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My name is Harry; I am 46 years old and a senior partner in a large law firm. I have been married to my 44-year-old wife Linda for just over twenty years. She is an extremely attractive and classy lady, looking like a sexier version of Joan Lunden, who used to appear on Good Morning America. She is also a well-educated architect, holding a doctorate.

Linda and I have two daughters, Laura and Jane, who are now studying at college out of town. Things at home have been pretty stable, with the two of us enjoying a rich and conservative lifestyle. Our only problem has been our sex life, which had gone seriously downhill. Linda has become bored with sex with me over the last few years, and lately I have had trouble getting it up even with the help of Viagra. Things got so bad, that Linda and I decided to visit a marriage counsellor, Dr. Laura Brandburg who we both met at a party. She holds a PhD in psychology, specialising in sexual problems.

We made several visits to Laura's office, and she came up with a number of suggestions, none of which had helped to make our marriage any better. We had begun to give up hope, when she came up with a suggestion that was to change our lives forever.

"There is just one other thing I can suggest," she began. "Which I am sure will not fail. It has saved my own marriage, and those of a number of my clients. Linda, I think you should stop trying to have sex with Harry and instead get yourself fucked by lots of black men." Linda and I looked at one another, totally shocked. I was probably the more shocked, as I admit I have always been a racist.

"I am not going to allow my wife to be fondled sexually by a bunch of niggers!" I exclaimed, but Linda interrupted me and began to question Laura further. To my surprise, she seemed really interested by the suggestion.

Laura explained that there was a time when her marriage was not going well sexually, when she was still in grad school. At that time, she took a part time job as a social worker in an inner city neighbourhood. One night when leaving the neighbourhood, she was attacked and gang raped by a group of young black men. During the rape, she had learned how good the sex was, and how the black men were far superior to whites when it came to fucking. From that night she became hooked on black cock, and kept going back for more. Eventually, her husband found out and loved the fact that his wife was getting blacked. Ever since, she has been taking black cock, and has secretly had four black sons who are being raised by black families, with financial help from her husband.

I was so angry, I tried to grab Linda's arm and leave the room. She resisted, and told me to sit down.

"We have to do something," she insisted. "Let's hear Laura out, and see what she has to say."

"You really will love black cocks Linda," Laura assured her. "And you will love it too Harry, seeing your wife gang fucked by virile, well hung young black men. They will become your masters, and you will enjoy your marriage again." I tried again to grab Linda, but she made me sit.

"I would never get turned on by seeing other men fuck my wife," I insisted.

"We shall see," Laura replied confidently, as she grabbed a remote control and played a videotape on the nearby TV.

The tape showed Laura surrounded by a group of young black men. She is being physically and verbally abused by all of them, as they strip off her clothes. Then, one by one, she is roughly fucked by all of the young black men, as they call her all the filthy names they can think of. As I watched, I struggled desperately against becoming aroused. Laura could see that I was turned on.

"Your husband is loving this," she told Linda.

"Oh I am loving it too Doctor," Linda replied excitedly.

When the tape had finished, Laura rang a bell on her desk, and two black men entered the room. One was young and handsome, about twenty years old and the other a little older and extremely well built. Laura asked the young man to stand in front of her, then released his impressive cock and stroked it to erection. My eyes bulged at the sight of it, and Linda gasped audibly.

"Feel this," Laura said to my wife. I tried to stop her, but the big man pushed me back in my seat.

Linda wrapped her little white hand around the thick black cock and stroked up and down the shaft.

"It is magnificent!" she exclaimed. "Oh Harry, if you had a cock as long, thick and stiff as this, we would not be here today!"

"Would you like to go in the other room, and try it out?" Laura asked Linda.

"Oh yes please," replied Linda enthusiastically.

I jumped up and tried to stop my wife leaving with the young man, but the big guy shoved me back in my seat, as the two of them left hand in hand. Laura then switched on an intercom, so that we could all hear what was happening in the next room. After a few minutes, I heard a cry coming from my wife, obviously as the huge cock entered her pussy.

"Oh, that feels so fucking good stretching my tight white cunt!" she yelled. "I wish I had met you years ago, before I began putting up with my husband's tiny limp dick. Give it to me, you black fucker, fuck me hard, hurt me. Treat my like a cheap white whore, and master me with that huge black weapon!" I was shocked at my wife's words, and I had never heard her swear in over twenty years.

While this was happening, Laura took my little cock out, and held it in her hand. As my wife's fucking continued next door, she could feel my cock jump and throb in her hand.

"Linda is getting the best fuck she has had so far," Laura began. "As you can hear, she is having the best time, and whether you admit it or not you are getting turned on by hearing her being thoroughly blacked!" I could not argue, as I had the strongest erection for years.

The fucking continued for some time, and my wife's cries and gasps were getting louder. Eventually, the man announced he was coming.

"Oh yes," cried my wife. "Shoot your black cum deep inside my belly, fill me with it make me a slut for black cock!" The young man obliged, just as she screamed out her orgasm.

Having dressed, the two of them emerged a few minutes later. My wife shot a smug, self- satisfied look in my direction. She thanked Laura profusely for allowing her such a wonderful time, and asked how she could go about getting more black cock. Laura replied that she taught part time at a local college, which catered mainly for young black males. She said she would happily give them our address, and Linda accepted gladly. Still angry at what had happened, I grabbed my wife and we left. I began talking to her in the car on the way home.

"Alright, you have made your point," I said. "Now can we forget all this black nonsense?"

"Oh no Harry," Linda replied emphatically. "Now I have tasted black cock, I want more and more. Your faithful, conservative wife is going to become a complete slut for blacks. You will have to get used to watching me serve virile young black men in future, it is going to happen, and there is nothing you can do about it!" I realised there was nothing I could say to change her mind, and kept silent for the rest of the journey.

That night, Linda took great care with her hair and makeup, and dressed in her sexiest little black dress. She looked absolutely stunning, and had a strong effect on my up to now limp cock. I tried to take her in my arms, felling very aroused. She pushed me away.

"You have no chance," she laughed. "My tight white cunt is available only for big black cocks tonight, I will be doing everything I can to please them, while you sit quietly watching your wife being ravaged."

At about seven, the doorbell rang, and Linda ordered me to answer it. As I opened the door, a stream of black men between 17 and 21 entered. There must have been a dozen or more of them, and they immediately started playing loud rap music on the stereo, and raiding my drinks cabinet. The biggest of them, who I later found out was a 21 year-old named Felix, turned to me.

"You sit there in the corner whitey, and don't move," he snarled. Your whore of a wife is going to get the fucking of her life tonight, and afterwards she will be begging us to come back."

"Yes," my wife laughed. "You sit there and play with yourself, while your unfaithful wife gets gang fucked by a bunch of real men with proper sized cocks. Maybe you will learn something!"

The young men then surrounded my excited wife, and many hands began ripping off her clothes. She stood naked in front of Felix, who roughly shoved a couple of fingers into her pussy.

"This bitch is soaking wet!" he informed the others. "The idea of taking a load of black men is driving her crazy. She probably hasn't had a decent fuck for years!"

"You are right," my wife agreed, as all the other men laughed. "My wimp husband is totally useless at taking care of my needs. His cock is tiny, and most days he can't even get it up. I need to feel all your big dicks inside me, do anything you want with me, and I will do anything you ask."

Felix pushed my wife roughly to her knees, as all the others removed their clothes. He released his cock, which was even bigger than the one in Laura's office, and ordered Linda to take it in her hand.

"You suck on that cock bitch," he spat. "Until I tell you to stop."

"Of course," my wife replied. "You and your friends are my masters now, my body belongs to you, and I will serve you any way you wish."

Linda wrapped her lips around Felix's huge cock, and began to suck like a cheap whore. In twenty years she had only sucked my cock a few times, and made no secret of the fact that she did not enjoy it. Yet here she was, sucking the black man's cock like it was the tastiest lollipop in the world!

"You are going to go through it tonight," Felix promised her. "You are going to take so much thick black cock, that you will be ruined for your poor husband. How do you feel about that?"

"He doesn't matter any more," Linda replied, breaking off from her enthusiastic sucking. "He will have to get used to getting his pleasure from jerking off, while watching real men fuck his wife for him. I will only allow black cocks inside me from now on, I want to be a black man's whore."

"You will be," smiled Felix, as he pushed Linda on to her back and knelt between her legs. "Beg me for my cock, beg me to fuck you in front of your husband."

"Oh please Felix," Linda pleaded. "Shove your fat cock right up inside me, fuck me hard and make a woman of me. Show my husband that you are my master now, and I am a sex slave for you and your friends."

Felix placed his cock at the entrance of Linda's pussy, and with one movement, shoved his whole 10" up inside her. She cried out at the pleasure of it, as Felix began to slide in and out of her sopping wet cunt.

"You love it don't you?" he taunted.

"Oh yes," she sobbed. "It feels so good, filling me so completely."

"Tell your husband how good it is," Felix told her. She looked at me.

"It is fantastic Harry," she began. "You could never please me like this, he is touching places that have never been touched before. After this, you have no chance of having me again. Go on, jerk yourself off, you know you want to, and it's all you will get from now on."

I had to admit I was extremely aroused by the sight of the black man's cock imbedded in my wife's pussy, so I released my cock and began to stroke it slowly.

"Look at that poor excuse for a cock boys," my wife giggled. "It's no wonder he will only be allowed to watch me being fucked by you in future, is it?" The group of blacks laughed uproariously at me, as they saw me jerking my miserable little erection.

Felix continued to pound into my wife, and eventually told her he was about to come.

"Where do you want my cum bitch?" he asked her. "In your mouth, over your tits?"

"Cum inside me Felix," she begged. "I want your black jizz deep in my belly, so I feel I belong to you!"

The black man tensed, and then emptied his balls into my willing slut wife. After a few seconds he withdrew, and Linda called out for the next one, screaming that she wanted more cock. I had never seen her behave so wantonly. One by one, the other men mounted her, and fucked her vigorously, as she encouraged them very vocally to fill her with their seed. In between this, she constantly taunted me about my inadequate performance and poor endowment, and reminded me that I would be a permanent cuckold in future.

When all the men had had her, Felix announced that they wished to fuck her in the marriage bed. Linda told me to go sleep in the spare room, as she wanted them to herself for the rest of the night. Needless to say, I did not get a lot of sleep due to the noise my wife was making as the men brought her to orgasm after orgasm. I must have drifted off at some point, because when I awoke all was quiet. I went downstairs, to see my wife at the front door in her sexy black night-dress, saying goodbye to the men. She sauntered towards me, with a satisfied smirk on her face and took hold of my cock.

"I had a dozen sexy black men fucking me all night," she remarked. "And every one of them was better than you." My cock twitched in her hand, and began to erect.

"Please Linda," I said meekly. "Can we have sex?"

"Not a chance," she laughed. "I am strictly a black man's woman now. I tell you what though, if you come upstairs and lap those boys cum out of my pussy, I will bring you off with my hand." To my shame, I took her up on her offer, and had to endure her mocking contempt as I sucked all the cum out of her.

After that first night, smaller groups of four or five men would regularly come around and fuck my wife in front of me. Other times, Linda would go without me to the college where she would join other white married sluts in serving their black masters in any way they desired. One night, I begged Linda to let me go along to watch, and she agreed. She went along first, and told me to follow along later.

As I entered the huge dormitory, I noticed a large number of high-class women, some of whom I knew. All were naked, and willingly being subjected to all sorts of verbal and physical abuse, in exchange for several helpings of big black cock in their adulterous pussies. In the corner, I noticed my wife and went over.

She was kneeling on a bed, her pussy impaled on a young man's cock. In front of her knelt another man, feeding his erection into her mouth. At the same time, she was stroking a cock in each hand. As I caught her eye, she looked happy and proud, pleasing so many men at the same time. I watched for a while, jerking off, as each of the four blacks fucked her expertly. I then went over to the other corner where drinks were available.

As I fixed myself a scotch, I saw Laura Brandburg walking towards me. She was naked, with red marks all over her tits and thighs where her lovers had been mauling her. She also had cum dripping out of her pussy as she walked.

"What do you think Harry?" she asked as she reached me.

"I have to admit," I replied. "That you have saved my marriage."

For a while that was true. Linda was happy, getting the best fucking of her life, and that made our home life happy. I was more aroused than ever, watching her taking numerous cocks, even though my only sexual release was from my own hand or Linda's hand, in exchange for lapping her sloppy, cum-filled cunt. However, I began to see some worrying changes.

After a few weeks of visiting the college, I noticed that I would find Linda sitting alone on a bed with Felix, rather than being gang fucked on one of the beds. She would be talking to him, stroking his face and kissing him. I had not seen any kissing before; it had all been pure animal sex. I tried to put it out of my mind, until one day when I came home unexpectedly early.

I could hear noises coming from the lounge, and I peeped in the half open door. Felix and Linda were on the floor, both naked. He was on his back, while she straddled him; his cock fully embedded in her. I listened at the door.

"Oh Felix," she said. "I so love the feel of your cock inside me. It is fun having the other boys fuck me, but you are the best. You are the biggest, and by far the best lover I have ever had. I have grown so fond of you over the past few weeks."

I walked away, I did not want to hear any more of this, so I quietly went out and spent a couple of hours in a bar. When I returned, Felix was still there and the two of them were cuddled up on the sofa. Linda told me to sit down.

"Felix and I have been talking," she began. "And we have decided that he will move in to this house and into my bed. You are going to have to accept him as the man of the house now and sleep in the spare room, OK?"

"I don't understand," I stammered. "I thought things were better between us."

"They are," she assured me. "It's just that Felix has replaced you as the special person in my life. You will still be my husband, but he will be my man and I his woman." I could tell she had made her mind up, and if I wanted to stay with her I would have to accept her terms.

"Good, then that's agreed," Linda said happily. "Felix, let's mark your first night, take me upstairs and fuck me senseless!"

"Alright," agreed Felix. "You go upstairs first, get undressed and remove your diaphragm."

"Oh Felix!" Linda exclaimed excitedly. "You are going to breed me! Oh yes, I want that so badly, don't be long."

She skipped upstairs singing happily to herself, as I sat there in total shock.

"You had better come up too," Felix told me. "I want you to be there at the moment I plump up your wife."

"No please," I begged him. "I could not bear that."

He pulled me out of the chair roughly, and marched me up to the bedroom, where Linda was already naked.

"Oh good," she said. "You are going to make him watch as you make me pregnant. Come on, I can't wait!"

She practically ripped his clothes off him, in her impatience to get his cock inside her, and have him shoot his potent seed into her now unprotected womb. In a few moments, they were writhing on the bed kissing passionately.

"Get inside me Felix," Linda said urgently. "I want your baby!"

I had never seen Linda so excited, as she urged her lover to fuck her hard. Eventually, she could feel that he was about to come.

"Yes darling," she shouted. "Empty those big balls into me, flood my womb with your black cum. Oh make me pregnant Felix, I love you!"

Those last three words cut through me like a knife, as they both reached their orgasm. She loved this man, and wanted to have his baby! I could hardly believe this was happening. After the two of them had calmed down, Felix withdrew and Linda spoke to me.

"As you know Harry, Felix is my master," she began. "If you want to stay, he will be your master too. Understand?"

"Yes," I replied meekly.

"Good," she went on. "Now come and show your obedience by sucking Felix's cock clean, and then sucking his cum out of my pussy. It is all you're good for after all!"

This is not the way it was supposed to be.




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