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WimpHub Story: The Boot is on the Other Foot




I really messed things up this time. Throughout my three-year marriage to Jenny I had been screwing other women, but this time I had forced my attentions on the girlfriend of a local black gang boss. When he found out, he sent his right hand man Jake round to see me. A 6'5" black mountain of a man, he had given me the beating of my life. As a result, I was lying in hospital with both arms and both legs broken, plus a couple of ribs for good measure. I must have looked a comical sight, with arms and legs in plaster all raised in the air.

The paradox in all this is that I love my wife dearly. She was an 18 year old virgin when we married three years ago, 12 years younger than I. A petite redhead, just 5' tall, with a pretty, innocent looking face and a figure that made men turn their heads wherever she went. I was pretty sure she knew about my affairs, but she always stood by me. For my part, although I was screwing around, I was very possessive of her, and the very idea of another man having her made my blood run cold.

I had been in hospital about 5 days, and my faithful wife had been to see me every day. On Saturday when she arrived, she seemed a little excited. I asked her what was up.

"Well," she began. "Jake, the man who put you in here, came round to see me yesterday morning. He told me that you are a piece of shit who deserves all you get, but that he felt bad about me being left all alone. He was so sweet, I invited him in for coffee."

"You what!" I spluttered.

"Yes," she went on. "And we chatted for a while, and got on really well. So well, in fact, that he invited me out last night, for some company."

"You refused of course," I interjected.

"Oh no, I couldn't, he had been so kind," Jenny retorted. "Anyway, we went for a nice meal and had a lot of laughs. After that, we went on to a club for some dancing. You know, when he held me close on the slow ones, I could feel a huge bulge poking into me from the front of his trousers. To tell the truth, he had my pussy soaking wet! Afterwards, he took me back to our front door, like the gentleman he is, and kissed me goodnight. Oh John, it was so soft and gentle, and when he slid his tongue into my mouth my knees went weak."

I could not believe my ears. My wife had been on a date with the man who had half killed me, and had let him kiss her goodnight! I told her that in no circumstances was she to see him again.

"Oh you are too late John," she replied. "We had such a good time, Jake asked me out again tonight. He has asked me to wear a short, tight dress with no underwear, so that he can get a better view of my figure. If I didn't know better, I would think he wanted to fuck me!"

I couldn't work out whether my young wife was being totally naive, or if she was teasing me. I pleaded with her not to go out with Jake, as he only had one thing on his mind, but she told me not to be silly, and she would tell me all about her evening the next day. With that, she kissed me and left, leaving me to worry about what would happen that evening, being totally helpless to prevent it.

Next day, Jenny had a real sparkle in her eyes when she came in. Without bothering to ask how I was, she went straight in to her story.

"What a night I had," she began enthusiastically. "I wore my tiny black dress, and Jake told me I looked absolutely stunning. We went to the club again, but after a while he had made me so hot with his slow dancing I suggested we go back to our place. I poured us drinks, and we sat together on the sofa. After a while he began giving me those soft French kisses that turn me on."

"Please don't," I whined. "Oh shut up John," she snapped irritably. "Anyway, Jake asked me to take off my dress, as he wanted to see me in all my glory. Within seconds, I was totally naked for him. Oh John, the feel of his big black hands mauling my tits and playing with my nipples had me swooning. And when he started fingering my sopping wet cunt, I practically begged him to take me up to our bedroom.

"Tell me it isn't true," I pleaded, my heart thumping and my mouth dry.

"Once we were there," she said, completely ignoring me. "I undressed him slowly, revealing that smooth muscular ebony body. When I got to my knees and pulled down his underpants, I gasped out loud. His cock is huge John, about 10" long, and nearly as thick as my wrist! My cunt just got wetter and wetter." My jealousy was getting worse by the moment.

"Jake kept me on my knees," she went on. "And he made me take his cock in my hand and start kissing the bulbous head. He kept giving me instructions, like taking the head in my mouth, licking and sucking the long shaft and taking his big manly balls into my mouth and sucking on them. He asked me if I had done much cocksucking, I told him none at all, because up to then I had thought it dirty. He told me that I was fantastic for an amateur, and that he would soon make me the best cocksucker in town."

I complained that I had been constantly trying to get her to do that for me, and that she had always refused. She dismissed me by saying I was not as strong and forceful as Jake, and anyway I did not have a cock that was worth sucking. Then she went on with her story.

"Jake then lifted me up and laid me on the bed. Spreading my legs, he began to lap at my pussy. He did not have to do it for long, I was already plenty wet enough to take him! He knelt on the bed, and positioned his cock at the entrance to my cunt. When he first started pushing into me, I thought he would split me in half! But John, when he was fully embedded in me it felt so fucking good! My cunt has never felt so stretched or so full. Then when he started sliding in and out, I couldn't help moaning and whimpering at the intense pleasure he was giving me. By the time he was ramming me at full speed, I was a sobbing wreck, begging him never to stop as I had never been fucked like this before."

"You did make him wear a condom," I asked urgently, remembering that that was the only contraceptive that we used.

"Of course I did," snapped Jenny. "Just as well too, because he fucked me three more times last night, and each time the feeling was as intense as the first."

"Jenny," I pleaded. "I don't want you to see him again, I want it to be like it was when we first marriage. I promise I will change, I will be faithful if you will promise I will be the only man to fuck you."

"It will never be the same again John," my wife said emphatically. "As soon as Jake's cock slid into me for the first time, I knew I would never be interested in yours again. You can have all the women you want John, I really don't care. The one woman you will never have again is me. Jake has told me that he intends to have me addicted to black cock by the weekend, but he has already done that. From now on I will only take black cock, whether that be Jake or maybe someone else in the future."

I tried to reason with her, but to no avail. She told me being with a gentle caring man like Jake had shown her what a lousy husband I had been and that she now despised me. I asked her if she still intended to visit me, and she confirmed she would, if only to taunt me about her new lover and make sure I was in a state of frustration for the whole of my eight-week stay in hospital.

"I am going now," she told me finally. "Try not to lie here brooding about the thought of Jake and I, naked on our bed with my legs wrapped round his back, while he pounds his huge cock into my willing cunt. Ha Ha Ha!"

With that, she reached into my pyjamas, and wrapped her hand around my involuntarily erect cock.

"Just think," she whispered. "Eight weeks without any sexual relief, while your wife is at home, being banged senseless by the man who put you here!"

She let go of me, then turned to leave, laughing uproariously.

After that day, Jenny made no pretence of being concerned for me, and lost no opportunity to flaunt her affair. An example was a week or so later, when she arrived a little late.

"Sorry I'm late John," she said, with mock sincerity. "But Jake came round just as I was leaving, saying he couldn't wait until tonight. He literally tore my panties off, and fucked me up against the wall. Look."

She lifted her skirt to her waist. Her pussy lips were puffy, her pubic hair matted, and I could see dried cum on her thighs. She came over and pushed her damp pussy into my face.

"Can you smell the sex John?" she taunted. "Can you see what that enormous cock has done to your wife's pussy? Does it upset you that another man is getting what you can't have?"

She laughed as she leaned forward and unbuttoned her blouse.

"Look John, look what he has done to the tits you have always loved co much."

I looked up at her naked breasts, which were completely covered in love bites.

"He loves my tits too John," she went on. "And he is such a horny passionate man, he can't get enough of sucking them, just like you used to be allowed to do."

I pleaded with her to stop, as my frustration was getting unbearable. She noticed that, once again my cock had become erect.

"Oh you little pervert," she laughed. "I think you love the idea of another man fucking your young wife, and seeing what he has done to her. I bet you would get a real kick out of watching Jake fuck me. Well, I have some good news for you. The doctor has told me you can come home at the weekend. You will still be in plaster of course, and totally helpless. But we will be able to give you the pleasure of seeing Jake's cock deep inside me. Perhaps we could play Russian roulette, and have him take me without a condom, with the chance of him giving me a black baby. That would give the neighbours something to talk about, wouldn't it? It will also give me the chance to spend all day taunting and teasing you with my naked body, driving you crazy with frustration. Do you know, I can't wait!"

Neither could I.




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