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Story: His Wife Fucks Black Man






My Wife calls me into the living room. She is dressed in a tight black dress, scoop necked to show off her double Ds, and wearing hi heels and red lipstick. She smiles and tells me to kneel at her feet, as she sits on the sofa, legs crossed, her skirt riding high.


She pets my hair a little, smiles, and then says, "I have decided to take a lover."


I gulp, my heart racing. "Oh" is all I can muster.


She laughs softly. I met him at the bar the other night, a fine younger but respectful black man and he seems to be quite taken with me."


I smile weakly.


"It is what you have been nagging me about all this time, isn't it?"


"Yes, Goddess," I say. "It just isn't what I expected tonight."


"Yes I understand."


"Are you going out with him tonight?"


"Yes, I dressed for him."


"Have you..." I pause.


My Wife looks at me softly. "Yes... we fooled around in his Mercedes. Not only does he have a cock twice your size he is much more successful than you, too, dear."


My face goes red. "Fooled around?"


"I let him suck my nipples and finger me a little....and..."


I wait.


"I stroked him and then couldn't help myself. I sucked him dry too."


I wimpered.


"It's been ages since I sucked a cock, hasn't it?"


"Yes," I said. "Ages."


"Tonight, I am staying at his place and tomorrow morning you will pick me up at 11 am."


I nod.


There is a knock on the door and my Wife tells me to answer it. "His name is Jamal," she says a matter of factly.


Jamal is grinning when I open the door. He smiles but really pays me little mind. "Your the husband" is all he says.


I lead him to the living room and he sits on the sofa next to my Wife. She points to the chair by the fireplace and I go and sit there.


Within seconds, She is kissing him and his hands are all over her. I can't help it. My cock goes hard as I watch him slide his hand under my Wife's skirt and hear her moan as She spreads her legs.


She casts me a sideways glance then closes her eyes as his fingers go deep inside. "Shit," she says. "That feels good."


That goes on for a few minutes and then She stops Jamal. She looks at me and then at him.


"Jamal," she says. "Before we go, I want my husband to see your cock so he can imagine it in my pussy and my mouth....and my ass. Do you mind?"


"Not at all."


Jamal stands up and my Wife unzips him and pulls out his hard cock. It has to be at least nine inches and thick as her wrist.


My Wife is staring at it. She turns to me and tells me to stand next to Jamal. I obey and She unzips me and pulls out my small penis. Even hard, it is not one third his size.


"Look at what I have to put up with," my Wife says to Jamal. Then what She does amazes me. She kneels before Jamal, something She would never do for me and begins sucking his cock and licking his balls -- all the while looking up at me, knowing She is torturing me.


She gags a little as he thrusts. "Whoa, baby," She says. You will get to cum lots later. Then to me, she says, " We are going now and tomorrow you will be cleaning out my pussy and ass, won't you sweet heart?"


I shudder. "Yes Goddess"


"And what will be inside my pussy and ass?"


I can't speak and both of them start laughing.


Then minutes later they are gone and I am left alone at home to wait, wondering just how difficult it will be to go the whole night not knowing and knowing at the same time.


My Wife has a lover, and tonight I have become her cuckold husband.







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