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Story: Cuckolded at Last






I always knew that my wife was disappointed the first time she saw me naked. I don't have a tiny penis but it is smaller than average and, as I found out later, the smallest penis she ever had. What made it even worse I guess is to know she was also disappointed in how I fucked her. I came quickly. It was not what she was used to.


Her previous man had a big thick cock and could fuck her for a long time and often cum more than once. She told me how he fucked her at least twice per day, how he stretched her, and I knew that while she did not miss him, she did miss the feeling of a real man fucking her, filling her up.


As our relationship grew, it became apparent to both of us that she was the head of the household and that I was not just to be an obedient husband but also her slave and service man, her toy, her servant. It took us a while to both get to that point where we both could accept what we needed, but with patience and love we got there.


Today both of us are happy and secure in our relationship and know nothing will ever come between us. Her confidence in this started to make her more adventuresome a few months ago as well as more and more controlling of me, especially my cock and my orgasm.


She had stopped sucking my cock about six months ago, but a few months after that she put great restrictions on my cumming. In fact, I cum maybe twice per month, if that and when I do I am required to slurp up my cum for her. Sometimes from her cunt. Sometimes from her ass and sometimes from a silver bowl she bought for me.


About a month ago, I noticed things changing. It was hard to put a finger on I guess but it seemed like something was different about her. First of all, she stopped letting me see her naked as much as I used to. She didn't say anything really but I noticed she would order me out of the room when she dressed and undressed. She wore nighties to bed and would only let me see that part of her I was servicing, nothing more.


She also started going out more frequently with girl friends, but once in a while she went out without telling me if she was going alone or with anyone. One thing though, when she went out, she would have me help her get ready. I would bathe her, rub her body with creams or oils, choose her perfume, and she dressed in a manner that while not slutty was very sexy. Push up bras, short skirts, and I did notice for sure that when I helped her dress she never wore panties anymore when she went out.


I knew she was not seeing a man because she promised she would tell me if she were and I trust her. But I do think she wasn't shy about talking to them and flirting with them.


One morning she told me that she had been going to a club on and off where there was dancing and that she did enjoy dancing with other men. She said it turned her on to get sweaty with men who knew how to dance (I don't) and that to her seemed to find her very sexy.


I asked her if she saw some of the same men there and danced with them. She smiled but said nothing more than,"Tonight, my husband, you will see for yourself. I am going dancing and you will pretend you don't know me."


It was Saturday so we had breakfast together and over breakfast she told me that not only had she been enjoying her dancing with men, she said that sometimes they danced very close, so close she could feel their cocks grow against her belly.


She also told me that she had been chatting on line with a man she met at a conference. I was a little taken aback because I didn't know that but she would have none of my whining.


She said, "If I told you I was chatting with him you would have gotten all worked up and I wasn't sure about him, so I waited." Then she smiled at me and added. "I am sure now."


"Sure of what," I whispered.


"I am sure I want to fuck him," my wife said matter of factly. " I like him, but would never fall in love with him and he sent me pictures of his cock and, makes yours laughable, to be honest sweet heart."


I lowered my head and said nothing.


"Anyway, she went on. "I told him about us, about you, about how I need to be fucked long and hard."


I nodded, waiting.


My wife put on a devilish smile. "And I told him how much I miss sucking a real cock and how I don't even bother with yours anymore."


"Yes," I said. "I understand."


"I have more to tell you sweet heart."


I nodded again.


"I had lunch with him the other day and to make along story short, by the time we were done, my pussy was wet. I knew right away I wanted his cock inside of me."


"Oh," I said. "You didn't tell me that because..."


"Because I had to be sure, sweet heart"


We got up and went to the living room. She sat down, spread her legs and lifted her robe and told me to suck her gently while she told me more.


While I licked and sucked her clit, she told me that tonight he would be meeting her at the club and dancing with her while I watched. "I will fuck him afterward," she said. "And you will watch. Is that clear?"


"Yes Goddess," I said. "Very."


"There's more."




He has shown me his medical files that prove he is clean and has had a vasectomy, so I will be letting him cum inside of me."


I gulped. "Yes Goddess."




That night I bathed my wife and helped her get ready. She had bought a new black dress, scoop necked and very short. She also bought nylons and a garter and had me put them on for her. As we drove to the club, she mentioned how long it had been since she had had a real man to fuck. She said that several times as if to make sure I knew how badly she need a big thick cock.


At the club she went in first and I followed ten minutes later. I had to look for a while to find her and when I did, my eyes widened. She was sitting at a table in the corner with a very tall, fit, black man. He was very handsome and I could tell she was taken with him. She was leaning into him talking in his ear when I sat down at the bar.


I ordered a drink and then turned at the moment he leaned into kiss her. It was a soft yet lingering kiss and I noticed that one of his hands appeared to be under the table, though I couldn't really see what he was doing. Until I saw her jump a little and close her eyes. I took a long drink while I watched him finger her cunt right there in the club.


Over the course of the evening I had to watch them dance. He was very good and much of their dancing is what I would call normal dancing, but once in a while, when the music slowed, they got up against each other, grinding each other, his cock against her bare pussy.


When they did that, his hand would lower to her ass and pull her in. A few times her dress climbed and I could see her garters and a bit of her ass. She didn't seem to mind, even though typically she would have been nervous about that.


As the evening went on they stopped dancing and just spent time in the corner talking and kissing. I was hard most of the night watching them, but I actually moaned out loud when I saw my wife reach under the table. I couldn't see anything but I could tell by the motion of her arm that she was stroking him. It only took a few minutes after that for him to ask for the bill.


It was then that she waved me over. I walked slowly, unsure of what would happen.


She introduced me to Jim and Jim smiled and said Hello. Then she said to Jim, "Tell him."


Jim shook my hand and then informed me that I would be driving them back to our place and that he was going to fuck my wife tonight while I watched. "Do you have a problem with that?"


"No," I said.


"No what?" My wife said.


"No..Sir," I stammered.


"Good." They both said that in unison.


My memory of the drive home is a bit hazy. I do remember they sat in the back of our car and made out all the way home. My wife was topless by the time I pulled into the drive way.


I opened the door for them and followed them inside.


My wife led Jim into the living room and told me to fetch them some wine. It took me awhile to do that but by the time I did and returned to the living room, I knew my wife wouldn't be thinking too much about me for some time. The reason why was there for both of us to see: Jim's huge thick cock was in her mouth and she was licking him and sucking him like nobody's business.


She looked up at me and took his cock out of her mouth and whispered to me, "Now, this is a real cock isn't it sweet heart?"


I nodded, amazed at how hard and big he was and I was hard from seeing his black cock in her mouth and how she moaned when she licked it and sucked it.


My wife stopped after a while and ordered me to undress her. I slipped her dress over her head and then stepped back to watch her mount him. It was unbelievable to see his huge cock stretch her cunt wide open as she lowered herself on him.


She fucked him slowly at first to get used to his size but then she couldn't help herself. She began riding him hard and fast while he sucked her nipples. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open with pleasure.


They fucked for a long time on the couch before she finally led him to the bedroom. I made to follow, but she told me to wait by the bedroom door. "You have seen enough this time sweet heart but you can listen/"


She made me strip naked in the hallway and then asked Jim what he thought of my cock. He just laughed and walked in the bedroom while I stood there red faced and unable to stop myself from stroking my hard cock.


My wife kissed me and closed the door, leaving it open just a crack. "You stay here/"


And stay there I did. For nearly two hours I had to listen to them fuck and moan. I heard her beg him to fuck her harder. I heard her slurp all over his cock, and finally I heard her ask him to fuck her ass, which he must have done for at least 20 minutes before I heard him shout that he was cumming.


"Fill my ass with your cum," my wife shouted.


I couldn't believe my ears.


"Please cum in my asshole," my wife screamed. "God it feels so good."


And that's exactly what he did. Things went quiet for a few moments and then I heard my wife call me. "Come here, " she said.


I entered the room to see that, unbelievably, Jim's cock was still hard.


"Lay down on your back>"


"Yes Goddess."


I did as she said and shivered as she climbed on top of me and lowered her ass down on my mouth. "Now drink his cum," she whispered. She didn't wait for a response. She just took Jim's cock in her mouth and sucked him while his cum dripped into my open mouth.


Then she fucked her pussy against my face while she sucked him and he orgasmed again, right in her mouth.


"God," she said. " That was good, so good."


Later after Jim left, my wife told me that she couldn't believe how incredible it felt to have a real man fuck her and how much she had missed sucking cock. "You do realize sweetheart that he is going to fuck me again, don't you?"


"Yes, of course Goddess."


"Good, now suck my pussy so I can come so more."


And that is exactly what I did, happily.







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