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WimpHub Story: Despised by Wife and Daughters





I am a 43 year old businessman, and live with my wife Jane, 42, and my two daughters Julie 21 and Jenny 20.

Time has treated my wife very well. With her long brown hair, beautiful face, great tits and long sexy legs, she is only a few pounds heavier than when I married her 22 years ago. Unfortunately I now have a paunch, and am rapidly losing my hair. Maybe this is why, though I still want her as much as ever, my wife has lost interest in sex with me. She has always been the more dominant partner, and sex has always been when she wants it. In the last few years she has wanted it less and less.

My relationship with my daughters is not so good either. From the time they reached teenage, they have been surly and argumentative with me, and shown little respect. It hasn’t helped that their mother, with whom they are very close, often overrules me when I have tried to impose discipline. As a result of this both girls consider me a wimp, and have called me that to my face during arguments.

My current situation came about when I again attempted to impose my ideas on them. I had always hoped they would both meet successful young white guys to settle down with, but found that they had taken up with young black men, who I disapproved of. Dwayne and Eddie are their names, and on the several occasions they had been at my house I found them arrogant, rude and disrespectful. My wife on the other hand had no problems with them, and in fact liked them both. I brought up the subject at dinner one Sunday, asking them why they could not find a couple of nice white guys.

“Because Dwayne makes me happy,” Julie informed me.

“And Eddie makes me happy,” Jenny added. “In every way, if you know what I mean.”

“That’s right,” explained her sister. “Black guys are superior to whites, that is well known. Mom, you should try a black guy yourself, it would put a big smile on your face!” My wife just grinned, as I rebuked Julie for her remark.

It was the following Saturday when Jane had agreed to let the girls have a party with a few of her friends. I had an evening business meeting, and after I got ready I came down to find my daughters in the lounge with two friends, Laura and Shelley, whose parents were known to me. Also there were the two boyfriends, and three other black guys I had never seen before. I went o the kitchen to say goodbye to my wife.

I was surprised to see how Jane looked as I entered the kitchen. She had obviously taken great care with her hair and makeup, and was wearing a blue dress I had not seen before. The top was very low cut, showing off her ample bosom, and the hem was way above her knees. I asked if she thought her dress was appropriate with young guys around, and she told me she did not want to look like a frumpy Mom in front of the girls. I was not happy, but left it at that.

When I returned at about 10.30, the party was in full swing, and there was a lot of noise coming from the lounge. I went in to try and get them to tone it down. As it went quiet, I could hear the sound of bedsprings coming from the master bedroom directly above, quickly followed by the muffled sound of a woman in the throes of sexual ecstasy. I knew immediately that the voice was my wife’s and immediately made for the door to investigate. I was stopped by both Dwayne and Eddie.

“Your wife is enjoying herself,” said Dwayne.

“Probably more than she has for years,” added Eddie. “So why don’t you just sit down and wait until Leon has done with her.”

Reluctantly I sat in the chair. I could feel the eyes of my daughters and their friends on me as I had to listen to the bedsprings going more rapidly, and my wife’s cries of pleasure become louder and more urgent.

“Leon is really giving it to her isn’t he?” observed Jenny.

“Yes,” Julie agreed. “And she is LOVING it!” They all laughed out loud, enjoying my humiliation.

Eventually Jane came back down with her new young lover, wearing only her short blue robe. As she caught sight of me she gave a smug, satisfied grin. She obviously felt no guilt or remorse for what she had just done in our bed. As she came in, the two boyfriends grabbed me and forced me to my knees in the middle of the room.

“Time you learnt the duties of the wimpy white cuckold” Dwayne laughed. “You have to lick up all the cum her black lover has left in her pussy when he has done with her.”

“Better do as the boys say,” my wife urged me, as she lifted her robe revealing her well fucked pussy. “It is the least you can do after all the effort Leon put into filling me!”

With my own daughters and their friends watching me intently and Dwayne’s hand roughly holding my neck, I was forced to lap up every last drop of the jizz Leon had shot into my wife.

“How could you do that to me?” I asked, with tears in my eyes when I was alone with Jane and the girls. “How could you let those nasty niggers treat me that way? They are scum!” The three of them laughed.

“Things are going to change round here,” was all Jane would say. “you had better get used to it.”

I was really made to regret my outburst a couple of days later. When I got home from work I found Jane and the girls in the lounge, along with Leon, Laura and Shelley.

“I hear you have been saying nasty things about me and my friends,” Leon announced. “I think it is time you learned some respect!” He then told me to kneel in the middle of the room.

“I think he should be naked for this,” suggested Laura. “Much more humiliating for him!”

“You heard the lady,” Leon said menacingly.

Realizing I had no choice, I quickly removed my clothes. My daughters and the other girls laughed out loud as they saw my less than impressive endowment. I knelt in front of my wife’s new boyfriend and Jane went behind him. She unbuckled his belt, and pulled down his pants and underwear.

“This is just one reason why he is so superior to you,” she announced, as his long thick cock came into view.

The young black man grabbed my thinning hair, told me to open my mouth, and then fed his cock into it.

“Now suck it wimp,” he ordered. “Just like your wife does, and don’t stop until you feel my cum hit the back of your throat!” I began to suck as instructed.

“Suck it you sissy,” taunted Julie.

“Yes,” added her sister. “Show Leon that you know he is the boss around here!”

“What do you think of your husband now Jane?” asked Leon. As he pulled my head back and forward on his cock.

“Well, I never thought he was much of a man,” she told him. “But now all I see is a flabby, cock sucking faggot!” The young girls laughed hysterically at this.

Eventually Leon emptied his balls into my mouth and the women applauded as I swallowed the lot.

“Now tell Leon that you are happy for him to fuck your wife exclusively,” Jane ordered me. “And that you promise you will not try to fuck her yourself.”

“OK, I agree,” I said miserably.

“No, say it!” Julie snapped. “Just like Mom told you.”

“Leon,” I began.

“That’s Leon Sir,” the arrogant black boy corrected me.

“Leon Sir,” I continued, as all the girls sniggered. “I am happy for you to fuck my wife exclusively and I promise I will not try to fuck her myself.”

“Very good boy,” laughed Leon. “Now get up.”

As I got up, Julie came behind me and held my arms behind my back. Jane picked something up from the side and approached me. I could see she was holding a chastity device. She quickly fitted it on my cock and locked it.

“There,” she said. “That will take away the temptation to fuck me while we are naked in bed together. I will leave the key with Julie. She can decide when you will be allowed some relief.”

“And that won’t be any time soon Daddy,” Julie laughed. “You will not only be a cuckolded wimp, you will be a celibate cuckolded wimp!” More laughter from everyone.

Now dressed, Leon reached into his pocket and took out his car keys.

“Get dressed and clean my car inside and out while I am fucking your wife upstairs,” he instructed.

“And you had better do as good a job on it as Leon will do on me!” Jane laughed, as she took her lover’s hand and went upstairs.

I went outside to deal with Leon’s car with the derisive laughter of my daughters and their friends ringing in my ears.

It is now two months since my chastity device was fitted. Since then my wife and even my daughters have been parading round the house scantily dressed. Often they will wander round in just their panties, all three of them reveling in my increasing frustration.

They all also flaunt their black boyfriends in front of me, and have used my desperation for relief to turn me into a submissive cock sucker for all of them.





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