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My 38 year old wife Kirsty left this morning for a two week holiday with her 19 year old black lover James, all paid for by me.

Before she left, my wife gave me the password to her computer, and instructed me to print off all the E-mails between her and James since they met. She told me that they provide the definitive record of her transformation into James' slave, and slut for superior black cocks, and my descent from self-respecting husband to impotent sex slave and cuckold, all thanks to Amy. She also told me to expect a sting in the tail. I reproduce the messages below, to show what she meant.



I thought I should write, after our evening together. From all the things we did, and the way you acted, it seems to me that a need was brought out in you last night. A need to be dominated, and be submissive to a strong man.

If that is the case, I want to be that man. I want to use and abuse your beautiful body, to pinch and slap your big tits and your rounded ass, and to grab your long black hair and force your mouth on to my big black cock. I want to make you my woman, my slut, and to have you fucked by all my young friends for my pleasure. If you come to me again, I will make sure that you will only be satisfied by huge black men, and that your tight white cunt will be stretched so much that you are ruined for your husband's tiny cock.

If you reply, I will know that you want this, and will keep coming back. You know why Aunt Amy introduced us, and what she is trying to achieve. If you want to serve me, you will help us do it.


I should mention here that Amy is my step- sister. She is not a blood relation, being the daughter of a black guy my mother married when the two of us were 14. Amy and I never got along, but she really began to despise me from the time that, at age 16, I came home unexpectedly and caught her being fucked by her boyfriend. My price for keeping this from her father was to have her come to my room naked when our parents were out, and suck me off. This went on for some time, and each time she did it, she swore that one day she would make me suffer for the indignity I put her through.

Amy married at 18, and she and her husband emigrated to Australia. A year ago, her marriage broke up, and she left Australia and returned to our town. She met Tony, a local man, and they married seven months ago. Since then, she has made friends with my wife, and they have become very close.

Although I did not know it at this point, Amy had told my wife the full story of her childhood with me, and told her that it had affected her so much that she still wanted revenge on me. My wife had sympathised, but nothing happened until Amy had the idea of introducing Tony's well built, handsome young nephew James. She had sensed my wife's submissive streak, and hoped that she would click with her arrogant young nephew, and it would lead to a sexual relationship between them. This would be a good start in her ambition to ruin my life. His aunt, of course, had made James fully aware of the whole situation.

I now continue with the E-mails.

Monday evening


You knew I would write back, didn't you?

Before last night, I would never have believed any man could have me naked on my knees, sucking on his cock, before he fucked me in my pussy and my ass, let alone a 19-year-old. My docile husband Peter has never felt my mouth around his cock, or been allowed to fuck me anally in twenty years of marriage, although he has pleaded with me many times. You managed to make me do all those things on our first evening together.

You are right, of course, something did happen to me last night. From the moment I caressed your fit young body, and took your big, stiff cock into my hand, I knew that I would do anything you wanted. Yes, I do want to be your woman, your slut and your whore, and do everything to please you no matter how perverse. When you slid your cock into my pussy, I knew that it was what I have needed all my life. For the first time since I got married, I felt like a real woman. Then, when you gave me my first orgasm in heaven knows how long, I just lost control. I could not believe the words coming out of my mouth. Did I really call you a horse- cocked, cunt-stretching black whore-fucker? I never normally swear, but the excitement just seemed to take me over. I promise I will allow myself to be gang fucked by your friends to please you, as long as I can be yours.

Now I have had you, I realise what an inadequate my husband is, and what a louse he is for what he did to Amy. His feelings are no longer important to me, and I will do anything you and Amy wish to make him suffer.

I will come and see you on Wednesday, and we can talk more.




Thank you again for another incredible fuck last night. The more you slap my face, tits and ass, the hotter you make me. And I could never imagine my wimp husband throwing me naked over the kitchen table and fucking me from behind, while calling me a cock hungry slutty cunt. It was wonderful.

As we discussed, I decided to tell Peter about us when I got home. At first he was almost speechless, asking dumb questions like "What has he got that I haven't?" I laughed, and asked him if he meant apart from a young, athletic body, huge cock and a sexual technique guaranteed to give me multiple orgasms every time I was fucked? I went on to say that now I have met someone who satisfied all my sexual needs, I would probably leave him. He began to sob, and I could hardly keep myself from laughing. When he had calmed down a bit, he began to plead with me not to leave him, saying he would do anything to keep me. The feeling of power this gave me was a real turn on, and I knew right away that I had him just where I wanted him.

I told him straight away that he would have to accept that he would not be allowed sex with me while I am with you, and probably not ever again. In addition to that, he would have to accept me as master of the house, and do exactly as I told him. He was so desperate, he would have agreed to anything.

I telephoned Amy this morning, and she was absolutely delighted to hear of his reaction, and his distress at my adultery. She has suggested that I arrange to have him wear a chastity device, in order to have total control over him. What do you think?




I think it is a great idea to have Peter locked up. It will put my mind at rest, knowing he can't force himself on you, and it will be much more fun for us. Can you imagine the enjoyment, with you doing all you can to empty my balls, while your husband sits at home totally frustrated, unable to even get an erection?

See if you can arrange it today, and you can tell me how it is going when I see you next Wednesday.




Must tell you what happened when I got home after seeing you last night. Peter was in bed, but not asleep, safely locked in his cock cage. I walked round to his side of the bed, and undressed slowly as he watched. I made him look closely at my tits, which you had pinched and slapped, and covered in love bites. Then I pushed my pussy close to his face, so that he could see your cum trickling out of me, and the matted pubic hairs caused when you pulled out and shot over them after the last fuck. Then I slid into bed, and French kissed him for about twenty minutes, before pushing his head between my legs to clean up your sweet cum. By the time I had finished, he was begging for release, but I just laughed and turned over to go to sleep.

As you instructed, I will make him come with me when I visit you on Saturday. I agree that it a good idea for him to see what he is going to be missing in future, and how much pleasure you give me with your body. I can't wait to see the surprise that you have for him.

Bye for now




What a fabulous night! Did you see the look on Peter's face as he knelt alongside me as I sucked on your cock like a cheap whore? And the pathetic whimpering as he watched me wrap my white legs around your ebony back after you had rammed your cock into me made me cum even harder. I kept my eyes on his the whole time you were fucking me, enjoying the hurt I was giving him.

The real bonus was afterwards, as he knelt naked on the floor, sucking the cocks of your two gay friends as we watched, laughing and calling him names. On the way home, he was feeling sick from the cum he had swallowed, and said he never wanted to do that again. I told him that I was going to make sure he took so many cocks in his mouth and ass, that he would think he was in prison! He looked really frightened at that.

Next time darling I would like you to make Peter suck your cock. Being made to suck on the cock that is cuckolding him would be humiliating for him, and a real turn on for me. Please say you will agree.

When I told Amy all about the evening, she decided she would come over this evening to have fun at Peter'' expense. She taunted him all through dinner, and when we had finished, I sent him upstairs to strip. When he came back downstairs, Amy was also naked, and sitting in the armchair. I told Peter that we were going to reverse the roles of when they were children, and he should kneel before Amy.

I watched as she gave him his orders. First, she made him take her pretty black feet in his hands and kiss and lick them, followed by a long slow toe-sucking session. Then she held his head between her legs for a good hour, until he had given her a couple of orgasms with his tongue. He spent a further half-hour with his tongue working in and out of her asshole.

When she finally let him go, and he thought it was all over, I dragged him up to my bedroom, and made him do exactly the same for me. His mouth and tongue are going to be really sore tomorrow!

I will write again on Wednesday when Peter has made arrangements for our holiday.




The holiday is all sorted out; I will meet you on Friday as arranged.

As promised, I will be leaving my diaphragm at home. I will be at my most fertile while we are away, so be prepared for me draining as much of your black cum into my pussy as I can for the next two weeks! Isn't it wonderful? I always wanted a baby, but Peter couldn't give me one. The added bonus is that Peter's humiliation will be complete. Amy will be over the moon knowing that I am carrying a black baby whom my husband will have to look after, and try and explain to his family and friends.

See you Friday


I read the last message and froze. She really intends to have a black baby! I know I will never be able to hold my head up again when the baby is born. To make matters worse, Amy is coming over tonight to "baby-sit" me for the next two weeks. She telephoned me today to let me know that there will be plenty of sex, all oral and all one way. She says she intends to make the ever-present frustration I feel unbearable, and have me in tears at least once a day.

She also hinted at other personal services she will require. I dread to think what they might be.

I'd say Amy has got her revenge in spades, wouldn't you?




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