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Hi, I'm Kevin. I was the luckiest man alive when Maggie agreed to marry me. She is 5'6", 128lbs with red brown hair and black eyes. With her beautiful face and gorgeous 36-28-38 figure, she could have any man she wanted, but she chose me a 6'3" man weighing 295lbs or so.

At the time my story begins, I was 38 and Maggie 32. Married life had been great, Maggie has always had a voracious appetite for sex, and at times I struggled to keep up with her. I also worried that my manhood was not the biggest around, but she had always said that average was OK and that she enjoyed what I did with my hands, mouth and cock.

A while ago, we decided to spice up our sex life with some Dom/Sub games. Maggie took to playing the dominant bitch wife like a duck to water, and I must admit it really turned me on when she treated me like a slave. She liked nothing more than having me on my knees, lapping her smooth, hairless pussy while telling me how useless I was and saying how maybe she should be finding someone with a real man's cock who could satisfy her. She knew how much this excited me, because I had told her that my fantasy was to see her with another man whose cock was much bigger than mine.

One of my favourite fantasies centred on Nave, a black guy who sang in a men's chorus with me. Although around 50, he was in great shape, tall and muscular and very good-looking. We became friendly, and I started inviting him to our house on occasion. Maggie and he hit it off straight away, and I could see by the look in her eyes that she found him attractive.

As time went on, they became very friendly, up to the point that they would flirt outrageously in front of me. In fact, it was not long before, every time he arrived, she would give him a passionate kiss on the mouth and press her delicious body against his. I remember she remarked one evening, after he had left, that she could feel a very interesting large bump pressing against her pussy as she kissed him. I joked at the time that maybe she should sleep with him.

"Maybe I will, one day," she replied, with a wicked smile.

I blame myself for the way things changed so dramatically soon after that. One day, after rehearsals, Nave and I had gone to have a few beers. During the course of the evening, we both needed to use the men's room and had gone in together. Whilst having a pee, I was unable to resist having a peek at Nave's cock. I was shocked, I had never seen anything that size, and he was only limp! I estimated that at full stretch, it would probably be about 10" and very thick. I said nothing to him of course, but when I got home I mistakenly mentioned to Maggie what I had seen. Her eyes lit up as I told her the story, and she became a little flushed.

Nothing more was said, but my fantasy of seeing Maggie and this huge black man together became stronger and stronger. Then came the fateful night when we were invited to an after concert party at the large home of the man who ran the chorus group. Nave was there of course, and he and Maggie chatted animatedly as the champagne flowed.

Later in the evening, as the music played, Nave whisked Maggie off to the dance floor. I watched as they danced for ages, talking all the time. Then later the slow numbers started, and Maggie put her arms round his neck pressing herself close to him. After a time, I could see them kissing gently, and whispering to each other and laughing. My mouth was becoming dry, both from excitement at seeing them together, and jealousy at her having such a good time with another man. I decided to go and get myself a drink.

When I returned to the dance area, I could not see either of them. I searched all around downstairs for about twenty minutes, without success so tried looking upstairs. As I walked to one of the bedrooms, I heard a familiar noise. The door was open about six inches, so I peeped inside. I was shocked at the sight that greeted me.

Maggie was lying on her back on the bed with her dress pulled up to her waist. On top of her was Nave, his trousers around his ankles, and his big erect cock pounding into her hairless pussy. As I watched, Maggie wrapped her legs around his strong back, pushing up to meet his thrusts.

"Oh Nave," she gasped. "If I had known how your cock would feel inside me, I would have spread my legs for you months ago! It feels so fucking good!"

"Better than your husband eh?" Nave grinned.

"There's no comparison," she cried. "Kevin could never get this deep into me or stretch me so wide. Oh fuck me Nave, I need this cock of yours. You can fuck me any time you want, I want to become a slave to your big black cock!"

She began to cry out louder and louder, as Nave increased the speed and power of his thrusts. I could watch no more, and crept quietly back downstairs. They came back down about twenty minutes later, separately of course. Maggie acted as if nothing had happened, although her eyes sparkled and she had a definite glow about her. I naturally did not mention what I had witnessed.

By the time we got home, having gone over in my mind what I had seen, I was really aroused. Innocently, I mentioned to Maggie that I could not find her at the party, and wondered where she had gone.

"You know very well where I was," she snapped. "You were standing at the door, with your little dick straining in your trousers as you watched Nave giving me the fucking of my life. We were cuckolding you in front of your eyes, and you did nothing."

My face reddened, as I realised she had seen me.

"Tonight has been a revelation to me," she went on. "Not only have I been fucked properly for the first time in my life, but I have found out that my husband is not a real man, but a small dicked wimp who just stands by when someone takes his wife from him. You like me acting like a bitch, well you are going to find out just what a bitch I can be!"

Pulling her dress up, revealing that she had not put her panties back on after the encounter, she ordered me to my knees in a tone of voice I had not heard from her before, and which brooked no argument. I knelt in front of her.

"As you pleased yourself watching me being fucked, you can please me by sucking Nave's cum out of my pussy," she said forcefully. I lowered my head, and began to lick her new lover's jism out of her.

"This is how it should be," she laughed. "The big black lover shoots his cum into the white wife, and then her inadequate wimp husband sucks it out to show her he knows his place!"

When she was satisfied that she was clean, Maggie pulled my head away and looked down at me.

"You really are a pervert, aren't you?" she asked. "There you are, on your knees sucking another man's cum out of me while I tell you how useless you are, and you have a throbbing erection!"

She turned away, and got into bed naked, ordering me to do the same. Once in bed, her manner seemed to change. She turned and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth and pressing her fabulous body against me. My cock throbbed even harder.

"You want me baby, don't you?" she whispered. "You want me so bad."

"Yes," was all I was able to groan.

"Well tough," she laughed. "I have had a real man tonight, and have no use for a babydick. You just lie there next to me, thinking about what I have had and what you are missing. And don't you dare masturbate, or you will get no more sex from me ever, understand?"

I agreed, and spent a long time awake with my dick hard, as my satisfied wife slept peacefully.

Well that is how it started. The next night, Maggie was in the bath when I came home. She emerged half an hour later, wearing a very short black dress I had never seen before. It showed plenty of cleavage, and an awful lot of her sexy, shapely legs.

"You look fantastic!" I gasped.

"Do I?" she smiled, as she came towards me.

She undid the zipper on my trousers, and took out my cock, gently stroking me to erection.

"Do I look good enough to fuck?" she breathed.

"Oh yes," I assured her.

"Good, then Nave should have a good time tonight," she laughed, as she roughly forced my cock back into my trousers.

With that, she turned and left leaving me frustrated, and telling me that she would bring home my supper between her legs.

So it went on, with Maggie seeing Nave most nights. She told me they had spoken, and that I would be allowed to fuck her once a week, on Sundays. She warned that I must not masturbate during the week, and if she found that I had, I would be allowed no sex at all and she would consider having my cock locked up. With her newfound dominance, I knew she was not joking, so I did as she ordered.

Although I looked forward to my Sunday fuck, Maggie made sure it was not as pleasurable as it could be. She would have me kissing her all over, before having me lick her to at least two orgasms. Then, she would take my cock and stroke it, as she told me about all the things she and her lover had done all week. What with this, and the enforced abstinence I was lucky if I could last more than five strokes once I got inside her before shooting my load. Maggie laughed out loud at this, saying it was lucky she had a man with staying power as her lover, as she pushed my head between her thighs to lick my own cum out of her.

The real turning point in our relationship came when Nave decided to throw a party of his own one Friday night. Maggie and I arrived, to find that most of the other guests were black men, about ten in all. Maggie told me that Nave had told her what to expect tonight, and I knew that, although she was dominant with me, she was completely submissive with her lover, and did everything he asked of her.

As we entered the large lounge, a young black man of about twenty-two came over to Maggie and kissed her warmly.

"I am going to fuck you rigid later," the young man told her.

"Don't be too long," laughed my wife. "I have been wet all day thinking about tonight!"

I was angry at this complete stranger acting this way with my wife, and made towards him to remonstrate. I was stopped by Nave, who grabbed my arm. Maggie took my other arm, and I was led into an empty room. When we got there, Nave smacked me hard across the face with the back of his hand, causing me to lose balance.

"Now you are not going to spoil the party, are you?" he growled, as he pulled me up by my shirt.

Maggie stood by him, her eyes shining.

"That's it darling," she said to her lover. "Show him who is boss, hit him again for me Nave, I want you to hurt him."

Nave responded by giving me a blow to the stomach, which knocked the wind out of me, and caused me to drop to the floor.

"Oh you are so strong," my wife gasped. "It makes me hot to see you beating the wimp!"

As I lay on my side, trying to get my breath, I felt Maggie's foot on my shoulder, pushing me on to my back.

"That's what you get if you try and come between me and my man," she informed me, pressing her foot on my chest.

Eventually, I was hauled to my feet, and taken back into the lounge and sat down. I watched as Maggie went over to the man who had kissed her earlier, and led him upstairs by the hand.

He came down about half an hour later, and was followed up by another black man. This went on until all the male guests had gone upstairs. I could only imagine what was happening in that bedroom. When the final man came down, he told me that my wife wanted me upstairs, as she had a job for me.

I entered the bedroom, to find Maggie naked on her back with her legs splayed. She had cum in her hair and on her face, as well as over her tits, belly and pussy. This was without counting the stream of jism pouring from her cunt. She looked exhausted, but very happy.

"I have a real clean up job for you tonight," she smiled. "Those guys have really made me into a slut for black cock, and that is never going to change."

I must have spent an hour licking the cum from all over her body. I had to endure the jibes of some of the men who had fucked her, when they poked their heads around the door. Eventually I was finished, Maggie dressed and we went home.

When we got in, I was still reeling from what had happened. I asked Maggie what the future was for our marriage. She put her arms around me, and told me that she still loved me.

"As long as you accept that I am going to need lots of black cock in future, we should be fine," she reasoned. "It is only sex, the rest of our life together is happy, isn't it?"

I agreed that it was, but asked why she needed to humiliate me.

"It makes me hot, and increases my enjoyment of cuckolding you," she explained simply. "Do you think you can live with that?"

I told her that I loved her more than anything, and if that's what it took to stay with her, that's the way it would have to be.

Maggie smiled, put her arms around me and kissed me gently. She told me that she was too sore to fuck, but the next night she let me have my first Saturday night fuck since Nave first had her.

And she let me fuck her twice!!!



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