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Sue and I are an Asian couple, and have been married for about three years now. She is 28, with short, straight black hair, and a 36-26-36 figure. Although her breasts and legs are magnificent, my favourite feature is her heart shaped ass. Sue is also the sweetest natured woman I have met. At the time of the beginning of my story, I was her first and only lover.

Over the last year, the sex between us had become less frequent, but when we did make love, we introduced the fantasy of her taking another lover. We tried out several different scenarios, which turned us both on, and when I suggested the idea of the lover being black, I noticed Sue got even more excited. The cuckold scenario was exciting for me, with all the associated feelings of jealousy and humiliation, but at the same time the idea of Sue with another man made me very reluctant to put the fantasy into practice.

Events took over a few months ago, when Sue took up an evening class in art. I went with her when she enrolled, and met the man who was to be her tutor. His name was Ben, a huge, well- built handsome man of about 40. I could not help noticing Sue's eyes light up when she shook his hand, and on the way home she mentioned how good looking he was, and what a magnificent body he had.

Over the next few weeks after she began the course, Sue talked about Ben constantly, saying how mesmerising his voice was when he was teaching, his piercing eyes, the way he moved and so on and so on. One evening, feeling a little jealous at her drooling, I snapped that maybe she should let him fuck her.

"How do you know I haven't already?" she asked me, with a wicked twinkle in her eye.

Her words caused a momentary twinge of jealousy in me, but I knew my Sue would not do that to me.

A couple of weeks later, I had been working late, and was leaving about the time Sue was due to finish her class. I decided to wait outside the school for her. I noticed a few of her classmates leaving, but there was no sign of my wife. I waited a few minutes, and when she still didn't show I went inside. I arrived at the classroom, and opened the door, unprepared for the shock I was about to receive.

Perched on the edge of the desk was my beautiful wife, with her skirt around her waist. In front of her, with her legs in his hands was her tutor. His trousers were round his ankles, and I could see that he was pounding his cock in and out of Sue's pussy. I must have gasped audibly, because my wife looked over to see me standing there. Instead of being shocked at being caught, she just smiled at me, before taking her lover's head in her hands and kissing him passionately. Totally shocked, I just turned and left, hurrying out of the building as fast as I could and going straight home.

Sue followed on about half an hour later. She came in smiling, looking very pleased with herself.

"How did you like seeing your wife being fucked by another man?" she laughed. "I see you did nothing about it, you must enjoy the humiliation of being cuckolded by your wife and her tutor!"

"I can't believe you did that," I blurted out, incredulously.

"Can't you?" Sue responded. "That is what you wanted, it is what has been making your dick hard for the last year, the thought of someone else between your wife's legs!" My face reddened, and I said nothing.

"Anyway," Sue went on. "I must have a shower, to wash my new lover's cum out of my pussy, and then I will have an early night."

I got into bed, and waited for Sue to come out of the shower, so that we could talk. She came into the bedroom, and slid into bed naked. She turned towards me, and took my cock in her hand.

"He is much better than you," she began, causing my cock to twitch. "Better in every way. He is better looking, better built, and though you could not see it tonight, he has a huge thick cock. He really stretched my pussy, and I could feel him right up inside me. And when he shot his load into me, I came harder than at any time in my life!"

"Are you planning to do it again?" I asked, the reality of my cuckoldry, although being exciting, not being as pleasant as I imagined because of the strong jealous feelings.

"Are you kidding?" she laughed. "I can't wait to get that monster back into my pussy! In fact, Ben has asked me to spend a whole night at his house so that we can have a real session." My cock twitched violently in her hand again.

"You want it to happen, you pervert!" she exclaimed. "You love the thought of your wife in another man's bed, having his huge cock forced into her mouth and pussy before she receives a huge load of his black cum deep in her belly!"

"I am not sure I want that to happen," I said, my mouth dry.

"Well you had better make up your mind soon," she responded. "Because you are not going to have me before Ben has taken me again."

With that, she turned over to go to sleep, without waiting for my answer or even kissing me goodnight.

I thought of very little the next day, except whether I should allow Sue to spend the night with her tutor. She was obviously very keen to do so, and I was sure she meant what she said about denying me until she got her way. When I arrived home, Sue was waiting for me, dressed in only her short, black transparent night-dress. She kissed me warmly, pressing her delightful body against me.

As soon as we had finished dinner, I suggested we go up to bed, forgetting her ultimatum for the moment.

"Oh no darling," she replied. "No sex for you until I have spent a night taking Ben's big black cock. You can spend some time licking my pussy if you like, but that is all you will get until you agree to my night of infidelity."

Worn down by her, I reluctantly agreed to her demands.

"Good," she smiled. "Today is Thursday, I will ring Ben and set it up for tomorrow night."

I watched as she dialled her lover.

"Hi Ben, it's me," she breezed. "He has agreed, well he had no choice did he?" I heard her giggle.

"Can you pick me up tomorrow night, so we can go back to your place for a night of sucking and fucking? You know I will do anything you want in bed. Great, see you then."

Friday evening came, and Sue went for a bath in preparation for her assignation. I went into the bedroom just as she had finished putting on the sexy new underwear she had bought specially. She looked fantastic, and I wanted to have her there and then.

"What do you think?" she asked. "Do you think these will make Ben want to fuck me senseless?" Then, without waiting for my answer she said:

"How do you want me to send me home to you? With love bites on my neck, tits and thighs? Or with cum in my hair or on my face? Or perhaps you would prefer to see his cum dribbling out of my pussy and down my leg. I tell you what, how about if I suck him off in his car when he drops me off, so that you can smell his cock on my breath?"

I asked her to stop, as the excitement I felt was being overtaken by my jealousy.

A toot on a car horn signified Ben's arrival a few minutes later, and Sue kissed me goodbye, before dashing out to the car and into her lover's arms.

I spent a sleepless night, imagining all the things they were getting up to, and half wishing none of this had happened, although my cock was rock hard.

Sue got back at about ten the next morning. She came in and hugged me.

"Oh I have had the night of my life!" she exclaimed. "What an incredible stud Ben is! He never seems to go sot, he fucked me five times, and I sucked him off once. I must go up and get some sleep!"

I followed her up, feeling a little miserable. She slipped off her clothes, revealing that she did indeed have love bites all over her.

"Look," she said, pulling her pussy lips apart. "I still have Ben's cum in my pussy. Are you going to lick me clean?"

"I don't think so," I replied, the idea being repellent to me.

"Oh come on," she went on. "You have read the darkwanderer stories. The husband always sucks the superior black lover's cum from his wife's pussy when she returns home."

She sat down, pulling my head with her. Reluctantly, I began licking out the residue of her lover's cum.

"I hope you like the taste," my wife said. "Because I am going to be seeing a lot more of Ben in future. He says I am his slut, and I feel that, when it comes to sex, he is my man."

I finished the job of cleaning her, with my cock rock hard. Sue then told me that I could fuck her. She added rather cruelly, I thought, that I should try and be quick as she was sore, and not to try and compete with Ben because I did not have the equipment.

After that, Sue started to spend a lot of nights at Ben's place, and every time she came back, singing his praises and letting me know that I was no match for him in bed. In fact, she insisted we both refer to him as the "Cockmaster".

One evening, Ben arrived, and, unusually, came to the door. When Sue answered, he explained that they could not go to his flat, because his two brothers had arrived in town unexpectedly. It seems they had nowhere to stay, and asked Ben if they could crash at his place.

"That's no problem," Sue assured him, as she brought him inside. "My husband won't mind if you fuck me in our bed, will you darling?" The look she gave me did not permit anything but compliance.

I was sent out to get the three of us some Chinese food. When I returned, Sue had changed into her night-dress, and Ben was down to his boxer shorts. They were kissing passionately on the sofa, his hand under the night-dress on the top of her thigh, her hand down the front of his shorts. I set the table, and they broke off to eat. Totally ignoring me, they chatted all through the meal. When they had finished, Ben asked what was for dessert.

"Well, you have got warm Asian pussy," laughed Sue. "And I am having large, thick black cock. And if my husband would like to join us in the bedroom to watch you fuck me, he can have a large portion of creampie!" They both laughed out loud at this.

"Great idea!" boomed Ben, speaking to me for virtually the first time. "Come on boy, it's time you were shown how to fuck your wife properly!" They both laughed again.

We all went up to the bedroom, and I was told to strip when they did. Sue pulled an armchair next to the bed, and went to find some rope.

"This is to make sure you don't try to interfere," she told me, as she secured me naked to the armchair, and held my smallish cock in her hand. "You are going to see me being fucked be a real man tonight, a real man with a real man's cock not a little boy's dick like yours. Watch and learn."

The two of them stood naked right in front of me, then Sue dropped to her knees and took Ben'' 10" cock in her hand. She gently and lovingly stroked it until it was fully erect, and then began kissing the head.

"I love your cock Ben," she told him. "I love the pleasure you give me with it, and I love to kiss and suck it for you."

I was forced to watch, as she spent a long time kissing her lover's cock, licking up and down the shaft, taking his big balls into her mouth, before getting down to sucking his cockhead like a cheap whore.

"Your wife sure knows how to please a cock, doesn't she?" Ben remarked to me.

"Oh he doesn't get this treatment," my wife assured him. "He doesn't deserve it."

Eventually, Ben was satisfied. He lifted my wife to her feet, and laid her on the bed. She spread her legs wide, and he positioned himself between them.

"Really give it to me Ben," she implored him. "Show my husband how it is done, show him how you make me come, how you make a woman of me!"

Ben pushed himself into my wife with one thrust, causing her to gasp with sheer pleasure.

"Oh I love the way you fill me," she panted. "And how you reach further inside me than my husband could ever mange. You know you can fuck me anytime you want, you are my main man now, and I want to be your woman, your slut, and your whore. Fuck me harder Ben, make me sob, like you did last night!"

Ben began pounding into Sue, harder and faster, and she began to get louder and louder as her climax approached. Finally, Ben announced he was coming.

"Yes, Ben," she screamed. "Give it all to me, shoot that thick black cum into my belly, oh I'm cumming!!" With that Ben tensed, and I knew he was emptying his balls into my willing, unfaithful wife. Although my cock was hard at the sight in front of me, I felt humiliated and sick with jealousy that someone else was taking my wife to such peaks of pleasure.

They took a minute or two to calm down, kissing and stroking each other. Then Sue got up, and climbed on to the chair. Standing on my legs, she pulled my head back and planted her sopping pussy over my mouth.

"Eat Ben's cum," she urged me. "To say thank you for taking such good care of your wife."

I lapped away at her until she was clean, while the two of them laughed at my humiliation. Then Sue untied me, and told me to go sleep on the couch, as she and Ben had not finished cuckolding me that evening. I went down stairs, and had a fitful night, having been woken a couple of times by my wife's screams of ecstasy

Next morning I was woken by the sound of Sue and Ben at the front door, kissing each other goodbye and making plans for their next meeting. When he had gone, Sue came into the lounge in her night-dress. Straddling my face, she forced me to eat another helping of her lover's jism. Sitting beside me, she spoke quietly.

"Now you know what you are up against," she smiled. "As long as you accept that Ben takes priority when it comes to sex, things should carry on much as before between us. You do accept that he is the better man, don't you?"

"Yes," I agreed, knowing full well it was true.

Things have carried on much the same since then, up until last week, when Sue announced that she was going on a two-week holiday with Ben.

"He reckons that if I spend two weeks solid with him and his huge cock," she smiled. "That I will come back and tell you that I don't want your little thing inside me anymore. I hope for your sake he is wrong."

So do I!



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