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Life changed irrevocably for me one Friday evening just over a year ago. I was having a quiet night in with my wife of three years, 23 year old Jenny. I was reading a book, while she sat on the sofa watching TV. With her long brown hair piled on top of her head, dark rimmed glasses and no make-up, she looked just what she was - a librarian.

Don't get me wrong, Jenny is a pretty girl, with a magnificent 38" bust, and long shapely legs. It's just that, sitting there in her pink sweater and full black pleated skirt, she did not exactly look like a sex siren. In fact, she did not seem at all interested in sex. She was a shy, conservative virgin when we married, and after the first few months, our sex life dropped to almost zero.

As I said, we were sitting there quietly, when about nine o'clock the doorbell rang. We were not expecting anyone at that hour, so I told Jenny I would get it. As I opened the door, I was forced back by two huge black men carrying weapons. The taller one grabbed me, and forced me back into the lounge, pushing me into the armchair. My wife looked shocked, but did not move, or make a sound.

"Please don't hurt me" I pleaded.

"Me?" sneered the younger one. "No mention of protecting your wife I notice, just your own sorry Ass!"

"Did you know what a coward your husband was?" the elder one asked my wife.

"I am beginning to" Jenny replied disgustedly. The man continued to talk in a deep, soothing gentle voice to my wife.

"We have no intention of hurting you, sweetheart" he began. "We just need somewhere to stay for a little while, until the heat dies down. If you do as we say, there will be no problem. My name is Jeff by the way, and this is my younger brother Lloyd."

Feeling less frightened due to his polite manner, my wife told him she was Jenny, and I was her husband Tony. Jeff then asked Jenny if she would make them a sandwich, and a cup of coffee, as they had not eaten all day. My wife did as she was asked, and sat beside Jeff on the sofa as he ate. Lloyd stayed near the window, keeping a look out.

When he had finished eating, Jeff turned to Jenny.

"You are a very pretty lady" he remarked. "How long have you been married to the wimp over there?"

"Three years" Jenny replied.

"And how is the sex?" he enquired.

"It's alright" she muttered.

"The truth Jenny" he urged. She looked into his eyes and said:

"The truth is, he has a tiny cock and cums too quickly. The only orgasms I have had have been from my own hand" I was shocked. My wife had never said this to me, and here she was telling a complete stranger!

"Have you ever sucked his cock?" Jeff asked.

"No, I always refused, because he won't lick my pussy" Jenny replied, reddening slightly. "He says that is dirty and disgusting."

To my horror, Jeff unzipped his fly, and pulled out his semi-stiff cock. Jenny gasped when she saw the size of it; it must have been 11" long, and very thick. He remarked that it probably put mine in the shade, and Jenny replied that he wasn't kidding.

"Like I said Jenny, I am not going to hurt you, but I would like you to take my cock in your hand, and stroke it until it gets nice and hard." Jeff told her.

As if mesmerised by his soothing voice, Jenny took his huge cock in her little white hand, and gently began to stroke up and down the shaft, making it very stiff. I tried to protest, but Lloyd waved his gun at me and told me to shut up.

"Do you think you would like to suck this cock Jenny?" Jeff asked.

"I don't know" she responded. "I have never sucked any cock before."

"Just lower your pretty mouth over it sweetheart" he instructed. Remember to keep your teeth out of the way. Just keep it in there for a little while, and tell me how you like it".

I watched, sick with jealousy as my wife took a cock in her mouth for the first time. Her pretty lips were stretched around the thick shaft as she managed to take in about for inches. After a few moments, she lifted her head up and told Jeff that it tasted much better than she expected. She said it was nice, his cock felt stiff, strong and manly, and she loved the way it throbbed in her mouth. Jeff smiled happily, and asked her to remove her panties. She obeyed, and he called me over.

"Kneel down here boy, and give your beautiful wife the cunt licking she deserves!"

I knelt before her, and tentatively moved my head between her thighs. I gagged slightly, as I really did not want to lick her, but I had no choice. I began running my tongue up and down her slit, and after a while I felt her respond. Her breathing became faster, and she was whimpering a little. After about five minutes, Jeff dragged me away from her. He took her hand, and told her to stand up. She looked into his eyes, and swallowed hard.

"You are going to fuck me, aren't you?" she enquired.

"Yes" said Jeff gently. "And then Lloyd is going to fuck you, but as I said we will not hurt you, and I promise you will be glad that you had both our cocks inside you."

Panicking, I protested that they could not do that to my wife. Jenny turned to me and told me to shut up, I had no say in the matter. With that, she meekly followed Jeff up to our bedroom.

After they had gone upstairs, I heard no sound for a while, and then the sound of the bedsprings moving began. I could hear muffled cries coming from my wife, becoming louder and louder as the bedsprings took a stronger pounding. Finally, after about twenty minutes, a loud animal cry came from my wife's lips as a powerful orgasm was forced out of her. Silence again, and then Jeff came down dressed only in his boxer shorts. Lloyd went up, and the whole thing was repeated, with my wife's cries this time even louder.

Eventually, Lloyd came down, dressed like his brother, with a huge grin on his face.

"Man, your wife is a wonderful fuck" he enthused. "Such a beautiful tight pussy! She will be down soon, she is just having a shower."

A short while later, I heard Jenny coming downstairs. I expected her to be traumatised by her ordeal, but was shocked when I saw her. She had removed her glasses, and let her long hair cascade around her shoulders. She had also put on makeup. Dressed in only her short white towelling robe, she looked more sexy and desirable than I had ever seen her.

Entering the room smiling, she went over and sat next to Jeff. Kissing him warmly, she laid her head on his shoulder, and rested her hand on his crotch. She glanced over at me with the expression of the cat that got the cream. Then she giggled.

"What's funny Honey?" enquired Jeff.

"I didn't tell you" Jenny answered. "Tony is the most jealous, possessive man I ever met. Hearing his wife being fucked by two hugely endowed black men must have driven him crazy!" The three of them cracked up with laughter at this. Every word was true of course.

"It doesn't sound as if you think too much of your husband" laughed Jeff.

"No" Jenny responded. "I always knew he was a wimp, but after having you and Lloyd, it brought home to me what a tiny, limp-dicked loser he really is. I am also angry at the three years of decent sex I have missed out on since I married him, and I want revenge."

"Well, if we can do anything to help with that, just ask" offered Jeff.

"There is" decided Jenny, sliding her hand down the front of his boxer shorts. "I want you both to fuck me in front of him, that will really drive him mad!"

The three of them stripped, and I was ordered to remove my clothes and sit back in the armchair without touching myself. Jenny knelt in front of me, looking into my eyes, her large breasts dangling. Jeff positioned himself behind her.

"Stick it into me Jeff" she shouted. "Show my husband what a slut you have made of his prim and proper wife!" She gasped as Jeff rammed his 11" straight up her pussy.

"Tell him how good it feels Jenny" Jeff told her. She stared in my eyes.

"Good?" she exclaimed. "It is fucking wonderful. My cunt thinks it is Christmas!" I had never heard my wife even say damn before, and her foul mouth shocked me.

"Take a good look motherfucker" she yelled at me. "This is how your wife will look regularly in future, with a big black cock crammed in her tight juicy cunt. And if I have my way, you will be made to watch every time I am fucked. Get used to the sight, cuckold, because you will never have my pussy again!" She screamed out another orgasm.

After Jeff, Lloyd took his place in my wife's soaking pussy, and the taunting continued until he shot his load deep in her belly. Afterwards, Jenny asked the boys to make me suck her pussy again. I was forced to my knees, and made to suck out the mixture of Jeff and Lloyd's cum, plus my wife's juices. It was much worse than the first time, and I was actually physically sick.

"You had better get used to it" my wife sneered. "You are going to be sucking a lot more cum out of me in the future. Jeff has given me the names and addresses of a few of his black friends, who will be only too pleased to give me all the black cock I need when these boys have gone."

That night when we went to bed, I was securely tied to a chair to prevent me calling the police, while Jenny slept between Jeff and Lloyd in our bed. It was a long time before I slept, as Jenny's cries were very loud as the two boys fucked her a further two times.

Next morning, the three of them rose and the boys went downstairs. My naked wife sauntered over to me.

"How did it feel, watching me being fucked by two real men in our marital bed, being totally helpless to do anything about it?" she taunted. I just bowed my head, and said nothing.

"I think I will leave you there a bit longer" she said, lifting my chin with her finger. "To contemplate your miserable, celibate future!" With that, she spat full in my face and left the room.

On Sunday evening, the boys told Jenny that they thought it would be safe to make their getaway the next morning. Jenny told them that she had had an idea to keep me subservient and in my place in the future, and asked for their help. They readily agreed, and by the end of the evening, a whole batch of embarrassing photographs were taken which would ruin my career and devastate my family if they got out. They included pictures of me:

Naked on my knees with Jeff's cock deep in my mouth. Ditto with Lloyd's cock. Standing with hands on hips in one of Jenny's dresses, fully made up. Kneeling in the same costume, a cock in each hand. Same position, Jeff's cum shooting into my mouth. Same position, receiving both Jeff and Lloyd's piss in my open mouth. Same position, receiving my wife's piss.

Next morning, Jenny kissed the two boys goodbye, wishing them luck and asking them to come back whenever they could. A little later, I left for work; it goes without saying with no kiss from my wife.

When I returned home that evening, Jenny was coming down the stairs. She was wearing her short black dress, black shoes, and was heavily made up. She looked a total slut, which was exactly the look she wanted. She informed me that she had a date with one of Jeff's friends. I was told not to go to bed, as she expected to be coming home with a cunt full of black cum for me to suck out of her. She reminded me that if I did not do exactly as I was told, the photos would be made public.

This has been the pattern of our life ever since. My wife goes out most nights, getting all the black cock she wants, while I wait at home to clean her pussy. I am allowed no sex whatever, and have to rely on my right hand for any relief.




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