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I first met Julie just over a year ago in a Coffeehouse, when we were both 19. The first thing I noticed about her, apart from her long dark hair and pretty face, was her well-padded figure. Her tight sweater emphasized her large breasts, which appeared to be trying to break out of it, and her tight mini skirt showed off her wide hips, prominent ass and meaty thighs and calves. Just 5'4" tall, she was one curvy lady, just as I liked them. Being short and slight myself, I didn't think she would be interested in me, but when I spoke to her I found her very friendly.

The second thing I noticed about her was her honesty. As I got to know her, I found that she would always tell the truth and be completely open, even if other peoples feelings were hurt. She seemed incapable of even telling a white lie. As time went on I became more and more sure that she was the woman for me, and eventually I proposed and she accepted.

It was then that I got to meet Jane, Julie's divorced mother, and Julie's sister Jessica. Jane was a little taller than my Fiance, and with an even more well padded figure. She had dark hair, like Julie, but cut much shorter. Her face, attractive but rather stern, made me a little frightened of her. Jessica was the same height as her mother, with long blonde hair and a much slimmer figure. Neither woman seemed too impressed with me; I always felt they had a slight sneer on their facewhen they spoke to me. I also had the impression they thought I was not good enough for Julie. However Jane agreed to the marriage, and arrangements were made.

One day just before the wedding, Jane and Jessica got me on my own.

"I don't think you are man enough for my daughter," Jane told me. "She is a passionate girl who needs a real man. I suspect that within a year she will need to turn to other men."

"Much sooner I'd say," sneered Jessica. "I reckon he will be a cuckold before the ink is dry on the marriage certificate!" Both women laughed at this.

Despite their nasty remarks, I was confident that I would be able to keep my future wife happy, though I found the engagement period very difficult. Julie and I had both had some sexual experience, but she decided to respect her mother's insistence that we did not have sex before the wedding. That did not stop her insisting on regular heavy necking sessions, during which I spent many hours with my head between her fleshy thighs giving her oral service. Unfortunately for me, she refused flatly to return the compliment. As a result she never saw me naked during that time, and never even touched my cock. If I protested, she would threaten to call off the wedding. I spent most nights during that six months jerking off to ease my frustration.

Finally, that was all behind us. The wedding had gone well and I was in our honeymoon suite, with my gorgeous wife naked on the bed with me for the very first time. I thought this was the start of something really special, and that nothing could go wrong. The truth is it was a disaster.

I got so over excited that no sooner had I entered Julie for the first time it was all over. With her brutal honesty, Julie wasted no time in letting me know that my performance was pathetic, and added that she thought my cock was so abnormally small that she could feel nothing. I told myself that this was the first time, and things would get better as we got more accustomed to each other. However, when we tried again the next night the result was just the same, and Julie got very angry. For the rest of the honeymoon, sex consisted of me lapping at her pussy for hours until she was satisfied, with my reward being a two-minute handjob from her.

We went straight to our new apartment from the airport when we got back, with me still optimistic that things would improve. At least Julie was very loving toward me, except when sex was involved. As we went to enter our new apartment, two young black guys came out of the front door next to us. It turned out they were 20 year old Alan, and his 17-year-old brother John, who lived with their divorced father Joe. Both were over six-foot, good-looking and very muscular. I noticed Julie's eyes light up as she caught sight of them.

"Hey look John," said the older boy, looking at my wife and ignoring me. "We have a real pretty lady living next door!"

"You got that right," added his brother enthusiastically.

"Hi boys," said Julie, in a very friendly way. "I'm Julie, and this is my new husband Michael." She shook hands with them both as they introduced themselves, and I was again ignored.

They chatted for a short while before the boys said they had to go. Saying they hoped to see Julie again real soon, Alan took Julie by the shoulders and gave her a big kiss on the lips. Far from pulling away, I noticed that my wife responded warmly to him, as she did when his younger brother kissed her too. As Julie went into the apartment, Alan took my arm.

"Sorry to spoil your newly wedded bliss white boy," he smiled. "But my brother and I are going to be fucking your pretty little wife soon."

"Yeah, real soon," added John. "And there will be nothing you can do about it, because she is going to love it!" The two of them walked away laughing, and I entered the apartment in shock.

"Wow!" exclaimed Julie as I walked in. "Aren't those two guys gorgeous!"

"I don't think we should get too friendly with them," I told her. "I don't like the way they looked at you."

"They looked at me that way because they want to fuck me Michael," she responded candidly. "And I bet they have the equipment to do the job properly too. You wouldn't catch them spending hours lapping away at their woman's cunt because they couldn't satisfy her any other way!" Her cruel remarks cut me like a knife.

"You wouldn't consider....," I began.

"I suggest you talk about something else," she answered coldly. "I don't think you would like my answer."

I tried to put it all out of my mind, though I felt sick with jealousy and foreboding. The first two nights in our new home were spent with me lapping pussy, and having to be grateful with a quick jerk off. However, Julie was very loving the next morning, as she kissed me goodbye before I went to work. She was still wearing her short transparent nightie, and I remember hoping that I would get the chance to put my cock in her again soon.

When I returned from work that evening, my wife was curled up on the sofa in her short bathrobe, showing off her shapely white legs. She got up and greeted me warmly.

"Why aren't you dressed?" I asked as we sat down.

"I thought I had better have a bath before you came home," she replied.

"Why?" I enquired.

"Because I have been fucked!" she announced triumphantly. "Properly fucked I mean, by that gorgeous Alan next door." I could hardly believe my ears, and I felt my legs go weak.

"You mean he raped you?" I asked.

"Oh no," she said emphatically. "I wanted it, and he didn't disappoint me."

"What happened?" I asked, not wanting to know, but needing to.

"Well," she began, warming immediately to her subject. "When I came back from the shops, I bumped into Alan outside. We chatted for a while, then I invited him in for coffee. Anyway, we were standing in the kitchen drinking, when Alan took the cups and put them down. Then he put his strong arms around me and started kissing me. He forced his tongue into my mouth, and began to fondle my ass."

"Didn't you tell him to stop?" I reasoned.

"Hell no!" she shot back. "I was enjoying it too much! Anyhow, he broke off kissing me, and said that he bet you had a tiny dick. I laughed and asked him how he knew. He said he had seen plenty of white wimps like you and they ALL had tiny cocks. Then he unzipped his fly, took my hand and pushed it inside. Oh Michael, I felt this huge thick dick in there, and it wasn't even hard! He made me stroke it until it was fully erect, and it must have grown to ten inches. I couldn't even get my hand right round it!"

"You should have stopped it then," I told her.

"Don't interrupt!" she snapped. "I told him I thought his dick was beautiful, and he gently pushed me to my knees, suggesting I get better acquainted with it. I held on to it, kissed it a few times and then slid it into my mouth. It was so hard, and so manly that I loved stretching my lips around it. After a while, he pulled me to my feet, stood me with my back to the wall and told me to take off my panties and hold my dress up."

"And you did it?" I asked incredulously.

"Like a shot," she replied. "I was so wet, and so turned on by this time, I would have done anything he asked. He got to his knees, and began teasing my pussy with his tongue. He is so much better than you at it; he was really getting me hot. Then suddenly he stood up and said maybe he should go."

"And he left?" I said, hopefully.

"Are you kidding?" she laughed. "I begged him to shove that huge black dick into me, I told him I had to have it. When he did slide it in, I almost fainted. I could feel his hardness right up inside me, and my pussy lips were stretched to the limit. I just can't describe how good it felt. And when he began to fuck me, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. He went on for ages, and I was gasping and sobbing, begging him never to stop. In the end I had my arms draped around his neck as he pounded into me, my legs weak with the intense pleasure he was giving me. Finally for the last couple of minutes he speeded up, and I really began to cry out. As I reached the most powerful orgasm I have ever known, I swear I could feel his cum shooting deep inside me. It was absolutely incredible!"

"Then what happened?" I asked, miserably.

"After I had recovered," she explained. "He kissed me, and told me he would see me soon."

"Surely you are not going to let it happen again?" I pleaded.

"I wouldn't count on it," she laughed. "He is going to tell his brother and his Daddy about my tight little cunt, and says I should expect a visit from them too!"

"I can't stand this," I wailed. "I don't want this to happen."

"Well you can try and stop them," she sneered. "But I don't think you will have much luck. Look at it this way, at least you are going to have a very happy wife. I'll be a very good wife to you as well, as long as you forget about the sex side of it."

Julie would have nothing to do with me in bed that night, and I eventually drifted into a miserable, troubled sleep.

The next day, I got a call from Julie while I was at work.

"John, Alan's younger brother called round just after you left," she explained, when I asked her why she called. "He said he is coming around this afternoon, and I should be naked when he calls. Can you believe the arrogance of the guy?"



"What did you say?" I asked.

"I told him not to be late!" she laughed.

"Why are you telling me this?" I enquired, exasperated.

"I want you to get home a little later," she told me. "John says he is going to spend all afternoon banging me in our bed, and I would hate you to be upset by walking in on us." I could hear herdesperately trying to surpress a giggle at the other end.

I did as she told me, not that I had much choice, and found her once again in her robe when I returned.

"What an afternoon I have had," she enthused, as she kissed me warmly. "We went straight upstairs, John stripped and lay on the bed with his hands behind his head, and instructed me to kiss him all over before licking and sucking his massive cock and balls. He is even more dominant than his brother! He is also very different, but just as good. Do you know, he fucked me three times in our bed, and then had the nerve to make me suck him off when I kissed him goodbye at the front door!" She said all this with undisguised glee, totally unmoved by the look of pain on my face.

Once again that night, Julie turned her back on me in bed having just given me a perfunctory kiss.

Next day after work, I did not know what to expect when I got home. As it happened, Julie was wearing the short black nightie that I liked best, and I thought maybe I would get a little action at last. I was soon put right by my unfaithful wife.

"Alan and John took me round to meet their Dad Joe," she explained. He really is a nice guy, big and handsome just like his boys. I sat on his lap as we chatted for a while, and he played with my pussy and titties a little bit. Anyway he said he didn't have time then to enjoy me properly, so he is coming round tonight. He is going to stay all night, so I have brought down some blankets and pillows so you can sleep on the sofa."

"I won't have this," I exploded.

"Oh don't start that again," she replied calmly. "You know it is going to happen whether you like it or not, so just get used to it."

Julie had me answer the door when Joe arrived. He pushed straight past me and headed for the lounge, where Julie greeted him with open arms and mouth. They sat together on the sofa, and Julie told me to make coffee for all of us. When I returned, the two of them were French kissing passionately and Joe was stroking the top of my wife's thigh.

"Why don't you reach in my pants," Joe told Julie. "And show your husband how well you are going to be looked after tonight!"

"Sure thing," she replied, as she reached in and pulled out his huge cock.

It was the first time I had seen one of the cocks that were cuckolding me, and it was a big shock. Ihad never seen a cock that size, and I knew immediately that there was no chance of me ever competing with Joe and his sons. I heard Julie gasp as her little white hand stroked his thick ebony dick.

"Oh isn't it magnificent Michael?" she squealed. "He is even bigger than the boys!"

I could see that Julie could not contain herself, and it was not long before she was leading Joe upto our bedroom. I laid out the blankets on the sofa, and prepared for a sleepless night.

It was fairly quiet upstairs for a little while, then I heard the bedsprings creak, followed by a loud cry of pleasure from my wife. The cries became louder and more urgent, as my wife accepted the large cock I had seen earlier into her pussy. Although I felt sick at what was happening upstairs, the mental picture of that huge weapon forcing its way into Julie's tight pussy had me rock hard. When I finally dropped off, I found myself waking up on several occasions, and each time I did, my wife was making the same noises.

Next morning, Julie came down, kissed Joe goodbye and came into the kitchen where I was making coffee.

"My God," she laughed. "Joe is nearly forty, but he is just as fit as the boys, and his cock never seems to go soft!"

"I don't really want to hear this," I complained.

"Oh sorry honey," she replied soothingly. "I should have realized that it would be humiliating for you, knowing your wife had to get good sex from other men. I'll try and be more diplomatic, and keep it to myself. I'll pretend it is not happening." She sniggered as she said this, before kissing me goodbye.

There was no chance of me pretending it was not happening when I returned home that evening. As I came in the front door, I could hear the now familiar cries of my wife in ecstasy. I entered the lounge, and froze at the sight before me.

Julie was on her hands and knees in the middle of the room, completely naked. Behind her, also naked, was Alan. He had hold of Julie's long hair, and was pulling her head back as he pounded into her, causing her big tits to jiggle violently. Sitting on the arm of a chair was John, his now limp cock glistening with juices, indicating that he had had his turn with my wife. Near to tears, I turned to leave the room, but Alan stopped me.

"You stay there wimpy," he bellowed. "I want you to see what you are missing. Tell your husband who you belong to slut!"

"I belong to you and John and your Daddy," she gasped out. "I'm sorry Michael, but I can't do without their big black cocks now, I will do anything they want."

"That includes denying your husband any sex right?" Alan continued.

"Yes darling," Julie cried. "I promise he will never have me again. Now I have had superior black cocks, I am never going back to little white ones." The two black youths laughed out loud as they saw my shocked, unbelieving expression.

I was made to stand there as Alan continued to roughly fuck my wife, with her telling him how much she loved it, urging him to make her come again as his brother had done earlier. He was only too eager to oblige, and before long Julie was screaming out her climax as he emptied his balls into her. She slumped forward exhausted as her lover withdrew.

After she had recovered, Alan turned her on her back, and ordered me to get my face between her legs and lick up the slime he and his brother had deposited in her willing cunt.

"That's it honey," she urged. "Suck out their beautiful black cum. You can do this every time they have me in future, to show you accept that they are superior, and that I am their girl now."

"Or else," added John menacingly.

"Do one thing for me," Julie asked Alan, as she got to her feet. "Make him suck your cocks clean as well, I would love to see that."

Humiliatingly, the two men forced me to my knees and made me suck their cum and Julie's juices from each of their cocks. Julie laughed, as I gagged at the very thought of what I was being made to do.

"Julie, just put a dress on, nothing else, and come with us. You are going to spend the night with the three of us, so we can really make you addicted to black cock."

"Oh you have done that already," my wife smiled. "But I am not complaining, spending the night taking three huge dicks is my idea of heaven!"

Julie slipped on her dress and came over to kiss me.

"Goodnight honey," she said warmly. "I'll be back first thing in the morning with your breakfast between my legs." The three of them laughed as they left me on my own.

As if I did not have enough to cope with, I was told at work next day that a cancellation in a residential training course had come up, and I was to be sent on it. I had to travel the next day, which was Saturday. When I broke the news to Julie, she was totally unconcerned.

"I'll be fine," she assured me. "Joe and the boys will look after me, and it is not as if I will have to go without cock while you are away, is it?" She laughed at her own remark.

As I was going to be away for a while, Julie said she would give me a treat that night. We got into bed naked, and she began kissing me passionately, pressing her soft warm body against mine. I ould feel her soft tits pressing against me, and the hairs on her pussy tickling my cock. I was soon rock hard, and rolled over on my wife preparing to fuck her. She pushed me away roughly.

"How dare you!" she spat. "You know very well you are not allowed sex with me. I give you a treat by allowing you a nice kiss and cuddle, and this is how you repay me. Heaven knows what my lovers will say when I tell them!"

"I'm sorry," I pleaded. "I misunderstood your intentions."

"Very well," she replied. "Well get off to sleep now, pull yourself off in the bathroom first if you need to." To my shame, I felt the need to take her up on that offer.

Next day Julie was all smiles as she saw me off.

"Will you miss me?" I asked, after she kissed me.

"Not for a moment," she replied, with her usual brutal honesty. "I will be too busy, pleasing my three men!" I went off to my course in a terribly depressed frame of mind.

Every night while I was away I phoned home to see how Julie was. Each time I got the answering machine, and left a message. None of my calls was returned, and I was left to imagine every night what my wife was getting up to with our neighbours. When I returned home early on the following Friday evening, I found that my wife was still able to shock me.

As I walked into the lounge, there was Julie in her bathrobe. I was shocked to see that. Not only had she had her hair cut short, but also had had it dyed blonde.

"It's the way my lovers like it," she explained as she came to greet me. "And that is not the only changes we have made. Kneel down." I knelt automatically.

Julie opened her robe to reveal her newly shaved pussy.

"My lovers like it that way too," she laughed. "What else do you see?"

Just above her bald pussy in tiny letters, were tattooed the names of her three lovers, one below the other, with a little red heart next to each name.

"It's a permanent reminder of the three men who finally made a real woman of me," Julie explained. "While you are down there, you can suck out the cum Alan and John left there earlier. Then we can sit down, and I will tell you about the other changes we intend to make around here."




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