedy circuit in the 70s and 80s, though now at the age of 56, I am better known for hosting the quiz show "Family Fun."

It was on this show five years ago, that I met an ambitious 21-year-old calling herself Angel Luvzit, when she joined the show as a hostess. She was perfect for the role, with her long, auburn hair, pretty face, big tits and never-ending legs.

From the time she joined the show, Angel did everything she could to please me, telling me how good I was and how much she admired my work. In no time she was shamelessly flirting with me, and I was too vain to realise that she had her own agenda and was manipulating me for her own purposes. Anyway, to cut a long story short, we began dating and I was soon so captivated by her, that I asked her to marry me.

At first everything was fine. I had been a little worried that having a young, energetic wife, I would not be able to match up in bed, with my rather small endowment which wasn't as stiff as it used to be in my younger days. She seemed happy enough though, especially as I spent a long time pleasing her with my tongue, something I had become pretty good at over the years.

As time went on, Angel persuaded me to use my influence to get her better jobs in the business, and I managed to get her a small part in a popular sitcom. I must say, she was surprisingly good, and this got her noticed, and led to bigger parts.

Things really began to go wrong when she was approached to play the female lead in a big budget TV special, opposite the latest hot property, a 25-year-old black actor named Ryan James. I had met the guy briefly; he was tall, muscular and very good looking. He was also conceited and arrogant, believing he was God's gift to women. Unfortunately, quite a lot of his female co-stars, some married, agreed with this, and he had several affairs with his leading ladies.

I was not happy about Angel taking this job, partly because she was becoming more famous and better paid than me, but also because I was afraid she might succumb to the obvious charms the virile young man had to offer. I therefore set about spoiling her chances of the part by trying to call in some favours from influential people in the business. Such was Angel's popularity, that my scheme failed and she got the part. Unfortunately, she found out what I had tried to do, and was absolutely furious.

As she finished her packing for her month's filming at the other end of the country, I tried to make my peace with her.

"I'm sorry honey," I pleaded. "I just wasn't happy about you working with that womanising sleazebag. I don't want him coming on to you, and I suppose I felt a bit jealous about you doing love scenes with such a young man."

"You tried to ruin my career!" she spat. "I will never forgive you for that, and I am going to make you pay. Now if you will excuse me, I have a job to go to. You will have to keep an eye on the gossip columns over the next few weeks to find out if Ryan is fucking me!"

With that, she grabbed her suitcase and left in the waiting studio car.

I tried a number of times to contact Angel at the hotel she was staying at, to patch things up, but she refused to take my calls.

It was about two weeks into filming that my worst fears began to be realised. Picking up the paper, I read a story by one of the top showbiz columnists.

"Angel Luvzit and Ryan James, currently filming a new TV blockbuster, were spotted having dinner last night at a top restaurant. Fellow diners reported that they could not keep their hands off each other, and spent the whole meal laughing, kissing and cuddling."

My blood ran cold. I desperately hoped the story was untrue or exaggerated, and tried again to reach Angel by phone, without success. I wanted to go up there and confront her, but I had to start recording a new series of the quiz show next day, and I knew that Mary, the 55 year old harridan who produced the show, was just looking for an excuse to get rid of me. I had to be there, or she would take great delight in replacing me with a younger, better-looking presenter.

The stories of the dates between my wife and her co-star continued over the next few days, and one evening I spotted them on the news, coming out of their hotel arm in arm. A reporter spoke to them.

"Miss Luvzit," he began. "Is it true you and Mr James have been spending your nights together?"

"Oh yes," gushed my wife. "And it has been wonderful!"

"Have you thought how this will affect your marriage to Bobby Bryce?" he enquired.

"To be honest no," she responded. "I have been too busy enjoying the best sex of my life to think about anything else!"

"But how will your husband be feeling?" the reporter continued.

"Insanely jealous I imagine," Angel laughed. "But then he has good reason to be jealous, Ryan is a fantastic lover, and I now know why his friends call him "Donkey". You can be sure I will be spending all my nights with Ryan while we are here."

"Have you spoken to your husband?" the reporter asked.

"No, I have nothing to say to him," she replied. "He tried to ruin my chances of getting this part, he deserves all he gets."

I was in total shock at her cruel words, said for the entire world to hear. Again, I tried to get in touch with her, but she refused to speak to me.

A couple of weeks later, I did get a call from Angel, to let me know filming had finished. Although she sounded cold and distant, I was pleased just to hear her voice.

"Darling, please get home as soon as you can," I said. "Let's sit down and talk, and sort everything out."

"I won't be home for another two weeks," she responded. "Ryan and I have booked a Caribbean holiday. I am sure the press will get wind of it, so just check the papers to see what a good time we are having!" She laughed as she put down the phone.

I was crushed. Having seen this other side of her, I was pretty sure she would tip off the press about her holiday, to keep her face and name in the papers. Sure enough, over the next two weeks the papers were full of pictures of the two of the on the beach, Angel topless kissing and hugging her new lover.

On the day she was due back, the front of the house was swamped with reporters and cameramen. As she got out of the car and walked up the drive, I came out and went to give her a big hug and kiss, to try to show the world everything was OK. She pushed me away roughly, shouting "No!" I could already see tomorrow's headlines and pictures; the papers would have a field day with this!

Later on, when Angel had settled back in, I asked her if we could talk. She told me simply that she was thinking of moving in with Ryan. After a lot of sobbing, begging and pleading from me, she said she would stay, on condition that Ryan moved into our house and her bed. I had no choice but to agree.

After Ryan moved in, and the press frenzy died down, life returned to some sort of normality. I was not at all happy about what was going on behind our closed doors, but was thankful that the world did not know about it. That was until Angel agreed to give an interview to a sensational TV programme called "Celebrity Sex Secrets", hosted by Jane Daniels. I was made to watch with Angel and Ryan, when it was aired. It went like this:

JANE: Angel, thank you very much for coming. Now, the last we heard, you were seeing Ryan James, is that still the case?

ANGEL: Very much so. In fact, when we returned from holiday Ryan moved into our house, and in to my bed. My husband moved into the spare room.

J: So, are you having sex with your husband?

A: Certainly not! Since I met Ryan, I have no interest in sex with Bobby. He has never been good at it, and he has a tiny cock, which does not get very hard these days. In any case, Ryan would not allow him to fuck me again. In fact, because he is often away filming, he has insisted Bobby permanently wear a chastity device, so that there is no possibility of him taking advantage of me.

J: That must be really frustrating for Bobby.

A: I'll say! I suppose I don't help matters much, wandering around the house in little or nothing. I remember going into Bobby's room to get something, wearing only my panties. The hungry look on his face, as he ogled my big tits was something to behold! (Audience laughter). Also, Ryan and I are not too discreet about our love play. Quite often, if we are all watching TV, I will slip off the sofa on to the floor, take out Ryan's cock, and suck on it noisily for ages.

J: How does that affect your husband?

A: In several ways. Firstly envy, because I have always refused to suck his cock, and of course jealousy that his wife is giving herself totally to another man, with no consideration for his feelings. There is the added bonus that the frustration he is suffering becomes more intense.

J: So he gets no relief at all?

A: Well, actually, after he had worn the device for a month, Bobby began pleading with me to let him come. Finally, Ryan and I dragged him into the bedroom, and made him watch while Ryan fucked me energetically on the marital bed. Then I told my husband I would give him hand relief if he sucked my lover's cum out of my pussy. He obviously found the idea repulsive, but his need for relief was greater. He reluctantly lowered his head between my thighs and licked me clean, to the great amusement of Ryan and myself. After that, I removed the device, pulled him off in seconds, and replaced it.

J: Have you continued to let him have relief?

A: Shortly after this occasion, Ryan had to go away for six weeks to film an action film. While he was away, I had Bobby's face between my legs most nights giving me orgasms orally. He is very good at this; in fact the only reason I did not stray before Ryan was because he gave me plenty of that attention. Anyway, this of course made Bobby even more frustrated and he was soon begging for release. I told him there was no way I would unlock him while Ryan was away.

J: With all his pleading, were you not tempted to help him?

A: Quite the reverse. The more he tongued me, the more frustrated he got. The more frustrated he got, the more turned on I got. The more turned on I got, the more I pulled his face into my pussy. It was a vicious circle for him. By the time Ryan came home, he was climbing the walls. (More audience laughter).

J: So then what happened?

A: Ryan and I talked, and came up with a wicked idea. We took my husband to the bedroom again. This time, he was made to prepare us both with his tongue, watch us fuck, then clean us both up with his tongue, to get his few seconds of relief. Since then we have changed things, so that to get his relief, he has to kneel naked in front of Ryan and suck him to completion, while I watch. I constantly abuse him verbally at this time, calling him every kind of faggot. So if any of you ladies out there still fancy my husband, just picture him naked on his knees, a huge black cock in his mouth, swallowing copious amounts of cum! (Riotous audience laughter).

J: Do you not think it might harm your husband's career when everyone hears your revelations?

A: Frankly, I don't care. He tried to ruin my career, and I told him I intend to make him pay. Besides, I earn a lot more than he does now, if he loses his job he can work for me, to enhance my career.

J: Angel, thank you very much. (Thunderous applause).

I looked across, as the programme ended, to see my wife and her lover laughing at my humiliation.

Next morning, I was called into Mary's office. She told me in no uncertain terms, that "Family Fun" was a family show, and she did not want it hosted by a cum eating, cocksucking cuckold. I was told I was to be replaced immediately. That effectively ended my career. The phone stopped ringing, and my agent could not get me work for love or money.

I therefore began to work for Angel as her "Manager". I was in fact just a servant to her and Ryan, bringing them breakfast in bed, after listening to them fucking furiously for most of the night, and doing various menial jobs. As well as that of course, I was kept frustrated, doing all the humiliating tasks mentioned above to gain any release.

The final humiliation came a few months later, when Angel told me to get the paper off the mat after I had served breakfast. I picked it up, and saw the headline staring out at me.

"Angel Expecting Ryan's Baby."



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