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Cuckold Story: The Seminar




My lovely wife, Tamara, is the Director of Human Resources at one the major casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. She's damn good at her job, but has ambitions of moving up the corporate ladder. Sex is one of the tools that she uses to advance her career. Of course, she also enjoys fucking for the pure pleasure of it, especially with other men.

She has to travel to San Diego four times a year in order to conduct a seminar that involves many of the department heads of her hotel as well as personnel from corporate headquarters. It's a one-day event that's part work and part vacation for the attendees. Most of the employees, including Tamara, look forward to these quarterly seminars because it's a chance to get out of Vegas. It also doesn't hurt that San Diego is beautiful and by the Pacific Ocean. When my wife asked if I wanted to fly down with her for the seminar in early October, I jumped at the opportunity to get away from our smog-covered city for a couple of days. Knowing her as well as I do, I should have suspected that something was up. It simply wasn't like her to invite me along on one of her business trips, but I was too excited to realize what was happening.

You see, Tamara and I have been married for six years, the last three of which had been centered around a lifestyle based on female domination. My wife is the boss of our marriage. She does exactly as she pleases, while I obey her every command. It's an arrangement that adds spice and mystery to our relationship, and we seldom know what's going to happen next. I love being her slave and the sexual tension it creates between us. The catch to this wonderful arrangement is that she also has a submissive side and gets turned on by being dominated by strong-willed men, usually with me tied up and forced to watch. This particular type of activity is the most difficult part of our marriage for me because I don't enjoy seeing my wife whipped and caned and spanked, and then forced to suck another man's cock. On the other hand, she loves the giving up of power and the humiliation that come with the whole process. My problem is that I still haven't got use to watching other men ripping my wife's clothes off and then fucking her. Hell, a part of me wants to kick the guy's face in and that's why she always has me tied up when submitting to another man. It's a difficult situation to be in, but nobody said that being a slave was going to be easy.

It certainly isn't with my wife.

As you may have guessed, Tamara cuckolds me every chance she gets. My wife loves to fuck and tries to have sex with other men at least two-or-more times a week. All a man has to do is flirt with her at work or in the grocery store, and she'll screw his brains out in the nearby restroom or in her SUV in the parking lot with other people putting their groceries into cars a few feet away.

My wife is always open about her affairs. Most of her boyfriends even know about our lifestyle and are eager to have sex with her without the need for a personal commitment. Her dominant lovers, however, inevitably push the envelope and try to possess her as completely as possible, understanding that I have no say-so in the situation. Her masters also feel the need to humiliate me with Tamara's full approval. They can do whatever they want with me, and I have no choice but to obey them or risk a severe beating. She has no problem with making me suck s cock. In fact, forced bi-sexuality seems to make her pussy wet because it demonstrates the power that she has over me.

Whenever Tamara travels to San Diego, she generally has sex with at least one man over the weekend. These are usually guys who work in the same hotel where she's employed.

Talk about a conflict of interest.

Now you understand why I was so surprised by her unexpected invitation.

After we landed at San Diego International Airport on Friday afternoon, we took a taxicab to the Marriott Hotel on West Harbor Drive. The hotel's located beside the marina and within walking distance of the shopping district and a number of local restaurants. We had a large suite on the sixteenth floor with a magnificent view of the ocean in the distance.

Fortunately for us, Tamara's employers were picking up the tab.

Once everything was unpacked and put away, we walked over to the Gas Lamp Quarter and had dinner at the Ocean Room. The seafood was fresh and delicious, and the atmosphere enjoyable. We took a casual stroll afterwards through the shopping district to work off the calories and then headed back to the hotel for an hour of intense pain and enticing oral sex.

The minute we got back to the room, Tamara had me strip down to my CB-2000. This is a small plastic cage that's locked over a man's penis to prevent his unfaithfulness and to keep him from masturbating without his wife's knowledge. It also insures that the male is always in a high state of sexual tension and eager to please his Mistress. When I was naked, Tamara had me lie face up on the Queen-size bed near the balcony's sliding glass doors. She then took a pair of leather wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs out of her suitcase, along with four elastic tie-downs that had a hard plastic hook fastened at each end. Tie-downs are usually used for securing luggage to a car's roof, but they're also great for securing leather cuffs to the four legs of a bed.

Once I was tied down to the bed, she stepped back and admired her work.

"I always enjoy having you at my mercy," Tamara said, smiling mischievously.

She went back to her suitcase and took out a small plastic remote control and a leather dog collar that was more suitable for the tiny neck of a Chihuahua. There was an enclosed battery attached to the device with two pointed metal prongs sticking out the backside. When the button on the remote was pressed, an intense electric shock was sent through the prongs and into the flesh.

Climbing onto the bed with her high heels till on, Tamara moved between my spread legs and unlocked the CB-2000 from around my genitalia. She tossed it onto the nightstand and began to stroke my penis until it was standing up like an ancient Egyptian obelisk. Well, maybe it wasn't quite that big, but it was standing up. Fastening the collar tightly around my testicles and the base of my organ, she then pulled up her tan skirt and straddled my face. All she had on beneath the skirt was a pair of sheer nylons and a brown garter belt.

"Let's see if this still works," my wife said as she pressed her naked flesh down onto my mouth to stifle any screams. She then pushed the button on the remote, which caused a steady stream of electricity to shoot into my groin and for my hips to lift up into the air as the center of my body twisted in severe agony. "Excellent."

A whimper of shock and pain escaped from between her stocking-covered legs, but Tamara ignored it as she began to grind her pussy hard against my opened mouth. She was already wet with sexual excitement.

"You'd better lick me to satisfaction," she warned, "if you don't want another shock of electricity."

I tried not to think about the pain I'd just experienced as I quickly stuck the tip of my tongue up between foils of flesh that guarded the entrance to her womanhood. I found her clitoris after a moment and focused my energy on stimulating it. Tamara rocked slowly back and forth, delighting in the sensations that coursed through her body as she occasionally sent a three-to-five-second jolt of current into me. Gradually, however, she became more demanding and began to ride my face like a broncobuster at a rodeo. By the time her climax arrived, I was struggling for a breath of fresh air and silently praying that my balls wouldn't be permanently damaged. I heard my wife cry out, shouting something incomprehensible, and then my face was hit with a flood of slippery fluid as her entire body shook from the ripples of pleasure that took her into a zone. Of course, that was when she pushed the button on the remote, sending thirty seconds of mind-numbing electricity into my groin and causing me to do the chicken.

In many ways, you could say that my pain was her pleasure.

A few minutes passed before she was able to return to the present and to come down from her state of euphoria. I could feel her relaxing as she leaned forward and placed the head of my cock into her mouth. She then began to suck me like a professional, and it wasn't long before she had me almost to the point of no return. That was when she decided to stop. I barely had time to register what was happening when I suddenly felt another severe hit of electricity. I couldn't stop myself from crying out as sixty seconds of unbelievable pain took control of my mind.

"I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did," my wife said, removing her finger from the button and getting off of me. She slid off the bed and headed into the bathroom. "Tomorrow night, I'm going to make sure you have more to clean up between my legs than just my juices."

I knew exactly what that meant.

After a few minutes had passed, I heard the shower running in the bathroom. I continued to lie there bound to the bed, thinking about her statement. When she finished with the shower, my wife came out and removed the cuffs from around my wrists and ankles, and then we both climbed under the covers of the bed. She hugged me and asked how I intended to spend the day while she was at the seminar on Saturday. I told her that I'd be going down to the marina to check out the boats, and then maybe do some sightseeing in the Gas Lamp Quarter.

Though my groin still ached, sleep soon arrived for both of us.

On Saturday morning, Tamara got dressed in a sharp, yet sexy tan skirt and jacket outfit with stockings and high heels. She dabbed a touch of perfume on the inside of her wrists and on the back of her legs, then left for the seminar at eight-thirty. It was being held in a conference room inside the hotel and started at nine o'clock. Except for an hour lunch break, she'd be occupied for most of the day and wouldn't be back to the room till after five. I took a quick shower and shaved, then got dressed in a pair of kaki shorts, a Hawaii print shirt, and a pair of sandals. Putting my sunglasses on, I looked like a tourist as I walked out the door and took the elevator down to the lobby. I had some breakfast in their restaurant and then headed out to the nearby marina, enjoying the bright blue sky and the fresh air off the ocean. I spent three hours looking at the sloops, yawls, ketches, schooners, and yachts that occupied the berths along the dock area. I then strolled over to the Gas lamp Quarter and window-gazed at the dozens of shops and boutiques. It was close to four in the afternoon when I made my way back to the hotel. Once I was back inside the suite, I called room service and ordered up a turkey club sandwich with fries and two Samuel Adams' beers in a bucket of ice.

Tamara showed up around six o'clock and took a shower, then put on a sexy black cocktail dress with nothing on underneath except for thigh-high black nylons and a pair of black stiletto-heeled shoes. She ordered me to take off my clothes and then to get into the large walk-in closet. I was told to lie face down on the carpet. I did as my wife demanded and immediately felt her locking my wrists together behind my back with a pair of metal handcuffs. She told me to be as quiet as a mouse. If she heard a peep out of me when she returned to the room with her date for the evening, I'd be paddled until my bottom was blistered and I couldn't sit down for a month.

I believed her, too.

She turned off the lights and left.

I had no idea where my wife was going. She could've been meeting someone in the hotel lounge, or at a nearby restaurant. All I could do was lie there in the darkness and wait, allowing my vivid imagination to run wild with possible scenarios.

I was nearly asleep when I suddenly heard the door to the room being opened a few hours later. The lights were switched on, and I saw my wife and two men step into view through the wooden slats in the closet door. The guys appeared to be in their late twenties and were wearing expensive dress slacks, shirts and ties, and sport's jackets. They could've been twins for all I new.

All three were all talking quietly to each other.

I strained to hear what each person was saying, but I could only make out their voices and not the specific words.

A moment later the men began to take turns embracing my wife and kissing her passionately on the lips. I watched as their tongues began to work overtime, darting eagerly into each other's mouth, probing and searching in some kind of desperate need to connect with another human being. Moans of intense sexual heat soon filled the small room. Their hands were all over each other's body as if they were on a quest for the meaning of life. The two men reached down and lifted up my wife's dress, pulling it high above her stocking tops. They then slid their hands down the front and back of her body. One of them reached between her legs and began to gently rub the magic spot between the lips of her vagina. Tamara became excited by his manipulations and squirmed back against the second guy, grinding her round bottom into the protruding bulge in the front of his pants. Kissing the side of her face and neck, the second man placed his right hand on her breast and started squeezing it through the thin fabric of the dress, stimulating the nipple until it was hard and inviting.

My eyes followed the movement of Tamara's body as she shook from the effects of what appeared to be a number of mini-orgasms. She cried out softly and grabbed the hand between her thighs, holding it in place against her vulva, shaking from the obvious pleasure that filled her loins.

"Fuck me," she said.

"We intend to," the first man said, pushing her toward the queen-size bed. "I want you on the bed, kneeling in a doggy position. That way I can take you from behind while you suck off Bruce."

Tamara got up on the edge of the bed and assumed the position with the side of her face resting on the bedspread and her ass high in the air. There was an apparent eagerness in her eyes as the men took off their clothes, tossing them on the nearby chair and bed. When the two men were completely naked, the first guy stepped over behind my wife and again lifted up the back of her cocktail dress, draping it casually over her full hips. He already had an erection that jutted outward like an advertisement for a deluxe penis enlarger. The second man, Bruce, got on the bed and quickly positioned himself so that my wife was now kneeling between his spread legs with her head facing downward toward his erect penis. The first guy then placed the head of his long, thick cock into the wetness of her pussy. She backed up in a futile attempt to impale herself upon the huge erection, but he grabbed her by the hips and held her in place as if he were training a dog to be patient.

"Please," my wife said.

"Not yet," he stated, taking one hand and smacking her hard on the side of the buttocks. "This is about our pleasure, not yours. You're here to service our need. You're going to take it in the mouth, the cunt and the ass while your pathetic husband watches from the closet."

Ah, my lovely wife had told them about me being in the closet.


Sliding another inch of his penis into her, he smiled with satisfaction at the reaction of her body to his slow entry. He could tell how badly she wanted it. Over the next several minutes, he teased Tamara with pushing his penis further and further into her, and then gradually pulling it back, until the piece of huge meat was nearly out of her body. It was driving her crazy.

"Stop playing games, Ritchie, and give it to me," she said.

"No," the first guy said, striking her bottom again with the palm of his hand. "You don't make the demands. We do. It looks like you're going to have to learn obedience the hard way." He grabbed a handful of my wife's long brown hair and forced her face down to Bruce's cock. "Suck it!"

The second man shoved the head of his erection into Tamara's opened mouth. He then took hold of the sides of her face with his hands so that she couldn't pull away and began to move her head up and down, smiling with glee as her red lipstick smeared off on his cock.

Ritchie, however, pushed the entire length of his erection into my wife with one fast movement, causing her to almost choke on Bruce's hard-on. Then, grabbing her around the waist with his left hand, he began to spank her bottom in earnest with his right. He wasn't playing around, either. He was hitting my wife hard, leaving the imprint of his hand with each vicious strike. I could hear Tamara groaning in pain even though her mouth was filled with another man's penis.

This went on forever.

First spanking one side of her bottom and then the other, Ritchie eventually grew tired of that and then reached underneath Tamara and squeezed her breasts with both hands. She gave out a muffled cry as he pinched her nipples and then twisted them back and forth. By then he was literally driving his cock into her like an automatic pile driver. I could hear the sound of his flat stomach slapping against her ass with each powerful stroke.

The sound of Bruce suddenly grunting caught my attention, and I shifted my eyes to Tamara's mouth. I saw a stream of pearly-white semen running out from between her lips and down Bruce's shaft.

"Don't spit it out," he said. "Swallow it."

But there was too much cum for her to swallow.

I could see her trying to gulp as much of it down as possible, but a lot of it simply ran out the sides of her mouth. It was either that or choking to death. That was when Ritchie grabbed hold of her hips and drove his massive cock into her pussy one final time, filling her body as completely as possible and ejaculating his hot seed deep into her womb.

When it was finally over and the two men had removed their cocks from my wife's body, semen poured out of her mouth and pussy as she collapsed onto the bed from exhaustion. Both Ritchie and Bruce then got off the bed and came over to the closet. They opened the accordion doors and took hold of my arms, dragging me out into the room and over to the bed.

"We don't want you to feel left out," Ritchie said.

Lifting me onto the bed, Bruce pushed Tamara's legs apart as Ritchie pressed my face to her cum-filled pussy.

"Eat it," he said.

"Yeah," Bruce said, "and when you've finished doing that, you're going to suck our cocks until they're hard again, and then watch both of us fuck your wife."

Ritchie kept my face pressed into Tamara's vagina while I lapped up the load of semen he'd left. It didn't taste good, and I had to fight the urge to throw up. Surprisingly, Tamara was getting off on my humiliation. I could feel her body actually responding to the manipulations of my tongue and after a few minutes she had an orgasm that rocked the room and caused the two guys to laugh out loud.

After my wife finished quivering from the affects of getting off, Ritchie and Bruce pulled me off the bed and made me kneel in front of them.

"Now, you're going to suck our cocks," Ritchie said.

"No," I said.

"Yes, you are," Tamara said from the bed. "You'll prepare their cocks for me so that they can satisfy me. If you refuse to obey my command, I'll whip the skin off your back in front of them. Then, I'll make you suck them off to completion."

I didn't say anything.

"Well?" she said.

I nodded my head.

Since Ritchie was the closest to me, I reached up and took hold of his limp penis and placed the head of it to my lips.

"Good, slave," he said.

I began to slide my mouth up and down the length of his organ, applying strong suction to the head of it. I worked on him for a few minutes, and I could tell that he was enjoying it. Alpha males usually like humiliating a submissive husband in this fashion. It gives them a sense of power and control over the situation. Once Ritchie was erect and on the verge of ejaculating, he withdrew his cock from my mouth and climbed onto the bed with Tamara. He moved her legs apart and positioned himself between them. My wife then arched her pelvis so that he could enter her more easily.



Cuckold Story, The Seminar, part 2



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