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I am Donald, 40 years old and in charge of my own successful business. I have been married to my beautiful wife Heidi for 15 years. She is 37, but has the body of a 20-year-old. With her long blonde hair, large breasts and long shapely legs, she has trousers bulging wherever she goes. Heidi has two girls, Monika and Ulrika from a relationship that failed a year before I met her. Monika is 18 and a redhead. At 5'11", she is a couple of inches taller than her mother, but with a similar sexy figure. Ulrika is 17, Blonde like her mother, but much shorter with a slimmer figure. Both girls have inherited their mother's gorgeous looks.

The marriage has been pretty happy over all, with just a couple of things making life less than perfect. Firstly, the girls have never really taken to me, particularly from the time when Heidi explained to them that I was in fact their stepfather. It got worse when they reached their teens; they would not take notice of anything I said, pointing out forcefully that I was not even related to them.

The second problem was sex. Heidi had always been very shy and conservative, and from quite soon after our wedding it seemed clear that she did not enjoy sex. As a result, we got together far less often than I would have liked, given her fantastic body.

My story begins last summer. The girls had gone on holiday with friends of theirs, while Heidi, who teaches at a private school, had decided to stay at home for the summer vacation. We live in a wealthy neighbourhood, with a park close to the back of the house. Our one problem has been the housing project built nearby, which has resulted in a number of juvenile delinquents frequenting the park. They are all young black guys, around 16, who use the park to play basketball or listen to loud rap music.

After a few days of constant music, Heidi was beginning to get very annoyed with these boys. As I was leaving for work, she told me that she was going to do something about them. I knew she had always looked down on black people, to be honest she was a bit of a racist.

When I returned home that evening, I asked Heidi how it had gone with the boys. She merely mumbled that everything was fine now. I thought no more of it until the following Tuesday, when I arrived home early to surprise Heidi as it was our anniversary. As I approached the house, I noticed that the park was empty, with the young black boys nowhere to be seen.

As I opened the door, I could hear loud rap music coming from the house. I began to search for my wife. As I walked upstairs toward the bedroom, the music got louder and when I looked through the half open door I froze.

On the bed was my naked wife, surrounded by half a dozen equally naked black boys. Two of them held my wife's legs wide apart, as their friend pounded his cock in and out of her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Another stood by the side of the bed, his huge cock in my wife's left hand as she sucked on it greedily. She was making loud gasping and moaning noises caused by the young boys rough and furious fucking, only slightly muffled by the black cock that plugged her soft mouth. Unaware of my presence, she took the cock out of her mouth briefly to speak to the boy fucking her.

"Harder Ben," she screamed. "Fuck me silly, ram that cock right up my cunt. Make me come you bastard, I need to come again!"

I could not believe the words coming out of my staid wife's mouth. In all our years together I had never even heard her say "damn". I pulled myself together and ran into the room.

"Heidi, what are they doing to you?" I asked somewhat superfluously.

"They are fucking me, you stupid asshole," she yelled at me. "Now get out, and let them finish me off!"

"Why are you doing this?" I pleaded, my stomach in a knot with jealousy.

"Will somebody throw that prick out?" Heidi cried out, her latest orgasm obviously approaching.

Two of the boys grabbed an arm each, rushed me down the stairs and threw me out on to the drive.

"And don't come back for at least two hours," one of them called after me. "We have only fucked her once each so far!"

I picked myself up, and wandered off in a daze. My wife was not only allowing herself to be gang fucked by those boys, but was positively revelling in it. I finally found myself sitting on a park bench. My head was filled with images of what the black boys were doing to my up until now faithful wife, and I just put my head in my hands and sobbed.

It was over two hours later, when I returned home red-eyed. The house was quiet when I opened the door, and I went straight to the kitchen. Heidi was in her short silk robe, preparing dinner. She looked up as I walked in.

"Had a good cry have you?" she smirked, with no hint of sympathy.

"I can't believe you would do that," I told her.

"You obviously don't know how good it feels to have those cocks inside you," she smiled. "Especially Jason's. He is fucking massive, and knows just how to please a woman."

"But how did it happen?" I asked.

"Well," she began. "You remember last week I told you I was going to do something about those boys. A little while after you left, I went to the park and told the boys I was fed up with the loud music, and would they turn it down. They laughed and jostled me, and the next thing I knew I was flat on my back on the ground."

"They raped you," I observed.

"Oh shut up," she chided me. "Anyway, each of my arms and legs were grabbed and pulled wide apart. The leader of the gang, Jason, then knelt beside me and told me I was a beautiful lady. Then he held my held still and began to kiss me. I struggled at first, but it felt good and gradually I opened my mouth to allow his tongue in."

"You let him French kiss you?" I exclaimed.

"Yes," she replied irritably. "After all, it was the first time for years I had been kissed with any feeling. Then I felt my skirt being pulled up, and Jason stroking my pussy over my panties. I was beginning to get excited now, and I heard the sound of a zip being pulled down. Moments later, Jason took my hand, placed it on his cock and ordered me to stroke it. I did so, and in seconds I could feel the longest, thickest, hardest cock I have ever touched in my life!"

"What happened then?" I croaked, my mouth dry.

"Jason asked me if I liked his cock," she continued. "I told him it was magnificent. One of the other boys shouted, "I think she wants it Jason, she probably isn't getting what she needs at home!" He certainly got that right."

"Did he let you go then?" I asked hopefully.

"Oh no," Heidi grinned. "He asked me if I wanted to feel it inside me. I was so excited, I practically begged for it. I felt him place the knob at the entrance to my cunt, and the other boys began to shout encouragement. "Shove it up her", "Stretch that tight little white cunt" and "Fill her full of black cum" were just some of the things I remember. Then he did it."

"What?" I enquired.

"He shoved his cock into me, right up to the hilt. "Oh FUCK!!" I cried, as the pleasure rushed through me. I could feel the shape of him right up inside my belly. After a few seconds, he began to slide in and out of me, it felt fantastic. He asked me if he was better than my husband. I told him that he was far better in every way. He asked me why, and I told him you had a tiny cock, and could not last more than a minute before coming. All the boys really laughed at that."

"Why did you say that?" I implored her.

"Because it's the truth limp dick," she snarled. "In fifteen years you have never made me come once. Jason did it three times that afternoon. I finally screamed out my last orgasm just as he sprayed his virile sperm deep inside me. After that, he let me up, thanked me for a great fuck, and told me he and the boys would be seeing me again. I told him that's what I wanted, and gave him our address. They have been here three times since then, to gang fuck me beautifully."

"I still can't take this in," I wailed. I feel so miserable, and it is our anniversary."

"I have had a fabulous anniversary thank you," Heidi laughed cruelly.

I pulled myself together, and decided to be firm. I told her that this had to stop.

"How are you going to manage that?" she sneered. "There are six of them, and every one is bigger than you, in every way."

"Why are you being so unkind?" I asked.

"Because, soft cock," she replied. I have realised over the last few days that thanks to you, I have missed out on fifteen years of decent sex, and I want you to pay!" I tried to ignore her cruel jibes, and told her I would speak to the boy's parents on Saturday. Heidi just smiled.

When we eventually got to bed, I found that despite my jealousy, I was incredibly horny. I asked Heidi if we could have an anniversary fuck.

"Not a chance," she answered unsympathetically. "I have had plenty for one day, besides you would be an even bigger disappointment than usual tonight!" I turned over to go to sleep, feeling very sorry for myself.

Nothing more was spoken about the matter over the next few days, and I tried to make sense of it all and get back to some sort of normality. My mood lightened considerably when I entered the lounge on my return home from work on the Friday. Heidi was standing in the lounge, looking absolutely stunning. She was wearing just a short black slip with thin straps, which showed off her ample bosom and most of her long white legs. Her hair had been done, and she wore a little more makeup than usual. I also noticed she had painted her toenails bright red, something I had never known her do before. I had never seen her look so sexy.

"Looks like someone is in for a hot night," I grinned, as I went to take her in my arms.

"Yeah, but not you," she snapped, as she pushed me away roughly. "Jason and a couple of the boys are coming round to fuck me tonight."

"You don't mean it?" I pleaded.

"Oh but I do," she insisted. "Jason, especially, has woken something in me, and I am going to take all the black cock I can get!"

Before I had time to react, the doorbell rang, and Heidi sent me to answer it. Jason, Ben and Tony pushed straight past me, and went into the lounge. As I entered, Heidi was giving each of them a passionate open-mouthed kiss, and a huge hug.

"I thought we would go straight upstairs," she told the boys. "So I can suck on your lovely cocks before you all give me a sound fucking. Saving the best until last," she added, putting her arms round Jason and kissing him again.

They made to go upstairs, and Heidi asked Jason if I was going to be made to watch.

"Every stroke baby," he replied. "I want him to see that you have gone black, and that his tiny white dick is no use to you any more." Heidi laughed uproariously at this.

"I don't think...." I began, and before I finished the sentence Jason had pushed me against the wall, and was holding a knife to my throat.

"Listen, pansy," he snarled. "You are going to come up there and stand naked by the bed while the three of us fuck your beautiful wife."

"Yes," agreed my wife. "I want you there, Donald. I want you to watch other men make me come, like you have never been able to." The three boys laughed at my inadequacy as we retired to the bedroom.

We all stripped off quickly, and I stood by the bed as Heidi put her arms round the necks of Ben and Tony.

"I will start with my babies," she announced, kissing them both warmly. "Are you both ready for mama to suck you?" They nodded enthusiastically.

Heidi knelt between them, and took an impressive cock in each hand. She told me to kneel facing her, so that I would get a close up view of her alternately sucking on each dick. As I watched, I could feel the tears welling up already.

Heidi sucked the two delighted boys alternately for some time, in between remarking how much bigger they both were than me, and how much stiffer they felt in her hands. Finally, she stood up and took Ben's face in her hands.

"You ready to fuck mama now baby?" she asked him gently.

"You bet!" he grinned.



Heidi lay on the bed, and spread her legs wide opening her moist pussy lips. Ben knelt between her legs. He took hold of his cock, and began to feed it into my wife.

"That's it baby," Heidi sighed. "Stick your lovely cock in. Help to cuckold mama's wimp hubby. Oh, that feels so good. Does mama's juicy cunt feel good round your cock?"

"Sure does mama," Ben enthused. "I love being in you cunt!"

Heidi turned and looked into my eyes, and saw the tears beginning to flow.

"Look baby, we are making mama's hubby cry," she laughed. "He hates to see another man's cock in his wife. Fuck me hard now baby, between the three of you, we will really have him sobbing!"

Ben began to fuck Heidi harder and faster. Her moans and gasps became louder and louder, and my tears became more copious. Finally, he announced he was coming.

"Oh yes baby," Heidi gasped. "Empty your balls into mama, fill me with your black cum!"

Ben duly obliged, and shot his load into my willing wife's belly. After a few seconds, he withdrew and got up. Tony grabbed me by the hair, and pushed my face into Heidi's sopping cunt.

"Suck it all out white boy," he yelled. "I want your wife's cunt nice and clean before I fuck it!"

"Yes," added my wife. "Suck it good, and get used to the taste. In future you are going to be eating black cum until it comes out of your ears!" All four of them laughed at this, as I tongued my wife's slit, my little cock stiff and throbbing despite my humiliation.

When Heidi was clean, Tony took his place, and the whole thing was repeated. He fucked her hard and fast, while she continually taunted me about my inadequacy and future permanent cuckold status. After Tony had finished, and Heidi was once again clean, she got up and went over to a very erect Jason, who was standing by the wall.

"I'm not calling you mama," he growled.

"Oh no Jason," she assured him, taking his face in her hands. "You are not my baby, you are my man. You are the one who has really made me feel like a woman again. Your woman Jason, you know that you can make me do anything you want. Do you want me to suck you a little?"

Jason thought for a moment, and then said:

"No, I want your faggot husband to get over here and suck me. It's time he joined in."

"What a great idea!" squealed my wife, as Ben and Tony forced me to my knees in front of Jason. She stood next to him, her hand on his shoulder as she looked down at me.

"Suck me until I am hard and wet, faggot," Jason ordered. "So that I can slide easily into your wife's cunt. Tell him what to do baby."

"Right," said my wife. "Hold it at the base of the shaft. Now start kissing the bulbous head until I tell you to stop."

She kept me there for several minutes, just kissing her lover's cock. This amused them all greatly, especially Tony who was standing beside me.

"Look at that," he laughed. "He has his gorgeous naked wife standing inches in front of him, and he would rather kiss some guy's cock!"

"Believe me, however bad he is at sucking cock, it is better than his pathetic efforts at fucking!" Heidi told the boys. Once again I blushed at the derisive laughter at my expense.

Heidi continued my instruction on pleasing her boyfriend's dick. She told me to suck on the head a little bit, before sliding my lips down the shaft, taking as much as I could in my mouth. After what seemed like an age, she gave me my final instructions.

"Hold his cock up, and take his balls in your mouth. Suck on those balls full of the cum which shortly going to finish up in your wife's womb. That's enough, now thank Jason for allowing you to suck on his cock."

"Thank you Jason," I muttered totally embarrassed, as they all sniggered.

I was then ordered to lie on my back on the bed, and then Heidi straddled my body, her face just above mine. Jason took his place behind her.

"My favourite lover is going to fuck me in front of you now," she announced. Ben and Tony are lovely, but Jason is something special. Stick in me Jason." Her body jolted as Jason rammed in to the hilt.

"Oh God," Heidi gasped. "I love the way that feels, stretching my poor cunt to the limit. You know feeling that inside me makes me realise how much I despise you and your pathetic little limp dick. I tell you now; your tiny specimen will never again go where Jason's is now. From now on I will only open my legs for black cock." I began to feel the tears flowing, and I started to sob quietly.

"Let it go Donald," she laughed. "I love to see you cry. I will be making you cry a lot in the future. Fuck me hard Jason, show my cry-baby cuckold what he is going to be missing!"

As Jason began to slide his big black cock in and out of my wife, she smiled down at me and spat in my face. She continued this throughout the frenzied fucking, and by the time she had screamed out her third powerful orgasm some thirty minutes later, my face was covered with her saliva.

As soon as her lover withdrew, Heidi climbed up my body and planted her dripping cunt over my mouth.

"Open wide and take your third helping," she commanded. "Suck your wife's well-used cunt."

Once again I licked my wife clean, and this time I was made to kneel and suck the mixture of cum and my wife's juices from her special lover's cock. That done, we all dressed and Heidi sent Ben and Tony home with a huge kiss. She, Jason and I then returned to the lounge, as they wished to talk to me. We sat down and Jason began.

"Heidi has told you that you will not be allowed to fuck her again," he said. "Well I want to be sure that you can't, so you are going to have to wear this permanently. He pointed to a cock cage that Heidi had produced from behind her. I looked at my wife horrified.

"It's no good looking to me for sympathy," she snapped. "This is my idea. You have given me fifteen years of lousy sex, and I don't think you deserve to come ever again. Stand up while I fit the cage."

I felt a complete wimp again, as I started to cry when my wife took away my manhood. She locked the cage with the two keys, and handed one to Jason.

"That's that then," my wife's lover grinned. "It's going to be pretty frustrating for him isn't it?"

"Exactly," agreed Heidi. "And I will be making it worse by flaunting my scantily-clad or naked body at him constantly. The girls despise him, so I am sure they will do the same when they get home. On top of that, the frustration and jealousy will be increased when he is forced to watch a well-endowed, virile young black man, fucking his wife all over the house! Oh Jason, the thought of what we are going to put him through is making me so horny, take me upstairs and fuck me again please!"

The two of them rose to go to the bedroom. As they were leaving the lounge, Jason turned to me and said:

"Listen out, we will call you when we need to use your sissy mouth again!"

The two of them laughed happily, as they walked hand in hand up to the bedroom.



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