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The following correspondence is between John Evans, who at the beginning has two months left of a two year sentence for robbery to serve, and his wife Mary. The first letter comes out of the blue from Mary, after a period of two months without any contact.

January 20

Dear John

I thought I should write to let you know that your cell mate Danny very kindly arranged for his brother Wayne to call round last night to see that I was alright, after getting the address from you.

When I answered the door to this beautiful huge black man, I thought my luck had changed, and boy it had! He is so strong and powerful, that within half an hour of letting him in, I was on my knees naked before him. I had his big ebony cock in my hand, and my lips stretched around the head. I know I said I would never suck cock, but he was not taking no for an answer!

He had me there for ages, telling me exactly what he wanted. Licking up and down the shaft, kissing and sucking the knob, sucking his balls and so on. Just when I thought it would never end, he held my head still and shot a great load of cum into my mouth and down my throat. It was wonderful!

After he had finished, and I had cleaned him up, I thought he would leave, but no. He picked me up, and carried me upstairs to our bedroom, and threw me on the bed. I watched as he undressed, admiring his muscular ebony body, hugely excited about what he was going to do to me. He lay beside me, and began to play with my tits. You remember how sensitive they are, don't you John? It was not long before I was whimpering with excitement.

Then he moved down and began to lick my pussy, the thing you said was disgusting. He must have known that I would have to be very wet to take the monster between his legs. Finally, he knelt up and placed the end of his cock at the entrance to my pussy. It took a little while, but eventually he was inside me right up to the balls. Just think, John a big black cock stretching YOUR WIFE'S cunt!

Once inside, he started pushing in and out, slowly at first, building up a rhythm. Then without warning, he began to fuck me hard. He was knocking the breath out of me with every powerful stroke. I began first to whimper, then cry out as he was giving me pleasure I had never had before, pleasure I did not think I could bear. I told him he was the best, begging him to keep ramming that black woman pleaser into me all night, giving my womb it's first helping of black cum. Oh what a whore I was John, I did not care that I was married, I only wanted him!

To cut a long story short, he gave me three lots of cum last night, and heaven knows how many powerful orgasms. He left saying he will return tonight. He says he will train me to be his slut, that he will take me away from you. To be honest John, he has done that already after one night. To think I have put up with that small cock for seven years, when I could have been gorging on big black cocks like Wayne's. Not any more!

I must close now, as I am sitting here naked waiting for Wayne to ring the bell, my pussy soaking wet. I hope you will be able to get some sleep in your cold little cell, knowing what Wayne is doing with your unfaithful wife. I will write again soon.



21 January

My darling Mary

I could not believe your letter, how could you do this to me after all we have been through? I spent the whole night awake, in tears at the thought of you with another man.

Please stop now Mary, and let us get things back the way they were. I can forgive what has happened, and if you come and see me we can work things out.

Please contact me soon.



23 January

Dear Cuckold

Got your letter, in fact Wayne and I read it in bed last night. You should have heard us laugh! I never realised quite what a big wimp you are. If you think your pathetic pleadings brought any sympathy from me, then you have mistaken me for someone who gives a fuck. All your letter did was make me even more hot for Wayne, knowing that you were sitting there hurting, while he was spending the night fucking me senseless, and making me his property. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to make you witness his ravishing of me.

The second time he fucked me, I read your letter out loud. We were giggling so much, I thought we would burst.

I have promised Wayne that you will never be allowed to fuck me again, and he has rewarded me by telling me that I am to spend next weekend at his place, with Danny's other brother Lester. Between them, they are going to make me totally subservient to black cock, whoever that cock belongs to. Wayne will of course remain my Master.

Well, that's enough for now, must clean Wayne's cum out of my arse and pussy.

Love (Ha Ha!)

Wayne's Girl Mary

25 January


This is your last chance. If you do not agree to stop this, I will take the stash from the last job and leave.


28 January

Oh, did I not tell you arsehole? I found the stash, and Wayne and I have been spending it like water. I have loads of new underwear, and we have been dining out every night. We have a foreign holiday planned soon. By the time you get out, you will not have a pot to piss in.

The tone of your note has annoyed me however, and you will regret that. Expect to have a party soon, the next time I write I will have another name for you.

White Slut to Black Master Wayne

P.S. Does it still hurt, knowing that your wife has black hands all over her, black cocks in her mouth, pussy and arse, while you are locked in there unable to do a thing about it?

31 January


That is right, isn't it? The way I heard it, you spent three hours on you knees on the stone floor, sucking on three black cocks and drinking their cum. I bet you looked a real little faggot while they all fucked you're your ugly white mouth, I wish I could have seen it. I understand you did your best, but need a lot of practice. From what Wayne tells me you are certainly going to get it. By the time you are released, you will probably have drunk several pints of black cum. Knowing how repulsive you must find it gives me no end of satisfaction.

I must go now, to get ready for tonight's party. Wayne has some friends coming round, and I am to be the subject of a six-man gangbang.

Master Wayne's Property

Just over two weeks before his release, John was surprised to hear that his wife was going to visit him.

As he sat at his table, he saw her slink into the room. He hardly recognised her. Her long brunette hair had been cut short and dyed blonde. She was heavily made up, and wore a skimpy sweater with no bra, an obscenely short skirt and high heels. There was an elaborate tattoo on her upper left arm, bearing the words "Black Power".

Everyone in the room looked round. They consisted of his three tormentors with their visitors, plus a couple of other prisoners with theirs. Also present was a black prison guard, who seemed extremely friendly with the three black guys.

Mary sat down with a contemptuous smile at John. She lifted her sweater, revealing her breasts covered in love bites.

"Remember these John?" she smiled. "Remember the time when you had access to these before my black Master took me from you? He wanted you to see for yourself that they are his to do with as he pleases now. He has also sent me to you with a cunt full of cum, would you do me a favour and kneel down and suck it out of me?" John declined, saying it was too disgusting.

"Do you want me to shout to the guard to ask if it is alright?" she snarled.

"No" replied John quickly, "I will do it."

As he knelt and lapped at her knickerless pussy, the guard called over, asking what was going on.

"Oh my husband is just sucking my lover's cum out of me officer, is that OK?"

"That's fine Ma'am" the guard responded, as John's face went a deep red, "make sure he doesn't miss any!" Everyone in the room laughed at John's predicament.

When John had resumed his seat, Lance, one of the black prisoners came over and introduced himself to Mary.

"Hi, Lance" smiled Mary, "you are even more handsome than Wayne told me." Lance bent down and gave Mary a long lingering kiss, much to John's chagrin, as his wife had hardly acknowledged him when she had entered the room.

"Could you do me a favour?" asked Lance.

"Of course, Sweetheart" answered Mary, unzipping his trousers and taking out his cock.

Stroking him gently, she turned to John and told him he would have to excuse her as she could not talk with her mouth full. With that, she put Lance's cock in her mouth and began to suck him noisily like the slut she had become.

Suddenly, John began to sob, begging his wife not to do this.

"Oh look" Mary laughed derisively, "my lawful wedded husband is crying like a baby because his wife is sucking on another man's cock. What will he be like when he sees me with my cunt full of black meat?" More laughter from the other men present

After she had sucked Lance to completion, he walked to John, grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. As Mary stood up and walked over, he pinched John's nose, forcing his mouth open. Mary leaned over, opened her mouth, and deposited Lance's cum with a large measure of her own spit directly into her husband's mouth.

"That gives you some idea of the respect I have for you now" she laughed.

At that point, Wesley, another of the black prisoner' came over, and Mary whispered in his ear. He nodded, and Mary ordered John to get on his knees. He begged her not to make him do this, but she grabbed him by the hair and dragged him towards Wesley' groin.

"I want to see my little-dicked, cocksucking husband in action" said Mary, opening Wesley's fly and taking out the cock that was only too familiar to John. He took Wesley in his hand, and began the distasteful task of sucking his cock.

"Look at the little wimp" laughed Mary, "that is all he is good for now, sucking black cock and sucking black cum out of his wife's white pussy! Choke the bastard with it Wesley, shove it down his throat and fill his wimpy white belly with your cum!"

After Wesley had finished, and had been cleaned up, Mary sat John down.

"We need to discuss the future" she began. "You will be coming home in two weeks. Of course things will be a lot different. Wayne will be your Master, and I your Mistress. Your place will be that of servant and toy to both of us, and anyone else we may decide."

"I won't do it" bleated John Mary leaned forward, until her face was close to his.

" Oh yes you will John" she whispered, "because I have the evidence on that Job you did where the Security Guard was badly injured, If the Police get hold of that you will be back in here for ten years at least!" John knew he was beaten

"Wayne and I will pick you up" Mary went on, "we will take you back home, and spend all our time making your life a misery, in repayment for the lousy seven years you have put me through. I am going to have so much fun!"

With that, she leaned forward as though to kiss him, spat full in his face, turned and left.

John Evans was released on 23 March.

Waiting at the gates were his wife and her new man, both with smirks of anticipation on their faces. John wondered what they had in mind for him.




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