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I married Denise, my childhood sweetheart 18 years ago when we were both twenty. I remember how she looked on our wedding day, nearly 6' in her high heels with long, jet- black hair, pale skin and a beautiful young face. I recall we looked slightly odd in the photos, with me being only 5'4", and slightly built, against her firm, full figure.

Denise had put on a few pounds over the years, but in all the right places so that she looked even more sexy, and drew admiring glances everywhere we went. Not that I benefited much from her voluptuous figure. Over the years our sex life had been reduced to virtually nil, she just did not seem at all interested in bedroom activities.

Our troubles really started about three years ago, when I was off work for some time with a debilitating illness, a side effect of which was that I became temporarily impotent. Denise was very sympathetic at first, but began to get irritable with me after a time, particularly when she was forced to get a job to ensure we could keep our rented apartment. Things improved when she found she enjoyed her job, as she was working with a pleasant young black guy named Steve, who was a great help to her. She brought him round for drinks a couple of times, and I found him good company.

After a couple of months, Denise began to change. She seemed much happier, even though she had to work late rather a lot. I thought no more about it until one night she came home a little the worse for drink, somewhat dishevelled and with a love bite on her neck. It was obvious what she had been up to.

"Steve has been fucking you, hasn't he?" I accused her, my heart pounding and my mouth dry.

"Yes he has," she replied, with no hint of remorse. "Nearly every night for the past three weeks, as a matter of fact. He has a huge, stiff cock, and he has given me more pleasure in those three weeks than you and your tiny limp dick have given me in fifteen years. He will continue to fuck me as well, whether you like it or not you pathetic little eunuch, because I am having the best fun of my life!" I was devastated by her cruel words.

"Please Denise," I begged. "I know I can't perform in bed at the moment, but it will be better soon and we can get back to normal."

"Yes, but you will still be a lousy fuck," she sneered. "And now I have tasted the power of a real man's cock, your little thing will be redundant, even if you can get it stiff again!"

So it went on. Her affair with Steve only lasted a couple of months, but after that she began to go out regularly and find other, preferably black lovers. She would take great delight in coming home and taunting me about the long, thick black meat that had been stretching her mouth and her pussy. Her taunts became more painful when I returned to health, and was capable of resuming sexual relations. Denise would have none of it, telling me she was now only interested in black cock, and that when she met the right man she would leave me.

This happened just a few months later, when she met and fell for Sam, a wealthy local gangster who lived in a big house about a mile away from us. He was a massive man, about 6'5", and very broad. He was a year older than Denise and I, and ruggedly handsome. I knew I could not compete with his looks and money, and had to accept it when Denise moved in with him. They married as soon as our divorce came through, and I was in a state of depression for at least a year afterwards.

Finally, things began to look up when Sarah, a 17 year old girl joined my company. I noticed her the first day she arrived. She was tall, like Denise, with short brunette hair and young, innocent looking face, which was pretty enough not to need any makeup. Her figure was gorgeous, with firm breasts, not too big, and long, shapely legs. I made a point of introducing myself, and offering to show her around, which she accepted gratefully.

Sarah and I seemed to get on really well, despite our age difference, and before long I was taking her out for dinner. It turned out she had recently moved to town on her own, wanting to make a fresh start. I also found out she was a virgin, which pleased me, because she would have nothing to compare my modest endowment to, should our relationship develop.

It did indeed develop, and within three months I was so infatuated, that I asked her to marry me. To my delight she accepted, and we were married a month later. The first six months were pretty happy, especially for me. The only thing that troubled me was that, right from our wedding night, Sarah said she found sex was very disappointing, and could not understand what all the fuss was about.

As she did not know too many people, Sarah decided to join a gym. She thought this would help keep her figure firm, and give her the opportunity to make new friends. After a week or two, she told me about an older woman she had become friendly with. I was pleased for her, and suggested she may want to invite her over. She said she would when she got to know her a little better.

It was a couple of weeks later, when I got home from work that Sarah told me about the surprise she had had.

"You know that woman I am friendly with?" she said. "It's your ex wife Denise! Isn't that amazing?"

"Yes it is," I replied, feeling very uneasy. I suspected immediately that Denise was behind this chance meeting. Her last words to me were that she would get even with me for all the years of good sex she had missed out on, being saddled with a little limp-dick like me.

"When we realised," Sarah went on. "She said she would love to see you again, as it has been a while. She told me the divorce had been very amicable, and you could be friends. Anyway, I have invited her and her new husband over for dinner tomorrow, and they are going to bring her husband's 20 year old son Dan, who is staying with them."

"That's great," I said, without enthusiasm. What was Denise up to?

The three of them arrived at around seven the next evening. Denise immediately made pretence of being pleased to see me, throwing her arms round me and kissing me hard on the lips.

"Lovely to see you again, Michael," she gushed. "You look well, and you have a lovely new young bride as well. You must be very happy."

"Yes I am," I muttered.

"You know Sam, of course," she went on. "And this is his son Dan."

As I shook hands with Dan, I noticed he was a younger version of his well-built father, and if anything, even better looking. The sparkle in Sarah's eyes as she greeted him with a kiss on the cheek did not go unnoticed by me either.

As we sat down to dinner, I was at the head of the table with Sarah next to Dan, and Denise next to her husband. The conversation was animated, although it seemed to be mostly between the four of them, while I felt slightly left out. They were all hitting the wine rather heavily, and it was running out. Breaking off from Dan, and speaking to me for the first time for nearly an hour, Sarah told me to pop out and get more wine.

I got to the shop and back very quickly, not wishing to leave my wife alone with my ex wife and the two black men for too long. When I returned, they were all laughing and joking, helped by the wine they had consumed. Denise was stroking her husband's hair and kissing him, and I realised that even now, I was still jealous of my ex wife. I was even more jealous of the way Dan was ogling Sarah's body, as she now flirted openly with him.

Much more wine was consumed, and after a while Denise brought the conversation around to sex.

"Have you ever had a black man?" she asked my wife.

"No," answered Sarah shyly. "Michael is the only man I have slept with."

"Oh dear," Denise replied, trying to stifle a giggle. "Well I have to say that in my experience, black men are by far the best lovers. Certainly they are much better kissers. Why don't you try it out? Give Dan a kiss."

Given courage by the wine, my young wife leaned over, and gave Dan a gentle kiss on the lips. This was followed by another, until finally her mouth was wide open, and she was receiving the young man's tongue. This kiss seemed to go on for several minutes.

"Wow!" gasped Sarah, as she finally broke away. "That was fantastic! Why can't you kiss like that Michael?"

"That is not the only area where your new husband is lacking," Denise cut in, before I could speak. "Unzip Dan's trousers Sarah, I think you will get a surprise!"

"I don't think you should do that," I told my wife.

"Oh don't be so stuffy," she admonished me, sounding very tipsy. "It's only a bit of fun."

With that, she undid Dan's zip, and took out his cock. She gasped loudly at the length and girth of it, as she automatically stroked it. In seconds it was fully erect.

"My God, Michael, look at this," she gasped. It makes yours look like a tiny baby's cock!" The four of them laughed out loud, as my face turned a deep shade of red.

Finally, she let go of Dan, and let his cock subside, before gently putting it back in his trousers and zipping him up. The conversation then changed to a different topic.

At the end of the evening, Sarah gave our three guests a huge hug, and told them we would see them soon. Denise pretended to give me a friendly hug, and whispered to me that I would indeed be seeing a lot more of them. She then grinned wickedly, making me feel very uneasy.

A week or so later, I was told by my boss that I would have to attend a business course for two weeks, some two hundred miles away. I knew I had to go, but did not like the idea of leaving Sarah alone for that length of time.

"Don't worry," she said cheerily. "I won't be lonely, I am sure I will see a lot of Denise, Sam and Dan." That is what was worrying me.

I did not enjoy the course at all, worrying what was happening at home. I was not due back until the Monday evening, but as the course finished early, I travelled overnight and got home about eight the next morning. As I approached our apartment, I saw Sarah, in a short nightdress, hugging and kissing Denise, Sam and Dan as they left. I hid round a corner until they were gone and then let myself in.

"You are early," said Sarah simply, as she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. I had hoped after two weeks to have been given a huge hug, and been told that I had been missed.

"I saw Denise, Sam and Dan leaving," I said casually.

"Yes," she replied. "They stayed the weekend." I hated myself for what I was about to say, but seeing her in that skimpy nightdress that left nothing to the imagination, I knew I had to ask.

"Sarah," I began, my mouth dry. "Forgive me for bringing this up, and I know it sounds stupid, but please tell me Dan didn't fuck you last night."

"No he didn't," Sarah replied, in a matter of fact way. I sighed with relief.

"No, Sam fucked me last night," she went on. "And Dan fucked Denise. We like to change over sometimes, to add to the fun!" I was in a daze, and tried to open my mouth to speak, but my wife interrupted me.



"Why didn't you tell me you got a kick out of being cuckolded by black men?" she asked me. "We could have been doing it much earlier, you would have got your kicks, and I would have realised that sex with a real man is wonderful."

"But that isn't true," I whined. "I can't bear the thought of you with another man, please don't do this!" My heart was pounding at the idea of my new wife being unfaithful to me as well, and with the man who took my first wife away from me.

"Oh Michael," she snapped. "Denise told me you would deny everything. She has told me all about it, how you liked to watch her going out all dressed up, knowing she was going to be soundly fucked, and coming home to you full of another man's jism. And how you loved her to humiliate you by telling you how great their big cocks were, compared to your tiddler, and how it excited you when she denied you sex for long periods while she pleased her lovers."

"No," I said. "That is not...."

"I am not going to listen to you," she responded emphatically. "You could be open with your first wife, but do not trust me enough with your little perversions." With that, she stormed upstairs and locked the bedroom door.

I spent over an hour outside the door, trying to convince her that Denise had been lying, but she would not listen. Finally I went downstairs. She followed about ten minutes later, with her coat on, and carrying an overnight bag.

"I have phoned Dan," she announced. "He says I can stay with him for the time being. I will not come back until you start being honest with me." She then stormed out.

After phoning her at Dan's place a number of times, still saying Denise was lying; I decided to go and see Denise and persuade her to tell the truth.

"Hello Michael," Denise said smugly, as she let me in. "I hear you are having marital problems."

"You have got to tell Sarah the truth," I pleaded. "I want her back home with me."

"What will you do for me?" Denise asked.

"What do you mean?" I replied.

She lifted her short skirt, and slipped off her panties.

"I think the least you could do is suck my pussy for old times sake," she smiled. I refused.

"You do want me to speak to her don't you?" she continued. "I should tell you that Dan's friend Jim is staying with him at the moment, and I understand from Sarah that the two of them are fucking her raw every night. She tells me she is loving it, and is in no hurry at all to come home!"

"Alright," I agreed reluctantly, and knelt between my ex wife's lewdly splayed legs starting to lap at her pussy.

"You remember when it belonged to you, before I let all those lovely big black cocks in there?" she taunted me, as she stroked my head.

Denise continued to tease and taunt me, as I slowly licked her to orgasm. When I had finished the job, I stood up. Denise placed her hand on my crotch.

"You naughty boy," she chided me. "You got a hard on licking my pussy. What would your wife say if I told her?"

"Please don't," I begged.

"Alright," she conceded. "But I will phone her now."

"Thanks," I muttered.

"Hi Sarah," I heard her say as my wife answered. "I just wanted to say that I forgot to tell you that it really gives Michael a buzz if you make him lick your pussy clean after your black lovers have drenched it with cum. Yes, I thought you would enjoy that. Are you still taking two cocks a night, you slut? Yes? Well I am not surprised you are exhausted. I am sure it won't be long now before Michael comes round to try and get you back. I think he will tell you the truth about his wimpy fantasies this time. See you soon, bye."

Denise laughed at me cruelly, as she saw the look on my face. She suggested I go and see my wife right away, if I did not want a second divorce on my hands. I had to agree she was right.

I got a huge shock when Sarah answered the door to me. Her beautiful brunette hair had been dyed blonde, and her pretty face was now covered in makeup, and bright red lipstick. She wore a short halter-top with no bra, so that her midriff was totally exposed. Her short skirt barely covered her pussy, and she was barefoot. She looked like a whore.

"What have you done?" I asked incredulously.

"I may be your wife," she replied. "But I am now Dan's slut, and this is how he wants his slut to look. What do you want?"

"I want to talk," I replied.

"You won't give me any more bullshit, will you?" she said threateningly.

"No," I promised. We went in and sat down.

"Right," she began. "Just answer these questions so we know where we stand. You want me to be fucked regularly by black men, right?"


"You want to be made to suck the cum out of my pussy when I come home after being fucked."


"You want me to constantly taunt and humiliate you, and deny you sex for long periods while I have whoever I want."

"Yes, as long as you will come back to me."

"Very well," she said at last.

"Good," I replied. "Shall we go now?"

"No," she responded. "Dan and Jim will be home later. I will have them both fuck me several times, and then I will come back to you. You will wait naked on the sofa for me, however long it takes, understand?"

"Yes," I said meekly.

She leant over as if to kiss me, and spat in my face.

"Go home little dick," she laughed. "I will see you later."

It was nearly 2.a.m. I sat there, naked as instructed feeling wretched as I waited for Sarah to return. I heard the front door open, and a few seconds later, she entered the lounge. I could see she was a little drunk, and there was no doubt she had spent the evening being ravished.

"How sweet," she slurred. "The dutiful husband, waiting for his unfaithful wife to return full of other men's cum. On your knees, you little pussy."

I knelt before her as she slowly began to undress. She slipped off the top, to reveal very red breasts.

"Look at that," she laughed. "That's from all the mauling and sucking they have had to put up with tonight!"

She slipped off the short skirt to reveal her sopping pussy, directly before my eyes. She pulled the puffy lips apart, to show the white cum bubbling around the entrance.

"See what those horny fuckers have done to your poor wife' cunt!" she exclaimed. "They have turned me into a cock sucking, leg spreading, black man's whore, and I love it! Your poor little cock will hardly get a look in in future, I promise you. Now suck those lovely boy's slime out of me, and be grateful your wife is at last getting the rough fucking she deserves!"

Tears came into my eyes as I lapped away at her abused pussy, as she belittled and taunted me. When I had finished, I stood up, and she ordered me to follow her upstairs, telling me that the little erection I was sporting would not be going anywhere. We got into bed naked, and she put her arms around me.

"We are going to have a kissing session," she explained. "To see how long we can keep that cock stiff and unsatisfied. Make the most of it, after tonight you will not be allowed to kiss me again."

Sarah spent the next hour cock teasing me, until I felt I could take no more. Finally she broke away.

"I have decided you will not have any sex for at least a month," she announced to my chagrin, as she reached into the bedside drawer. "However, Denise tells me you are likely to be unfaithful, or more disgustingly that you will jerk yourself off. So she has bought me this present. This is a cock cage, which you will wear all the time you are not with me. It will prevent you getting an erection, and coming without permission. I know it will be frustrating for you, particularly when Denise and I are teasing you with our bodies, but that's part of the fun isn't it? Denise has promised she will help me all she can with your humiliation, so I reckon you will be seeing as much of her pussy as you do of mine. And you won't be allowed to enter either of them! Oh, this is going to be so much fun!

I slept very little that night, dreading what humiliation and degradation I was going to suffer at the hands of my wife and ex wife, and their lovers.




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