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Story: Joel, Andrew and my Cheating Wife




cheating wife




I was lying down on my couch when the phone rang. I heard it ring for 4 times before I decided to answer it myself, thinking Laryssa was gong to beat me to it. She picked it up just before me, and unbeknownst to her, she didn't know I had as well. I ease dropped on her conversation, just for fun. It was my best friend Andrew on the other end, talking to her in a way I would have never allowed him to. My heart stopped, my palms sweated, and much to my horror, my cock rose at the conversation I heard. It was the beginning of everything, and wished I had never picked up that phone call. Here's how it all began...

"...well then maybe we should do it again tonight! I mean, last night was incredible. I really liked fucking you in your own husband's bed. Baby, I fucked you so hard in your own marital bed? Don't you think Daniel would freak if he ever found out?" Andrew laughed.

"Of course he would, you bad boy! Why do you think I told you not to call here anymore! He's gonna find out about us!" Laryssa whispered, thinking I couldn't hear her.

"Relax, if he picked up the phone, I would have just had normal conversation with him. He's not gonna suspect anything. Besides, you like this don't you. You like sneaking around behind his back. You get off on sucking our cocks everyday, don't you?"

OURS?? What the fuck was he talking about????

"If I didn't, would I have let you smack me around with that monster last night?" She giggled.

"What happened when he got home? Did he wonder why you were naked and sweaty in your own bed? Didn't' he ask what those stains on his pillow were?" Andrew asked.

"No, he fell asleep in front of the TV and didn't come to bed. I'm pretty much getting away with murder here, baby! I'm having your cum and eating it too." Laryssa joked.

"Nice. Next time he passes out, I'm gonna come right over and stick my big dick right inside you. You'd love that, wouldn't you baby? Fucking his best friend while poor little hubby sleeps away."

"You are sooo bad. Cool it with that kinda talk, you're making me wet!"

"Hey, you're the one calling me every night, babe. You wanted this cock, and now you're gonna get it all the time. Don't worry, little wimpy husband won't find out. When he does, I mean, I'm really gonna rub in that sissy's face, but in the meantime, I'll respect your wishes. Just remember, I own you. Say it. I own you."

"I'll say it again when you have that cock in me again. I'll say it to your face."

"No, say it over the phone. I wanna hear you say it!"

"I don't think so." Laryssa said.

Andrew spoke with a little anger in his tone. "Baby, when you're with me, you don't have to think. You just have to obey."

I put the phone down against my chest, being careful not to make any noise. I didn't want them to know my discovery. Fuck! My best friend, Andrew, was plowing my wife?! She was cheating on me...with that scum bucket? I mean, Andrew was such a loser, everyone hated him, especially my young wife. Now she was fucking the bastard? What the fuck?!

I swallowed my pride and put the phone against my ear, but when I did, there was nothing but a dial tone. Pissed off, I stormed out of the house, going over to my buddy Joel's house, which was just a few blocks away. I decided to tell him everything. Joel and I were always tight, and he was one of the few people I could confide in. Even though he was younger than me, I looked up to him, and really needed to talk to someone. He was the first person I thought of. Much to my dismay, however, he wasn't home.

I walked around the neighborhood, contemplating my next move. Was I going to go along with this? Should I confront my best friend and wife about what I knew? I didn't know what to do, but I was sure that I wouldn't make any brash decisions without talking to someone. A light smile bestowed my face when I saw Joel's car parked in the driveway. Looks like he came to visit me, I thought to myself. However, the horror was only going to get worse.

Andrew was at my place, his back was turned to me. He was naked.

So was Joel, who was standing in front of him.

And in between them, also naked, having two of her holes stuffed by big meaty cocks, was my young beautiful bride, Laryssa.

My face turned white, my jaw dropped to the ground, and I found myself completely speechless. Not one word to say. Joel glanced over at me and gave me a wink. Andrew looked at me and gave me the thumbs up. Laryssa was two occupied to acknowledge my presence. Andrew smiled at me and whispered something in Laryssa's ear. I had wondered what he said that gave her an ear-to-ear smile.

Both studs pulled their huge cocks out of my wife and sat on opposite couches. Laryssa wiped her mouth and kissed me, dropping some of Joel's cum on my lips.

"I thought you weren't gonna tell me..." was all I could spit out.

"Yeah, but then you listened to our phone call, so what's the point of hiding it." she giggled.

Busted. She must have heard me listening to her and Andrew's conversation. It must have been when I put the phone down for a moment. Fuck!

"Joel....dude...what the fuck....and motherfuckers!!!" I said, throwing a temper tantrum. Andrew light up a cigarette and laughed at me.

"Hey dude." Joel to me.

"What is going on? You're fucking my wife now? With this asshole?" I asked, pointing to Andrew.

"Dude, this has been a long time coming." Joel said to me, much calmer than I. "Yeah, I am fucking your wife. I have been for the last month or so. All behind you back. Andrew too."

"Yup," Andrew said, exhaling his cigarette and ashing on a framed photo of my wife and I at our wedding day. "One day Joel came by to see you, when he sees me sticking it to your wife here. Joel decides he wants a piece of the action, and we've both been fucking this slut since then."

"You've got to be kidding me. Please tell me you guys are joking."

"Does it look like were joking" Joel said, getting up and putting his naked arm around me. I could smell his sweat from where he stood. "Dude, you're wife likes doing other guys. Looks like you aren't giving it to her are you? Or maybe you are and it's just not enough" he joked, hi-filing Andrew.

"Laryssa, baby, please..." I said, almost ready to cry.

"It's true, honey." She responded. "I've been fucking them behind you back for a month now, and I can't stop. I love Joel's package, and I just can't say to Andrew. Honey, I'm their slut, and I really don't have any plans to change that."

I looked down in pity as Joel walked over to my wife. "Does this sissy satisfy you at all? Nope. That's why you come to us, right baby?"

"Uh-ugh. Only you two can. I never really knew what sex was until I was fucked by the two of you. I think you guys should get dressed and leave now, though. I think Daniel and I have a lot to talk about."

"Yeah. Get out. Now." I jumped in.

Joel was laughing as Laryssa showed some sympathy for me, and walked right up to me, face-to-face, eye to eye. I could smell Laryssa's cunt on his breath. "Don't get me mad, sissy boy." He flinched toward me, making me jump. Joel and Andrew shared another hi-five at my expense.

Andrew put out his cigarette on the framed photo, specifically on my face. "Look," I said out loud. "You can't come into my home and talk to me like that. Get out now, the both of you."

"Leave before my husband throws you out." Laryssa responded. I was so happy my wife was siding with me before I realized she was being sarcastic. Joel leaned over my wife's face and kissed her sweet lips with his own. The kiss they shared shattered my heart into a million pieces. Fucking was one thing, but the passion they shared in that kiss was something I would never forget. Joel broke the kiss with a smile and a wink.

"Your husband can go eat a dick." Joel mocked.

I was so pissed. I clenched my fist and walked right over to Joel, as Andrew remained seated, a big smile on his face. I was amusing him. "You have until the count of three until I throw your ass out, Joel" I said defiantly. Now Andrew and Laryssa were both laughing at me. "Get the fuck out of...."

But before I could finish my statement, Joel bitch-slapped me. His clenched fist turned into a punch in my stomach. I clenched my stomach and fell to my knees, looking up at Joel. He smiled down at me and stuck his naked big toe in my mouth. "Suck it." He commanded.

I didn't do anything.

"Wimp, I told you to suck it." He said louder.

I looked at Laryssa cuddled up in Andrew's arms, his big meaty hands rubbing her tits. The tits that were mine and mine alone were now being fondled by the guy I once called my best friend. I opened my mouth wider unintentionally and felt Joe's big toe trace my lips. I sucked it like it was his cock and felt him laugh, almost in disgust. He pulled his toe out of my mouth and kicked me on my back, using his foot against my face. "You are one fucking wimp, you know that dude. Damn, I always wanted to tell you that."

I got up and sat on one of the couches, trying to make some sense of the insanity surrounding me. I couldn't even respond without being yelled at or belittled. And to add insult to injury, the one person who should have been defending me through thick and thin was too busy being the object of my two friend's attention.

I didn't know why I couldn't say a word. I wanted to yell. I wanted to get up and force them out of our house. But I couldn't. All three of them were laughing at me. Laughing, howling and pointing. I was so humiliated, so embarrassed. I did what any man would do in the same situation...and it got me absolutely nowhere. Just a few laughs at my expense from the people in my life I trusted most.

Andrew was the first one to stop laughing at me and spoke. "Look, you are obviously shocked by what you just found out. We knew it wouldn't be easy for you, but what the hell. There's only so much sneaking around we can do, know what I mean? I mean, it would be one thing if there was a huge price to pay, but it's just you Daniel. What are you gonna do, beat us up?"

More laughter from the 3 of them.

"We'll leave." Joel said to my wife. "But first you gotta finish what you started here, baby."

"Yeah, yeah," Andrew egged on. "Finish us off. Then we're outta here. And this time will be extra sweet, since we've got an audience. You're husband!!! Shit, I'm getting hard already, what are you sayin', Joel?"

Andrew responded. "Well said, Andrew. First things first, though. Daniel should be as naked as the rest of us. I wanna see what you've had to deal with before we started stuffing you. Go ahead, Daniel. Take off your pants."

"Yo Joel," Andrew said, nudging Joel on the arm. "Ten bucks said Sissy boy cums without touching himself!"

"Dude, you're on. I say he'll be whacking it within the first 10 minutes of fucking his wife!"

Laryssa just smiled at the thought of being my two friend's cum-receptacle. "Hey Laryssa," said Andrew. "We're about to prove to you that you that sissy boy has no control over his incredibly small cock." He said with a smile.

Laryssa started to be the voice of reason. "Guys, c'mon. Don't do this to him. I mean, my husband may not be as big as you guys, but it's not that small. Actually, it's not that he's not well endowed, it's just that..."

"He's not what?" Joel asked.

"Well, he's not you." Laryssa responded, looking Joel in the eyes. "He's not capable of satisfying me, because he's not as big as you!."

Andrew and Joel smiled at each other before berating me again. "Oh really now? " Joel spoke. "Has he EVER given you an orgasm with his 'not so big-dick' buried deep inside your snatch?"

"Why are you doing this?" I whimpered

"Answer the question, slut. Has he ever given you an orgasm with that useless tool he has between his legs?" Andrew asked this time.

Laryssa looked back at me. I was trying to speak up. I wanted to defend myself. I wanted to say something. I wanted to do anything to stop the madness from happening...but I couldn't. I had nothing to say. I had to see where this was going.

I was liking this too much.

Joel said, "Your husband is a pussy. A wimp. A sissy. And you know else he is, guys?" Joel started to smile at me, giving me that grin that told me he was up to no good. I knew he was going to say it. Oh no, Joel, I thought to myself. Don't tell them.

"Don't say it, please Joel, don't say it." I begged.

"Daniel here is a FAGGOT." Joel said.

Silence from Andrew and Laryssa.

"It's true. He told me about a month ago—just before I started fucking you, Laryssa. He even tried coming on to me!"

"You've got to be kidding me! Dude!" Andrew said, his eyebrows raised. "Laryssa, he??"

"Whatever." She replied modestly. "It doesn't matter. What does matter is that he eats pussy like no other. And now he knows that he's been eating out your cum from it for the last month, guys!!"

This was all hitting me at once. Joel just told them I hit on him. What the fuck?! What kinds of friends were these? What kind of wife was I married to? And now that she mentioned it, her pussy did taste a little saltier than usual for the last few weeks...

"That's right boys," Laryssa said, looking right at me. "His best feature is not his cock, it's his tongue. No one eats pussy like him, oh he's got you beat in that department boys. And tonight will be no different. Tonight you get to watch him lick you're your loads right out of my tight little cunt, aren't you honey?"

I didn't say a word.

"Huh?" she said louder. "I asked you a question, wimp. What are you good for, tell the guys."


"He's good at licking cum from a pussy after a real cock has deposited its load." Andrew laughed, hi-fiving Joel yet again.

I sat there, looking at everyone. Laryssa kissing Joel. Andrew fingering her tight little cunt. All of it was too much. Within seconds, Andrew won his bet. My thighs were suddenly wet from blowing my load without touching myself, revealing to all that I was more turned on than humiliated. My true feelings about the unbelievable revelation were exposed.

And that's when the fucking began.



Part 2




I stood in the center of my own living room watching my best friend Andrew making out with my wife Laryssa, and my closest confident Joel fingering her wet, tight pussy. My own hard on was ready to burst through my pants, but I was trying to act as cool as possible, trying so hard not to break down from the horror that I was exposed to.

"Mmmmmm," Joel moaned, as he tasted my wife's juice on his fingers. "Hey Daniel, you fucking wimp, crawl over to me. Now."

Everyone kind of knew about, but never actually seen, Joel's unpredictable temper. I, on the other hand, knew full well that the last thing you wanted to do was piss him off. I had watched him do brutal things to those who did, and I never, ever wanted to be on the other side of his fist. I didn't want to start now, so I did what he said. Laughter erupted from my wife and Andrew as I crawled like some pathetic weakling to my buddy Joel. I crawled right past Laryssa and felt Andrew's foot kick my ass as I did.

Once I reached Joel, he put his face right up against mine and spit out a thick mixture of his saliva and my wife's juices. As I wiped my lips with the back of my hand, Joel grabbed his big fat tool with his right hand and beat my lips with it. His left hand grabbed the back of my head. I knew Joel was the furthest thing from gay, so I knew he wasn't going to make me give him head. This only made me more nervous, since I had no idea what he was about to do to me. I couldn't help admire the fact that his cock was still about 8 inches soft, and it still felt heavy as he slapped my face around with hit. My left cheek started to hurt a bit from the beating it was taking. I felt so humiliated, so wimpy, but I did nothing about it. I just kept letting it all happen, soaking it in as it did.

Joel laughed and taunted me. "Worship it, wimp."

" do you want me to do that, Joel?" I asked, sounding like a timid 5 year old.

Joel laughed again. "You stupid wimp. No balls whatsoever, and no brains either. Tell me about my cock. Tell me how big and powerful it is."

"Joel,, I wish I had your cock, sir." I replied

"Take it in your hand...actually, use both hands. I forgot you had the hands of a little girl. Yeah, that's right. Now tell me what you see."

"Joel, I see your huge cock before me. It looks and smells like a real mans cock. It's so much bigger than mine, it really is. I understand why Laryssa couldn't say no to you. Look how your veins run down the shaft. Look at your big mushroom shaped head. I wish my cock was as powerful as yours."

"Damn, he is one fucking loser, Laryssa." Andrew said out loud. "How in the hell could you stay married to SUCH a sissy?"

"Don't ask, Andrew. Now shut up, this is getting interesting." She responded. Her eyes glued to the scene before her.

"C'mon, speak louder wimp." Joel continued. "You don't have to speak like such a girly man. Speak louder, like a man! Yell what you see before you—in one sentence this time. No one wants to hear you babble on. God, can't you do anything right?"

"I see a real man's cock!" I blurted out.

Laryssa and Andrew had ear-to-ear grins on their faces as Joel smacked my face again with his massive tool. "Louder!" he screamed

"Joel, dude, your cock is a man-sized cock. Yours is soooo much better than mine. I replied obediently.

"You hear that, Laryssa?" Joel said to my wife. "I told you you were wasting your time with this wimp. All those times I had to listen to him complain about, I wish I could have backhanded this little bitch from day one. If you weren't' so hot, I never would have spent so much time with this loser." My heart shattered once again as he said those things. He meant every word, I could tell. He meant to say that so I could hear him. He really hurt me by saying that. I really trusted Joel, and now I was nothing more than his little puppet to belittle, in front of my wife and best friend, no less.

Laryssa pondered the scene before her. Her husband, who she once loved, was now on his knees, Joel's cock punching his face around left and right. Her husband's best friend's meaty fingers were ravaging her pussy. She should have been stopping this, but it was way too much fun to let it end. This was something she wanted to do for a long time now, but never in her wildest dreams did she think her husband would allow it to happen. Everything was changing, and there was nothing her Daniel could do about it.

"Wimp, take a good long look at this cock." Joel continued. "Study it. That's right, grab it in your little boy hands and really admire it. You understand your role, little bitch? You are to worship it. It belongs to me, so therefore, you make sure every time you see me, you worship me. If I smack you with my cock, you tell me you deserve it. If I want to plow your wife in front of you, you get on your knees and watch every minute of it! Obey every fucking word that comes out of my mouth and you won't get hurt. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Joel." I mumbled.

SMACK! "Don't you dare mumble to me, little man!" Joel shouted, making Andrew and Laryssa jump a little. "You realize who has the power in this room. Not you, not your slut wife, not your lucky friend over there. Say it."

"I understand, Joel. You're the man of the house. You are the fucking man." I said, looking down the entire time. Meanwhile, Laryssa looked at Andrew and whispered to him. "How can he just subject himself to this? Doesn't he have any dignity?" she asked.

"Who are you kidding, Laryssa. He's a fucking wimp, always has been, always will be. You've seen me make him squeal in our wrestling matches. He does every word you tell him to. He's not going to stand up to us, much less Joel."

"Wimp," Joel said, snapping his fingers. "I want you to ask Laryssa to take my big dick in her tight little hole. Do it. Now." He asked. I nodded my head and crawled over to my wife, and without even saying a word, she smiled at me and gave me pat on the head. "Oh honey," she said to me. "Do has he says. Ask me."

Fucking bitch, I thought to myself. I thought she was going to show me some mercy. "Laryssa," I asked her with puppy dog eyes. "Can you? Can you...will you fuck Joel, please?" I got up and whispered in her hear, so only she could hear me. "C'mon, Laryssa, just go with it. We can deal with it later. I can't face Joel's wrath—you know what he's like when he's angry. Can you it?"

Laryssa made her decision and revealed it with a smirk. "Of course I'll fuck Joel. Without question. Take me, Joel. Make me your little whore all over again. Fuck me!"

Andrew smiled at Joel and stroked himself at the scene before him. He wasn't making any quick jumps to involve himself in the moment. He was just enjoying it.

"Wimp, Joel said. "I'm gonna take your wife to your marital bed and spear her tight little cunt with my big rod. When we're done, I'll call for you, so be ready. C'mon, baby, let's take care of my hard on."

Off they went. As they walked to the bedroom, the door closed behind them. I leaned in to see if I could hear anything, when suddenly Andrew came up from behind me, supplexing me to the floor. "Don't be such a perv," he said to me, chuckling. "I'm sure they're having a good time. Tell you what, I'm gonna check on them." He opened the door and shut it behind him. I expected him to come out immediately, but he didn't. I put together that Joel and my wife appreciated his company. Too bad they didn't appreciate mine.

I could hear muffled sounds, rampant breathing, and passionate moaning. The bedsprings were bouncing and the walls were pounding from the bed ramming into it. Laughter and screams were the order of the day, as that didn't change at all the entire time they were there. I opened the door and stuck my head into the dark hallway. I could hear Andrew giving Laryssa pointers, like how to open her legs a certain angle to let his cock feel even better.

Fifteen minutes became twenty when Andrew, naked and sweaty as hell, grabbed my ear and dragged me to the bedroom, where he flung me to the edge of the bed. "Wimp, get on your knees and follow my command." Joel said. He too was naked as hell, my wife cuddled up in his arms. There was lipstick all over his chest. Her tits had bite marks on them. And her hair seemed to be drenched in cum.

Andrew grabbed a handful of my hair and shoved my face in my wife's well-fucked cunt. Joel told him to cool it, that he was in charge here. I was so relieved he said that, because her cunt reeked of cum, and I wasn't prepared for cleaning her out. Joel told me to get to the edge of the bed and watch. "No touching," he insisted. "And that includes yourself." Laryssa burst out laughing from Joel's command.

Joel took his huge tool in his hand and teased my wife's already fucked cunt with it. Slowly he eased himself into her. I realized that Andrew was the one who had fucked her previously, as he looked spent. He seemed to be cleaning himself off with a sock of mine, which he stuck in my mouth afterwards. Andrew grabbed my chin and forced me to watch Joel fuck Laryssa, who was about two-thirds inside of her now. She was moaning and grunting, and I realized Joel had just surpassed Andrew in terms of penetration. Andrew didn't seem to care. He flicked my ears and pushed me around as I tried to give my wife and buddy my undivided attention. The cum from the sock had absorbed itself in my mouth, and I spit out the sock in disgust. I was so immersed in the moment that I hadn't even acknowledged the sock!

However, facts were facts. I'd like to tell you I wanted to run away, that I wanted to just kill all three of them, but that would be a lie. Anyone could see I was in touch with my humiliation at their hands. I was enjoying it...too much. My hard on, which I still could not nurse, was proof of that.

"Look Wimp." Andrew whispered in my ear. "Watch Joel's massive cock sawing your tight little bride in half. It's what they always wanted, you know. Even when I was fucking your wife, she said she would do Joel if he ever made a move on her. I don't know why he didn't do anything earlier. He should have. Look at them go! They're like animals. Dude, you can't hold that kind of passion back. Let them fuck, what do you care?'

"She's my wife, you asshole!" I yelled at him. "That's why!"

"Did I say you could speak?" Joel shouted. He raised his eyebrow at me, which warned me about making that mistake twice. Andrew continued berating me. "You love his cock huh? Dude, that was some pathetic display you put on out there. I mean, worshipping his cock? What the fuck was that all about?!"

I had no answer for him. I continued to watch Joel, who was now fully inside of my wife, mauling her, making her beg for more. Andrew was not making this any easier. I ignored every word that came out of his mouth, also trying to avoid his breath, which smelled like a combination of coffee, cigarettes and garlic. How could Laryssa possibly sit so close to this guy, much less kiss him? I watched as Joel eased inside of her one inch at a time every time he pulled out.

"Dude, you probably never had even 3 inches inside of her, eh?" Andrew said to me. He just wouldn't shut up! It was so hard to ignore him, but he was getting inside of my head and Joel and Laryssa's fucking grew rougher and louder by the minute. Joel at this point was fucking her hard, like she was the last girl on earth. Laryssa was taking all of his thrusts. Watching them was more intense than any porno I had ever seen, and I had no doubt it may have been a little overdramatic for my benefit.

"Wimp," Andrew continued. I ignored him. Big mistake, as he sucker punched me in the gut. I crouched over, grabbing my stomach, but Andrew pulled me upright by the hair. "Don't' do that, or I'll hurt you too!" he smiled, hi-fiving Joel. "Look at Joel. See how much cock he has inside your wife. He's filling her up, man! No one has been inside of her as much as he has! You like that, eh? Dude, I bet you wish he was fucking your ass instead of her pussy!" This got laughs from the happy couple in my bed, and I didn't respond. The boys must have assumed Andrew was telling the truth from my lack of a response. "It's okay, wimp." Andrew said to me, his arm around my shoulder. "We all know your little dick has never stretched her the way his can."

Andrew stuck his finger inside of my wife's drenched cunt once Joel pulled out. Joel had not yet cum, and she was still flooding the bed with her juices. Andrew wiggled his finger around, massaging her clit with his thumb. "Oh yeah," Andrew smiled as he spoke. "You are one wet slut, aren't you Laryssa? Joel really does stretch you out, eh?" he said to her. She just smiled at him as he pulled his finger out. Joel's cock went right back into my wife's cunt as Andrew's cum filled finger went directly in my mouth. I sucked it clean before he pulled it out. Andrew's eyes suddenly lit up, like an idea went off in his head.

"Pull out." Andrew told Joel. Joel didn't like to be told what to do, especially right before he was about to cum, but he did. "Watch this." Andrew said with another smirk. "Laryssa, babe, hold your legs back and try to keep your pussy gapping like that." She too, didn't like the sudden instruction, but we could all see where this was headed. I tried to make a break for the door, but Andrew grabbed my arm and shoved me against the bed. I felt his big hand against the back of my head. He shoved my face between my wife's legs.

"Daniel," Andrew said with authority. "Joel's gonna shove his cock into Laryssa's cunt. I want you to try and lick her when Joel pulls out. If you touch Joel, he'll kill ya, so you better be careful! Do it. Start licking her. Be aware of Joel's tool, remember!"

I sucked hard on my wife's sloppy pussy and, without warning, Joel's cock was just a shove away from entering Laryssa. In one swift motion, he was inside of her, only when I came up for air. Once he pulled out, Andrew shoved my face down on her again. Andrew grabbed my hair and pulled me off after about 30 seconds, and Joel was right back into her. This continued non-stop, with laughter from all three of them. They were really enjoying putting me in my place, and I wasn't doing anything at all to discourage them. I continued licking my wife's cunt, telling myself this was the last cunt I was ever going to lick again. I was able to stop once Joel announced he was going to have to cum. I watched him stick half of his rod inside of her, pushing inch by inch upon her moans. Joel pumped his hips, and pulled out a bit before trying to get a few more inches into her. How nice of him to accommodate her, I thought to myself sarcastically. Now at the twilight of their orgasm, every time he pressed into Laryssa, his groans were getting louder. After about 2 minutes, my wife's once tight cunt had now been a pool of Joel's semen, and he just kept filling it up until he had no more cum left to offer her.

I looked at Andrew, who laughed at me with cum all over my face. I didn't need to be told to lick out the ounces of cum Joel had deposited into Laryssa—at this point, it was a given. I was encouraged, however, once I started to swallow Joel's cum. "C'mon wimp, take a good look at her pussy." Joel said. "See how wide open it is? I'll bet if you tried to stick your piece in there, she wouldn't even know about it! I want you to make sure that cunt is squeaky clean, dude. Clean!" I didn't need any further encouragement. I was eager to please at this point. I knew Joel's orgasm would be the climax of the ultimate humiliation I had been put through. I studied my wife's invaded cunt and admired the work Joel's tool had done to it. He was right. I would never be able to inflict this much damage on her like he could. I would never hope to—that was his job now. I closed my eyes and stuck out my tongue, desperately trying to finish the job I was commanded to perform. The boys laughed and mocked me, but I ignored them. All that mattered was the moment. Burying my face in my wife's well-fucked cunt and licking the gooey white cream out of it.

"That's all he's good for." Laryssa said to Joel. "Licking my pussy up after you plunge me with that incredible tool of yours."

Andrew was the first one dressed and left the room. Joel jumped in the shower, and my wife told me to hurry up, since she wanted to join him. Impatient with me, she shoved me aside and grabbed her towel. I tried to say something to her—surely my wife and I would have to discus the insanity that just happened to us.

"Laryssa, baby, we need to talk about this..." I said to her, my arms open, my eyes filled with love.

"Oh we need to talk about it, all right." She responded with a smile, not making any eye contact with me. "But not now. I have more...important things to deal with."

I watched her jump in the shower with Joel and the giggling and moaning started. Andrew gave me slap upside the head as he headed out of our home. I held my head in shame and made my way to the kitchen sink, realizing I had some cleaning up to do. I barely even noticed the tears running down my eyes as I dried my face off.

Thanks to my best friend Andrew, my good buddy Joel and my loving wife Laryssa, my marriage was never going to be the same again.






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