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My name is Bob Lord. I am 50 years old, and have been married to my 36-year-old wife Jane for eight years. She is extremely attractive, but up until recently rather hid the fact by wearing her longish brown hair in a bun, and thick rimmed glasses on her nose. This gave the impression that she was a librarian. Her figure, however, gave a lie to that impression. She had put on a few pounds since our marriage, but that only served to make her figure more voluptuous. At 5'9", 36-25-38, she made men look twice wherever she went.

I suppose we were attracted to each other, as we were both quiet, and rather strait-laced. Right from the start of our marriage, sex was very conservative, kisses were always with closed mouths and we both found the idea of touching each other's genitals with our mouths abhorrent. It was not long before sex became a weekly chore, as Jane did not seem to enjoy it very much. She had wanted children early on, in view of our ages, but it had not happened. I did go for tests, which confirmed that I could not father children. I lied to Jane, saying I was fine, and convinced her not to have tests herself, as it would only upset her. So we carried on with our steady, predictable life, until the fateful night when I ruined everything.

I run a small mail order company, employing a dozen people including Ben and Will, who formed the dispatch department. Both tall muscular black guys aged 21; they were childhood friends who had joined my company at the same time. We became pretty friendly, and after a while I began to invite them to my Friday poker nights at home, together with my white buddies, Jim and Tony. Jane liked the young men a lot, they were always polite and friendly, and she had remarked to me on more than one occasion how good looking they both were.

On this particular card night, Jim and Tony had left quite early, having been cleaned out. Jane had had her bath, and passed by in her bathrobe as Ben Will and I carried on with our game. I could not help noticing how both men looked at my wife lustfully as she passed by. Anyway, time went on, and I started losing pretty badly. I finally felt my luck had changed when I found myself holding a full house, Kings over Queens. Only Ben and I were left in, and the pot was getting pretty big. Finally it was my turn to bet, and I found I had run out of money.

Ben said I would have to forfeit the pot under the rules we played, but I protested that I was good for the money, should I lose.

"I tell you what," Ben smiled. "If you think your hand is that good, why not put up your wife?"

"What do you mean? I replied.

"Well," he explained. "If you win, you take the pot. However, if I win, Will and I get to fuck Jane before we go home."

"That's outrageous!" I declared, not believing what I had heard.

"Up to you," Ben shrugged.

I was certain I could not lose, and that the young man smirking back at me was bluffing. I had him, and all I had to do was agree with his suggestion to take the pot. I told him OK, and asked him to show me his cards. I went cold as he nonchalantly turned over four aces! I could not take it in as I looked at their grinning faces.

"You had better go tell Jane the news," laughed Ben. I got up, and moved slowly to the kitchen.

I looked at my innocent looking wife, and did not know what to say to her. After much stammering, I finally blurted out what had happened. She looked both hurt and angry.

"What were you thinking?" she yelled. "Betting your wife on a hand of poker?"

"I'm so sorry honey," I said apologetically. "I was so sure I would win. Look, I'll tell them that it's all off, and we will come to some other arrangement."

"Oh no," she countered. "We can't afford that. You got us into this mess, and I will have to get us out of it. I will do what they want."

The two of us returned to the lounge, and Jane gasped. The two men had already stripped off their clothes, and were standing together in the middle of the room. Although still limp, their cocks looked enormous. I dreaded to think what they would look like when erect. Jane slowly walked over and stood in front of Ben, telling him she knew what she had to do. Ben untied the belt on her robe and slipped it off her shoulders, leaving her naked in front of him.

"You look gorgeous," he remarked, as he gently took a breast in each hand.

He leant forward to kiss her. Jane made no attempt to stop him, and in fact submissively opened her mouth as he forced his tongue inside. As he kissed her, she took hold of his rapidly erecting cock, as if she were programmed. She stroked him gently until he was fully hard. Ben put his hands on her shoulders, and suggested she kneel down and suck him a little bit.

"I have never sucked anyone before," she told Ben nervously.

"Don't worry," he smiled. "You will soon get the hang of it." My wife knelt before him, and I turned to leave the room.

"You stay where you are!" Jane snapped. "I want you here."

Holding on to Ben's cock, she opened her mouth and put a couple of inches inside. For the first time, my wife had her lips stretched around a stiff cock, and it was not mine! She took instructions from Ben, and gradually built up a rhythm, sliding her lips up and down his huge cock. While this was happening, Will put his hands between her legs and played with her pussy. At one point, Jane lifted her mouth from Ben's cock and spoke to him.

"I shouldn't be doing this," she argued.

"Your body is saying different," laughed Will. "You are soaking wet!"

When Ben had decided he had had enough sucking, he told my wife to lay on her back on the floor. As he spread her legs and knelt between them, Will lifted her head and cradled it in his hands, so that she could see what was being done to her. Ben placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy, and began to push in.

"No!" cried Jane. "Ben, it is far too big!"

"Don't worry," he assured her. "You are going to love this!"

He eased in a few more inches, with my wife whimpering all the time. Suddenly, he pushed in up to the hilt, causing her to cry out. Then he stopped to give her time to adjust.

"How does that feel?" he asked her.

"I can feel you deep inside me," she responded. "And I feel so stretched."

Ben began to gently push in and out of Jane's pussy causing her breathing to become heavier.

"Oh Ben, that feels so good," she gasped. "Could you go a little faster please?"

Ben obliged, and soon my wife was beginning to moan with pleasure.

"Make it last Ben," she pleaded. "I don't ever want this to end!"

Gradually, Ben increased the tempo, and it seemed to drive Jane wild.

"Oh, FUCK ME!" she yelled out. I was shaken, as she had never before uttered a swear word in her life.

Ben now started to pump her hard and fast, with loud vocal encouragement from my wife. She wrapped her legs around his powerful back, and pushed upwards to meet his thrusts. She wanted as much of that black cock inside her as she could get. She grabbed his head and pulled it to her, French kissing him as though he was the last man on earth. Ben announced he was coming, and asked if she wanted his cum inside her.

"Oh yes!" she screamed. "Shoot it right up inside me, fill my belly with your black cum!"

Ben tensed, and then groaned as I realised he was emptying his balls into my wife. At the same time, she screamed out her orgasm, and told him what a fantastic lover he was. They remained still for a while catching their breath, and then Ben withdrew. Will immediately took his place. My wife looked up at him.

"Yes Will, give me your cock now," she pleaded. "Do what Ben has just done to me!"

I was forced to watch and listen, as Will once again took my wife to heights of ecstasy I could never dream to achieve with my 4" cock. When he had finished, the two men helped Jane to her feet.

"I had better go clean up," she told them. "You won't go will you? Stay and have another beer or two, I will be down soon." With that, she went upstairs for a shower.

Ben and Will sat either end of the sofa swilling a beer each, as we made stilted conversation. Jane came back down ten minutes later. Totally ignoring me, she sat between her two new lovers. Turning to kiss them both, she spoke with her voice trembling, and just above a whisper.

"Would you both please fuck me again before you go?" she asked them. "Your beautiful big cocks feel so good inside me, I just want more!"

"How about we stay the night?" suggested Ben. "You could spend the whole night sandwiched between us!"

"Oh that would be great!" Jane squealed. "Hold on a second."

She ran upstairs, and came back down with a pillow and a couple of blankets.

"You can sleep on the couch tonight," she spat at me, completely contemptuous of whatever feelings I might have on the matter. "Come on boys, I will suck you both for a while when we get upstairs, I need the practice!"

After they left, I tried to get comfortable on the couch, but could not help hearing firstly the sounds of laughter, and then my wife's cries of pleasure, as my two employees enthusiastically fucked her again and again.

Next morning, I was awoken by the sound of Jane and the two men at the front door. As I went out, I saw her kissing them both goodbye very warmly. She looked tired, but stunning. She had let her hair down and taken off her glasses, and was standing there in only her short night-dress. As they left, the boys gave me a "we have just fucked the shit out of your wife" smirk.

I turned to Jane, and apologised again for the previous night. I tried to take her in my arms, but she pushed me away.

"I thought we could go back to bed, and maybe get our marriage back on track," I said.

"You must be kidding," she sneered. "You forfeited all rights to my body when you handed me over to those men for a bet. You will never fuck me again, but those boys will, and often!"

I tried pleading with her, but she went back up to the bedroom, and locked the door.

The weekend was pretty tense after all that had gone on. I tried several times on Saturday to speak to Jane, but she refused to listen to me. That being so, I decided to spend Sunday morning clearing out the attic, to give us both some space. While I was up there, I heard the phone ring. Jane answered it, and although I could not hear what was said, I could hear her laughing a lot. When I came down, I asked who had called, but she told me to mind my own business.

Later that afternoon, Jane decided to have a nap. While she was asleep I had the idea of making a nice meal for us both that evening, to try and build some bridges. I was half way through preparing the meal when she came downstairs. I could not believe what I saw.

Jane was dressed in a tight blouse, which left no doubt that she was not wearing a bra. Her nipples were poking through the fabric. She also had on a tight black skirt, which finished eight inches above her knee, and there was no visible panty line. It did not take much to work out that this was because she was not wearing any. Her hair was down, and cascaded over her shoulders. She was also heavily made up, something I had never seen before. My cock twitched because she looked so fuckable, but I could also see that she looked a total slut.

"You are not going out are you?" I said cheerily. "I thought I would make us a nice romantic meal, and then we can have an early night."

"Let me see," she responded. "Can your tiny dick stretch my cunt, can it fuck me eight times at least, and can in make me come as strongly as I did on Friday night? No, I thought so. Well where I am going, I am going to get all that, so don't wait up."

"I wish you wouldn't use that sort of language," I admonished her.

"Oh really," she replied. "Well you see, since Ben and Will woke up the real woman inside me, I don't want to carry on avoiding the words normal people use. It is not penis and testicles; it is cock and balls. These are tits and this is a cunt, and these particular tits are going to be well sucked tonight, and the cunt is going to be crammed full of virile black cock. When I get home it will be dripping with black cum. Does that offend and hurt you?"

"You know it hurts me," I replied miserably.

"That's good," she went on. "Because I want to hurt you and humiliate you. You used your own wife as a stake in a poker game. I will never forgive you for that, and intend to make you a permanent cuckold with no access to my cunt for your miserable little cock ever. I will be back when my young lovers have finished with me." With that, she turned and left.

I spent the evening haunted by visions of what she was doing with the two black guys, and smarting at her cruel words. I was in bed when she returned at about 1 a.m. She undressed quickly, and got into bed naked.

"God, my cunt is raw," she exclaimed, seeing that I was awake. "Those horny little fuckers gave me a real seeing to tonight. Do you know what, they both fucked me four times, and then made me suck them both off before they let me out!"

"Jane," I said desperately. "What can I do to get close to you again?"

"The only way I can think of," she replied. "Is if you get down and suck this sticky cum out of me."

"Would that please you?" I asked.

"Well sucking other men's cum out of your wife's cunt must be one of the most humiliating things a husband can do, and I am all for humiliating you. Yes, get your stupid face between my legs and suck it out, and remember sucking is the nearest you will get to this cunt from now on!"

As I approached her sopping pussy to perform the distasteful task, a thought hit me that had not occurred before. I did not know for sure whether or not she could bear children, and these boys had sent eight loads of cum into her unprotected womb that night. Although I hated it, I sucked hard to reduce any chance of pregnancy, and resolved to do the same every time she visited her lovers.

Next morning at work, Ben and Will lost no time in humiliating me.

"That wife of yours certainly seems to love black cock," laughed Ben.

"Yes," added Will. She was behaving like a total slut with us doing everything she could to please. You would think she had been deprived of decent sex for the last eight years! By the way, we hear you had cum for supper last night, how did it taste?"

I left the room saying nothing, as the two men laughed at me.

Things went on much the same way over the next few weeks, with my wife regularly visiting the boys, and me sucking her pussy clean as she praised their sexual prowess and confirmed that I would continue to miss what they were getting regularly. The boys constantly teased me at work, and I am pretty sure it had become common knowledge at the company that they were cuckolding me.

At home, Jane would wear little or nothing around the house, constantly teasing and taunting me with the sexy body I was not allowed to have, and laughing when she saw me getting an erection at the sight of her. I was getting more and more miserable, and more and more frustrated.

I had stopped the poker games for a few weeks, but Jane insisted I start them up again. Will, Ben and my two white buddies came round on the Friday, and my wife made sure she looked as slutty as possible. She openly flirted with the black guys all evening, and I noticed my other buddies looking at each other and smirking, obviously aware of what was going on.

Once again that night, the two white guys were cleaned out early, just leaving the three of us. It was not long before they had cleaned me out too. When the game broke up, my wife came over and put her arms around the two young men.

"Well now you have taken all his money, let's go upstairs so that you can take his wife," she laughed. "Then we will call him upstairs, and you can watch him eat his creampie supper!"

The three of them went upstairs, and for a long time all I could hear was laughter, and my wife's moans, sighs and cries of pleasure. At last it was quiet, and I heard Jane call me. I entered the bedroom to see her lying naked on top of the bed, her legs wide apart and cum leaking out of her.

"Come on cumsucker," she sneered. "Lick all this black jism out of your unfaithful wife's cunt while my lovers watch."

Totally embarrassed and humiliated, I got down to clean her, with their taunts and derisive laughter rang in my ears. When I had finished, Jane surprised me by sitting up and opening my flies.

"Because I am in such a good mood," she announced. "I am going to give you the one-off privilege of being jerked off by me." She took out my cock and began to stroke it.

"Why are you in such a good mood?" enquired Ben.

"Because I went to the doctor yesterday," she replied. "And he confirmed that between you, you darling boys have made me pregnant!"

This announcement, coupled with my wife's stroking, made me shoot my load immediately despite the shock of the situation.

"But whose baby is it?" enquired Will.

"Don't worry," my wife assured him. "We will find out for sure, and then the other one can give me the second baby!" This pleased both guys no end, but sent me into a pit of misery, much to my wife' obvious delight.

So it was that nine months later, Jane gave birth to Will Junior. When Jane was ready for sex again, I looked after the baby while the three of them romped in my bed. Will had to make do with being sucked off by my wife, until it was confirmed that Ben had impregnated her.

That was twelve months ago, and now I am looking after two little ones, as the three of them enthusiastically try for baby number three. They are her husbands now, I am just an unpaid babysitter, whose only relief comes from his own right hand, as my wife constantly reminds me as I suck her well used pussy clean.




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