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My name is David Edwards, and I am telling you my story as a warning to men out there of what might happen if you make the mistakes that I did.

When my story begins, my wife and I were both 32, having been married for twelve years. Ellen was the same beautiful redhead that I had met 13 years earlier, and had kept her man pleasing 36-24-36 figure ever since. I loved her dearly as a sweet, conservative girl, and our marriage had been very happy, until I made my first mistake.

Having been entirely faithful all through our marriage, I succumbed to a one-night stand with my secretary, after a drunken dinner at the end of an out of town sales conference. I might have got away with it, but my secretary, who knew my wife quite well, tearfully confessed all to her in a telephone call.

Ellen was rather quiet for a couple of days after she found out, but did not seem too angry. Finally, she spoke to me and said we would say no more about the matter. However, she said that we had only been out together in the past, and she now wanted to have a couple of nights a week out on her own. Alarm bells rang with me immediately, but I said OK so as not to upset her.

On her first night out alone she came down to see me after getting ready. She was wearing a little black dress that was obviously new. I noticed it showed a lot more of her tits and legs than she had ever shown before. Her outfit was completed by very high black heels instead of her usual flat ones, and she was heavily made up when she normally wore none. Now I was really worried.

She said she would not be too late, and I told her to have a good time. I worried while she was out, but she was back about 11, telling me she had just met some female friends. I decided it was best not to question her further, and did not worry any more until I met an old friend of mine a couple of weeks later. He told me that he had seen Ellen at a club he frequents, looking very friendly with a rather large black guy who drank there. My heart pounded and my mouth went dry when I heard this, but I did not feel I could question my wife on hearsay evidence.

On her next night out, Ellen got back a little later, 12 maybe. I was awake as usual, and she smiled at me as she entered the bedroom. She undressed quickly, and got into bed naked, which was unusual for her. I turned and asked her tentatively if she had had a good evening.

"Why don't you check for yourself," she replied, taking my hand and placing it on her pussy. It was drenched with cum.

"You've been fucked," I gasped.

"Nothing gets by you, does it Sherlock?" she sneered.

"Who was it?" I enquired, my voice shaking.

"All you need to know is that he is black, 20 years old, bigger than you in every way and is better in bed than you could be in your wildest fantasies. So if you are thinking of asking me to stop seeing him, you can fuck off," she told me cruelly.

I was shocked of course, and intensely jealous, but I had a hard on like never before. I wanted Ellen more even than the first time I fucked her.

"Any chance of your husband getting sloppy seconds?" I asked, laughing nervously.

"None at all," she snapped. "And you won't be having me at all while I am seeing Ben. It would be like shoving a pencil up me after a cucumber." She laughed contemptuously at her own analogy. "Go and pull yourself off in the bathroom if your little dick needs it that badly."

I didn't, but I lay awake for a long time with an erection, realising to my disgust that I was becoming obsessed with the idea of seeing Ellen in the arms of her new lover. I thought about little else at work the next day, having to go to the bathroom a number of times during the day. I decided I had to broach the subject with Ellen.

"What?" she yelled. "You fucking deviant. You mean you want to stand by and watch without saying a word while another man takes your wife as he pleases? Jeez, I know now that I have been married to an inadequate wimp all these years, but now I find he is a simpering pervert!" Her words hurt me, but I was slightly cheered when she said that she would speak to Ben, if only to give him a good laugh at my expense.

By the time I got home next evening, Ellen had obviously spoken to her lover. She sat me down, and explained the situation.

"Ben has agreed to your suggestion," she began. "But I can tell you that both of us intend to make the situation as humiliating as possible for you. Also he has insisted that you suck his cum out of me each time he has fucked me over the next two weeks, and after that the session will be arranged. Agreed?"

"Agreed," I replied ashamedly, feel revulsion at the thought of sucking someone's sperm out of my wife just to satisfy my warped lusts.

I had just finished my dinner, when Ellen came downstairs dressed sluttishly for her next liaison with Ben. She gave me my instructions.

"Go upstairs and get naked. I suggest you use the toilet as well, and come straight back down."

I did exactly as instructed and rushed back down for further directions.

"Come out here to the hall," she ordered. "Now kneel by the phone. That may ring at any time before I return home, and if it is not answered on the first ring, the deal is off. That means you will have to stay exactly where you are to be able to get the phone." I nodded my agreement, and she turned to go.

"Oh by the way," she said. "Ben is already at the club, so he may ring just after I have left." She looked down at my absurd submissive position as she walked out of the door.

It was nearly 2 a.m. when I heard the door being opened. I had been kneeling there for seven hours. Ellen appeared, looking rather dishevelled and a little drunk. She looked down at me, and laughed contemptuously.

"Ah, the little cuckold puppy is waiting obediently by the door for his mistress to bring home the real man's cum in her adulterous cunt for him to lap up," my wife began, lifting her dress. "Well here it is puppy, lap my sopping cunt nicely."

Feeling embarrassed and humiliated by my wife of twelve years, who was rapidly replacing any love and respect for me with derision and ridicule, I started lapping at her sore red pussy.

"Get it all out boy," she barked. "There are five loads in there to suck out. My new lover is a stayer and a repeater, as well as having a dick that a horse would be proud of!" She laughed again at her own remarks.

This humiliating and painful charade was re-enacted every time Ellen saw Ben over the next two weeks. Finally she told me the session was set for the next Saturday.

Late afternoon on the day, Ellen got ready to pick Ben up, as he did not have a car. I was told to be naked when they returned, or I would not get to watch.

The door opened half an hour later, and they came in the lounge. I looked up at Ben. I knew that he was big, but in the flesh he was Mr Universe proportions, 6'4" and wide as a house. He looked me up and down with pure contempt.

"Jeez Baby," he laughed. "I know you said he was small, but that is ridiculous! How have you managed with that all these years?"

"I didn't realise there was something so much better out there," she laughed, as she put her arms round his neck and engaged in a long French kiss with him. Finally, she broke off and turned to me.

"This is Ben," she explained. "He will be Master of the house while he is here, and I will be mistress. You will call him Sir and me Ma'am while we are together. We will refer to you as either little dick, boy, sissy or cunt, or other similar terms to denote your position of no importance. You will do everything we tell you immediately. Ben, would you show in what will happen if he fails please?"


It was only a slap, but with such force it knocked me right off my feet, and partly stunned me. Ellen smiled down at me.

"Oh Ben," she declared. "That was great, I like seeing you hurt the little prick, he deserves it for the lousy sex he has given me."

"Don't worry," he replied. "There will be more if he doesn't behave. Now get me a large bourbon boy, and be fucking quick about it!"

I rushed to get drinks, and they sat chatting and kissing for a while. Finally, Ben announced we should go upstairs. When we got there, Ellen whipped off the few clothes she was wearing as her lover stripped off. As he removed his underwear, I gasped at the size of his cock. Ellen walked over to him, took hold of it and stroked it to erection.

"You are impressed aren't you sissy?" she smiled. "You can see why I am so keen to get it inside me. Come over here and kneel down." I ran over and knelt in front of Ben. "Now suck my man's cock."

"Yeah, suck on that dick boy," Ben added. "Make it nice and hard for me to shove right up your slut wife's cunt!" I began to suck him although I felt a strong sense of revulsion at having to do it. Ellen stood by Ben and watched me do my duty.

"Will you need him to get you ready?" Ben asked my wife.

"Oh no," she purred. "I am soaking wet watching my so called lawfully wedded husband on his knees, reluctantly sucking on the cock that is about to cuckold him. Is he any good?"

"No," answered Ben. "He is going to need practice."

"Don't worry," Ellen assured him. "I like watching him so much, that I intend to turn him in to a cocksucking faggot. I have a few ides about that already."

Eventually, Ben was satisfied and they got ready to fuck. My wife lay on the bed, while Ben stood at the end. He pulled up her legs and parted them. Then he put his cock at her entrance and rammed right in in one go. Ellen screamed with pleasure. "Look at your wife boy," Ben sneered. "She loves it. She's just another dirty white slut who tastes black cock, and then can't do without it."

"Don't talk about her like that," I pleaded.

"He's right you cunt," Ellen gasped. "I am a filthy slut who will do anything he tells me, because I need his thick black cock. Look closely, I have got ten inches ramming into me, and I love every inch of it."

"Yeah," Ben agreed. "The bitch would open her mouth or her legs for any guy as long as he was black, she can't help herself."

"That's not true," I retorted.

"It is true that I would fuck any black man Ben told me to, as long as I could keep having him, because he is the best. You hear that sissy; he is the best I have ever had. I am his slut, his bitch, and all you will ever be now is the tiny dicked white wimp cuckold husband who watches his wife get fucked, and gets no sex for himself. I am the slut, and you are the pervert who can only get a decent hard on by watching someone else do his job better than he ever could." Her gasps were getting louder now.

"That good whore?" snarled Ben, as he started ramming my wife even harder.

"Oh yes baby," Ellen cried. "Do it to me Ben, make me cum, stretch my cunt so that only a black man will do! Watch him David, watch him stretch your wife so wide, that your cock wouldn't touch the sides even if you were allowed in!"

The talk combined with the rigorous fucking was exciting me beyond belief, but I hated myself for it, and I was increasing concerned that it was obvious I had lost my wife sexually forever. I was shaken out of my thoughts by my wife's now deafening cries.

"I am nearly there Ben, show the sissy how you make me cum, show him why I am your woman and you are my man!"

In response, Ben started pumping really fast, until he tensed, groaned and shot his load deep into my willing wife. At the same time, she screamed out "I love you, you fucking big black bastard" as an intense orgasm hit her. I turned away for a moment at that point, as I had a tear of jealousy in my eye.

Ben withdrew, and Ellen took a few moments to recover. Suddenly, I felt Ben grab my hair from behind and push my face into my wife'' dripping cunt.

"Suck my cum out of my bitch boy," he snarled. "Taste me on her and realise you have lost her to me!"

"That's right," agreed Ellen. "All you will get from my cunt now is creampie."

I cleaned my wife thoroughly, and then she sat up and twisted my head around.

"Now suck my man clean," she ordered. "And don't stop sucking until he has cum in your sissy mouth!" I began sucking, desperately trying to please, knowing this would be a long job because he had just cum.

Ellen was behind me as I worked. Unbeknown to me, she had pulled the leather belt out of Ben's trousers.

"Is he still rubbish?" she asked Ben.

"He's worse," he replied.

I suddenly felt a sharp pain across my back, and I yelled in pain.

"Suck my lover properly," she yelled. "Tell him you love his cock, and want to please him because he fucked your wife so well. Tell him you want to drain his balls and swallow his cum!" I meekly repeated her words to him, and continued sucking him desperately to get the cum out of him.

Ellen continued her vicious assault all up and down my back and buttocks, all the time urging me to do better. I was so grateful when I eventually felt my mouth filling with cum as Ben ejaculated. I was then told to go and wait in the next room, but not to go to sleep, as there would be plenty more fucking and I would be needed.

I went to the spare room, and lay on my stomach, hoping the burning in my back and buttocks would subside. Over the next hour or so, I was treated twice to the sounds of Ben's prowess with the cock, and my wife's loud orgasms as she submitted to that cock. It went quiet for a while, and then they both came into my room.

"I need you on your back," Ellen told me sharply.

"No please Ma'am," I begged. "My back and bottom hurt too much."

"I know that silly," she laughed. "I had great fun in doing that to you remember? But your discomfort is of no consequence, now lay on your back!"

I could not believe the change in her, she seemed determined to give me as much pain and humiliation as possible, to repay me for my past sexual inadequacy. I turned over slowly, crying with the agony of it. She then jumped up and straddled my head, pushing her cum filled pussy over my mouth. After she had emptied all the cum into my mouth, and moved back to kneel on my chest. Then she started to bounce up and down on me. The pair of them laughed uproariously as I sobbed and begged her to stop because of the unbearable pain on my back. Eventually she relented and got off.

"Shall we let him up to clean me?" asked Ben.

"No," answered Ellen cruelly. "Get on top of him. If you face his feet, you can push on his stomach as you fuck his face. It will take you ages this time as you have just cum twice, you can have him in real agony."

Ben got up, and forced his cock in my mouth. He began a rhythmic pumping, pushing on my stomach at the same time. The pain was incredible, though my cries were muffled by the huge cock. My wife watched my face closely.

"The tears are really flowing now," she told Ben. "Fuck him harder, choke the bastard with your cock, bounce up and down harder."

It took him another twenty minutes to cum, and when he finally got off, I was a sobbing broken man, in absolute agony, so much so that I had to take a week off work. Towards the end of my recovery, Ellen asked me if my urge to see her fucked was still strong. I replied it was, but I could not bear that agony again.

"No," she replied. "I feel I have got my revenge on that score now, although it was such a turn on at the time to see you get the suffering you deserved. I would however still want to humiliate you."

"OK," I said. "I can agree to that."

So it went on for the next couple of months, with me doing the clean-up duties, and being taunted and humiliated by the pair of them. Then, for some reason Ben stayed with us for two weeks solid. They fucked every night, but I only had to suck Ben clean afterwards. When he went back home, I asked Ellen the reason for it.

"We have planned the ultimate humiliation for you David," she replied. "I came off the pill a while ago, and with all the cum I have taken in the last fortnight, there is a good chance I will have a black baby inside me. You will be looking after it at nights of course, while Ben and I fuck like rabbits."

"And if I refuse?" I said sullenly.

"Then my darling, Ben and I will see that your cock is locked away, and I will tease and taunt you with my body until you go crazy. Ha, Ha, Ha!"

Not much of a choice, was it?




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