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Story:  My Wife


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My Wife And The High School Seniors: Night Of The Revelation




I felt humiliated. My wife Lauryssa was getting ready for her huge night. She'd been a teaching assistant for the last year at Leaside High, and was one of the hottest women in the area. Every straight guy who ever saw her wanted her. And it was worse at her school--a building of teenagers all centered on one piece of ass! Lauryssa loved the attention, though. When we were first married, it was all flattering and innocent for her. None of this was a threat. Its funny how things change though. Its funny after all we've been through....

....tonight my wife was getting ready for a gangbang.

What was worse was the fact that the guys she was doing it with were graduating from her school in just a few weeks. All of them tried all year to bag her, despite the fact that she was married. I can understand that. I was that young once too. These kids weren't anything like me, though. At 18 and 19, I wasn't that big of a catch--I never knew what my wife saw in me! These kids, man they were all born good looking. And if the weren't, they certainly worked out long and hard enough to look hot.

It didn't get any better for me--the way I found out was a big explosion--a pre-planned revelation that involved all her boys she was seeing on the side. The flashes of memory still haunt me--me coming home and my wife screaming out in ecstasy. Me running to the bedroom, fearing the worst. My wife on all fours on our bed, a smile on her face I've never even seen! And there he was behind her--Kyle. The biggest asshole in the area. The biggest football player, the biggest bully--they guy you didn't want against you. My sweet, beautiful wife was getting pounded by a 19 year old asshole we both hated, and she was loving every minute of it.

"Whats up, faggot?" Kyle laughed. That smirk that made me want to go right over there and smack him. I don't know why I didn't--I should have! At the time, though. I remember my stomach dropping, my throat lumpy, my eyes almost crying. I started sweating--I didn't know what to say!

Kyle pulled out. My wife screamed out "what are you doing? Please don't stop, baby!"

"Shut the fuck up, bitch! I'm about to show your faggot ass husband what a real man does with a piece of ass like you. Watch this..." Kyle said, as he walked toward me.

Kyle stood right up to me and pushed me against the door. "Listen, faggot. I've got you by the balls here, so to speak." he said. "I'm fuckin your wife here. She's my bitch. By the end of the night, you're gonna be my bitch too. Don't worry, though. I don't want to fuck you, so don't get excited. I own your sweet innocent wife's tight ass. I'm her boy, and she's my bitch. Its about time you knew".

I didn't know what to say. I swallowed hard. I tried to look at my wife, but Kyles right hand grabbed my chin and made my look in his big blue eyes. "You're my bitch now. What are you gonna do about it, bitch? You fuckin faggot...if you were any time of man, you'd fight me back. If you were half a man, you would stop you're wife here from being such a fuckin cocktease.. She's been all over my stick since the day she saw me. Always teasing me and shit. The minute she dropped to me knees and sucked my cock, I knew she was mine."

I didn't argue. Things started to come together, things I just ignored. Lauryssa's long hours, her going out with her "friends" a lot more, the consistant phone calls, all guys. I recognied Kyles' voice as he spoke to me from most of the calls to our home. Telling me to put her on the phone. Not even asking me.

There was more, but it didn't take Einstein to figure out Kyle wasnt' bullshitting. Now the question was, did she do this willingly, or does Kyle have something on her? I wanted to believe she was doing this against her will, but that look on her face as this was happening, layin on the bed facing us, her hands resting ont he back of her head. She was in on this little revealation. She wanted to tell me with a bang. She got up and wrapped her arms around Kyles naked body, his back to her.

"Look at your husband, Lauryssa. He doesn't know what to say. What a faggot." he said. "Kyle, don't call him that. I think he is gay." she said. What was she saying?! She way betraying me! It was hard enough telling her that it turned me on thinking about her and other guys, but this ws not helping things! Kyle could do anything he wasnted alone on me, and now he had you helping him? What the fuck?!

"Listen," I said. "I'm heartbroken. Lauryssa, you could have just told me, you know. You didn't have to do this. You could have asked for a break. You could have asked for a divorce. Whatever. Why humilate me like this? And why, foir god's sake, did you do this with Kyle?!"

"Fuck you, you fuckin faggot!" Kyle said. "She doesn't owe you an expination." With that, Kyle punched me in the stomach and I went down hard. I looked up at him, ready to strike back. He looked down at me, smerked that arrogant smirk he had and said "listen, bitch. "Don't fock with me. I know what I'm doing--so does you wife. This has been a long time comin. Get used to it, cause there's gonna be a lot of changes, starting right now."

I dove at him. He didn't see it coming, and went down hard. I punched him, hard, a couple of times and just went at him like a madman. I gave him everything I had, and then some. I laid into him until I had no more to give him. And let me tell you that when you have it in you, when the addrenalyne is pumping and the endorphines are going, its a long time before you stop.

"Get up." I said as I got off of him. "Get the fuck up and appologize and get the fuck out of my life!".

And he did. My jaw dropped to the ground. Not one scratch on him. He dusted himself. My wife smiled and walked toward him, he looked right at me, grabbed my wife from the waist, smirked and smiled at me once again and kissed my wife hard and passionate. He pushed her aside, not even breaking a sweat and spat at me.

"You just hit me with everything you had.. Pathetic. You shouldn't have done that, and now you're really gonna be my bitch. I was just kidding before, you fuckin faggot!

One punch. Thatsa all it took for me to go down. He whipped his soft 8: cock right at me and whizzed right on my face. I treid to get up, but he kept kicking me down.

"Today is the first day of the restof your life. You're wife is now mine, but she is married to you. You are not divorced, your marriage is still entact. I, however, am her real man, the one who gives her what she needs. The only one who can satisfiy her. She is mine, and as a result, so are you. You know my connections, you know my reputation, you know what happens when you piss me off. Only bad things. This is your new lifestyle. She is now mine. You got a problem with her, you got a problem with me. Never, ever, touch her again, and treat her like gold in my absence, or else, you get punished."

"Fuck you, Kyle. Go fuck yourself, you mutherfuckin piece of shit. Fuck. You.".. I responded. "Suit yoursefl." Kyle said.

He hit me hard, and the lights went out. I don't remember what happened in detail after that. God I wish i did, but I thank god every night that I don't.

Flashback to the night of the gangbang.

Me, sitting there, waiting for her boys. Footbal team, bullies, whoever. I know them all. She's had all of them. Its going to be on tape, and its going to blackmail me. There's nothing I can do. In less than 10 minutes, I'm going to lose my wife and everything that means something to me to the neighbourhood bully. I want to do something about it, and this time, I really would.

And if Kyle didn't break my arms and legs on the night of the revelation, I probably could.









What's The Worst That Could Happen In 3 Weeks?



"Knock Knock! Open up bitch, its time!"

It really was time, too. Kyle and the boys were here--here to gangbang my wife. These tough-ass jocks and bullies, all around the age of 18 and 19, were friends of Kyle's, who was the toughest kid on the block. Three more weeks and they'd be off to college. But not before they'd all pounded the shit out of my wife. What was the worst part? My wife gave in to the whole idea.

After Kyle's revelation--that he was fucking my sweet, innocent wife behind my back, my world came to an end. What could be worse, what would turn your world completely upside down, then to find out the one you love most, the one you'd give it all up for, was giving IT to someone else. Well, worse would be the guy she's banging is the worst kind of enemy you could have. The humiliating kind. The attention-seeker. The asshole you want to punch but are too intimidated not too. Add the fact that your wife is basically under his spell, completely dismissing all you're feelings, and that about makes you quit.

But now I was Kyle's bitch. I do anything he wants, whenever he wants it. He broke my arms, my legs, and finally my spirit. I was a shadow of a man that I once was, all because of this punk kid. Its actually kind of funny, this kid who'll never be anything was taking everything away from me.

Kyle greeted my with a slap to the head and dumped his jacket on me. Laryssa walked right over to him and kissed him passionately in front of me, blatantly, as Kyle moved his hands from her waist to her ass. In walked his friends behind him -- Geoff, John, Dan and James. They all seemed to be laughing at me, probably imagining to what Kyle did to me from the stories they heard. Laryssa seemed to be startled that James was here. James walked up to Laryssa and grabbed her ass, whispering in her ear. This was not looking good.

As the boys laughed at me, Geoff walked over to me and ashed his cigarette on my head. I screamed at him and he kicked my nuts hard, making everyone except my wife howl! Clothes started covering my sight, jackets, belts, ...pants?! This was happening to fast, this was making me completely sick! The thought of my wife banging all these kids at once--and what was the fucking connection between James and Laryssa? Did she do him too? Will this be the first time they ever did it? I had to know.

"Hey! I need to ask something.' I screamed.

"What is it, faggot?" Kyle said, almost out of breath, for some reason.

"Has Laryssa ever fucked any of you before this?" I asked.

* * * * *

"Well? Anyone?"

"Actually," James spoke, confirming my suspicions. "She sucked my cock on the last day of school."

"Get the fuck out of here!" Kyle laughed. "You boned this slut too?"

"Yeah...dude she's some fuckin cocksucker." James said. "She's been all over my stick since the first day of school and shit, and then after so much teasing.. she gave in--on the football field!"

"Dude, that's sweet. Why didn't you ever say anything, you cheating dirty slut?" Kyle asked. "mmmmfmfffff....I didn't think it mattered. Does it?" Laryssa said. "Not at all, 'cause you're about to suck us all off in a second. Actually, right now." said Kyle.

I could see again as I discreetly pulled myself to my knees. I watched her as she was naked, on her knees, marveled at all the young studs surrounding her, honored that they all want to fuck her. She was loving this, this newfound side of my wife that I never ever believed would exist. I was so naive. I have never seen her so happy, sucking Kyle's huge cock, James teasing the tip of his cock under her snatch. Geoff grabbed a tit while Dan started taking off his pants, smiling down at me.

"You must be some pussy to let your wife do this, in front of you, no less." Dan said. "Fuck you, Dan. Fuck you all." I responded. Suddenly, a huge kick in the head knocked me down again. I saw Geoff stand above me, his feet crushing my face.

"No, man, fuck you." Geoff said. "I used to admire you, growing up. I used to think you had it all. But now I see you're a pussy. You have nothing, you're worthless. Even you're wife sees that, that's why she's boning other guys behind your back! Now you get to see what a slut she can be, what a whore she really is! Fuck you, man, and watch your wife smoke my cock..."

With those words, my wife whipped her head back and let Kyle's huge monster dick slip out of her mouth gently, a rope of his cum attached from his dick to her lips. He smiled down at her as Geoff guided her head with his huge, thick hands and made her face his cock.

"What would you like me to de, Geoff?" she said. "Smoke it baby...Smoke my cock and love it." he said.

With that, she closed her eyes and inhaled his cock, and I watched as Geoff smiled, taking pride in the blowjob my hot trophy wife was giving him. The one woman you would want sucking your dick, the one chick on the block you fantasize about all the time smoking your cock--how great was he feeling? I noticed all the guys on the couch, watching Geoff fuck my wife's pretty face in front of them--in front of me!--and I couldn't take it in, it was too overwhelming. I fell down, out of breathe, crying, sweating, pleading with them, "Why me, why, why? Why are you doing this to me?"

"Don't take it personally." Dan said. "It's not about you, its about you're slut wife. When she went down on James in the middle of the football field on the last day of school, well, history was made. We made this slut. Us. We took the most innocent girl in the world and made her our fuck-slut. And you--what were you going to do about it? That look on you're wife's face on the last day of school, smiling as she licked James' cum all off his stomach as he lay down, she knew what she became that day. We all knew we would all get to fuck her, now. We knew she was gonna be royally fucked by us all, hopefully someday at the same time, gangbanging this bitch. The fact that you're married to her, well, with you're power, with your money, with your job...what the fucking hell were either one of you gonna do if we took right what we wanted away from both of you."

Kyle got up and shoved his dick in my wife's tight pussy, making her moan in pleasure as Geoff came in buckets in her mouth. "I already own you, bitch." He said to me. "You do what I say, you don't get hurt. No one finds out about your slut wife, and we don't beat the shit out of you, that what you get. We get her, money when we need it, and if we feel like crashing here until we leave for college, we will."

"After all," said James "What's the worst that could happen in 3 weeks?"

I'll never forget the next 20 minutes for as long as I lived. It was all in flashes before me, Kyle's huge dick thrusting in her tight cunt, making her beg for his big dick, scream for it, making her love every minute of it and cry when he pulled out. I watched in horror as Geoff's thick fat cock, fit perfectly in her ass, sliding in with ease, which made me think even more of what I don't know about this whole ordeal. Was this the first gangbang? Did they all really fuck her individually? Was there anyone else? Does anybody know about this other then us?

I tried not to look up as James rode my wife, him on his back and her kissing his bulging muscular chest as she rode his thick horse cock, smiling at me and giving me a wink. She looked up and smiled again when Dan tangled his smooth cock in front of her face, and cried again as she kissed his dick from big hanging balls to his fat mushroom head.

I curled up in the fetal position, as best as I could, broken limbs and all. What was I going to do, just take all this? I was being blackmailed, I was being punished, I was being mentally raped, and I didn't actually do anything to deserve this. This was all my wife's game, her way of getting to me. Our perfect marriage, suddenly shattered after a high-school boys revelation.

I lay down on my back. My wife suddenly got on top of me, and Kyle behind her. "I want you to watch you're wife as I fuck her, doggie-style, you fucking faggot. Watch that look and remember that look every time you think of her. Remember how big Kyle gave her what you never could, you fucking pathetic wimp!"

And he drilled her. I never forgot the things that came out of her mouth, the swearing, the moaning, the begging. It didn't end there. When Kyle was about to cum, he made her look up at him as he dumped his load all over her face, my wife trying desperately to get it in her mouth. "Lick her face, taste my cum, you fucking faggot." screamed Kyle. I did as told as Geoff entered her next, cumming all over her face as well when it was his time. James entered her next followed by Dan, and both stood at her sides and came on her face at the same time. I had a lot of lapping and licking to do on my once beautiful wife's face, now nothing but a cum-receptacle, a facial masterpiece.

I pleaded in horror as Kyle dragged me to the bathroom and leaned my head against the toilet, whipped out his sweaty, semi-erect cock and whizzed right on my face. "Fucking faggot's got cum and piss on his face. What a fucking faggot. I can't even think of another name for you. You are fucking pathetic. You are shit. I own your bitch ass, your wife's bitch ass, and you're fucking money too. What the fuck are you gonna do about it, faggot? What? Gonna call the cops? I'll deny it, and so will your wife. Think she wont? I'll just give her my dick, and she'll say yes, I promise you. She loves me now faggot. She may be in love with my dick more than me. Doesn't matter, though. At the end of the day, she's lapping my balls and you're eating my shit."

"But don't worry," Kyle said as he walked away, "its only for 3 weeks. After that, she's all your's again, and I'm out of your life. Boys, he's all yours...."

I closed my eyes as the three took their turns dunking my head in the toilet, recently filled my James shit and Dan's piss. The things they made me do, lap up the piss, bob for shit, almost making me suffocate in the bowl, it was all to much.

But not half as much as looking up for help. and finding my wife making out with Kyle as the boys humiliated me right in front of them.



CONTINUE TO: MY WIFE, parts 3 and 4








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