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My name's Andrew, I'm a 23-year-old student, part time photographer, and last Thursday I was hired by a friend of mine to take some shots of his wife at the local gym. What follows is the story of how I manipulated my way into their marriage.

My friend Daniel suspected his wife was cheating on him. I knew of their history, as in their five years together, they always were perceived to be the happiest of couples. All of that changed the day Laryssa was gangbanged by a bunch of high-school seniors and college students, and their lives were never the same. Their sex life together disintegrated, as I knew she was getting other cocks on the side since then, many of which Daniel didn't know about. I'd be lying if I told you I didn't want be one of the guys his wife was fucking. In fact, I had a thing for Laryssa since the day I met her, and I used any chance I could get to flirt with her. At any rate, I decided to do Daniel the favor: I'd spy on his wife and take pictures, as he compensated me fairly well for such a silly job.

I was supposed to take some pictures of the gym anyways, requested by the faculty of the college I attended. This would have been killing two birds with one stone, and gave me the excuse I needed had Laryssa caught me taking pictures of her. I had my gym gear on, thinking I would need to blend in with the other gym bunnies. However, much to my surprise, the only ones working out were Laryssa and two very big, very strong weightlifters. I sat on the bench watching the three of them exchange looks and smiles, until Laryssa spotted me.

"Hey Andrew, what are you doing here?" she asked, giving me that ear to ear smile that always made me blush.

"Aw, just taking some snapshots for the gym. I was hired to."

"Really, by who?"

"School faculty, among others. How the hell are ya?"

"Great, never better, actually!"

"Good to hear. Listen, you wouldn't be offended if you appeared in a few of these photos, would you?" Nice, I thought to myself. That was very smooth.

"Sure, Andrew. Just for you." She responded before giving me that smile again.

We walked around the gym and made small talk. We were always good at that, and there were times I actually think she preferred to have conversations with me than her own husband. Give me a topic and I'd talk for hours about it. Give one to Daniel and he'd usually draw a blank. I had always thought myself to be a little smarter than Laryssa's husband. There were times when I'd be with both Laryssa and Daniel and I'd point out his obvious lack of intelligence to her, which always made her laugh. I'd pick on him a lot, like throwing popcorn at his head at the movies, taking the last seat at fast-food joints and even "accidentally" giving him too much liquor at many parties we'd all been too. I thrived on humiliating Daniel if front of his wife, as it always made me look like more of a man around her. Laryssa wasn't helping either, as she was my one-woman audience for my shenanigans. I cherished her attention towards me whenever I got it, as, if for nothing else, I'd have a lot to beat off to later in the night.

Laryssa started to pose for me, and on instinct my thumb was on the button of my camera. I took some pictures of her posing, sweating, running, stretching—anything at all she suggested. As usual, I was at her mercy, desperately trying to conceal my raging hard on. My buddy's wife was doing poses for me, wearing just a t-shirt and tight gym shorts, and I couldn't help but laugh at Daniel for putting me through this. Not only was this fun, but he was paying me for it! I pondered giving these pictures I was taking to Daniel. After all, he just wanted to see if his wife was messing around, and if she was, if this guy was someone at the gym she attended. Clearly, he was wrong, so these pictures wouldn't do his suspicions any justice. At least that's how I tried to justify my potential theft of them.

"How's that, Andrew? Did you get some good ones in?" Laryssa asked as she walked towards the ladies room.

"There great. I think I'll add them to my collection immediately!" I joked.

Laryssa walked away, shaking that tight ass, making my cock harden so much more. I lay on a bench, trying to conceal my hard on with my camera bag. I closed my eyes and fantasizing about fucking her sweat cunt, making her moan my name. I imagined my mouth on hers, my hands on her tits, telling me she wanted me just as I wanted her. When I opened my eyes again, she was standing above me, smiling, her blond hair highlighting her beautiful face. She leaned down and kissed me on my forehead.

"What was that for?" I asked, trying not to sound unappreciative.

"You deserve it." She responded. "I see the way you look at me, you know. You don't have to be shy. That kiss was my way of thanking you for making me feel pretty."

"Laryssa, you always look pretty." I said boldly.

She smiled again and sat down beside me. She held my hand and could see that I was so excited from what was happening. Then she said the words that almost ruined all the wonderful feelings I was having.

"Andrew, we need to talk about….us."

Oh shit. She must have seen the hard on I was hiding, why else would she be so forward with me? I must have looked like a total jackass.

"Look Andrew," she started to speak again, holding my hand. "I like you—I always have. You are so cute!" she said, pinching my cheek. "The truth is, you're my husband's best friend. It would crush him, you know that."

"It hasn't stopped you before, Laryssa." I said, humiliated and ashamed.

"Yeah, but those guys were different. You see, Daniel's the nicest guy in the world. That was kind of the problem. When I first cheated on my husband, the guy I was with was the opposite of him. He was tough, mean, and aggressive—all the things my husband will never be. It was so different, so…appropriate. He gave me everything I ever wanted, and he did it despite my marriage. He was the first guy that took what he wanted from me, assuming that I'd like it. And I did. I liked it so much that there have been other guys since him. Actually, I've been in a few group sessions. Did you know that, Andrew?"

"No…I mean I had no idea!"


"Okay, I kinda knew."

"The point that I'm trying to make is that all the guys that I've been with aside from my husband have all been all opposites of my husband. Real assholes, you know? I realize now that the guys I'm really attracted to are guys that aren't my husband. I like a guy who knows what he wants and takes it. Not nice guys. You and Daniel are the same. You guys are the nicest guys I know. Do you understand? Do you see where I'm going with this?"

"I'm not as nice as you think, Laryssa."

"Andrew…" she said, gripping my hand tighter, making me sweat.

"I know, I know." I said as I came back to my senses. "Look, its true, I really like you, and I have since I first met you. There are times when I'm at your place, and all I can concentrate on is you. I'm really embarrassed, but I'm glad you know."

"Oh Andrew, you are such a sweetheart." She said, stroking my forearm. She leaned in to kiss me on the cheek, but I moved my head towards her, kissing her right on the lips. She tried to pull away, but I used my right hand to pull her head towards mine and keep it there. I didn't need to use too much force, because she instantaneously kissed me right back.

"Mmmmm….Andrew, you have no idea. Why did you just do that?"

"That way my way of saying thanks to you." I replied proudly, my second smooth line of the day. She kissed me again, wrapping her arms around my neck. We got up from the bench and embraced, not taking our lips off each other. My arms caressed her waist, my tongue licking her ear and whispering, "I want you right here" slowly as I caressed her.

"Andrew…" she said, pulling away from me.

"He'll never know. We don't have to tell him, Laryssa. It'll just be between you and me."

"Well, he'd find out. At any rate, I you need to understand how I feel about you. You--"

"I could feel it in your kiss." I cut her off. "You want me too."

"Andrew….I…do. I do, okay?"

"Wha—say what?" I said, caught a little off guard.

"Look, ever since I caught a glimpse of your package in the hot tub last summer, I have thought about you…all of you. But I like tough guys. You are a nice guy. It would be like cheating on my husband with…himself! You see what I'm saying here?"

"You don't know me that well. I'm really not as nice as you think. You've seen me insult your husband, you've seen me beat him in pretty much every sport. You've seen me degrade him in ways I know you like. You've never seen him beat me in our wrestling matches in their backyard. And you know what else, Laryssa?"


"You know I have a bigger cock."

"Andrew…." I broke off her sentence with another kiss. I pushed her against the wall, giving the weightlifters a little show as they continued about their business. My neck was on hers, biting it, sucking it. She was sniffing my chest and armpit, using he nails against my back. The two weightlifters were pointing to us and talking, and I then realized they were listening to every word we were saying. They put their weights and towels down, walking our way. Like vultures spotting their prey, they moved closer to us, and that's when I noticed Laryssa wink at one of them.

"Um, look Laryssa, I think I have enough pictures here," I said nervously, grabbing my camera bag. "Why don't we split?" Laryssa shrugged her shoulders, and as we turned around, the two guys grabbed Laryssa by each arm, keeping her from leaving. I put down my bag and tried to help, but before I could say anything, one of the big guys put his sweaty hand over my mouth.

"Listen, dude, we been listening and watching this little pathetic display. What is the matter with you, you ain't got no balls? This bitch said she liked you AND said she'd been thinkin' about your sack. Dude, go for it! You an idiot or something?"

"Guys listen." Laryssa spoke up. "Don't make any trouble. Andrew and I are just going to leave, okay?"

"Shut the fuck up, bitch." Said one of the bigger of the two. He turned around and got in my face. "We're gonna do you a favor, right about now. We thought we'd Mack this bitch, and let you take pictures of it all. I hope you have some extra film in that little bag of yours. Now, you gonna do it, or do we have to lock your ass up in the shower?"

"I got a better idea." Said the other guy to his friend. "I want to see this guy fuck this bitch. I think she's married to his best friend. Before we Mack her, lets see her mouth on his dick. I want to see what kind of whore we're going to do here."

I swallowed hard as I looked down at Laryssa, who was being felt up by the second big guy. "Listen pal, no one will never know what happens here."

"You can't. That's rape!" I said.

"Is it?" the guy replied as he looked at Laryssa, who was now sporting a huge smile. Why was she smiling? She was in danger, why would she smile? Did she know these guys? Did she like them? Was this the aggressive thing she was attracted to? Or was it the thought of her going down on my cock? I assessed the entire situation before me when, as if I had broken character, I said something I thought I would immediately regret.

"Laryssa, you heard the boys. Lets get busy. Suck my cock."

I smiled when I said it out loud. I would picture myself saying those three little words whenever I would whack off thinking about Laryssa. Saying it to her face, in front of an audience, no less, make my already 7-inch cock stretch another inch. I realized why Laryssa must have been thinking about my cock. It wasn't the longest in the world, but certainly was fat. Thick and shaved. That must have been something she lacked in her marriage to Daniel.

Laryssa looked shocked at my sudden change in behavior, but suddenly she too broke character and fell to her knees, looking at the two big guys, then at me with those loving eyes. Oh, would Daniel love to see this. This is what he sent me for—to see if he wife was fucking another guy at the gym. Oh, Daniel, I thought to myself. You don't know how right you were. I looked at my camera and pondered taking a picture of this whole scene, but fell short when I suddenly felt my zipper lowered and Laryssa's hot breath inhaling my rock hard cock.

"Guys, hold her arms so she wont' get escape." I began to say, remembering her whole explanation to me about why she wasn't attracted to me. I was cute, but had the wrong attitude? Well, that was certainly about to change. "You," I pointed to the guy fondling Laryssa. "What's your name?"


"Well Brock, I've decided to do what you suggested. Only I'm in charge here. You want my bitch, you let me take her first, then she's all yours afterwards."

"Sounds good dude, you got her first. We're fine with that."

"Good. I want you to hold her arms tight while I fuck her mouth. You think you can do that, boys?"

"Nice touch, dude. I can see she's all up for it. She's practically swallowing your entire cock whole! What's your connection to this bitch again?"

"Her husband's my best friend."

"Oh yeah, that's fucking hot. How come he's not here? What's she doing with you instead?"

"I was just supposed to take pictures of her, at the request of her husband." I said, loving the irony of the situation.

"Well, if it's pictures he wants, it's pictures he's gonna get, eh?" the second big guy said as he smacked Laryssa's head with his cock. "By the way, my buddy here is Bubba. What's your name?"

"You can call me Andrew" I responded as I looked down at Laryssa, who didn't seem to be showing any resistance. She had this indescribable look of curiosity on her face. I watched as she tried to free herself from Bubba's grip, but he was holding her tight. He looked like he weighed 300 pounds. Brock was all muscle, with not one inch of fat on him. While Bubba was a little chubby in a cuddly way, Brock was a monster, a guy you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. Their shaved heads and hairless bodies were in opposition to my own. I didn't shave my body, but I wasn't a barbarian like Daniel either. I wore my baseball cap backwards, and my brush cut was short enough to blend in with the guys. I wasn't made of muscle and looked a little pale compared to the two brickhouses beside me, but I figured all Laryssa would have to see in me was that I wasn't her husband. Hell, I wanted her to see that I was capable of so much more than Daniel could ever offer her, and the only way I saw to doing that was with my cock. I wanted her to see superiority in me in comparison to her husband. I wanted her to see that I was so much more of a man than he was.

I remember times when she would watch Daniel and I wrestle out in their backyard, and every time I won, she would give me a standing ovation—and that smile. I would always try to win just for that smile, and her husband hated it. He would challenge me time and time again with a new maneuver he leaned, and each time he did, I would learn from him and steal the maneuver, perfecting it and using it against him. Laryssa loved that, as her and I always shared an unspoken look every time I made him tap out and submit to me. There was always something about those looks she have me when that happened. Watching her suck my cock was a culmination of all of those looks.

Somehow I could always see this happening. When Daniel first told me that Laryssa was involved in a gangbang, I went home pumping my cock for hours just entertaining the thought. I always felt the only chance I would ever get to be naked with her would be in some innocent group activity of some kind. This was far exceeding my expectations. I decided to go with this as far as I could, but if it got out of hand, that I would be the first one to stop it, no matter how much bigger these guys were than me. Something wasn't quite right, however. Why was Laryssa so trusting of these guys? How come there wasn't a hint of fear in her, knowing what was about to happen to her? Why were these guys being nice to me, letting me take her first? One of them alone was easily twice the size of me, let alone both of them. Why didn't they want first dibs on "this bitch"?

After realizing I was thinking my blowjob away, I got back into "character" and began pumping my cock in and out of my best friend's wife's mouth. She groaned around my cock and gripped my ass hard, sometimes using her fingers to tickle my ball sack. The boys were letting their cocks hang out and were smacking her cheeks with them as she blew me, taking her time and enjoying every slurp. She kept looking up at me and winking, then smiling. Smiling with my cock in her mouth. That did it—I shot my load.

I slid my cock out of her mouth slowly, watching a river of cum stream out of the edges of her lips. She moaned as I beat my cock on the tip of her nose, which spit drops of cum on her cheeks. Suddenly, I was shoved out of the way and fell on my ass. Bubba wasted no time throwing his massive shaft straight into her cum-flooded mouth, grabbing her head and fucking her face hard. He pumped in and out of her mouth as Brock rubbed his hands all over her body. When Laryssa pulled her face away to come out for air, she groaned in ecstasy "Mmmmm, please don't stop you big-dick mutherfuckers! I want all of you, especially you Andrew! I can't believe I have 3 incredibly hot…mmmmphhhhh" Laryssa's words were cut off with a dick shoved in her mouth.

The guys quickly got her more comfortable on the floor as she slid up and took Brock's cock in her mouth and stroked Bubba. I went around from behind and began to lick her pussy. I leaned over and spread her legs wide, teasing her pussy lips with my tongue. Man it tasted so good. I looked up to see Laryssa taking turns sucking both Brock and Bubba's cock for a few seconds each, switching between the two. I jammed my tongue deep in and out of her cunt, sliding my tongue in circular motions to stimulate her even further. I was determined to make a horny slut out of my best friend's wife. She was moaning loud now, or as loud as she could with a big dick stuck in her mouth. Laryssa's pussy was dripping wet as it was being cleaned. She was sucking and slurping on cocks like there was no tomorrow. When they both came all over her tits, she pushed the guys away. She threw her head back and leaned against her elbows, looking me dead-center in the eyes.

"Andrew, I have a confession to make. I've been thinking about you for a long time now."

"Oh Laryssa," I said with a smirk. "I'm so happy to hear you say that."

"No, you don't understand. I want you. I really want to be with you, only I wasn't that sure if you felt the same way about me!"

"Are you serious?"

"Of course! Last summer, I started grew a slight crush on you. I mean I always thought you were kind of cute, but I just left it at that. Then you started putting on some weight, you shaved your hair off—oh man! I wanted to kiss you every time I saw you!"

"No shit! Laryssa, you have no idea about how ironic this is."

"The thing about it is, I could tell you liked me too, but I didn't know if you liked me the way I liked you. I assumed you just thought of me as 'hot', so I was ready to settle for a good fuck with you, even though I wanted more."

"What is it about me that you like so much?" I decided to tease.

"I don't know. All I know is that when I watch you beat down my husband week after week, you make me so hot that I have to conceal how wet I get for you. You, Andrew, are all man."

I almost came again when she said that to me.

"So, I decided to set something up. Brock and Bubba here, well, they're my gym buddies. We met here and we train here. I've been kind of fucking them on the side—I'm sure you can see why." I did, as both of them were impressive specimens. Laryssa continued. "You see, I overheard my husband ask you to spy on me. Man was I pissed! Who the hell does he think he is to do such a thing?"



"But he was right," I replied. "He suspected you of cheating on him from someone at the gym, and you're fucking two of them!"

"Not so," she replied. "Brock and Bubba always take me to their place. They've never fucked me here."

"Very funny." I replied.

"Anyways, I figured I could use this against Daniel. I figured if he's pussy enough to get someone to spy on me, then he might as well get one hell of a show. Pictures of me fucking you—oh how hot that would be! Can you imagine the look on his face when he'd see your big cock in my mouth? He'd cry! Then I realized I was taking this too far."

"Gee, you think?" I mocked, her throwing her shorts at my face.

"This would destroy him. This would kill him. I know how much he values your friendship."

"But I'd rather be with you, baby." I said.

"And you still can. I want you too—but we have to play this by ear. If we're going to do this, we have to take this slow. Listen, we just took a big step! By sucking your cock, you just gave me every fantasy I had for the last twelve months. You will always have the upper hand in your friendship with Daniel, no matter what happens."

"What about these guys?"

"Oh, uh, Brock and were supposed to just play along, but, well, I guess we got a little carried away, didn't we boys?"

"We sure did, babe." Brock mumbled.

"Take a picture of me now, Andrew." Laryssa asked me. Without question, I reached for my camera, filled it up with new film and snapped away like crazy. This would be the picture Daniel was looking for—his slut wife covered in 3 men's loads at the gym. I knew I couldn't give this to Daniel, since he would ask who the men were. Laryssa was right, I wasn't going to tell Daniel about this. I would, however, always know that his wife was all over me for the last year—even before the first gangbang she had! That meant that when she was taking all those young guys cocks, she was thinking of me the entire time. I smirked at this as I finished taking the last of the photographs, the last one a great shot of Laryssa licking my cum off her index finger.

"Andrew," Laryssa said again as the guys went back to showers. "I want you more than Daniel. I know he's your best friend, but I'm offering you so much more. I won't leave him…at least for now. I am asking you to be my boyfriend, though. I'll only put out for you. I want you to fuck me on the side. You and only you. What do you say, honey?" She said, confidently.

"That's an interesting proposal, Laryssa." I said as I put my shorts back on. "I'll have to think about it."

I gave her a smirk as I grabbed my shirt, my camera and my bag, put on my hat and walked towards the exit. I'll never forget the look of shock on her face as I left. She just poured her heart out to me and I left her hanging! Man, I had this marriage dangling from my fingers! Whistling as I pressed the elevator button, I pondered what my next move would be. Clearly, the fun had just begun.







Moving into the basement of my own house was humiliating enough. Having some 18 year old football jock fucking your wife in the rest of the house was even worse.

Or was it?

Thanks to this young punk John, I was kicked out of the house I shared with my wife. She worked as a teaching assistant at the same high-school John attended. Last Monday, after the big game, they broke the news to me that they were seeing each other. Last night I got kicked out for being "in the way".

'Where did I go wrong' I thought to myself as I unpacked a new box, trying my best to ignore the moaning and screaming from upstairs. I turned up the stereo, trying to drown out my wife's cries "Oh John, fuck me baby, yes, yes, yes!". I was never going to forget last Wednesday, when John thought it would be fun to fuck Laryssa right in front of me. I'll never forget Laryssa's expression as she was drilled deeper and deeper with his sweaty cock. I'll never forget it because I was tied to the chair, courtesy of my wife's jock friend. He seemed to enjoy grabbing her hair as he fucked her doggie-style. I couldn't help but notice that she was almost doing the fucking--grinding her cunt against his big dick as he plunged her further with every stroke. The smile John gave me as he came--that wink and grin, told me that I was a defeated man, that my marriage was forever altered. Now matter how I try, I have her expression branded in my memory forever. That look of ultimate sexual satisfaction that I had never seen on her face before.

I don't know why I didn't just pick up and leave instead of moving to the basement. Maybe I still wanted to stay close to my wife. Maybe I thought that we could work things out, that this was just a phase that she was going through. Maybe I liked the thought of some football jock sticking his fat cock in my wife's tight hole. Regardless of why, the neighbourhood had their own reasons, as rumors flew about our interesting lifestyle fast.

"He can't give it to her!"

"He can't even get it up!"

"He's become cuckolded by his hot wife."

"His wife just needs a big dick to solve all her problems..."

Laryssa was hot, and she always liked all the attention drawn to her. She would come to my store after her work at the school. Every male customer of mine would stare at her and gawk at her tits. I liked the fact that I had a trophy-wife, and that these guys wanted what was all mine.

Things got weird not too long ago, when Laryssa first took an interest in John. Everyone knew him, since he was the star-quarterback on the team, a senior, and Mr. Popularity. My wife loved going to the school football games, and the few times I joined her, she never seemed to take her eyes of John the Football Jock.

After school on Monday was the big revelation. The school was having one of the most important games of the season. It was then that I caught something I wasn't supposed to see. After one of many touchdowns, I saw John wink at her.

Right away I could sense something between them. She blushed at the wink, and quickly looked at me to see if I saw it. John's team won that day, John with the most points in the game, clearly the MVP--again. Lauryssa told me she'd meet me at home, that she was going to congratulate John as things were wrapping up.

I made my way to the car after she gave me some errands to run. Paranoid thoughts clouded my mind, giving me a boner I tried to hide as I walked. It was a given that my wife was close with her students, but what if? What if I went back to check up on her and discovered Laryssa on her knees, sucking John the Football Jock's big cock in the dressing room? Oh man, this I had to do!

No one seemed to be around as I made my way to the boys changing room, when I heard voices. I could hear all the guys snapping towels and chanting and yelling victory howls. I shook my head and turned around, only to bump into John!

"Hey John, great game, dude!" I said.

"Thanks. What are you doing here?" he said.

"Looking for my wife, have you seen her?" I asked.

John smirked at me and looked in the direction of the showers. "Yeah, I've seen her.."

"Is she in the shower?"

"Look, give me the message and I'll pass it to her."

"No, John, I just wanna.."

"Give me the message, fuck-nut, and I'll tell her."

John's muscular body pressed against mine, and we were nose to nose, him looking down on me, me clearly intimidated with his sweaty aroma surrounding me.

"Give me the message."

"Tell her I was looking for her."

"Maybe. What will you do for me?"

"What do you mean?"

"If you I do you a favor, you do me a favor."

"What do you want me to do, John?"

"I want you to lick my spunk out of your wife's hot tight cunt after I fuck the shit out of her tonight."


John's hands pinned mine against my back and he shoved me against a locker. "I want to shove your face in your wife's holes after I fuck them. I want you to listen to her screaming my name, again and again and again. I want you to give her to me, as my fuck-toy, as my whore, as my bitch, as my woman. And I want you to be my obedient little bitch."

Suddenly I heard my wife's voice, calling for John, coming from the shower. "John, where aaaaaarrrrreeee you?"

"John, what is my wife doing in the shower right now?" I said, swallowing immediately.

He smirked at me again, slapped my cheek and spit right in my face. "Waiting for me." he said.

He walked away and I slid down on the floor. My wife was in the school shower with John. She was more then likely going to get pounded by his big dick in the shower. What the fuck just happened? I had walked over here to check on my wife, who I suspected of infidelity, and her "boyfriend" just confirmed it to me and threatened me too?! If I was angry about it, why was my cock more hard then its ever been? Why was I trying to listen to the sounds of moans and laughs coming from the shower?

The rest, as they say, is history. I agreed to move into the basement. My wife gets the rest of the house, shared of course with her high-school jock boyfriend. I run errands for them both, but I get to stay married to her. On paper, we are still married. In reality, I suck cum out of her pussy once it's been fucked. That's the deal.

The neighbours can talk all they want, but the fact was, I certainly had the most interesting marriage in the neighbourhood. Was I mad about moving out of my own house? Hell yeah? Am I grateful for still staying in part of the house, partially still married to my wife? Hell yeah.

Now if Layrssa and John could just stop screaming for just one minute...








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