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The wedding ceremony had gone beautifully without a hitch, and we were now all in the hotel enjoying the reception. Everyone was there, our families and our friends all having a great time. My beautiful new bride Brenda looked stunning, her long jet- black hair contrasting with the short, low cut white dress she had chosen. She had chosen the dress because it accentuated her best features, her large breasts and long shapely legs.

I was glad that John had agreed to be my best man, because he had been engaged to Brenda himself, until I wooed her away from him about eight months before. It was confirmation for me that he had forgiven and forgotten. He had certainly done a wonderful job, including booking our honeymoon hotel in the Caribbean, as well as the room in the hotel we were staying in that night prior to our departure.

One person who had not forgiven me, however, was John's sister Teresa. She had never liked me, but positively despised me when I took Brenda away from her brother. Teresa is a real amazon of a woman, over six feet tall and big all over. Not fat, you understand, but big, with huge strong arms and legs. Being just 5'4" and slight, I looked like a dwarf next to her. All evening, she had been shooting me some very dirty looks, which disturbed me, because I had always been a little frightened of her.

Anyway, the party eventually began to break up, and as Teresa was also staying at the hotel, she offered to see Brenda upstairs while John and I had a final drink. We followed on up very soon after, because I was eager to get into bed with my hot new wife. As I opened my door, I felt John push me in the back, and I got a huge shock as I stumbled into the room.

By the bed, I saw Brenda with her dress up around her waist. Behind her was a huge, naked black man who had one arm around her chest, and was squeezing hard on her right breast. His other hand was pushed down the front of Brenda's white lace panties, and he was playing with her pussy. Teresa was standing next to them watching it all. I moved forward instinctively to try and stop him, but John and Teresa grabbed an arm each, and forced me to my knees close to the bed.

"What is going on?" I asked, shocked by the sight before me.

"You took my brother's woman," explained Teresa. "And now it is revenge time. My big black friend Tony here is a very virile young stud, and he is here to breed your new wife. He is going to give her a black baby, so that everyone, your family, friends and neighbours will know that your wife has been taking black cock, and making a cuckold of you. You will have trouble explaining that, won't you? You won't be able to hold your head up, or look people in the eyes."

"You can't be serious!" I exclaimed.

"No, you can't do this to me!" added Brenda. "This is my wedding night, I should be enjoying it in bed with my new husband." She struggled to get away from Tony, but he was far too strong for her.

"You gave up any rights when you cheated on my brother," spat Teresa. "You are going to take Tony's cock tonight, whether you like it or not, and believe me, he is going to impregnate you. Don't worry if it doesn't happen tonight, because he is coming on honeymoon with you. We have booked a large suite with two bedrooms, and he is going to be fucking you day and night for the whole two weeks you are away. Your husband will not be allowed access to you slut body until you return home."

Tony released Brenda, and turned her to face him. Her eyes involuntarily feel to his semi- hard cock, and she gasped.

"Please don't do this to me," she whimpered. "I can't have a black baby, and besides your cock is far too big."

Ignoring her pleas, Tony ordered Brenda to take his cock in her hand. Tentatively she did so, and her white hand looked tiny as she tried to encircle the fat weapon. She was instructed to stroke it gently, and she did so until it reached it's fully erect ten inches.

"Have you ever sucked a black cock?" Tony asked her.

"No," she replied. "I have never sucked any cock, I think that is disgusting."

"Well bitch, you are going to suck on this one," insisted Tony, as he pushed her to her knees.

"How can you do this in front of my husband?" she began, but was stopped when Tony forced his cock into her mouth, and ordered her to start sucking.

"Look at those red lips stretched around that fat cock," laughed Teresa. "Doesn't your new wife look a slut, sucking a man she has only just met?" I felt sick with jealousy at the sight of my wife with five inches of black cock filling her mouth.

When Tony was satisfied, he pulled Brenda to her feet, and threw her on the bed. Telling her to spread her legs wide, he moved in closer to her black bush.

"No" cried Brenda and she tried to turn away.

"The more you struggle, the worse it will be for your husband," Tony grunted. "Show her Teresa."

Teresa obliged by pulling back her powerful arm and smashing her fist into my stomach. I cried out with the pain as all the wind left my body. Brenda stopped struggling at this point, and Tony placed his cock at the entrance of her cunt.

"Push it in slowly Tony," Teresa said. Let Michael see you stretching his wife's pussy as a stranger cuckolds him on his wedding night!"

Tony began to push, and I watched miserably as, inch by inch he entered my wife until he was inside her right up to his balls. His entry was accompanied by a cry from Brenda, which sounded a mixture of pain and pleasure. Slowly, Tony began to slide his big black cock in and out of her, and despite her pleas and protestations, her breathing became heavy as he started to give her body pleasure.

After a little while, Teresa urged him to fuck Brenda faster, and this was when she became very vocal.

"Oh God," she gasped. "You bastard, you are going to make me come in front of my poor husband. How could you? I am sorry Michael, but he is doing things to me I have never felt before. I can't help myself."

Tony began thrusting faster and faster, with my bride's cries becoming louder and louder. Finally, he announced he was about to come.

"No, no please," Brenda implored. "Don't come inside me, I must not get pregnant!"

"Give her it all," shouted Teresa. "Impregnate the bitch!"

With a loud groan, Tony tensed and released his seed into my wife's unprotected womb. This sent her over the edge, and she screamed out her orgasm. This was followed by sobbing at the realisation that her belly was flooded with black cum.

Tony pulled out, and Teresa grabbed me by the hair, pulling me towards Brenda's sopping pussy.

"If you don't want her pregnant, you had better suck all that cum out of her unfaithful slut cunt," she advised me.

"Yes," cried my wife urgently. "Suck it all out, don't let me have his baby!"

I looked at the sticky white mess, which was beginning to ooze from her, and told her I could not do it, it was too disgusting.

"Just do it, you little prick!" Brenda yelled, and pulled my head into her groin.

Reluctantly, I began to lick and suck until I had removed all the cum that had flowed back down to her pussy. I was then pulled away by Tony, who then ordered Brenda to remove all her clothing.

"We are going to have a kiss and cuddle for a while," he told her.

"And you had better be enthusiastic," warned Teresa. "Or I while start kicking you wimp husband's balls until they burst!"

Brenda realised that the big woman was not joking, so she responded by putting her arms around Tony's neck, and opening her mouth ready to receive his tongue. The kissing session lasted for some time, and I could hear low moans coming from my wife as her body became aroused again. Tony took her hand and placed it back on his semi erect cock. She stroked it automatically, and it began to stir.

"You are going to fuck me again, aren't you?" she whispered to him.

"You had better believe it," he responded, as he turned to mount her once more.

"Are you going to come inside me again?" she asked. Tony nodded with a smile.

"Get ready to suck me clean Michael," she instructed me. "I am relying on you."

I was forced again to witness my wife being given further powerful orgasms by her black violator, and then perform the humiliating task of removing his cum from her.

Tony advised Brenda that he would not fuck her again that night, as they had another two weeks of wild sex in front of them. He said they would spend the rest of the night sleeping in each other'' arms. Brenda responded by putting her arms around him without protest, and putting her right leg across his body.

Teresa announced that, as I had had no sex on my wedding night, I could stay the night in her room, and spend a couple of hours with my head between her legs. I took one last look at the entwined black and white bodies on the bed, and meekly followed Teresa to her room.

Once inside, we both got naked and she then lay on the bed with her legs wide apart. I crawled between them, and put my head between her massive thighs and began lapping at her gaping pussy. She kept me there for two hours, while she had three orgasms. I was then forced to lie next to her naked body, stiff and frustrated at all the events I had witnessed that evening.

When I got back to our room next morning, Tony had left and Brenda was dressed and finishing the packing for our trip. The atmosphere was strange, as we did not know what to say to one another. Finally Brenda told me that Tony had informed her that she should be prepared to be fucked by him day and night for the next two weeks.

"We shall just have to make the best of it," I said feebly.

"You really are a wimp, aren't you?" was all she would say.

John and Teresa drove us to the airport. Tony and I were at the back, with Brenda in between us. All through the journey, Tony stroked his left hand up and down her right thigh, and occasionally turned her head round to kiss her. I was rather upset by the fact that, far from showing resistance, she actually seemed to be enjoying the experience.

Finally we were on the plane. Tony took the window seat with Brenda on his left. I sat next to her. When the journey was well under way, Tony whispered to Brenda. She responded by pulling her short dress up to her waist, revealing that she was not wearing panties. This had been under Tony's instructions. He then produced a blanket, and put it over both their laps. Even though they were covered, it was obvious that he was playing with her naked pussy as she fondled his cock. This went on for some time, accompanied by more and more passionate kisses, which Brenda appeared to be enjoying immensely.

A little later, Tony whispered to Brenda again, and she turned to me.

"Tony is taking me to the toilet to fuck me," she announced. "You had better wait outside, so that you can suck me when he has done with me." I followed meekly behind them.

After twenty minutes of listening to my wife's muffled cries of ecstasy, Tony emerged, zipping up his trousers.

"Your turn," he smirked.

I entered the toilet to see my wife with her legs spread lewdly, cum dripping from her pussy. I knelt before her, and cleaned her up as best I could before we returned to our seats.

It was late when we arrived at our hotel, we just had time for dinner and a quick tour of the complex before bed. Brenda showed no resistance as Tony took her hand and led her to his room. I lay on our bed, listening again to the sound of my wife being royally fucked by her new lover. When they had finished, she dashed back into our room in her night-dress, and straddled my head so that I could perform my usual duty.

She settled down beside me when I had finished. I told her that I wanted her so badly, as I had not had the chance to be with her since the wedding.

"I know you do darling," she replied. "But Tony won't allow it. He has made me promise that his is the only cock I will take until we get home. Oh, and by the way he wants me to spend the whole day with him tomorrow, just the two of us. He says it will give us the chance to get to know each other better. He has been so kind to me, I have agreed." I did not like it, but from the way she spoke I knew it was useless to protest.

The two of them left early next morning, to check out the nearest town. I spent the day pottering around, or sitting by the pool. They had not returned by midnight, so I went to bed but was unable to sleep. About 1 a.m., I heard the door open and the two of them laughing as they came in. I heard Brenda say that she would be in shortly, then she came in to our bedroom.

It was obvious she had been drinking as she swayed over to the bed and stood in front of me. With a grin on her face, she sensuously removed all her clothing and stood before me with her hands on her hips. I could see that her breasts and inner thighs were covered in love bites.

"He certainly leaves his mark when he fucks a woman, doesn't he?" she smirked. I told her that I could not stand this, the thought of another man fucking her was driving me crazy.

"Oh stop whining," she snapped. "There are a few things that you have got to accept. One is that my pussy belongs solely to Tony for the next fortnight, and he will fuck me where and when he wants. I know it will hurt you, but you must also accept that I am loving every minute of it. He has a magnificent cock and he knows how to use it, so I am having a wonderful time. Also, with the amount of cum Tony has already given me, it is likely that I am pregnant now. If not, I will be by the end of the holiday, so you had better get used to the idea of bringing up a black baby.

"Does this mean you will not want me to suck you clean?" I asked, panicking that she was accepting everything so calmly.

"That's right," she confirmed. "In future I will spend the whole night in Tony's bed. Now, if you will excuse me, there is a big stiff cock in the next room that needs sucking." With a laugh, she turned and went back to her lover.

Next morning, I was sitting having breakfast when Tony came out. He explained that he had left Brenda sleeping, as he had given her a hard night. My wife emerged twenty minutes later, wearing a sexy short silk robe. Ignoring me, she went straight to Tony and gave him a long deep kiss.

"Did you hear what this stud did to me last night?" she said, turning to me. "I hope we didn't keep you awake!" My mouth was too dry with jealousy to respond.

While she continued to kiss and stroke her black boyfriend, I suggested that she and I could spend the morning by the pool. Without looking at me she replied:

"OK. Tony has to go out this morning. You go ahead and grab a couple of sun loungers and I will follow on."

It was nearly an hour later when Brenda swaggered over in her tiny white bikini, which showed acres of her perfect, milk white flesh. As she got closer, I noticed a damp patch at the crotch.

"He has fucked you again, hasn't he?" I demanded, my cock getting stiff and my stomach in knots.

"Well, he is a very insistent man with a cock that never goes soft, how could I resist?" she grinned. "Besides he has got me addicted to that donkey cock, I want it in my mouth or my pussy all the time!" She knew this was upsetting me, and was thoroughly enjoying it.

For the rest of the holiday, Brenda dropped any pretence of resisting Tony, and in fact lost all her inhibitions. We would go to secluded beaches, and she would feel no guilt in taking out his cock and sucking him to erection in front of me. She would then straddle him, and bounce up and down on his prick until they achieved simultaneous climaxes.

It was the same story in the hotel suite. She would wander round in little or nothing, taking every opportunity to engage in sex play with Tony, whether I was there or not.

Finally, the holiday was over, and John and Teresa met us at the airport. We dropped Tony off first, and Brenda spent a long time kissing him goodbye. He explained to her that he would be away for three weeks with his job, and Brenda agreed to call him as soon as he returned.

Arriving back at our place, Brenda invited John and Teresa inside.

"I know we have had our differences," she said to them. "But I am so grateful to you for introducing me to Tony. He is a wonderful man, and a terrific lover."

"So you will carry on seeing him will you? Teresa asked, smirking at me.

"Definitely," smiled Brenda. "Now John, as a thank you would you like to take me upstairs and fuck me again for old time's sake? Michael can stay down here and pleasure Teresa like he did on our wedding night." I began to protest on both counts.

"Doesn't look as though you have any choice," Teresa grinned, as she stood up and removed her panties. My wife and John disappeared upstairs.

After dinner that evening, when we were both alone, I told Brenda that I wanted her more than ever before.

"I will never refuse you Michael," she said. "But I should tell you I will not touch or suck your cock, and you must always wear a condom."

This agreed, we went upstairs as I looked forward to my first fuck with my new wife since our marriage.

We undressed, and Brenda lay on the bed legs apart, motioning me to lick her and get her ready. This done, I put on the condom and at last entered my wife's pussy. Admittedly it did not last long because of my enforced abstinence, but all through she remained motionless and silent. When I had finished, I complained at her lack of enthusiasm.

"If you had a cock like Tony's and could fuck like him, I would have some enthusiasm," she spat spitefully. Although deep down I knew the truth, her words cut me like a knife.

Over the next three weeks, remembering her words, I did not try to have sex with her too often. If I did, it was the same story as that first night. She spent a lot of the time tearful, missing her lover. Finally, the three weeks was up, and she happily spoke to him on the phone, inviting him over.

When he arrived that evening, she came down in just her tiny black night-dress, kissed him and hugged him tightly. "I have had it confirmed," she exclaimed. "You have given me a baby, you virile big bastard!" They both screamed with delight, and I felt sick to my stomach.

"Tonight, you are going to take me upstairs for a celebration fuck," she told him. "And I want it to last all night! Michael, you had better sleep in the spare room."

With that, they disappeared upstairs to begin their marathon sex session. Once more, I spent the night listening to cries from my wife that I was unable to bring out of her. If anything, they were stronger than those I heard during the honeymoon.

I came downstairs next morning to be greeted by the sight of my naked wife kissing her lover goodbye at the front door. After he had gone, she came into the lounge to speak to me.

"Tony and I have realised after our separation that we can't do without each other," she announced. "We will fuck whenever we want, and you will just have to accept being a cuckold." I think I already knew this, but I still felt incredibly humiliated and jealous.

All this happened two years ago. Little Tony junior is now fifteen months old, and Brenda's belly is now swelled with Tony's second child. My job is to look after the baby while the have all the fun they want. If anything, the sex between them gets wilder and wilder.

Brenda never refuses me sex, but it is as unexciting and passionless as ever. In fact she will not even allow me to kiss her now, preferring to keep her lips solely for Tony' mouth and cock.

I cannot say I am truly happy, but I have to accept the way things are to keep my wife from leaving me.




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