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I was really happy. My beautiful new wife Julie and I had just moved into our new rented apartment after living with her Mom and sister for the last two months since our wedding. I was very glad to get away from them, they both thought I was not man enough for their Julie, and were constantly telling her and me just that.

I should tell you something about us. We are both very short, 5'2", but whereas I am slightly built Julie has a voluptuous figure; nice big tits, prominent ass and meaty shapely legs. Add to that young looking pretty face framed by long, jet-black hair, and you have a young woman who turned men's heads everywhere she went. I was very lucky to have her; she could have had anyone she wanted. As I said, we married a month before at the age of twenty. We were both virgins, as her mother made sure I never got near her shy young daughter before she got the wedding ring on her finger.

We had gone away for a week's honeymoon after the wedding, and it had been wonderful for me. For the first time I enjoyed my new wife's curvy naked body and I was in heaven. After the first couple of days however, she seemed less keen on getting into bed as often as I did, and it got worse when we got home to stay at her Mom's place. After that she made the excuse that she did not feel comfortable having sex so close to her Mom and sister, and I had become very frustrated. Anyway, we now had our own place, and I was sure everything would be different.

We were coming out of the apartment a couple of days after moving in, when we bumped into our new next door neighbor. He was a black guy named Darren in his late thirties, tall, very muscular and broad chested, and very good looking. We began to chat with him, and found out that he was divorced and lived alone. He seemed very friendly, but I was a little concerned at the way he looked at my wife, staring at her ample tits and her legs. I am a very possessive and jealous guy, and his attention made me feel uncomfortable, though Julie seemed to enjoy it very much. It was clear by the way she looked at him that she thought he was extremely attractive. Anyway, after chatting for a while he invited us to his place for a drink the next evening to welcome us to the neighborhood. I hesitated, but Julie eagerly accepted his offer.

"Wow, he is gorgeous!" exclaimed Julie, as we walked away. "I felt weak at the knees, he is so big, strong and handsome!"

"Everything I am not, I suppose," I muttered, feeling very jealous.

"You said it," she laughed, rather cruelly.

"Well I think he is a pervert," I countered. "I saw the way he was ogling your tits, as well as your legs and ass."

"He just appreciates a sexy woman," she told me. "Get over it."

The next evening I was waiting downstairs for Julie, before we went over to Darren's place. I was shocked when I saw her come down. She was wearing more make up than usual, and wore a low- cut top which showed a lot of cleavage. On top of that, the skirt she wore barely covered her ass.

"You are not going like that surely," I said.

"Why not?" she replied. "You said he likes my tits and my legs, it will do no harm to give him a little treat."

Darren greeted us at his door, dressed only in a short, white toweling robe. He beckoned us in and said he hoped we didn't mind him being attired that way, it was just that he had had a bath and felt more relaxed in his robe.

"That's fine Darren," Julie assured him, as she stroked his chest flirtatiously. "You look really good in it." I had never seen Julie behave this way, as she was usually very shy. I did not like it, and felt very uneasy.

Darren poured us all a large drink and handed them to us.

"Julie, why don't you sit next to me on the sofa," he said. "It is not often I get to have a pretty woman sitting next to me these days."

"I would be delighted," my wife responded, as she sat very close to him while I took the armchair opposite.

The drinks were flowing liberally, and I could see Julie getting more and more relaxed. She was now sitting very close to Darren, giving him an excellent view down her front as well as showing off her great legs. After some discussion about our mutual backgrounds, Darren started to talk about my relationship with Julie.

"So," he said to my wife. "You have been married about a month. Is the sex good?"

"It's OK I guess," she answered, rather unenthusiastically.

"Only OK?" he laughed. "Doesn't David have a very big cock then?"

"I don't know," she giggled. "I have only seen his."

"Well, is it anything like this?" he asked, and opened his robe.

Julie gasped and put her hand to her mouth, and my mouth fell open as I saw this long, very thick black cock lying across his right leg.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed. "It is about ten times the size of David's, I can't believe it!"

"Why don't you take it in your hand and play with it a little," he suggested. "And see what it looks like when it is ready?"

"No Julie!" I said frantically, as she took the huge dick in her hand.

"Oh shut up David," she snapped. "I am curious to see what it looks like when it is erect, I am not doing any harm."

The big black dick looked even bigger in Julie's small white hand, as she gently stroked it to full erection.

"It is incredible Darren," she gasped, "Absolutely huge!"

"How would you like to try it?" he asked her.

"Oh I couldn't," she told him. "It is far too big, I could never take it."

"Oh yes you could Julie," he assured her. "And you would love it. Every woman should try one big black dick in her life to see what it is like."

"I don't know," said Julie, still stroking Darren's dick as if mesmerized.

"Well if you ever change your mind, let me know," he laughed.

"Yes," she answered dreamily, and then coming to her senses. "Look, I can't leave you like this, would you like me to bring you off with my hand?"

"Please Julie!" I whimpered.

"Oh shut up David," she yelled. "What is the matter with you?"

"That would be great Julie," Darren interrupted, and my wife began to stroke him harder.

"Does that feel good Darren?" she enquired, as she began to pump faster.

"Oh your little soft hand feels wonderful," he replied. "If you would like to suck it a little bit, that would be great."

"Would you like that?" she smiled, and he nodded enthusiastically.

"No Julie," I insisted. "That is too much!" Apart from my jealousy, I was hurt that she would consider doing this for another man, when she had resolutely refused to do it for me.

Totally ignoring me, and smiling at the big black guy, she lowered her head and took as much of the thick cock in her mouth as she could and began to suck. I felt sick in my stomach and close to tears, as I saw my wife's sweet lips stretched around another man's dick.

"Oh you cocksucking bitch!" Darren cried out, as his excitement began to build. "Get that tongue working you slut, make me cum!"

Julie was obviously excited by the names he was calling her, and began to suck as though her life depended on it. It must have gone on for twenty minutes or more as he deliberately delayed his climax, until he loudly announced that he was coming. I thought Julie would remove her head and let him spurt in mid-air, but she just kept on sucking until he filled her mouth with his seed. I could hear her swallowing quickly, desperate to swallow all of his cum.

When he had finished spurting, Julie licked his cock clean, and then sat up to face him. He put his arms round her, and gave her a long, open-mouthed kiss, which she enthusiastically returned.

"That was fabulous baby," he told her.

"I loved it!" she replied, and they hugged warmly as I sat there feeling both stupid and miserable.

Later on, when we had got home and were getting ready for bed, a row started.

"I can't believe you did that!" I ranted. "Acting like a slut, sucking another man's cock in front of me when you have always refused to suck mine!"

"Well at least he has a cock that is worth sucking," she countered. "Instead of that tiny useless thing hanging between your legs!" I was shocked at her cruel words, and nothing was said for a while.

A little later she apologized for what she had said, and I apologized for calling her a slut. I hated being on bad terms with her, so when we got into bed I put my arms round her and kissed her. Although I hated to admit it, the sight of her fellating Darren had turned me on and I began to caress her breasts. She pushed me away gently, and I asked her what was wrong.

"I don't feel like it right now," she told me. "To tell you the truth, I can't get Darren's cock out of my mind. I really think I am going to have to try it, or I will never stop thinking about what it would be like."

"What?" I exclaimed.

"Look," she went on. "We are going to be together all our lives, what difference would one fuck with Darren make? In fact it would probably ensure that I don't start wondering about it in the future and be tempted to stray. What do you say?"

"Well OK," I replied reluctantly. "If it will get it out of your system once and for all and let us move on, go ahead and do it."

"Great," she replied. "You call in on Darren in the morning, and tell him I would like to take up his offer."

"Me?" I responded. "Why?"

"Because that way he will know you are OK with it, and we can both relax."

"Oh very well," I muttered, and turned over to go to sleep with an unsatisfied hardon as I imagined the 6'5" black man on top of my wife.

Next morning I tentatively knocked on Darren's door. He answered it wearing the same robe he had on the night before.

"What can I do for you?" he smiled.

"I have come to tell you," I began, weakly. "That Julie would like to take you up on your offer."

"What offer is that?" he asked, enjoying my humiliation and making me spell it out.

"To er, to try out your cock," I muttered.

"I see," he smiled. "Well, her is what you do boy. You send her round to me at seven sharp, wearing a coat and nothing else, understand? I want her completely naked underneath."

"I understand," I replied, and then went back to tell my wife of the arrangements before going to work.

Just before seven that evening my wife came downstairs, naked as instructed. She looked stunning, with her makeup perfect and her black hair shining. I noticed that she had even carefully trimmed her pussy hair for him. She came over to me and took my hand.

"Feel this," she said, pressing my hand to her pussy. "I am soaking wet, thinking about what Darren is going to do to me tonight, and also a little scared."

"You don't have to do this," I told her.

"Oh yes I do," she replied emphatically. "I really want to feel that big cock inside me. Get my coat will you?"

I got the coat and helped her put it on. She buttoned it up, then kissed me and told me to expect her to be sent home a very well fucked wife. She laughed as she saw my miserable expression before walking out to meet her new lover.

Julie had not returned by 11.30, so I went up to bed. I could not sleep of course, wondering what was happening next door. It must have been around 12.30 when I heard the front door open, followed by Julie's footsteps on the stairs. She came into the bedroom looking flushed and with a huge grin on her face. She took off the coat she was wearing and slipped into the bed naked. She put her arms round me and pressed her warm body against mine, kissing me hard.

"Hi honey," she smiled. "Or should I call you cucky, now that I have been an unfaithful slut with my well-endowed black boyfriend?"

"Did you have a good time?" I asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

"What you really mean," she giggled. "Is how many times did Darren fuck me, and was it good. Well I can tell you that he fucked me three times and it was fantastic, unbelievable. I can't believe the whole street didn't hear me as I screamed and swore out three shattering orgasms, the first I have had by the way, as you have been totally unable to give me one. Oh yes, and then he made me suck him off just before I left, could you smell his cock on my breath?" I told her I did not want to hear all this, and she just laughed at me.

"Well, have you got it out of your system now?" I asked her.

"Oh no David," she assured me. "Things are going to have to change."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Darren was telling me," she went on. "That he has met a lot of men like you, you know white wimp husbands."

"I am not!" I insisted.

"Yes you are David," she argued. "A wimp and a sissy, I know that now that I have had a real man. Darren has told me that he and his friends have cuckolded many white wimps, you know why? Because like you, they mostly have tiny dicks and so their young wives have nice tight pussies to please their huge dicks. Once the wives have tasted black cock, they want more and so their marriages change drastically."

How?" I enquired.

"The wives become subservient to their black lovers because of the incredible pleasure they give them, and the husbands have to become subservient to both the lover and their wife. That is what is going to happen in our marriage if you want me to stay with you."

"Of course I want you to stay," I protested. "I love you. How will things have to change?"

"Well, first of all," she explained. "You must show Darren the utmost respect as he is now my master and yours. You will call him sir at all times and do as he tells you. You will also have to ask his permission to have sex with me. I have to tell you that I think it is unlikely he will agree to that now that I belong to him, and even if he does, I will probably refuse you."

"I have to ask permission to sleep with my own wife, and on top of that call the man who is cuckolding me sir? I don't believe this!" I yelled. "Suppose I refuse, what then?"

"Then tomorrow morning I pack my bags and move in with Darren," she replied simply. "And then you won't have any part of me."

"You are not serious," I said, not believing what had happened in such a short time.

"Yes I am," she replied emphatically. "Now are you prepared to show me that you accept your new situation or not?"

"Yes alright," I conceded. "How?"

"Darren wants you to suck his cum out of my pussy," she explained. "It is important that a cuckolded husband is humiliated, as well as being constantly reminded that another man's cock is entering his wife in his place."

With that she pushed off the bed covers, spread her legs and pointed to her pussy. I crawled in between them and began sucking Darren's cum out of her.

"That's it you wimpy cuck," she laughed, as she pushed my head down hard between her legs. "Suck my Darren's juicy cum out of my cunt!"

When I had removed all traces of her feverish fuck with her lover, I got back into bed and lay beside Julie.

"Did you like the taste of Darren's jism?" she asked.

"No," I replied honestly.

"Well get used to it, you will be eating all of it in future, one way or another," she assured me. "Now, Darren is still up, so I want you to phone him to thank him for fucking me so nicely. When he answers, tell him it is wimp David, so he knows straight away who he is talking to."

Feeling totally humiliated and degraded, but knowing I had little choice, I picked up the phone and dialed. Darren answered almost immediately.

"Hello, it's wimp david here," I said, hearing my wife's laughter behind me.

"What do you want sissy?" he replied.

"I just wanted to thank you sir, for fucking my wife so nicely. She came home fully satisfied and told me that you are the master."

"You had better believe it boy," he responded. "Did you eat my cum out of her?" I replied that I did.

"Good," he went on. "Later on you will be getting it fresh too."

"Yes sir," I replied, not quite knowing what he meant at the time. "One more thing, would it be possible for me to have sex with my wife, maybe tonight or tomorrow?"

"Not a chance wimp," he told me. "What you can do now though, is to lick out your wife's asshole for half an hour before you go to sleep, understand?"

"Yes sir," I replied, and put down the phone.

"What did he say?" Julie asked, and I told her what I had to do. She laughed and turned over, pushing her round white ass in the air.

"Come on then asslicker," she ordered. "And do a good job, or I will get your new master to deal with you!

"Yes Julie," I replied submissively.

"That's yes ma'am," she corrected me. "Don't forget your new lowly place wimp!"





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