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BDSM Cuckold Story: Be careful What You Wish For





Olivia and I had been living together as Mistress and slave for almost a year. During that time, I'd repeatedly brought up my fantasy of being cuckolded. Though Olivia was intrigued by the idea of having a lover while I remained monogamous and in a chastity device (CB-2000), she hesitated on following through with the act because she was afraid of damaging our relationship. It wasn't until a date was set for our marriage that she decided to have me sign a slave contract, which stipulated that she was free to have sexual affairs with other men whenever she desired. I, on the other hand, was to remain in chastity and would only be allowed to masturbate once a month and under her strict supervision.

When I asked Olivia about the "cuckolding" clause in the contract, she'd simply smiled at me and said that it was time to carry me to a deeper level of submission and that cuckolding was the perfect way to do it. She explained that it would begin on our wedding night so that the foundation for our marriage could be set. She told me that I'd never be allowed to have sexual intercourse with her again. Of course, I'd be permitted to orally service her whenever she was in the mood for my tongue, but actual penetration would be forbidden. Olivia now felt it was beneath a Mistress to have sex with her slave, even if she was married to him. Since she was a beautiful, middle-aged woman and had no intention of doing without sex, she'd decided to start having affairs with other men so that she could be satisfied to the fullest extent on a regular basis. She even had someone in mind to take my place in the wedding bed.

It would be several months after our wedding before I found out the real reason my wife had finally decided to cuckold me. A new associate (Karl) had joined the law firm where she worked and the desire to fuck him had grown steadily over a period of time. It had even reached the point to where the two lovebirds were sneaking off at lunchtime to kiss and grope at each other like hormonal-driven teenagers. Even worse, Olivia had entertained the idea of breaking off her relationship with me so that she could be with Karl on a full-time basis, but two things had stopped her from carrying through on the idea. The first was that she enjoyed having a personal slave to wait on her hand and foot, and Karl was an alpha male who didn't believe in submitting to any woman. Because of his large-sized penis, he actually expected women to pamper him. The second reason was that he just wanted a "fuck buddy." Karl had no interest in a permanent commitment. Olivia, however, was ready to settle down and get married. As she thought about the situation, she came to the conclusion that cuckolding was the only solution to her dilemma. She could marry me and have a slave at her beck and call, while fucking Karl twice a week without having to worry about my feelings. Karl knew that she was dominant and getting ready to marry me, so the thought of fucking another man's wife whenever he wanted was a turn-on, offering the perfect set up for each of them.

On the day Olivia and I got married, we only had a few of our friends there at the Little Wedding Chapel on the Strip. Karl was there for Olivia. I'd never met him, nor heard of him until that evening. That was when my wife informed me that he would be the one fucking the new bride. Not only that, but Olivia had invited over a dozen people so that they could witness me getting down on all fours and fastening a gold anklet around her right ankle, which symbolized her complete freedom to have sex with other men. I was then made to kiss the toe of her white stiletto-heeled shoe and to promise total obedience to her every command. I could hear people in the wedding congregation laughing out loud as my new wife turned around and walked over to Karl, giving him a big wet kiss with a lot of tongue as I continued to kneel there in servitude.

The minister nearly had a heart attack.

After the wedding was over, we had a small party at Carluccio's on East Tropicana Avenue. We had dinner and drinks at a long rectangle table, and everyone congratulated Olivia and I on tying the knot (no pun intended). I sat on my wife's right, while Karl sat on her left side. He showed no hesitation in reaching down beneath the tablecloth with his right hand and pulling up my wife's white pleaded skirt above her stocking tops. He casually placed his fingers between her thighs and stroked her pussy through the cotton crotch of her white silk panties. She didn't act surprised by this sudden act of intimacy. Instead, she rested her hand on top of his and quietly encouraged him to get her off while we all chatted about our lives and jobs.

I hate to admit it, but I felt a rush of unexpected jealousy at what Karl was doing to my wife. After having urged her to cuckold me, I couldn't believe that I was feeling this emotion over what was happening. I tried not to watch, but my eyes kept drifting down to the movement of Karl's fingers as he gradually brought my wife to an orgasm that shook her body. I knew exactly when it came, too, as she gripped the table with both hands, squeezed her legs tightly together, and fought to stifle the sounds that threatened to erupt from her mouth. I wasn't sure if any of our friends noticed what was happening, but I sure did.

The rest of the evening was just as bad.

There was a small band playing in the restaurant and everyone but me got up to dance.

Olivia danced with Karl.

When they slow danced, he had his crotch pressed tightly against hers as if he were the groom and anxious to fuck the new bride. They were literally groping each other the whole time they were dancing. When it was time to leave the restaurant, my wife chose to ride home with Karl. That was big slap in the face for me. I fought down a snide remark and simply nodded my head at her announcement. I then drove back to the apartment alone.

I got there first and went into the kitchen to pour myself a glass of cold white wine. I then made my way to the master bedroom. Our packed suitcases were sitting on the floor beside the TV console. We intended to drive down to San Diego the next morning for a three-day honeymoon. Turning on the television, I set down in the lounge chair and watched an old episode of Spenser: For Hire on Lifetime while drinking my wine. Two glasses later, Olivia and Karl showed up. They entered the apartment laughing loudly and then made their way down the short hallway to where I was waiting. As they walked into bedroom, I could see that my wife's lipstick was smeared and her clothes were in disarray. I couldn't help but wonder if they'd already fucked in his car.

Olivia told me to turn off the television and to get undressed. Though I was still angry, I felt a slight tingling in my groin of sexual excitement.

It's about to happen, I thought.

I quickly complied with my wife's wishes and was disrobed and on my knees in less than ninety seconds.

She got the handcuffs, the dog collar, a short thin chain, two small locks, and a ball gag out of her cedar chest. Olivia then walked over to me and commanded me to kiss the toe of her right shoe again. I did so with great reverence. Then, with my head bowed toward the floor, she demonstrated my obedience to Karl.

"What are you?" she asked.

"A slave," I said.

"What's the purpose of a slave?"

"To obey his Mistress."

"No matter what the command?"


"You are now my husband," she said. "That, however, doesn't change things. You're still a slave and I'll continue to treat you like one. In that regard, you are only here for my pleasure and amusement and for making my life more comfortable."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Though we're now husband and wife, you will not be allowed to have sexual intercourse with me for the duration of our marriage. I don't think a Mistress should allow a slave the pleasure of fucking her. That takes away her power. Don't you agree, darling?"

"Yes, I do."

"That special gift should only be granted to her lovers."

"Yes, Mistress," I said.

"As a slave, your duties will include the preparation of all my lovers for me. That means you'll get their cocks nice and hard for me with your mouth. After I have sex with them, you'll be required to clean up the mess they leave behind. I'll expect you to lap up their semen like a good little doggy. You may not enjoy the taste of another man's cum, but you will eat it."

I couldn't help but wonder exactly what she and Karl had been smoking on the way home. Olivia had never mentioned her interest in having me suck cock. If she had, I wouldn't have been so quick to push her into a cuckolding arrangement. I'm not bi-sexual, and I've never had a desire to suck another man's penis. In fact, I find the whole idea to be revolting.

"I need men with large cocks," Olivia continued. She tapped the hard plastic cage around my own limp penis as if to make a point. "You simply don't satisfy me. That's part of the reason you'll never be allowed to have sex with me again."

She then turned to Karl and asked him to take off his clothes.

As he did that, Olivia had me place my hands behind my back so she could lock the steel cuffs around them. She then fastened the dog collar around my neck and locked one end of the chain to it. When Karl was completely undressed, my wife ordered me to raise my head and to gaze upon his magnificent cock. I did as she commanded and grasped in shock as my eyes settled upon the huge piece of meat hanging between his muscled legs. Even soft, his penis was at least seven inches in length and two inches in diameter. She had him move closer to my face. My wife then took hold of his manhood and held the head of it up to my lips.

"Kiss it," she said.

I glanced up at her with a desperate plead in my eyes.

It didn't do any good.

Olivia already had her own ideas about how a slave should be treated and cock sucking seemed to be part of the program. There was a no-nonsense look in her dark brown eyes that sent a cold chill coursing down my spine.

"If I have to tell you a second time," she said, "I'm going to whip you in front of Karl and then I'll make you beg for the pleasure of sucking his cock. I might even let him cum in your mouth."

The threat worked, and I begrudgingly placed my lips to her lover's penis and kissed it tenderly on the head as one would a newborn child.

"Now open your mouth nice and wide," she said.

I did.

Karl stepped closer and pushed the head of his cock into my mouth. I almost choked on the size of his appendage. The taste and scent didn't help matters, either. I felt the gag reflex rising up, and I thought for a moment that I was going to throw up. I had to will myself to force the bile back down and to start sucking his cock as if it were the most wonderful thing in the universe.

"Suck it," Olivia said. "I want his cock hard by the time I get my clothes off."

As I worked on Karl's impressive manhood, my wife took off her blouse and skirt, laying them across the lounge chair. She was wearing a tight white corset with garters and a pair of matching silk panties underneath her clothes. A pair of sheer skin-tone nylons and white stiletto-heeled shoes highlighted her gorgeous legs.

She looked so damn hot!

Stepping out of her panties, Olivia walked back over to us to check on my performance and said to her boyfriend, "Is my husband doing a good job?"

"What do you think?" Karl said.

They both stood there, watching my head bob up and down as my lips applied a steady amount of suction to the head of his huge cock. Though he was already erect, it was clear that he didn't want me to stop. Karl was enjoying my humiliation too much, and I was afraid that he intended to ejaculate into my mouth. If he did, I knew my wife would blame me for it and make me swallow the entire load out of spite. When Karl was just about ready to explode, she quickly ordered me to stop sucking.

"You've done a good job," my wife said with a smile upon her face, "I think you secretly enjoy having me force you to suck cock, darling."

I had nothing to say to that comment.

She then placed the ball gag inside my mouth and fastened the straps behind my head. I was led over to the foot of the bed so that the other end of the chain could be locked to the eye bolt in the wooden post on the right-hand side of the bed frame.

Once I was helpless to prevent what was going to happen, Karl and Olivia got on the king-size bed and began making love like a newly married couple. They were both filled with a sense of urgency and a passionate need to be joined together. I knelt there on the floor and watched. I have to admit that I had a difficult time wrapping my mind around the fact that my new wife was fucking another man and was begging him to give it to her even harder with each long stroke. I found myself to be jealous and sexually aroused at the same time, and I didn't know how to react. Nevertheless, I tried to avert my eyes from what was happening on my wife's bed, but it was like passing a car wreck in the middle of the night. Your eyes are automatically drawn to it.

Olivia moaned ecstatically as Karl gave her the fucking of her life. In no time at all he had her stocking-covered legs draped over his shoulders as he drove his massive erection repeatedly into her. I don't remember how many times my wife came during the first round of intercourse. I stopped counting after four orgasms. I do know that she kept screaming out loud, begging him not to stop. Karl was certainly satisfying my wife in ways I couldn't. His cock filled her pussy completely. It was the perfect fit for what she needed. In fact, they fucked so hard during the second go-around that the force of his long, thick erection drove my wife's head repeatedly into the headboard.

It should have been funny, but it wasn't.

When Karl had his final orgasm, it was just as strong as the first one, and it seemed to take forever as he kept ejaculating stream after stream of semen deep into her womb. Olivia actually started crying at the end of their lovemaking, holding onto his firm body as if for dear life, not wanting the sex to end.

Strange as it may be, I could feel my own penis straining against its cage in a futile effort to become erect, plus I was breathing almost as heavy as they were. That's how excited I was by the night's activity.

When my wife's new boyfriend withdrew his still-hard cock from her body, a river of cum ran out of her and onto the cream-colored sheets. It settled into a small puddle between her legs. The thought of having to clean that up made me nauseated. I then remembered an old saying about being careful what you wish for. Well, I'd wanted to be cuckolded by Olivia and now it had happened.

Afterwards, while my face was nestled between Olivia's thighs and I was busy trying to lick up the large quantity of semen that had been deposited inside of her vagina, my wife cheerfully informed me that I'd be staying home for the honeymoon...that Karl would be taking my place on the trip to San Diego. They both laughed at the expression on my face when I raised my head and stared at them. Of course, I also had Karl's pearly-white semen all over my face and that may have added to the joke.

Since that eventful night, Karl has been coming over to our apartment two-or-more times a week to have sex with my wife. They do it in the living room, on the kitchen table, in the shower, on my wife's bed, and even on my own bed in the spare bedroom so that I can lie in the wetness of their cum stains and think about them fucking as I attempt to go to sleep at night. Sometimes I get to watch and sometimes I'm only allowed to listen. I'm dealing with everything a lot better than I did on our wedding night, but I still have trouble sexually submitting to Karl. Now, whenever he wants a blow job, I'm the one who has to get it to him. My wife thinks it's beneath her to suck cock. I'm also expected to swallow his load after he ejaculates. That was Olivia's idea, and they both think it's hilarious. Needless to say, the life of a slave isn't an easy one, but at least it's never boring.






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