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Letter to my Mistress






Note: This is about my life as husband and boy with my Wife and Mistress. It is not fiction.


I feel I am at a cross roads and am happy to be experiencing that with you at my side but also, newly founded, as the head of our house, the woman I worship, and the woman who is my lead. All of this is true and would be true whether or not there was bdsm in our life. I want you to understand that. I feel like I have the opportunity to re-invent myself, as I said before, but I need not only your help, I need you to be clear and firm with me. I think sometimes you are too easy on me. I will explain later.


Please understand what it means when I say you are the head of the household. Moving your clothes in the bedroom, you sitting at the head of the table are small symbols of that. I want you to be the boss and have final say about everything, if you wish it. Correcting me, guiding me, showing me, and disciplining me and punishing me are all apart of this. I know it takes effort and care. I thank you for taking it slow, but I think you can speed up a little, at least on my account.


Some examples... I would ask that you set a date for me to quit smoking, tell me how you want me to taper off and just expect it to be done, with your help when I am cranky. Once the date hits, me smoking would mean being punished (which means punishment, not something I would like). Knowing you will follow through will help me. You might do the same with me losing weight.


Yesterday I should have greeted you at the door. Yes I was a bit sad and lost, but that is no excuse. You should be greeted, shoes removed, feet kissed. If I were you, knowing what I am needing, I would have punished me, sent me to the corner, something, for a while... a punishment that matches the infraction. Please disicpline and punish me when I displease you. Slap me, send me to the storage room, whatever works for you.


I think you let me cum too often. I cant believe I am saying that, but I notice that I more at the top of game when I am hungry to cum... I am not saying I never want to cum or that you shouldn't let me if it is what you want, but I am prepared to be denied. I no longer expect to cum to be honest very often. I do not expect you to make me cum. I do not expect you to suck me anymore. I want it to be all your choice and I want your pleasure to be top of mind for me. Remember, I am most excited when I am hard. I get hard serving you and when you speak to me as my Mistress, when you humiliate me, etc. I do not get hard when I cum. Think about that.


I adore you. I want to be as good as I can be for you. I want to serve you and service you. I want...and I need... to obey you. Be my wife and my lover and my friend while you are also my Mistress and Goddess. Be kind and be cruel. Do as you wish with me. I trust you.


Another letter


I love you and adore you and I know I could do a better job doing both, and I want to, I need to. I have found in you someone who challenges me, loves me, and accepts me. You are smart, sexy, caring, and you deserve the best of everything. I may not have the ability to lavish you with material things, but I do have the desire – in fact it is a growing passion – to worship you, to submit to you.


I have been trying to let you know this, but I am not sure you realize what I am saying, truly saying. I want to be your husband and boy, your lover and slave, your man and your toy.


I believe you should be the one in charge, be my Mistress. All the years I was Dominant, underneath it all I wanted to be owned. I wanted to have a real relationship first, but I also wanted to live a bdsm life, as a boy and perhaps in time as a slave. I have realized over the last while that I could do this with you, that I could submit to you. But I want it ONLY if you want it, only if you like it and if it turns you on to own me.


So what does this mean? Well, first and foremost it gets its meaning from us, not from others, so it is ours to create and change and sustain. For me, serving you means you should have your needs and wants met, whatever they are, and that it is my place to help ensure you are pleased and satisfied. I won't pretend I am all that good at it yet, which is why the other night I said I wished you will train me, show me how.


Here is what I want you to understand. This is not a role play to me. This is about living our lives with you in charge and with me serving you. I would like to call you Mistress if that is okay, but even if that does not appeal to you, I want to serve you and service you. Here's the thing however. For this to work you need to not only want this. You need to exercise your dominance and control actively. I need you to control me not somehow expect me to do all of the right things.


Here's how. Control my sex. Control my orgasm and allow me humiliation and pain and I will be at your command. It is hard for me to admit that, but I know I am ultimately in need of your direction, your control, and when required your discipline. In fact, when you are like this, I am turned on. Sometimes when you are mad at me, I wish you would punish me. Instead I argue with you. I want that to stop. I want you to have things your way. I want to be considered, but I want you to decide and I will obey. I promise.


I will need help to get to this point but here is my vision of service to you.


1. Your happiness is my number one concern.


2. You no longer have to do any house work or laundry. Train me how to meet your standards and I will do these things.


3. You decide if and when you go out with me or by yourself. It is understood that if you go out alone or with friends, I will watch Bryn and, if you so decide, clean while you are away.


4. I will do the grocery shopping unless you wish to.


5. I will run the errands.


6. I will sit at your feet as a matter of course unless you allow me otherwise.


7. I will remove your shoes and kiss your feet when you enter the house.


8. I will serve you sexually whenever you want in whatever way you want, without expecting any release myself.


9. I will be available anytime to rub your feet or back, run you a bath.


10. I will not orgasm unless you allow it. I will wear a chastity device if you wish it.


What do I need from you?


1. I need you to love me and show me how to please you.


2. I need you to respect my voice but know that ultimately you decide and I will obey.


3. I need you to actively dominate and be in charge. This does not mean it cant be fun or sexy or done in a subtle way... Bottom line is what you say goes.


4. I need you to use humiliation as way to remind me of my place and of your superiority. How you humiliate is your choice, but I can tell you being forced to eat my cum when I cum, whether from inside you or from your hand or from a glass... this is both a turn on for me but will be incredibly humiliating. I need that.


5. I need pain. I will show you how to torture my cock and balls. Please let me show you how.


I need you to be clear about what you want in terms of household duties. A list would be helpful that you check. I expect to live up to your standards. I ask only that you be fair in your demands.


6, Rituals would help me. Making me wear a butt plug every day for an hour for example.


7. I need you to be condescending and sometimes mean to me. Sometimes I need you to just ridicule me, ridicule my cock. The other night when you spoke of other cocks you had and how they were bigger... please humiliate me that way. It not only turns me on, it excites me to know that you choose my cock over those bigger/better ones.


8. Remind me of how lucky I am to have you own me, how much you put up with to be with me.


I want you, Mistress, to understand your power and my need for you to have it. I do have limits but they are few: no children, no drugs, no scars, and nothing that would expose unsuspecting others to this lifestyle without their consent. There is one more limit which you may find odd for me to cite, but it is important. I will not do sexual activities with another woman. If you wished me to suck a man I would but not a woman in anyway. Other than that, you have ultimate control. I know what follows may not be what you expected, but I have to tell you because I do not want to limit you. While my sex is yours to control, I do not expect you to limit yourself. It is your choice. In other words I would be your cuckold if you wished it.


There are other things I hope for but they are not needs. Like being forced to wear panties. Or forced to serve you drinks and such in front of a friend while plugged. Or forced to watch you dirty dance and whatever else you would do in a bar. Or having to drink cum for you in a public place... These are things I wish for, yours to decide of course. I know there is much to discuss.


You might find this hard to believe, I don't know. I have lived too long a lie about who I am. You have freed me to be my true self, which is your boy, your man, in love with the woman I worship and wish to serve. I hope this appeals to you.







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