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Cuckold Story by Wayne C. Rogers





Story: The Sweet Taste of Revenge







      Payback’s a bitch, Janice thought, listening to her husband, Frank, calling out her name as he entered their house through the front door.  It was nearly eight o’clock on a Tuesday night, and he was supposedly just getting back from an outing with some of his male friends, but she knew better.


      “Honey, I’m home,” he said loudly.


      “I’m up here in the bedroom,” she replied. 


      “What’s for dinner?” Frank said, walking up the staircase and down the short hallway to the master bedroom.  He could see his wife through the opened door, sitting on the edge of their king-sized bed with nothing on but what seemed like a pair of black-laced panties and a black corset.  “Is there anything cooked, or should I make a sandwich?”


      “You’d better make a sandwich,” Janice said. 


      This was the moment she’d been waiting for all evening.  Janice knew that her husband could see her sitting on the bed as he came down the hall.  It was time to give him the show of a lifetime and to begin his suffering for the things he’d done to her during the past year.  Stretching her right leg out, she carefully placed a rolled-up black nylon stocking over the toes of her foot and slid the sheer piece of fabric down the length of her leg and carefully fastened the two garter tabs to the top of it.  She could feel her husband’s eyes upon her as he stepped into the bedroom and stood there, watching as she repeated the process with the other stocking and her left leg.  Janice knew how sexually aroused he became whenever she put on a pair of nylons.  It was one of his major weaknesses.


      “Are we going out tonight?’ he asked, his eyes glued to her left leg and the nylon sliding down the gorgeous calf and over the knee.  He could feel a slight hardening in the front of his pants at the sight and what it represented to him.  “Did I forget again?”


      Janice ignored him.   


      She quickly hooked the garters on the left side of her corset to the dark stocking top and then stood up.  Stepping into a pair of black leather shoes with three-inch heels that were sitting on the floor next to the bed, she made her way across the room and entered the large walk-in closet.  She grabbed the new dark brown dress that she’s purchased at Neiman Marcus earlier in the day and a thin black belt.  Then, exiting the closet, she walked over to the dresser so that she could see her reflection in the large mirror.   


      “Are you going somewhere?” Frank asked. 


      “I’m going to the Ghost Bar at the Palms,” Janice said, stepping into the dress and pulling it up over her shapely body.  She turned around so that her back was facing her husband.  “I need to have some fun tonight, darling.  Would you zip me up?” 



      “Sure,” her husband said, moving toward her.  He took hold of the small metal zipper and pulled it up to the top of the dress.  “Are you going out with your girl friends?”




      “You’re going out alone?”




      “Dressed like this?”


      The expensive brown dress was tight in all the right places, displaying Janice’s hourglass figure in a way that would make men howl at the moon in pure, unadulterated lust, which was exactly what she wanted.


      “Yep,” she said.


      “I don’t understand.”


      “It’s simple,” Janice said as she slipped the black leather belt around her slim waist and buckled it.  “I know you’ve been cheating on me, Frank.  I’ve had an investigator following you on-and-off for the last several months so that I could get the evidence for a divorce.”


      “A divorce?”


      “There are photographs of you with other women lying on the corner of the bureau in an envelope.  You might want to look at them.”


      “You had me followed?” he said.


      “Of course I had you follow,” she said, smoothing her dress down.  “Didn’t you think I’d become suspicious?”


      “I, uh—“


      “Or, maybe you didn’t care about my feelings and how you were hurting me?”


      “You’re wrong,” he said, moving to the dresser bureau and picking up the medium-sized envelope.  “This is a mistake, Janice.”  He took the photographs out and glanced through them.  “I do have a number of female friends, but I’ve never slept with any of them.  They’re just friends, honey.  I never had sex with them.”  


      “You’re such a liar,” she said.  “Anyway, I’ve already talked to my attorney.  Under the pre-nuptial agreement you signed when we got married, I can divorce your ass for cheating on me and you won’t get a single penny of my inheritance.”  


      Frank finished thumbing through the pictures and placed them back into the envelope.  He laid the envelope down on the oak bureau and looked at his wife. 


      “You’d divorce me over a few pictures?”




      “Can’t we talk about this, Janice?”


      “What’s to talk about?” she asked.


      “Maybe I can change,” he said.  “I love you.”


      “And this is how you show it?”


      Frank inhaled a deep breath of air and let it out, knowing that Janice knew the truth and that there was no point in lying about it.  No, it was better to get it out in the open and to ask for her forgiveness.


      “They were just flings and nothing else,” he said.  “No other woman can compare to you, honey.”


      “I think your mouth needs to be washed out with soap.”




      “Listen to me Frank,” Janice said as she looked into the mirror and combed her long brown hair.  “If you love me and want to stay married, then you’re going to have to change.  I won’t put up with this type of behavior any longer.  I deserve better from a man.” 


      “Yes, you do, and I promise to make things right.”


      “Do you really?”


      “I’ll do whatever you want.”


      “I’ve heard that before,” she said.


      “No, I’m serious this time,” Frank said.  “I don’t want a divorce.  You tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.”  He stood there in his gray slacks and blue Polo shirt looking bewildered, not really knowing what to say.  “I promise.  I don’t want to lose you, Janice.  You’re more important to me than life itself.” 






      “Then there’s going to be a new set of rules in this household for you to follow,” she stated.


      “I’ll do anything.”


      “There won’t be any room for argument on your part.”


      “Whatever you want.”


      “Basically, it centers around you keeping your mouth shut and doing exactly as I say.”


      “Sure,” he said.  “Whatever.”


      “If you want to stay with me and enjoy my money, then you’re going to have to adapt to this new lifestyle…one that has me in charge of our marriage.  After all, what’s fair for the goose is fair for the gander.  Don’t you agree?”


      “Uh, I guess.” 


      “When I get back home tonight, I’m placing a chastity device over that little thing between your legs so that you can’t be unfaithful any more.”


      “A chastity device?”

      “Yes,” Janice said, smiling as she freshened up her lipstick.  “I bought it for you this afternoon at a specialty store in Henderson.  Once I lock it on you, I’ll have control of your erections.  You won’t be able to have one without my permission.”  She glanced at him in the mirror and smiled brightly.  “I think the world would be a much better place if every husband were placed in one.  It would definitely lower the divorce rate in this country.”


      “Did Nancy put you up to this?” 


      “Yes, she did.”


      “That bitch.”


      “You should thank her, Frank.”




      “Because I was ready to start the divorce proceedings, but Nancy talked me out of it for the moment.  She suggested I try this method first to see if it would work.  I still love you, but I need to know that you love me back and that I can trust you.”


      “And how do I prove that?”


      “By totally accepting this new lifestyle and doing everything I say,” she said.  “I can’t have you fighting me every step of the way.  You’re going to need to be compliant and obedient to me.”



      “Yes, Frank.”


      “I’m not a dog that needs training, Janice.”


      “No, you’re not,” she said.  “You’re a husband who has to learn to put his wife first in regards to everything that matters.”


      “I said I’d do it.”


      “Words and actions are two very different things.  I’m going to test you tonight to see if you’re sincere.  If you pass the test, I’ll let you live here for another month to see how your training goes.  That seems fair to me.  What do you think?”


      “I think Nancy’s a control freak,” he said.


      “Maybe,” Janice said as she stepped back from the mirror and examined her image.  “I do know one thing.”


      “And what’s that?”


      “Her marriage has been better since she took control of her husband.”


      “Her husband’s a wimp,” Frank said.  “I can’t believe he lets her get away with the stuff that she does.”  


      “That’s funny, sweetheart.”


      “In what way?”


      “Because you’re going to obey me just like Nancy’s husband obeys her,” she said.  “Before long, if you really love me and want to stay married, you’ll be doing exactly as Edward does.”


      “You’re crazy, Janice.”


      “What happened to your promise to do whatever I wanted?”


      “This is different,” he said.  “I’m not going to be your door mat.  You can find somebody else for that.”


      “Then don’t let the door hit you in the ass when you leave.”


      “Damn it, you can’t do this to me.”


      “I can, and I will, Frank,” she said, lifting the hem of her dress up and readjusting the garter tabs so that her stockings were tighter against her skin.  “You brought this on yourself, darling.  Now, if you want to stay married to me, you have to pay the price.  I’m going to expect complete submission from you on all things.  Also, I’m going to put you on a strict allowance so that you can’t spend money on other women.  That really pissed me off to no end.”




      “When I allow you to leave the house, I’m going to need to know exactly where you are at all times.”


      “I’m not a damn child!”


      “No, you’re simply a bad husband who sticks his penis into everything that moves,” Janice stated as she lowered her dress, satisfied with the sheen of her stockings.  “That’s going to stop immediately, and you will obey me or else.”


      “Goddamn it, I—“


      “Be careful what you say.”


      Frank closed his mouth and watched as Janice went over to the nightstand and got her black purse.  She opened it to make sure that her car and house keys were in it, plus her money and credit cards.


      “If you don’t want to be penniless and living on the street,” she said in happy tone of voice, “then you’ll do exactly as I say.  Who knows, you might even enjoy being in a Female-Led-Relationship.  A lot of men do.  In fact, a good many men actually beg their wives for this type of marriage.”


      “I don’t believe it,” he said.


      “You can thank your dick for that, Frank.”


      “Can’t you just forgive me?” he asked.


      ‘No,” she said.  “First, you have to be punished for what you did.  It’s called revenge.  Then, you need to be trained so that you’ll know how to treat me the way I want, waiting on me hand and foot, anticipating my needs, and putting my happiness above yours. ”


      “This isn’t going to work.”


      “For your sake, you need to make it work.”


      Janice left the bedroom and headed down the hallway with Frank following closely behind.  She loved the look of defeat on his face.  It served him right.  She was tired of his bullshit and ready for a drastic change in their marriage.  If this new lifestyle worked out, she’d end up being one very happy lady.


      As Frank followed his wife down the staircase, he said, “What time will you be home tonight?”


      “I don’t know,” she said.  “It will probably be late.”


      Frank looked like a lost puppy dog, not knowing what to do, wondering if his wife was going to hook up with another man tonight to teach him a lesson.  Christ, his wife now had him by the balls and she was squeezing them just as hard as she could to pay him back for his affairs.  What she couldn’t seem to understand is that the affairs had meant nothing to him and had only been a form of sexual release.  Women could never understand that about men and their sex drive.  When they had sex, they usually fell in love with the guy, but it was totally different for men.  They weren’t designed that way.  They wanted to jump the bones of every skirt they saw.  It was built into their DNA so that the human species wouldn’t die off.  Hell, it was nature’s fault, not his.  He loved his wife and their lifestyle and certainly didn’t want to see it change.  It was great not having to go to a shitty job everyday, while having the freedom to do whatever he wanted. 


      Unfortunately, that was about to change.


      He honestly didn’t know if he’d be able to abide with a woman telling him what to do on a 24/7 basis.  It would be an entirely new experience for him, and he didn’t think it would be one he liked.


      “Don’t wait up for me,” Janice said as she went out the front door and down the short sidewalk to the driveway where her red Corvette was parked.  She clicked the remote and unlocked the car doors.  As she climbed into the vehicle, her dress slid up and offered Frank a wonderful view of her legs.  She saw the look in his eyes and wanted to laugh out loud.  He was having such a difficult time imagining her having sex with another man.  That was too bad because if she had her way tonight, that’s exactly what was going to happen.  It would be the sweet taste of revenge for all the women he’d screwed behind her back.  This, however, wasn’t going to be behind his back.  She wanted him to know about it and to accept it as her God-given right as Mistress of the house.  Yes, as her grandmother used to say, what’s fair for the goose is fair for the gander.    


      Closing the car door, she started up the engine and then rolled down the window on the driver’s side.  She looked over at her husband and waved goodbye.  “Who knows, I might not be back till tomorrow morning,” she said to him.  “I want you to think about what I’m up to and maybe you’ll begin to understand what I’ve been through for the past year.”


      “Shit,” Frank muttered, watching his wife back the Corvette down the driveway and onto the street in front of their house.  The bitch actually burned rubber as she took off in the direction of the Palms Hotel.  He couldn’t believe it. 


      Damn if he was going to stay home while she went out man hunting. 


      No, he’d follow her and see exactly what was going on.  He quickly locked the front door of the house and then rushed to his SUV.  He unlocked the vehicle’s doors, climbed inside of it, started the engine, and then backed out onto the street.  Frank hurried to catch up to his wife, heading in the same direction that she’d taken.




Janice thought about using valet at the Palms and giving the parking attendant a glimpse of her legs as she got out of the Corvette.  Instead, she parked around the side and entered the hotel through its rear entrance.  She walked down a long corridor, passing dozens of video poker machines and a score of locals and tourists, and then headed through the Lobby to the elevators.  Pressing the button on the wall, she waited patiently for the elevator doors to open.  She knew that Frank had followed her to the Palms, which was okay.  She’d seen his SUV in the rearview mirror a couple of times on her way to the hotel. 


      She wasn’t worried. 


      Her husband was a cheater, not a violent person. 


      In fact, Frank was a fairly nice man with a good heart, when he wasn’t having sex with other women.  Anyway, it was time her husband learnt that he belonged to her and no one else. 




      If anyone in the marriage was going to have sexual affairs, it was going to be her, and he’d just have to live with it as Nancy’s husband had gradually learned to do.  In fact, Nancy had told her that this was the new wave of the future and that in a hundred years or less, women would once again have the power and be in control of the planet, erasing war and hunger and poverty and having men on their knees, locked in chastity devices, begging to please them.  


      Janice didn’t know if it would actually happen or not, but she loved the scenario and definitely wanted to see it take place within her own marriage.  She laughed to herself as the elevator doors opened and she stepped inside the small cubicle.  Pushing the button with 55 marked on it, she thought it would do her husband good to watch as another man picked her up here at the hotel. 


      It would serve him right. 


      She couldn’t help but wonder why so many husbands took their wives for granted, thinking that no other male could ever want them. 


      That was so stupid. 


      Women had a much greater sexual appetite than men, but it was society that forced them to suppress it and to keep their desires hidden and under control.  Yes, one day the balance of power would shift back to the female species and everything would change for the better.  Men would then realize how good they’d had it for so many years.  In the new society that was coming, husbands would be made to stay at home and to take care of the children, while their wives went out on dates with young studs who knew how to please a woman.


      She laughed again, loving the whole idea. 


      When the elevator bell dinged and its doors opened, Janice walked out onto the fifty-fifth floor and entered the Ghost Bar with its outside sky deck, overlooking the city of Las Vegas.  It would be the perfect place to meet a possible lover.  She wasn’t looking for a Mr. Right, but rather a young Mr. Stud Muffin, who was equipped to please her in ways Frank couldn’t.


      What to do?


      Should she sit out on the sky desk or at the bar?  Where would the best spot be to meet someone?


      Since it was Tuesday and the lounge wasn’t crowded, Janice had her choice of seats in the place.  She decided to sit out on the deck at one of the small tables.  The wind wasn’t blowing and the smog wasn’t too bad.  It would be nice to gaze upon the city all of its mesmerizing lights, until someone young and handsome approached her.


      Janice walked through the large lounge and took a seat on the desk, facing the Strip.  She placed her purse on the round table, crossed her lovely legs, and waited patiently for a cocktail server to take her order.  When one finally appeared, she ordered a glass of White Zinfandel.  While waiting for the server to return with her drink, she used the time to glance around the opened deck to see who was outside with her.  She spotted a good-looking man in his late twenties, wearing a nice sports jacket with an opened collar shirt and dress slacks.  He smiled invitingly at her. 


      Why not? she thought.


      Smiling back at the stranger, Janice held up her right hand and wiggled her index finger at him, telling him to come on over to her table. 


      That was all the encouragement he needed.


      Janice took him in as he stood up and walked casually over to her with his drink in his hand.  She guessed him to be about 6’ 2” in height and maybe a 180 pounds of pure muscle with a sleek swimmer’s body.  She also wondered just how big he was below the belt, hoping that he’d be a lot larger than poor old Frank.  That would be something else she’d be able to humiliate her husband with when she returned home.


      “May I sit down?” the stranger asked.


      “Yes,” Janice said in a husky tone of voice. 






      As he sat down next to her, she felt his leg brush gently against hers, and it sent a ripple of excitement coursing through her body.  She glanced hesitantly at the ring finger of his left hand and didn’t see a wedding band, or a tan mark indicating that a ring had been recently removed.  That made her feel better.  It was okay if she was married, but she didn’t want to have sex with another woman’s husband.  That would be counter-productive.  


      “I’m Janice,” she continued.


      “My name’s Jim,” he said.  “I’m here in town for an advertising convention over at the Sands Expo.”


      “Well, I’m out tonight hoping to be a naughty girl.  I want to find someone who’ll help me get revenge on my cheating husband.”


      “What kind of revenge?”


      “Use your imagination,” she said, smiling mischievously at him.  “What better way is there for a wife to get revenge on her husband than by having sex with another man.  Of course, I’m looking for a very special man…a man who knows how to please a woman and has the equipment to do it with.”


      “Holy cow!” Jim said.


      “I bet you didn’t expect to hear that, did you?”


      “No, I didn’t.  Boy, you get right to the point, don’t you?”


      “Why be coy when I know exactly what I want, Jim.  The real question is whether or not you’re up to the task?”


      They both laughed at the double entendre. 


      “In that case,” he said, “I’ll be more than happy to offer my unique services.”


      “You are such a gentleman.”


      They laughed again.


      The cocktail server appeared and sat Janice’s glass of wine down on the table in front of her.  When Janice asked the server how much was owed, Jim offered to pay for it.  He took out his billfold and removed a ten-dollar bill from it, giving the money to the server and telling her to keep the change.


      “Would you like anything else, sir?” the server asked.


      “No, thank you,” he said.


      Once the cocktail server was gone, Janice started talking to Jim about an array of different things to kill time, waiting for her husband to show up so that she could torture him with her blatant act of flirting.






Frank parked near his wife’s red Corvette and waited fifteen minutes before entering the Palms Hotel.  He didn’t want Janice to know that he was following her, suspecting that his actions would piss her to no extent.  When he felt like enough time had passed, he got out of his SUV and walked into the hotel, making his way to the lobby elevators.  He knew where the Ghost Bar was located.  He’d been here with some of his girlfriends, and it made him wonder if his wife has chosen the place because of that.


      Taking the elevator up the 55th Floor, he got out at the Ghost Bar and looked around to see if he could spot his wife.  Since the place wasn’t very busy, it only took him a few seconds before he caught sight of her sitting out on the deck, talking to a man.  Hell, they were sitting next to each other, and her leg was rubbing up against the stranger’s. 


      Once again, Frank didn’t know what to do. 


      Should he go to the bar, order a Heineken, and ignore the whole situation?  Or, should he confront Janice and make a big scene about what she was doing?  If he made a scene, hotel security would throw him out.  That’s if he was lucky.  If he were unlucky, Metro would be called and he’d be arrested for disturbing the peace.  Something also told him that if he confronted his wife, he’d be homeless before the night was over. 


      No, the best thing to do was to sit at the bar and nurse a cold beer.  Yeah, keep a low profile and see what his wife was really up to.




Janice saw Frank finally enter the bar and stare at her out on the deck.  She could just imagine what was running through his mind as she continued to talk to Jim, rubbing her leg up against his, and letting the tall, handsome stranger know that she wanted to have sex with him.  She laid her hand on top of his and listened with interest to the things he talked about.  At some point in the conversation, he leaned over and kissed her tenderly on the lips.


      It felt good.


      “Do you have a room here?” she asked.


      “Yes,” he said.  “Would you like to go to it?”


      She nodded her head.


      They both stood up and walked slowly out of the bar to the elevator.  Jim had his arm around Janice’s waist.  She could feel the side of his body pressing up against hers, and she wondered if he already had an erection in anticipation of what was to come. 


      She hoped so. 


      Janice wanted him to be as hard as a rock when he took her.




 Frank watched his wife leave the bar with another man and instinctively knew that they were going to the guy’s room to have sex. 


      Ah, shit!  


      His eyes followed them as they got on the elevator and the doors closed. 


      Now what do I do?


      He continued to sit there at the bar for a few more minutes, until his beer was finished, and then he got up and made his way back down to the lobby and outside to the parking lot.  He knew that Janice had to return to her car sometime.  He’d wait for her in his SUV.  That way he could cry his eyes out without other people giving him strange looks and thinking him a total loser.




Once they were inside Jim’s hotel room with the corner light on, he took Janice into his strong arms and kissed her passionately on the lips. 


      Janice could smell the scent of his cologne and felt the slight growth of beard on his cheek.  She could even feel the hardness in the front of his pants, and the size of it was impressive.


      Eat your heart out, Frank, she thought happily.


      Her body began to respond to thousands of years of evolution as her lips parted during the heated kiss and she felt his tongue slide easily into her mouth.  Then, to her surprise, she could feel his erection growing even longer and thicker, and she desperately wanted him inside of her body, penetrating her as deeply as he could, filling her in ways her husband had never been able to do.  There was no doubt in her mind that she’d be able to get Jim to take her to higher and higher levels of intense sexual pleasure…levels that Frank had never been able to reach, leaving her unfulfilled and desperately wanting more after each act of intercourse. 


      Jim’s hands began to slowly meander their way down her back and over her hips and buttocks.  There was strength in his touch.  Each hand seemed to have a life of its own as it made its way down to her legs, feeling the garter tabs underneath her dress.


      “You have stockings on,” Jim said as he broke away from the kiss and took a deep breath.  “I love women who wear nylons.”


      “Most men do,” she said.


      “Are the garters on the inside of your panties or on the outside?”


      “The inside,” Janice stated.  “That way all you have to do is lift up my dress and then pull my underwear down, and I’m yours for the taking.”


      “Your husband is a fool,” Jim said.


      “I know, and he’s going to pay for it.”


      “And I’m going to make sure that he pays big time,” Jim laughed.


      “God, I hope so!”


      Jim lifted the hem of Janice’s dress up to her waist and then got down on his knees in front of her so that he could remove her black, laced panties.  He kissed the inside of her legs, running the tip of his tongue lightly over her stocking tops and over the warm flesh of her thighs.  She moaned out loud with pleasure, and then shuddered as he began to pull her panties down over her legs.


      As she stepped out of her underwear, Janice could feel Jim’s mouth and tongue exploring her lower body, and it excited her so much that she could already feel an orgasm of gigantic proportions soaring through her.  She placed her hands around his head and held on for dear life, crying out in ecstasy as her whole body began to shake with tremors of intense pleasure. 


      His tongue had certainly found the right spot.


      “Keep doing that!” she moaned, grinding her pelvis against his face, demanding that he please her completely and without reservation.  “Yes, baby, yes!”

      Another orgasm suddenly gripped Janice within its tight embrace and for a brief moment she felt as if she’d collapse from the sheer intensity of the passion that was being displayed between her and a man whom she’d just met.


      Rising to his feet, Jim unexpectedly picked Janice up and carried her over to one of the queen-size beds.  This was the moment of no return…a moment that would change her life and open her eyes to a new way of living.  He laid her down on the bedspread and then hurriedly removed his jacket.  He then unbuckled his belt and unzipped the front of his pants.  When Janice finally saw what he had to offer, she silently thanked God for making her wish come true.




Frank glanced at his wristwatch and saw that it was eleven-thirty.  His wife had been with the man for over two hours.  All kinds of thoughts were going through his mind, not to mention a multitude of emotions that ranged from jealousy and anger to a strange sense of sexual arousal. 


      The excitement of Janice making love to another man stunned him, and he didn’t know what to make of it.  Was it normal for a husband to get turned on at the thought of being cuckolded by his wife? 


      He didn’t know. 


      Yet, here he was sitting in the front of his SUV with a boner.  He couldn’t help but wonder if Janice had seen something in his personality that even he didn’t realize was there. 


      Hell, Frank wasn’t a total innocent.


      He’d been around the block a few times and knew about marriages in which the wife was the dominant partner and ruled the roost with an iron hand, having the husband turn his paycheck over to her each payday, making him do all the housework, and taking a lover or two on the side with his full knowledge and approval.  He knew that Nancy did it with her husband, and Edward apparently worshiped the ground she walked on.     


      Were there men who really got off on living like that?


      Was that what Janice was planning to do to him?


      Frank’s mind was flooded with dozens of questions and absolutely no answers.  Everything in his mind, however, came to an abrupt halt the moment he saw his wife walking through the parking lot toward her car. 


      The guy Janice had left the bar with was with her, too.     


      Frank watched them walk over the Corvette and stand there for a minute talking quietly to each other.  Then, Janice was kissing the man, pressing her body up against his as if they were going to get it on right here.


      What the devil? Frank thought.




Janice couldn’t believe Jim already had another erection as he pressed his body tightly to hers.  God, they’d had sex three different times, and he was still as horny as an old hound dog.


      She loved it.


      To be desired like this was wonderful. 


      Most of the time, Frank didn’t even show an interest in her; yet, here was a man who couldn’t seem to get enough of her…who wanted to possess her mind, body, and soul in every imaginable way.


      Should she let him take her right here in the parking lot? 


      Janice knew that Frank’s SUV was parked several cars down and that he was sitting in it, watching them make out like two teenagers with raging hormones.  It would serve him right if he saw what a stud Jim really was, but maybe this wasn’t the right time to throw it in his face.  He still needed a lot of training before being allowed to watch as another man make love to her.


      She broke off the kiss and said, “When will you be in town again?”


      Jim looked at her with a loving gaze and ran his index finger gently down the left side of her face.  “Maybe in a couple of months,” he said.  “I have your telephone number and e-mail address.  I’ll let you know the exact date once I get back to New York.”


      “I don’t know if I can wait two months,” she said. 


      “I know what you mean.”


      They kissed again, and then Janice unlocked the Corvette and climbed in, rolling down the window on the driver’s side.


      “Please, don’t make this a one-night stand,” she said.  “I do want to see you again, and I hope you feel the same way about me.”


      “I do, Janice.”


      “Okay then, I’ll wait to hear from you.”


      “I’ll send you an e-mail on Saturday and let you know what’s going on,” he said.  “That’s a promise.”


      “I’ll look forward to it.”


      They waved goodbye, and then Janice pulled out of the parking space and drove around to the front of the hotel.  Jim waved once last time, and then headed back into the hotel to get some sleep. 





Frank’s eyes followed the tail end of the Corvette as it disappeared around the corner of the hotel.  He then shifted his attention to the stranger, who was walking back into the rear entrance of the hotel, wondering if he should hurry home after Janice, or just sit in the parking lot for a while, digesting everything that had happened. 


      He decided to smoke a cigarette, which would give his wife more than enough time to reach the house.  Maybe by the time he left, he would have a clearer understanding of what the future held for him.


      The two things he knew for sure is that he loved his wife in his own way and that he didn’t want to be living on the street, asking tourists for change.  He could pretty much handle anything, except being destitute.  Janice knew that and would use his fear to control him in whatever way she desired.




      When Frank got home thirty minutes later and walked upstairs to the master bedroom, he saw Janice standing in front of the mirror on the dresser bureau, combing her hair as if she didn’t have a care in the world.  She had on a black silk robe that reached down to her knees.  She still had on her black stockings and high heels.  His eyes then moved from her to the bed.  He saw a pair of steel handcuffs lying on top of the comforter.  Next to the cuffs was a small plastic cage of some sort, while next to it were his wife’s panties and a roll of grey electrician’s tape.


      He wondered what was up.


      “I want you to take off your clothes,” Janice said, staring at him in the mirror.  “It’s time to begin your training.”


      “Haven’t you done enough tonight?” Frank asked.


      She gave him a wicked smile and said, “I haven’t even started, yet, darling.”


      “Did you fuck him?”


      “What do you think?”




      Janice nodded her head and then resumed combing her long hair. 


      “We had sex three times, Frank,” she said.  “Jim gave me more orgasms in one night than you have during the entire course of our marriage.  Unlike you, he knows how to please a woman.”


      “You bitch!”

      Janice laughed.


      “You don’t know how much of a bitch I can be,” she said, turning around to face him, “but you’re about to learn.  Now, take off your clothes.  I won’t tell you again.”


      “You think I want to have sex with you after you just fucked another man?”


      “Actually, I do,” she stated.  “But, that’s not going to happen.  You won’t be having sex with anyone for a very long time.  Remember what I said earlier in the evening about putting you in a chastity device?”




      “That’s going to happen in a few more minutes.


      “You’re crazy!”


      “I know,” she said.  “You have ten seconds to undress or to leave.  The choice is yours, Frank.  If you stay, you’ll do exactly as I say.  No exceptions.  You’re not going to have a free ride any more.”


      Frank stared at his wife.


      The time of reckoning had arrived.


      To stay or leave? 


      He swallowed hard and then began to undress, knowing that he was going to regret this.


      “Good boy,” Janice said.


      She walked around to the edge of the bed and sat down.  Crossing her stocking-covered legs, she picked up the handcuffs and began to twirl them around on her finger.  When her husband was finally naked, she motioned for him to come over to where she was sitting. 


      “Turn around and put your hands behind your back,” she instructed.


      Frank wanted to say something, but instead bit his lip.  He did as his wife demanded and felt the cold steel handcuffs being placed around his wrists and then locked in place so that he was now at her mercy.


      “Turn around, honey.”


      He did.


      Janice picked up the small cage that was made from hard, durable plastic and looked up at her husband with an evil glint of satisfaction in her eyes.


      “This is called a CB-2000,” she said, separating a tiny plastic hoop with a locking extension on it from the top from the actual cage.  She grabbed Frank’s penis and pulled him closer.  Janice eased his testicles one at a time through the hoop and then his limp penis, causing her husband to cry out in pain as the sharp, pointed edges on the inside of the hoop raked against his skin.  “Once I lock the cage to the hoop, you won’t be pulling it off.”


      “It hurts,” he said, grimacing with displeasure.


      “It’s supposed to hurt, Frank.  The sharp points make it nearly impossible for a man to get the cage off, unless he’s willing to suffer a great deal of pain.”


      “I don’t like it.”


      “Most men don’t,” she said.  “But, the wives love the CB-2000.  It helps to keep their men faithful and obedient.”


      Janice placed the plastic cage over her husband’s penis, creating a very tight fit, and then locked the cage to the hoop, insuring Frank’s chastity.


      “You’ll eventually get used to having it on, sweetheart.”


      “I doubt it,” Frank said, staring down at the contraption that held his penis prisoner.  “How do I go to the bathroom?”


      “You can pee through the holes in the front of the cage and then use a piece of tissue to clean yourself.  It might work better if you sit down on the toilet when doing it.  Anyway, you’ll survive the ordeal.”


      “When do I get to have an orgasm?”


      “If you’re good, I might allow you one in a month or two.”


      “A month or two!”

      “But only if you’re good.” 


      “I can’t go that long without masturbating, Janice.”


      “You can, and you will. It’s already been proven that most husbands are more likely to do what their wives want when their orgasms are controlled.”


      Janice picked up the pair of black-laced panties lying on the bed, and then stood up in front of Frank.  “Open your mouth,” she ordered, bunching the piece of lingerie into a little ball.  “You going to suck on these for the rest of the night.”


      “Those are the ones you wore tonight, aren’t they?”




      “Did that guy wear a condom?”


      “He started to put one on,” she said, “but I stopped him.”




      “Because I wanted to come home to you with his seed inside of me,” she explained, reaching up and squeezing Frank’s nostrils closed so that he couldn’t breathe through them.  “Now, open your mouth nice and wide.”


      He shook his head.


      Janice smiled patiently at him and waited for the inevitable to happen.  When her husband finally opened his mouth to take in a desperate breath of air, she stuffed the silky fabric into his mouth and laughed at the expression on his face.  She then tore off a piece of duct tape and placed it over Frank’s mouth so that he couldn’t split the panties out. 


      “You should be able to taste my lover on them,” she said, leading her husband over to the far corner of the bedroom.  “I want you to think about that while I’m sleeping.”


      Frank mumbled something that she couldn’t understand.


      “I don’t know what you’re saying, but I expect you to stand in this corner all night with your nose up against the wall.  And, if you disobey me, I’ll start divorce proceedings tomorrow, and you’ll be living out on the street by the end of the week.  Are we clear on this?”


      Frank reluctantly nodded his head.


      “Good,” she said.  “Now, place your nose to the wall and keep it there until l I tell you otherwise.”


      He obeyed his wife, feeling humiliated and humbled by what she was doing to him.  There was definitely a degree of strength in her that he’d never anticipated.  Now, he was going to experience it first hand. 


      Janice left her husband in the corner and went over to the walk-in closet.  She entered the closet and took off her robe, shoes and lingerie.  Then, putting on a UNLV nightshirt, she stepped out of the closet, turned off the bedroom light and went to bed, slipping under the covers with a loud sigh of pleasure.


      “Meeting Jim tonight was wonderful,” she said to her husband.  “He taught me what great sex was really all about, and we’re going to get together again the next time he’s in town.  You can think about that, too.  Goodnight, darling.”       




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