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WimpHub Story: Celibate On My Honeymoon




Chapter 1

Victoria was 16 when I first met her, and I was 36. She is the daughter of my business colleague, a stunning redhead, 5' 2" with large breasts and shapely legs. She flirted with me shamelessly from the beginning, and I soon became besotted with her.

I started to see her more often, and eventually, with the blessing of her parents, it was decided we would marry when she was 18. She is an only child, and I was aware that she is strong willed and used to having her own way. For her part, she liked the fact that I am docile, submissive even, and soon became the dominant partner in our relationship. It did not take her long to find out my little kinks, in particular my foot fetish, which she loved to exploit.

During our courtship period she would not let me fuck her, although she had told me that she had been sexually active since the age of 14. During our times alone she would have me on my knees for hours, firstly licking and sucking her pretty feet, and then sucking her pussy to at least two orgasms. In return she would play with my modest cock until I was ready to come, and then take great delight in stuffing it back, unsatisfied, into my trousers. While doing this, she would often comment that I had the smallest cock she had ever seen, and taunt me that she would probably not feel it when she did eventually let me fuck her.

At last she reached 18, and we were married. We left for the airport to travel to Spain directly from the reception, taking the night flight to Teneriffe. This meant I would not get the chance to consummate our marriage until we were in Spain.

Early next morning we were at the hotel booking in, when I noticed my wife looking behind me. As I turned, I saw that her attention had been taken by a tall black man, probably a year or two older than her.

"He's gorgeous" she purred, "I bet he doesn't have a tiny little boy's cock like you darling, given the chance he could probably fuck me senseless!" I reminded Victoria that this was our honeymoon and she should be thinking of me. She just smirked.

The young man noticed Victoria looking at him and smiled. To my annoyance, Victoria waved at him, and he made his way over to us. He totally ignored me, and put his hand out to my wife.

"Hi, I'm Tony" he said, "nice to meet you."

"Likewise" answered Victoria, taking his hand. "Have you been here long?"

"Just arrived" he responded, "I'm here for two weeks."

"Us too", my wife countered, "why don't you join us for a drink in the ballroom tonight?" Tony agreed immediately, and said he would see her later. Still ignoring me, he turned and left. I asked my wife sulkily why she had done that, and she merely replied that it would be nice to make friends while we were there. We went silently to our room to get settled, and spent the afternoon taking a look round the resort.



Chapter 2

We were getting ready to go to the ballroom in the evening, and I noticed my wife was taking extra care with her preparation. She had chosen her shortest navy blue dress, which finished half way up her thigh, and which was very low cut at the front, showing about half of her ample breasts. I was sure she had not put on any underwear, and her sexy white legs were left bare.

Arriving at the ballroom, we found a table and got comfortable. Victoria kept looking around, taking little notice of anything I was saying, and I began to get very jealous, knowing that she was looking for Tony. Eventually he arrived, and kissed my young wife on the cheek before sitting next to her. Again, I was ignored. My wife told me imperiously to get our new friend a drink. When I returned, they were deep in conversation, laughing and joking together.

After a while, Tony asked my wife if she would like to dance. She readily agreed, and the spent the next twenty minutes gyrating to the loud disco music. Eventually, they came back to the table and sat down together. I asked Victoria if she wanted to dance with me, but she declined, saying she wanted a breather. Having said that, a slow number came on, and Tony took her willingly back to the dance floor. I watched as she put her arms around his neck, and he grabbed her arse, pulling her close to him. As they danced, they whispered constantly to each other, and then to my horror, he bent his face to hers and french kissed her passionately. My mind was in turmoil as I waited for my wife to come back to me.

When they eventually returned, Victoria leaned over to me and unleashed a bombshell.

"Tony has told me that he finds me incredibly sexy, and he wants to have me tonight. I know it is our honeymoon, but we have all the rest of our lives together, so let's call it a last fling eh?" I said I could not believe she had said that, and would not countenance her sleeping with anyone but me. She leaned closer and whispered in my ear.

"I wasn't asking you, I was telling you. If you want to see me at all during this holiday, you will go along with whatever I want, understand?" Like a complete fool, I agreed to her demands. With that, she grabbed Tony's hand and said:

"Let's go, I am soaking wet thinking about that big cock you have for me. Don't wait up, darling, I will be back in the morning." Laughing, they left for Tony's room. I went back to our room, and slept fitfully, my mind full of images of my young wife giving to the black man what she still had not given to me.




Chapter 3

I was already up when Victoria breezed into our room at nine the next morning. She looked flushed, and was in a very happy mood.

"Did you have a good time?" I asked superfluously.

"The best ever" she replied happily, "Tony fucked me four times last night with his huge cock, and I lost count of the number of times he made me cum. I behaved like a complete slut, constantly begging for more of his black meat. Then, as I was leaving this morning, he pushed me up against the wall, and rammed into me like a man possessed. I screamed out as he gave me my fifth helping of cum. Look at this!" She raised her dress, showing her puffy pussy, the hairs matted with her new lover's cum. In spite of my jealousy, and the pain her story was causing me, I had a raging hard on.

"Do you think we could go to bed now?" I asked meekly, "After all, we have not consummated the marriage yet."

"Not now, darling" she replied, "I need a break after the pounding my cunt has taken. I tell you what, you can lick my pussy gently if you like, if you don't mind it being a bit messy." Willing to do anything to get close to my wife again, I knelt before her. As I began the unpleasant task of lapping up Tony's juices, she stroked my hair.

"That's it darling, suck all of Tony's sticky cum out of me, show me that you accept that I can cuckold you any time I like."

"But I don't want to be a cuckold" I pleaded, "I want it to be just you and I"

"I have seen your cock, remember?" she answered . "You are not man enough for me on your own. There will always be other cocks giving me the satisfaction you can't, and after last night I expect they will all be black!" She then informed me that I would also have to clean her up at the back, as Tony had put one load up her arse.

As I knelt before my new wife, my tongue pushing into her arsehole cleaning out another man's cum, I feared for the future, and began to wonder if I had made the biggest mistake of my life.

When Victoria was satisfied with my cleaning, she went to shower and change. She came out, wearing a small top with no bra, and a pair of white shorts. She looked great, and I perked up a little. I asked her where she wanted to go, and she informed me that she had arranged to go into town with Tony.

"Why don't you relax by the pool?" she asked, "and I will see you there later". My depression returned immediately.

About one in the afternoon, I saw my wife and Tony approaching me, hand in hand.

"Hello darling" she cooed, "had a good morning?" Without waiting for an answer, she advised me that she and Tony were going to his room.

"This horny bastard wants to feel my mouth around his cock again, before I spread my legs for him" she laughed. We will meet you in the ballroom tonight."




Chapter 4

I sat alone in the ballroom, awaiting the arrival of my wife and Tony. When they arrived, I was shocked to see that Victoria looked a total slut. Heavily made up, with a dress that hardly covered her breasts and pussy. They sat down, and my wife ordered me to get the drinks. I came back to see them with their hands all over each other, laughing and whispering. I sat there for a while, looking and feeling very miserable. Eventually, my wife spoke to me.

"Do you realise how stupid you look, sitting there like a spare prick at a wedding, with that miserable look on your face?" She kicked off her shoes. "I can't bear to look at you any more. Get under the table and lick my feet for a while." I hesitated.

"Do it!" she spat, and I got to my knees under the table and took her little foot in my hands. While I was licking her feet and sucking her toes, the waitress came over and asked if everything was alright.

"It's OK" said my wife, "my husband is an impotent little wimp, who can only get an erection by sucking my feet. Get up darling, the waitress wants to take our order." I got up red faced to see the waitress looking at me with undisguised contempt. This caused Tony and my wife to erupt with laughter. I dearly wished I was somewhere else.

Time passed, and I realised that Victoria was dying to take Tony's cock again.

"Walk us back to Tony's room" my wife ordered as they got up. They walked ahead, arms around each other, while I followed a few paces behind, head bowed. When we reached Tony's room, my wife said she wanted a goodnight kiss. I leaned forward, but she grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to my knees,

Lifting her skirt, she showed me her uncovered pussy and ordered me to kiss it, and not stop kissing it until I was told. I began kissing, aware that lots of people were passing by on the way to their rooms. One married couple, the worse for drink, stopped to watch.

"You have him well trained!" laughed the man.

"Yes" agreed my wife, "my husband is kissing my pussy goodnight, before my lover does exactly what he wants with it."

"What a pathetic little pervert!" sneered the man's wife, "he deserves to be a cuckold, if he were my husband I would slap him silly" The four of them laughed, and the couple left. I was dragged to my feet, and my wife told me to go back to the room while she took a few more loads from Tony.




Chapter 5

It was our last night. As usual, I walked back with my wife and Tony to his room. When we got there, Tony spoke.

"I was thinking, as your husband hasn't been allowed to have you, perhaps he would like to watch you being fucked by a real man?" His words had an immediate effect on my cock, which did not go unnoticed by my wife. Rubbing the front of my trousers, she said:

"I think his cock has answered for him. Let's make it as humiliating as possible for him." With that, she ordered me to go inside and strip. When they had finished laughing at my poor excuse for a cock, Victoria ordered me to stand in front of her and undress her. I undid her blouse, revealing her large breasts, still showing signs of the love bites Tony had put there over the last two weeks. I was made to suck her nipples. Getting over excited, I caressed her breast with my hand. I was given a stinging slap across the face for my trouble, and my wife said: "This is not for your pleasure, it is for mine and Tony's" Then she went on teasingly:

"You would really love to fuck me now, wouldn't you darling? Your little cock is getting all hard in anticipation!" Taking Tony's rapidly hardening cock in her hand, she went on:

"Which one do you think I would rather fuck darling, this one I can't get my hand around, or yours which I can hardly see?" She and Tony laughed at her humiliation of me, as I agreed that his would give her more pleasure.

Having removed the rest of her clothes, I was pushed to my knees and told to make her wet to receive Tony's cock, while she kissed him passionately and fondled his large weapon.

When they were both ready, I lay on my back on the floor while Victoria straddled my face, facing my feet. From there I had a close up view of the beautiful pussy that had been denied to me. Tony knelt behind her, and I watched as he slowly fed the full length of his cock into my willing wife.

"Oh that's it gasped my wife, "give it all to me Tony, show him how you have mastered me with that big black fuckstick over the last fortnight. Show him how you have made me addicted to big black cock, and how I will be a slut for it from now on!"

Tony began to fuck my wife in earnest, with her crying out orgasm after orgasm, using the filthiest language I have ever heard. All the time I could see his cock sliding in and out of Victoria's cunt, just a few inches away. Finally, he announced he was about to cum.

"Yes, Tony" shouted my wife, "shoot your load deep into his unfaithful wife, empty those big black balls into my belly!" With a cry, Tony duly obliged.

When Tony withdrew, my wife lowered her sopping cunt on to my face, and rubbed the mixture of Tony's cum and her juices all over it. I was then made to stand. I went to wipe my face, but my wife told me to leave it. She wanted me to go back to my room with the slime on my face, in the hope that plenty of people would see me looking stupid.

"I want to see it on your face when I return in the morning" she said, "or else!" I returned to my room as ordered while my wife enjoyed her last night with Tony.

The next morning, as we were ready to leave, Victoria was locked in a long, loving embrace with her lover. She kissed him goodbye, and he left, promising to call her sometime. Victoria turned to me and said:

"This is what married life is going to be like for you. Now I have tasted black cock, I intend to carry on finding it when we get home. To be honest, I don't think that little boy's cock will ever find it's way inside me, so get used to it."

I was devastated. I had a beautiful, young sexy wife, and I was being told I could never have her. I cried myself to sleep that night, as I have done on many nights since then.




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