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After returning from a party, I lay naked on the bed next to Jenny, my beautiful bride of six months. As I looked at her, with her flaming red, shoulder length hair and milky-white curvy body, I felt like the luckiest man in the world. The last six months had been the happiest time in my life for me, Jenny and I had seemed to get on so well. Sure, she was the strong one in the partnership, and it was always her who got her way when push came to shove. But that was fine with me, because I loved her so desperately.

Jenny was younger than I, 22 to my 29, and though not a virgin when we married she was fairly inexperienced. I put her apparent reluctance to have sex after the first couple of weeks down to this, and had resolved to be patient with her until she became used to me and began to relax and enjoy it. On this night though, aroused by her naked body and my tongue loosened by drink, I brought up the subject of sex and made what I now know was the biggest mistake of my life. I blurted out that my biggest fantasy was for her to be fucked by a big, well- endowed man. I told her that the humiliation of having that happen turned me on enormously. On hearing this, she just smiled and took my cock in her hand, stroking it gently.

"That doesn't surprise me Michael", she began. "After all, you are pretty useless in bed aren't you, with your miserable excuse for a prick? A twelve year old boy could satisfy me better than you." I was stung by her scornful words, but my cock twitched violently in her hand.

"Boy, you really do get turned on by humiliation", she sniggered. "Maybe this is the right time for me to tell you what a perverted, inadequate little wimp you really are, with your tiny dick and your premature ejaculation problem." My cock jumped again.

"I think you have the right idea", she continued. "Now is the right time for me to find another man, perhaps a big black stud with a ten inch cock. We could make you stand and watch while he fucks me senseless, and shows you up for what you are, a useless sissy boy not fit to lick my ass!"

Although my cock was now throbbing visibly in my wife's little hand, at her derogatory words and the vision of what she was suggesting, I began to have doubts. I was shocked at this sudden change in her attitude, and the venom of her tone. If she really meant what she just said, her taking a big-cocked lover could mean losing her for good. I could not bear the thought of that, and tried to pass it off as a joke, saying these things were best kept as fantasies.

"I don't agree", she snapped, coldly. "In fact, I am really warming to the idea. So much so, that I can tell you now that you will not get to fuck me again until another man has had me. I shall be on the lookout for a suitable lover starting tomorrow, You want humiliation Michael, well you are certainly going to get it!" With that, she let go of my erect cock, and turned over to go to sleep. I spent a sleepless night worrying about the future of my marriage.

Jenny kept to her word. Whenever we went out over the next couple of weeks, she would spend her time looking round for suitable men to fuck her. She would taunt me with comments like "I bet he has a huge cock" or "I could imagine him between my thighs". All during this time she emphatically refused me any sexual contact, although she would parade around the house scantily-clad and make me sleep naked in bed next to her every night.

"Frustrating isn't it?" she asked one night, having just given me a deep kiss and pressed her soft, naked body up against me. "Maybe things will get better for you when I have found the right man to fuck me."

"Can't we just forget all about this?" I pleaded. "Let's just get back to the way we were."

"Oh no", she insisted. "You started all this, and I am going to finish it. A couple of the girls told me about a club called Soulmates, apparently it is a great place for picking up men, particularly black men. We are going there on Friday night".

This club was the last place I wanted to go, because I knew it was a favourite haunt of a lot of the employees at the company I worked for. I certainly did not want any of them seeing my wife trying to pick up a man, it would be all over the company by Monday morning. However, Jenny insisted, and as usual got her way.

When we entered the club, I looked around nervously, hoping I would not see anybody I recognised. Thankfully, there was not, so I got us a drink at the bar and we found a table. Jenny's eyes were everywhere, trying to search out a suitable stud, while I sat quietly feeling miserable and frustrated. Finally, Jenny poked me and asked if I knew who the beautiful big black man standing alone at the bar was. I turned to look, and froze.

"No, no", I spluttered. "He would not be right. That's Earl, my assistant at work, the guy I share an office with."

"On the contrary", she smiled. "I think he might be just right. Well don't just sit there, take me over and introduce me!"

I pleaded and pleaded with Jenny that this was a terrible idea, and that I could finish up being the laughing stock of my company. She just grinned, saying it would all be part of the humiliation that I seemed to crave, and dragged me reluctantly towards the bar. As we reached it, Earl turned and recognised me.

I have to admit that he is a good-looking guy, 6'5" tall, with wide shoulders and a huge chest, and at 22 the same age as my wife. He smiled warmly at Jenny, and took her hand as I introduced them.

"Pleased to meet you Earl", my wife said sweetly, her eyes sparkling. "My, you are looking good tonight!"

"You are looking pretty amazing yourself", he replied, taking in the huge amount of cleavage and thigh her tiny black dress was offering.

Jenny invited Earl back to our table, and soon became involved in animated discussion with him, to the total exclusion of yours truly. I had hoped that they would not get on, but even at this early stage it was obvious there was a strong sexual attraction between them.

After a while, Earl asked Jenny if she would like to dance, and she eagerly accepted. I watched them as, at first they danced a little way apart, and then close together when the slow dancing began. I got increasingly jealous as they got closer and closer, with my wife's arms draped around his neck, and I felt physically sick as they began openly kissing on the dancefloor right in front of my gaze. I think I knew then what was coming next.

Eventually they came back to the table, and Jenny announced that we were leaving. My arrogant assistant looked at me with a contemptuous smile, as my wife told me of her plans.

"Earl is going to spend the night with us", she announced. "Or to be more accurate, with me. I have told him that you get off on humiliation, and that having your wife fucked in your own bed by a real man would have your minuscule dick standing to attention. I can assure you Michael that, from what I felt on the dancefloor, Earl is the real man I have been looking for!"

"I have had no complaints", boasted the black man. "Don't worry Boss, I will see that your wife has the night of her life!"

Jenny giggled as she and her soon to be new lover walked hand in hand ahead of me towards our car. I got in and drove, while Jenny and Earl got in the back. It was not long before I could hear passionate kissing from the pair of them, and then I heard the sound of a zip being pulled down.

"My God Earl!" I heard Jenny gasp. "I knew it was big, but this is magnificent! Put your foot down Michael, I need this monster inside me soon! Would you like me to suck you a little bit Earl, to get you ready for me?"

"I thought you said you didn't like sucking cock", I protested.

"I meant your little boy's cock", she replied cruelly. "This is a real man's cock, it is meant to have a woman's lips stretched round it!"

I looked in the mirror, and saw my wife's head disappear. The car was soon filled with the sound of my wife sucking her black stud like a cheap whore. This continued for the five minutes it took to reach our home. Once inside, Jenny dragged Earl upstairs to our bedroom, with me just behind. I went to enter the bedroom with them, but Jenny stopped me.

"Oh no you don't", she said. "Earl and I want to be alone tonight to get to know each other. You go and sleep in the spare room next door". With that, they went inside and closed the door. Hearing their laughter, I trotted off to the spare room, feeling like an outsider in my own home.

As I got into bed, I realised how thin the walls were in our house. I could quite clearly hear the two of them laughing and giggling for several minutes. It then went quiet, and I realised they were now engaging in foreplay. I could not get the visions of his big black hands mauling my wife's big white tits, or his cock crammed into her pretty mouth. This was all my fault; it was what I said I wanted. When it came to it though, I just felt jealous and sick. I was hurting inside at my wife's willing, even eager betrayal of me, and though my throbbing cock betrayed my excitement, I was too upset to jerk myself off.

Suddenly I was jolted by a loud female cry. I realised that this was Earl's first penetration of my wife's tight pussy, and my how she seemed to love it. Very soon I began to hear little gasps and cries coming from her, as her new lover began to move inside her. This made me feel even worse, as sex between Jenny and myself had always been quick and in silence. This however was anything but quick. For over half an hour it went on, with my wife's cries becoming louder and more urgent, as she begged him to make her come. He certainly did that. With a loud scream that must have woken the neighbours, my wife reached a powerful orgasm, shortly followed by a loud grunt from Earl as he emptied his load into her belly.

It went a little quirt after that, though I could hear the mumbled sounds that lovers make as they come down from their sexual high. To my amazement the noises started again after a very short time, and I realised that they were fucking again. So much for my hope that Jenny would not enjoy sex with him!

I must have got to sleep eventually, because when I woke it was light. As I came to my senses, I heard the now familiar sounds of sexual ecstasy from my wife next door. They must have been fucking all night, and the best I had managed with Jenny was twice in a night. A short while after they had finished, I heard them leave the bedroom and go downstairs.

When I followed, a minute or two later, they were at the front door. My wife was in her short, navy blue robe, kissing the fully dressed Earl with a passion she had never showed me. As she heard me, she turned and gave me a self-satisfied smile before returning to give her lover another open-mouthed kiss. I went to the kitchen to make some coffee, and after a couple of minutes, the door closed and Jenny sauntered into the kitchen.

"Was that enough humiliation for you little dick?" she taunted. "Having to listen to another man giving your wife multiple orgasms when you have never given her even one? Or watching her kissing her lover goodbye, while she tells him he can fuck her anytime he wants? Tell me, how does it feel to be a cuckold?" I just hung my head and said nothing, as she laughed at me derisively.

"Get on your knees Michael", she ordered, after she stopped laughing.

"What are you talking about?" I snapped, feeling irritated.

"Do you want me to pack my bags and walk out of here right now?" she replied sternly.

"Oh no", I protested, changing my attitude completely. "I could not bear that, I love you so desperately!" I quickly knelt before her as I had been told.

As I did so, Jenny lifted her robe up to her waist and parted her legs, revealing her puffy, cum-filled pussy and matted pubic hair.

"You see Michael", she continued. "A man far superior to you has spent the night fucking your wife in a way you never could, and filling her willing pussy with his superior potent black cum. As a cuckold, your duty is to suck the cum out of your wife and get her pussy spotlessly clean, to acknowledge your inferior wimp cuckold status. Now I suggest you start licking and get used to the taste of my lover's' juice, because you are going to be swallowing a lot of it in the future"."

I held the back of Jenny's thighs as I gingerly pushed my tongue into her sopping cunt. The smell was overpowering, and the taste of cum made me want to heave. I was not able to stop however, as my wife had put her hand on my head and started grinding her pussy into my mouth.

"Don't waste any cumsucker", she laughed. "Earl spent a lot of effort putting it in there for you!"

After that, the rest of the weekend was very quiet. We did not go out, and Jenny spent the whole time dressed in just one very short robe or another, showing plenty of flesh and making me very horny, particularly considering my recent enforced abstinence. I tried several times during the weekend to have sex with her, but she refused point blank, saying Earl's rigorous fucking had made her very sore. That did not stop her continuing to have us sleeping naked together. Neither did it stop her giving me a big kiss last thing at night, forcing her tongue into my mouth and pressing her naked body hard against me until I was hard and throbbing, and then turning away from me with a cruel laugh.

On Monday, things were fairly quiet between Earl and I at work, though he did keep giving me insolent "I have fucked your wife" grins throughout the morning. Early in the afternoon, the office door opened, and I turned to see Jenny standing there. She was wearing a tiny top with no bra, and her nipples were poking obscenely through the material. There was a gap between that and the very short skirt she was wearing, exposing her smooth white stomach. Her legs were bare, and she wore open-toed sandals that showed off her painted toenails. I had never seen her looking so sexy.

Completely ignoring me, she ran over to Earl and gave him a big French kiss, which he returned with great enthusiasm.

"You bastard!" she laughed, when they finally broke away. "After the fucking you gave me on Friday, I have spent the whole weekend just thinking about you and your monster black cock. I need it again badly, so I want you to come round tonight". She emphasised her need by lewdly running her hand up and down his crotch.

"I'll be there baby", he assured her. "I've been thinking a lot about that tight white pussy of yours too!"

"Good", Jenny responded. "Come back with him after work". Then she kissed him again warmly and left, without a single word to me.




The whole afternoon was spent with Earl taunting me, telling me exactly what he was going to do to my wife in my bed. He even followed me when I went for a piss, taking out his huge cock to gleefully show me what my wife would be getting that night. The moment I saw it, I knew I would never be able to persuade my wife to dump him and make do with what I had to offer.

When we arrived home, Jenny was barefoot, in a short, transparent black nightie she had obviously bought especially for the occasion. With eyes only for her black lover, she threw her arms round him and kissed him hard. When they broke off I went to kiss her myself, but her cold stare prevented that. She announced that dinner was ready, and invited Earl to sit and told me to get him a beer.

"Thanks boss", he said, as I handed him the beer, managing to make "boss" sound like an insult.

"You don't need to call him boss here" my wife chided him. "Hell, you are going to be fucking his wife later on, in his bed! He may be your boss at work, but when you are in this house you are master of it, and I am your woman exclusively. You know that when we get in that bedroom, I will do anything for you provided I end up with that black monster between my legs!" They both laughed uproariously at this, while I squirmed in my chair.

Dinner was spent with me being ignored once again, as they touched, kissed and laughed together. They even did the washing up together, so they could carry on kissing and cuddling and whispering sweet nothings to one another. When they had finished, they returned to the lounge where I was sitting.

"What do you think baby", Earl enquired. "Shall we make him watch?"

"Better than that", responded Jenny. "We will have him help out. Come on wimp, it's fuck time."

We all went straight up to the bedroom, and Earl and my wife began to undress one another. I too was told to strip and await instructions. Once we were all naked, Earl and my wife sat next to each other on the bed and began kissing. Jenny motioned me between her legs, so I could start getting her pussy nice and wet for her lover. It seemed a bit unnecessary to me, because she was already soaking wet from the anticipation of what she was going to get. After a few minutes, Jenny stopped me, and then shocked me with her next instruction.

"Now take Earl's cock in your hand and suck him nice and hard for me. I want him stiff and wet so he can slide easily into my pussy."

"You can't be serious", I pleaded. "You know I am not gay, I could never suck another man's cock."

"Listen sissy boy", she hissed. "He is your superior, and is giving your wife the sex that you cannot. You will show him gratitude and respect in the appropriate way, or the two of us will beat the shit out of you! Now take his cock and kiss the head a few times before taking it in your mouth."

Feeling disgusted and sick, I did as Jenny ordered. I kissed his cock at least a dozen times telling him on Jenny's orders that he had a magnificent stiff dick, and that I was glad my wife was to get the fucking she properly deserved.

"It really stretches your lips doesn't it?" my wife taunted, as I struggled to suck on the thick black meat. "Imagine what that does to my pussy, it's no wonder he has me screaming with delight is it?"

I continued to suck Earl for several minutes, having been told by my wife not to forget to pay attention to his big, hairy cum-filled balls. Eventually, both were satisfied, and Jenny lay on the bed with her legs spread wide.

"Put him into me", she whispered, and I was forced to take his cock and slide it into the open pussy that had been denied to me for weeks.

"Oh God," she gasped, looking into Earl's eyes. "It feels so fucking good having you filling me so full and stretching me so wide. I'm all yours baby, show him how a black stud fucks his married white slut, show him how he has lost his wife to a superior black lover!"

All the familiar feelings of sickness and jealously rose up in me, as Earl started to move forcefully in and out of my wife's pussy. Soon she was gasping and pleading for more, as he brought out the sexual animal in her, As the pleasure increased, she wrapped her gorgeous legs around his strong back, pushing against his thrusts and crying out.

"Tell him Earl", she gasped. "Tell him how you have made a real woman of me with your manly black cock. Tell him you have made me your woman, and that he can't have me any more!"

"That's right little dick", he confirmed, turning to me without breaking his stroke. "The best you can hope for is to jerk yourself off, imagining me in your bed up to my balls in your slut wife's black-loving pussy!"

"Yeah, get used to it", my wife added breathlessly. "You are going to be a celibate cuckold, to a cock crazy black man's whore!" The two of them laughed at my shocked expression, as the enormity of their words hit me. I am sure that added to the power of the orgasm they both had shortly afterwards.

It will come as no surprise to you that, after they had come down from their high, I was made to suck Earl's cum out of my well-fucked wife, and then lick her juices and his cum off his now flaccid cock while the two of them called me all the white, cum lapping cocksuckers under the sun. That done, I was sent to "my" room. As I was closing the door, I heard my wife ask Earl if he would fuck her in the ass, yet another thing that had been denied to me despite my regular pleading.

Having got into bed, I was made to endure the sound of my wife squealing for a long time, as Earl rammed her virgin asshole. Shortly after it all went quiet, my door opened and Jenny entered. Without a word, she climbed on the bed, squatted over my face and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

"Somewhere new for you to lick cum out of", she laughed, as I pushed my tongue into her slime-filled asshole.

When she was satisfied that I had cleaned all of Earl's cum out of her, Jenny jumped off the bed and looked down at me.

"Not bad", she grinned. "In one night we have turned you into a cocksucker and an asslicker! I wonder how much more humiliation you have to come."

In the weeks to come, Earl was a regular visitor to our home. He had sole rights to my wife's pussy, and either I was made to watch and clean up after them, or listen from next door as they fucked the night away. When Earl was not around, Jenny cruelly continued her cock teasing of me, flaunting her body and telling me I could look to see what I was missing, but not touch. We continued to sleep naked together, and she would drive me to a frenzy every night, getting me stiff but unsatisfied.

"Am I getting you too excited?" she would taunt. "Well you had better go and dribble your weedy cum into the toilet, while you imagine your wife on her knees sucking on her black master's cock!" To my shame, I would do exactly that, with my wife's laughter ringing in my ears.

A short while later, Jenny told me to book a two-week holiday at a secluded villa in Italy. Naively, I told her I could not get the time off.

"Don't be silly", she scoffed. "It's for Earl and me, and you are paying. We have decided we want a whole two weeks together, just the two of us 24 hours a day."

I dutifully booked the holiday, not believing how low I had let myself sink. On the day, the two of them were all packed and ready to go, when my wife gave me another surprise. Producing a cock cage, she told me I would have to wear it while she was away as she did not want me straying.

"Besides", she added. "I like the idea of you sitting here at home totally frustrated with full balls, while I am out there doing everything I can to empty Earl's into my mouth, pussy and ass."

So there I was, spending a very frustrating fortnight while my lovely wife was getting all the sex she could handle. It was a very long two weeks, I can tell you.

Jenny finally got back very late on a Sunday night; in fact I was in bed. I heard her coming up the stairs, and it was obvious she was alone. She came into the bedroom sporting a deep tan, and a new short hairstyle.

"Do you like it?" she asked, without any preamble. "Earl likes it better like this, and he's the boss isn't he? Look, I have a couple of other things to show you."

As she removed her clothing the first thing I noticed was that her tan was all over. She had probably spent the whole two weeks naked lapping up the sun with her lover. She came closer, and I could see that her pussy was shaved bare, and she had what appeared to be writing above it. She reached the bed, grabbed my hair and pulled my face up close. The words read "Black cock only".

"That's not all", she laughed, as she showed me her upper left arm.

It was a tattoo of a heart, with the name "Earl" in fancy writing underneath.

"Now I really feel that I belong to him", she explained. Especially now he has made me throw my wedding ring away." I looked at her left hand, and saw that she had indeed removed the evidence of our marriage.

She slid into bed next to me, and put her hand on the cage.

"How was it, wearing that for two weeks?" she asked. "Was it really frustrating, knowing your wife was getting banged several times a day, while you couldn't even come?"

"It has been awful, and painful", I replied. "Would you please take it off?"

"Of course", she replied, with an evil grin. "You must be dying to jerk yourself off!"

I think it might be fun to leave it on for another couple of weeks. It will be much more frustrating for you now I am here to flaunt my sexy body in front of you."

As she removed the cage, I begged my wife to let me have sex with her just this once, as my frustration was unbearable. She grabbed my head, and forced it down between her legs.

"Read my pussy little dick", she laughed. "Black cock only. While you are down there, you can start lapping my pussy and give me a nice cum. I have missed your tongue for the last couple of weeks."

As I lapped away with my frustrated cock rigid, Jenny made an announcement.

"Earl and I have achieved your ultimate humiliation", she told me. "He has put a black baby in your wife's belly. Very soon everyone will know that I have been bred by a black man, and that you are my cuckold."

I continued lapping at my wife's pussy, unsuccessfully trying to stop myself sobbing.

"Oh let it out Michael", Jenny laughed. "You know how much pleasure I get out of seeing you cry!"

I couldn't believe how the woman I loved so desperately could change so much, and in such a short time turn me into a snivelling, cuckold wimp.




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