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WimpHub Story: It's Her Way or No Way




I met Rosemary a year ago, when I was 32 and she 18, and immediately fell head over heels in love with her. We were a bit of a mismatch; she is 5'11" in her stockinged feet, with long black hair and a beautiful face. She has a firm strong body, with large breasts and long gorgeous legs. I, on the other hand am 5'3" and very slight of build. I knew from the start that she was feisty, and always insisted on her own way. Being pretty docile myself, I was happy for her to take the dominant role in our relationship.

I had never been the jealous type up until then, but I could not bear the thought of any one else having her. I proposed within three months, and we were married three months later. Amazingly for someone who looked the way she did, she was a virgin on our wedding day.

The wedding went very well, although there was one guest there I would rather had stayed away, my sister Christine. She is a year older than me, a striking redhead with a sharp temper and dominant personality. We have never got on, she considers me a wimp and has told me that to my face many times. For all but six months of her marriage to my brother in law Brian, she has had the same black lover. When I saw her talking animatedly to my new wife at the wedding, I was concerned because I did not want them to get too close and have Christine influencing Rosemary.

We settled down to married life after the excitement of the honeymoon, and I thought we were pretty happy. The only problem I found was that Rosemary did not seem very interested in having sex. She said she could not understand what all the fuss was about, as she got no pleasure out of it. It was for this reason that she refused to try anything new, like sucking my cock, which I have always loved. She did not seem to mind me licking her pussy though; in fact she seemed to enjoy that far more than fucking.

We had been married six months, when she first mentioned the new guy who had started at her office. She told me his name was Dave, and that he was tall, muscular, incredibly good looking and very black. I first became concerned when she started talking about him just about every day. It got worse when she told me that he said he fancied her and asked her out. She said she told him she was married, but he did not seem to care. She also said he had stolen a couple of kisses when no one was around, which had caused her knees to go weak.

Alarm bells really started to ring the day she came home and told me that her company was sending her on a week's residential course at a hotel out of town. I asked who else was going, and she told me there were a few, including Dave. I expressed my concern at her staying in a hotel away from home, with someone who obviously had the hots for her.

"Oh you are so jealous," she laughed, but did not give me any words of comfort or reassurance.

I saw my wife off on the train early Monday morning, not really wanting her to go. It was the first time since we got married that we would be apart, and I also could not get this Dave out of my mind. When I got home that evening, I must have picked up the phone a dozen times to call my wife, but resisted the temptation in the end, as I did not want her to think I was checking up on her.

The next evening, however, I was missing her badly, and called her room at about 10 p.m.

"Oh it's you," she said when she answered, sounding rather irritated. "What do you want?"

I told her that I wanted to hear the sound of her voice as I was missing her, and asked if she was missing me. What happened after that I will never forget.

I heard her say "Dave, he wants to know if I am missing him", and then the sound of a man's laughter. With my hands shaking, I asked my wife what was going on.

"Well," she said. "I am lying naked on my bed with my new lover. At the moment, I am gently stroking his stiff cock to encourage him to fuck me for the second time tonight."

I was shocked that she said this so matter-of-factly, with no concern for what her words would do to me. My mouth was dry, and I felt physically sick with jealousy.

"I can't believe this," I told her. "Why are you doing this?"

"If you saw the size of the cock I am holding, you would not ask that question," she replied simply. "Look Michael, I can't talk now, Dave is more than ready to do me again. Don't phone again, he will be here every night and you will only upset yourself. I will talk to you about the future when I get home." With that, she put down the phone.

I had never felt so miserable. I lie awake all night, haunted by visions of my wife naked in bed with another man, doing things she had only ever done with me before.

I spent the next day in a daze, and though I desperately wanted to, stopped myself from phoning Rosemary that evening. The next night though, I decided to call to plead with her to stop the affair with her new lover. This time, Dave answered the phone.

"It's your husband," he said, when I asked for Rosemary.

"Oh tell him to fuck off," my wife called.

"She said you're to fuck off," laughed Dave. "Besides, she can hardly talk when she has a mouthful of cock can she?" He put down the phone.

Not only was my wife allowing another man to fuck her, but she was doing things she had resolutely refused to do for me, her husband. The sick feeling returned, and I had another sleepless night.

I had another miserable few days, until Rosemary was due home on the Sunday evening. At about 6 in the evening, I heard the front door open and then close. As she did not come into the lounge immediately, I went out to look for her. I saw her at the front door with her arms around the neck of a big black man. I turned to go back in the lounge, but my wife stopped me.

"Don't go away," she said. "You may as well stand here and watch this, you are going to be seeing a lot of it in the future."

Like the wimp I am, I went and stood by the couple, as my wife turned to give Dave a passionate open-mouthed kiss. Breaking off, she looked into his eyes and said:

"Thank you for this week darling, you have made a woman of me."

"Made a slut of you," argued Dave. "You have behaved like a cock-loving whore all week!"

"A BLACK cock loving whore," she corrected him, as she began kissing him again.

As this was happening, I could not help but see that a noticeable bulge appeared at the front of Dave's trousers. He took my wife's small, white right hand and placed it on the bulge. She began to rub up and down enthusiastically, either unaware of the fact, or totally uncaring that her husband was watching it all.

"Take it out," ordered Dave.

"Oh Dave," my wife replied. "My husband is out of his mind with jealousy as it is, if he sees that, it will drive him crazy!"

"That's the idea," smiled her black lover.

"Alright then," she laughed, reaching for his zip. "Rub the poor man's nose in it then."

I gasped as she took his cock out, and lovingly stroked it to erection. I had never seen anything like it, probably 11" long and very thick.

"Look what I have been getting all week Michael," she grinned, as she continued stroking the monster in front of her. "Isn't it beautiful?" Dave pushed her against the wall.

"Do you want it now bitch?" he snarled.

"You know fucking well I do you bastard," she responded, quickly lifting her skirt and pulling off her panties. "You have made me addicted to it!"

"Beg," smiled the young black man.



"Oh please Dave, put it in me, you know how badly I need you."

"What about your poor husband?" he enquired.

"Fuck him," she snapped. He means nothing to me; this slutty white cunt belongs only to you now. Shove it up me Dave please, make me cry like you have every night this week."

Dave obliged, and roughly shoved the whole of his cock into my willing wife in one movement. As soon as he began pumping in and out, she moaned and whimpered encouraging him to fuck her senseless, with language I had never heard from her lips before.

"Does it make you feel useless as a man, seeing your bride's cunt being stretched like this?" Dave asked me.

"He is useless as a man," my wife interrupted. "I did not know what a real man was until you first rammed your big black cock into me. That's it baby, make me cum!"

Dave started pumping harder and harder, and my wife's moans and pleas became louder. Finally, Dave announced he was coming.

"Yes, shoot that black cum deep in my belly you fucker, show my husband I am yours now!"

She screamed out a powerful orgasm as she felt his cum splashing inside her. After they had calmed down, they kissed again for a while, and then Dave left with Rosemary telling him she would give me the bad news. She ushered me back into the lounge.

"Have you any idea how hurtful that was to me?" I complained.

"Oh stop whining," she replied. "You are not the only white wimp husband with a small dick whose wife has gone black. There is your own sister's husband for one. Now listen, do you want to stay married to me?"

"Yes of course," I replied. "I couldn't bear to be without you."

"Very well," she went on. "Then there are some things you need to accept. First of all, Dave is my man now, and I his woman. You must expect to be humiliated by both of us, and to do humiliating things for us. This is to remind you that you are inferior and inadequate, and also so that you continually acknowledge that Dave, a man superior to you in every way, has taken your wife away from you. You do understand that he has taken me, and that you will never fuck me again don't you?"

"You can't be serious!" I exclaimed, incredulously.

"I am very serious Michael," she replied. "You were history from the moment Dave first slid his beautiful big cock into me."

"What am I supposed to do, find another woman?" I enquired.

"Oh no," she responded. You try that and I will divorce you immediately. You are going to have to accept being a celibate cuckold in future. The only sexual relationship you will be allowed is with your right hand."

As I was trying to take this in, Rosemary lifted her skirt, and sat in the armchair with her legs splayed. She ordered me to kneel in front of her.

"One of your regular duties from now on," she began. "Is to suck Dave's cum out of my pussy after he has had me. Get your tongue in there and clean me up."

As I tentatively moved forward and began to lick up the white mess at the entrance of her cunt, she picked up the phone and dialled. I was forced to listen to her side of the conversation.

"Hi Christine, it's Rosemary. I had to phone you to tell you that you were absolutely right, black is best. Yes, you know Dave, the guy I told you about? We have just been on a week's course together. He fucked me raw every night. Oh yes, Michael knows all about it, we have just finished doing it in front of him! You should have seen his face, I thought he was going to burst into tears! Where is he now? Exactly where he should be, on his knees licking my lover's cum out of me, and trying to come to terms with the fact that he is going to be celibate for the rest of his life. Ha Ha Ha! Oh yes, he will be teased, unmercifully. Now I know my husband is not a real man, I intend to make him suffer. I shall be speaking to you a lot, with your experience, you must have some great ideas for me to humiliate and degrade the little turd. I will speak to you soon. Bye."

"Your sister is absolutely delighted at the news, and will be giving me lots of advice," my wife told me. "You have done a good job on my pussy, you may kiss me. Not on the lips, of course, they are reserved for Dave now, but you may kiss my hand."

As I took her left hand and kissed it, I noticed her wedding ring was missing. I asked my wife what had happened to it.

"Oh we had a little ceremony on our last night," she explained. "We walked by the river, and I told Dave that I wanted to be his woman exclusively. When he agreed, I asked him to take off my wedding ring. We both spat on it, and then he tossed it in the river. It was to signify that from now, you are my husband in name only, with no sexual rights whatever."

The words hurt me deeply, and Rosemary could see the tears welling up in my eyes.

"Cry if you want to, you little sissy," she said cruelly. "I promise you will be doing a lot of crying in future, with the plans I have for you. Anyway, I am beat, I am going to bed."

I decided to go up with her. When we got to the bedroom, my wife removed all her clothes, and turned to face me.

"Like what you see cuckold?" she taunted me.

I looked at her, and saw the ravages of the past week. Her big tits were covered in love bites, as were the insides of her smooth, white thighs. I felt so horny; I pleaded with her to let me make love to her.

"No," she replied adamantly. "Your little cock will never feel the inside of my juicy pussy, that is reserved for my lover's satisfying big cock. Do you know, I have stronger feelings for him than I ever had for you, I have really fallen in love with him. And when I have babies, it will be Dave who puts them in my belly. Now you know where you stand."

With a crack in my voice, I asked if I could at least kiss her goodnight. She said I could, and told me to get on my knees. Not quite understanding, I complied. She stood with her back to me, and bent forward. Pulling the cheeks of her ass apart, she spoke:

"You see that little rosebud," she said. "Give that a nice big kiss for me."

As I put my lips to it, she remarked that is was quite appropriate, an asshole kissing an asshole. She made me do it half a dozen times, before telling me to stand.

"That is the goodnight kiss I will expect every night," she informed me. "Six kisses on my asshole. You will do it whoever is around, certainly in front of Dave and your sister, who will get great amusement from it."

She laughed as she slid into bed. I got in beside my sexy naked wife feeling a whole mixture of emotions. Jealousy, frustration, humiliation, it just went on. I knew also that it was going to get worse rather than better.

I lie awake for hours, wondering what my wife, her lover and my sister had in store for me.





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