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"My friend, your ass is fired!"

That's what Rob said to me when he canned me from the company. I listened to him lecture me for 3 minutes before he revealed my fate with the company. He didn't hold back his thoughts on my incompetence, and harshly implied that if it wasn't for my wife's pleading, that he would have got rid of me a lot sooner. It was hard to avoid that smirk on his face once he gave me the bad news.

I sat up and walked towards the door, not stopping to grab my things, hanging my head down as I walked. I could feel my fellow employee's eyes on me as I left the office, and almost fell on my ass when Rob tugged the back of my shirt as I left. He held his right hand out for me and shook his head, mocking me for forgetting to hand in the keys. Defeated, I left the building for my last time.

I was still numb from the news as I rode home. When I arrived, I pondered how I was going to tell my wife Laryssa what happened. After all, she was employed with the company the same time I was hired, although she only worked part time, and in a different department, more under Rob's wing than I was. I walked in the door and my wife was on the phone, telling whomever she was talking to that I was home and she had to go.

"I got fired today." I told her.

"I know. That was Rob on the phone. He told me." She said.

"It was? What did he tell you?"

"That you made some stupid mistakes. Downloading porn? Making fun of him to other employees? Stealing office supplies? Incompetence on the job? What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I'm sorry, Laryssa, but hey, they're still going to give me 2 months salary and…"

"What about when it stops? What then? Will you have another job by then? What will we do if you don't? Will I have to work full time for the company? Maybe I should have your job. I'd sure as hell do it a lot better than you, that's for damn sure."

"Don't say that honey. I'll figure out something."

"You better, because this is completely unacceptable. I backed you up, you asshole! I convinced Rob you weren't a loser. Was I wrong? Should I have listened to Rob in the first place?"

"Whoa…what do you mean, Laryssa?"

"Nothing. Get the classifieds, you got some work to do."

So I hit the classifieds, circling everything from e-commerce managers to janitorial services. I went online and sent an e-mail to anyone and everyone that was hiring. The entire time my wife was on the phone again, and by "accidentally" glancing over at the call-display monitor, I could see that she was talking to Rob again. What were they talking about? Were they discussing me? Why was she talking to him in the first place?

Paranoia clouded my thoughts as I lay I bed after sending my resumes. I was confused, just why was my wife taking this more personally than I was? I could understand Rob's anger. If one of my employees were trash talking me, I'd want his ass fired too. Still, I had not noticed before today that there was an after work friendship with my wife and ex-boss. Was there something going on between them? I imagined my wife with Rob, his shaved head, his rugged hands, his massive muscular arms and chest. I remember all the body contact they made during meetings at work. I always suspected my wife had a soft spot for him, but I never thought it would amount to much. Subconsciously, I knew my wife would never be able to handle someone as rugged as Rob. By the size of his hands and his dedication to staying in shape, I imagined he would always be rough in bed, something Laryssa just couldn't handle. Could she?

Rob would probably pounce on my wife if he ever got a chance. She was hot, in her mid-twenties, blond, d-cup tits and cute. I started to caress my boner thinking about the two of them together, when the doorbell rang. I leaped up and made my way towards the door, and gulped when I looked up and saw…Rob.

"Hey, buddy, how are ya." He greeted me.

"Um, hi, Rob. What are you doing here?" I replied, dumbfounded at my new guest.

"I came by to see your wife. Is she upstairs?"

"Yeah, come on in and I'll get her for you."

"That's right, you will. Here, take my jacket."

Rob took off his leather jacket and threw it at my face. I took it and hung it in the closet, a little irritated that he just walked right into my home. Who did he think he was? I mean, yeah I did say some bad things about him at work, and sure I wasn't the greatest employee the company ever had, but I wasn't an employee of his any longer. What gave him the right to be an asshole? Was he here to resolve things? I shook my head as I walked away from him, walking up the stairs to get Laryssa. I cocked my head and saw him walk towards the fridge, grabbing one of my beers, walking back to my couch and putting his feet up on our coffee table. He looked at his watch and started whistling, implying that I was taking too long to summon my wife. I guess I was walking a little slow, but I had a gut feeling that him being here and his request to see my wife was not going to be for my personal satisfaction. In fact, it felt like it was going to be anything but.

I walked into the bathroom, watching my wife putting the finishing touches of her make up on. She was wearing something I bought for her on our last anniversary, a real sexy piece that I bought her, something only I had been exposed to. This was not looking good. The knots in my stomach tightened.

"What's Rob doing here?" I asked.

"He's come to get some things off his chest." She replied.

"What do you mean?"

"I think you rubbed him the wrong way, so he wants to say some things to you."

"But he asked for you when I let him in!"

"Yeah, he wants me to hear what he has to say to you. Lets go down and see 'em."

I walked behind my wife, who couldn't seem to hide her smile as she approached Rob. He hugged her and she made herself comfortable, grabbing Rob's unfinished beer and started drinking from it, licking the rim of the bottle. I started to sit down but Rob told me to stand up, and sat himself down beside Laryssa.

"First thing's first, you're a little piece of shit," Rob began.

"Now hold on a second, Rob, you can't just come in here and…" I attempted to respond.

"Actually I can. I have your wife's consent to be here, and she feels comfortable enough to watch this. I have a lot of things I want to get of my chest, and I want to teach you a lesson before I leave here. Do you understand?"

"But Rob, I…"

"Oh shut up, you idiot," my wife interrupted. "You don't have a leg to stand on. If you're lucky, Rob here might give you your job back--if you just listen."

"You will not interrupt me or your wife until I finish what I have to say, do you understand, you spineless mutherfucker?" Rob continued.

"Yes, Rob, I understand."

"Good. For starters, you were terrible at your job. I can't believe we actually gave you the salary you were receiving for the work rate you were producing. Your job was so easy, I could have done it blindfolded. You suck. You were also always late. You never cleaned up after yourself, and you were loud. I won't even get into the porn downloads. I think you were the worst employee we ever had, and so do a lot of people, including your wife. But none of those things make me as mad as you insulting in front of my staff. That really gets under my skin."

"I'm sorry Rob, I'm so sorry."

"I don't believe you."

"No really, I am. I beg your forgiveness. Let me have my job back, I'll do anything!"

"He's pathetic, Laryssa, I can't believe you stayed with him this entire time."

"I know, Rob." My wife said. "Keep going."

"I think there's a way out of this for you. A chance to redeem yourself. You'll get your job back, I get the apology I want and your wife gets the reward for all of it. You sure you'll do anything?"

"Anything. Please Rob, I just want my job back." I grovelled, making my wife laugh out loud.

Rob kicked me in the stomach and lowered me to my knees. "Take my jeans off." He said. I unbuttoned his top button and slid his zipper down slowly, letting the heat from his cock overwhelm my nasal passage. I pulled his pants down and helped him out of them. "Laryssa, come here and get on your knees, honey." He asked. She did as requested and looked up at him with loving eyes, more passionate than she had ever looked at me. She gave him a wink and slid down his boxers, his 11-inch cock hitting her in the face. Without using his hands, he smacked her face around with it, making her moan and stick her tongue out. I could see why. Just as I had suspected, his cock was fat, meaty, thick, a monster really. Sure enough, he had big, low hanging balls, full of cum and completely smooth. He spit on me as my wife licked around his cock, her hands massaging his thighs.

"Its your choice. I can fuck your wife's pretty mouth in front of you and you have a job again, or I don't, and you go back to the unemployment line."

"Please, Rob, fuck her mouth, as long as she wants it."

"Oh she wants it, you little wimp. What kind of a man lets his wife fuck her boss?" he asked me as he fucked her mouth hard, harder, almost pumping her throat. His big football player hands gripped her head, one hand holding the back of her head, the other yanking a handful of blond hair.

"Me, sir, I want my job back and I realize what my place is."

"Ugh, oh yeah, that's right baby, suck that cock, smoke my dick baby, what would that be, you little fucker?"

"At your feet, sir. I'll do anything. I'm so sorry, Rob."

"At my feet, eh? Take my socks off, boy." I did, as told. "Suck on my toes, clean them all with your tongue, smell the sweat of my feet. You smell that?" he said again, spitting on me, my wife begging him for more.

"You are pathetic, you know that?"

"Yes, sir, I know that."

"You will obey me at all times, right?"

"Yeah, Rob, I will."

"Good. I'm going to be hungry after I fill your wife's pretty mouth with my cum. Go make dinner."

"Yes sir. Rob?"

"What, you little piece of shit?"

"Do I have my job back?"

Rob and Laryssa laughed out loud, her of course with a dick in her mouth, making Rob tremble a little bit."

"Not yet. When I'm satisfied, you'll get your job back."

What was I going to have to subject myself to in order to get my job back? Was he job even worth it? Did I dare reject Rob's request? I tried to get the taste of feet out of my mouth, wiping the rope of spit away from the side of my cheek. I certainly was in a compromising position. The question was, how far was I willing to let it go?








The day my ex-boss Rob and my wife Laryssa make a cuckold of me, my life was forever changed, and I would never be the same.

I took a few days, but I was slowly adapting to my new lifestyle. I was getting used to Laryssa bossing me around, and even though I hadn't seen him since that day (see: You're Fired! Part One), Rob was still calling my wife on a regular basis. Sometimes he'd call while I lay next to Laryssa in bed at the end of the night, and the last time he called, she'd put him on speakerphone. They didn't hold back anything from me, as Rob went into detail about how good he was going to fuck her. Laryssa egged him on, begging him tell her more, asking for specifics and little details, smirking at me the entire time.

On Monday, I was warming up for my morning run, when I opened the door and bumped into Rob, clearly about to ring the doorbell. He was accompanied by another one of my former employees, Stephen, also an executive on Rob's level.

"Hello Laryssa." Rob said.

"Hi Rob."

"This is wimp I was telling you about. You remember this little cocksucker?" Rob asked Stephen. Stephen shook his head and gave me a pat on the shoulder.

"Daniel, I've told Stephen everything about our little adventure the other day, so you don't have to pretend to be a man around him. He knows you're a wimp. Go get your wife, sissy." Rob ordered.

Laryssa came down before I had a chance to get her, wearing almost nothing under the robe she had on. Stephen made himself comfortable on my couch after saluting Laryssa, who also nodded back at him. Rob and Laryssa embraced, kissing passionately like teenagers. His big hands found their way to her ass and he squeezed hard, making her moan "oh yeah" with a smile.

Laryssa took off the robe to reveal her bikini, and Rob was kissing her tits, winking at Stephen and slowly started fingering my wife as I stood there, once again not knowing at all what to do.

"You're loving this' eh?" Rob said to Laryssa.

"Fuck yeah, I've never been happier Rob, I love it." She replied

Rob pushed her down onto her knees, and snapped his fingers at me, which was a cue to unbuckle his pants. Laryssa grew impatient, pushed me out of the way and continued taking off his pants, her grin growing as she pulled down on his zipper. She licked her lips in anticipation while I pulled down his boxers, revealing his huge long fat cock, once again filling the air with its strange athletic aroma.

"Oh god." Laryssa said. "It's so fucking big. I don't think I can get tired of that thing."

"Yup. Your lips are moving, though, and my dick's not them. Time to smoke my cock, baby." Rob said.

Laryssa licked it and then stuck the entire head into her mouth. She had to open her mouth wider to accept Rob's thick dick.

"Mmm, you taste so good." Laryssa said, slurping on Rob cock head.

"You'd better suck it good, then. You have an audience watching. If you're good, Stephen may let you do this to him someday." Rob said.

She was bobbing her head on his cock. She reached down and fondled his balls, then placed her tongue on his balls and licked them. She slurped on his thick rod for a while when Rob told her to get on her back, legs spread eagle.

"I'm going to fuck the shit out of you, baby." Rob told Laryssa.

"Really? You're really going to do it? Right here?" Laryssa asked.

"You know it!" He replied. He bent down and whispered something in her ear, covering his lips so I couldn't see his lips move. Her eyes widened and she kissed him on the lips, sliding her tongue down to his neck, sucking on it hard enough to leave a hicky the next day. Rob the tip of his dick against her pussy, and she quivered with excitement. She moaned and squealed as Rob shoved his massive meat slowly into her, until she grew impatient again and barked at Rob.

"Shove it in!" She screamed.

Rob was fucking Laryssa with his entire length. He was fucking her hard, slamming his balls against her pussy.

"You're fucking huge!" Laryssa screamed.

After fucking her in that position for a while, Rob told her to get on top of him. She did as told and climbed on top of him, impaling her with his mammoth cock. Laryssa quickly looked over at Stephen, who was enjoying the show, smoking a cigarette, ashing in one of my plants.

"You're good, slut." He told Laryssa.

"I can't help it. I've wanted Rob for months, and I couldn't do anything about it, since I with Daniel. But now that Rob has shown me what a wimp I'm married to, I figure me getting some dick on the side isn't hurting anyone." She told Stephen. Rob then pulled his cock out of Laryssas cunt.

"Get on your hands and knees." He told Laryssa. She did. Rob then slammed his big cock into Laryssas pussy and began fucking her hard.

"Oh god yes, mark me you fucker, fuck me hard!" Laryssa screamed.

"You hot cunt….get ready." Rob told Laryssa. "I'm gonna cum in your face."

Rob placed his cock between Laryssa's tits and told her to squeeze them together.

"Open your mouth slut." He told her. And so she did. "This is all for you"

He then began spewing his spunk right into her mouth and on her face. Laryssa swallowed as fast as she could. It tasted so great, and her face with doused with globs of cum, running down her cheek.

They both passed out, exhausted from the massive fucking session the put each other through. Stephen looked at me and started laughing out loud, putting his cigarette out on my coffee table. He got up, and started to leave, but not without telling me that he had to see for himself what Rob was bragging about.

"You really are sad, you know that dude? How much of a man are you that you just let your wife fuck someone else, and not even say anything about it?"

"I need my job, Stephen. I'd do anything to get it back."

"This can't be about the job. You like your wife fucking other guys. You like her fucking Rob. Admit it."

"You're probably right."

"Whatever. The guys at work are going to get a good laugh about this."

"No! Don't tell anyone—it's bad enough that you know, you can't tell anyone!"

"What did you think, that this was going to remain a secret? How long before your slut wife ditches you and decides to ride Rob's cock permanently? People would know eventually. Besides, I wasn't the only one Rob told—he told a bunch of us after a meeting the other day. He said he wanted to show us all at the staff party tomorrow."

"No! What's he going to do?"

"Guess we'll find out at the staff party. Although you won't know until later, seeing as though you don't work for us anymore. Sorry, buddy."

"Get out, Stephen."

"Fuck you, Daniel. I'll be sure to fuck your wife extra hard if Rob ever gives me the chance.

Stephen left and I watched my wife cuddling up in Rob's massive muscular arms. Her nose was buried between his bulging chest, ropes of dried up cum still running down her chin. I grabbed a napkin, knelt down beside her and started wiping away the mess on her face. Rob's eye suddenly popped open and he grabbed me by the collar, pulling me close to him, his intimidating stare making me swallow in fear.

"When you're done, you can wipe the mess off of my cock too, you little faggot."

"Yes, Sir."

As sad as it was, I still went to the same bar the staff party was held at, alone of course. My wife was Rob's date, and the revealing dress she wore for him made every one of my former male co-workers stare at her all night. She fondled his cock throughout the party, and often caressed his chest as she talked to him. I sat there at the bar, sipping away martinis, humiliated beyond belief. I should have known better not to come. I should have known that everyone in the room knew of the cuckoldry my wife and Rob put me through. I was often stared and pointed at, often with chuckles and snickers too.

Later on in the night as the party wore down, Rob and Laryssa disappeared for a while. I had no doubts that by this point in the night, Rob was either making out with her or rubbing his thick cock all over her pretty face. My curiosity lasted shortly, as Laryssa paged me. I called her back to find out she was in one of the hotel rooms upstairs with Rob, and they both wanted some company. Like Rob's bitch, I came running to their door, not wanting to miss a piece of the action. Once I knocked, Rob opened the door and yanked me in by the hair, where I found my wife lying on the bed, her tits hanging out with bite marks all over her nipples.

"I had to get a taste of your wife's tits." Rob said to me. "You don't mind, do you?"

"Um, go right ahead, Rob.". I weakly responded.

"As if you had a choice." Rob laughed as he walked over to Laryssa. They kissed passionately again, him on top of her, lying on a queen-sized bed. Rob got up and started to undress, unbuttoning his shirt and taking his own pants off, for once. His clothes went flying at me, ordering me to fold them, warning me that there would be a punishment for any creases in his clothes. Laryssa started to giggle when he threw his socks at me, asking me if I wanted to smell them. One of his shoes hit me in the groin, and I squirmed down in pain, making Laryssa roll her eyes and shake her head at Rob. Rob walked over to me, made me open my mouth, and shoved his stained boxers directly into my mouth.

Laryssa got down on her knees and then grabbed Rob's cock with both hands, stroking it, licking it, smelling it, telling him that it was so damn big, probably the biggest she's ever seen. She used her other hand to caress his big sack, his balls promising her a wet treat once she was done milking his cock. Rob's words that followed as my wife went down on him made my heart beat faster than before…

"Watch your slut wife suck a real mans cock." Rob told me.

Laryssa began working her beautiful lips around his thick dick, its full 11 inches bouncing off her pouty lips, her throat trying hard to accommodate its enormous length. She took breaks by lapping his ball sack, making him giggle a little, but he always made sure he had that serious look every time his eyes meant mine. I knew he was getting the best blowjob of his life, but Rob wanted me to understand that this was more then just fucking my wife. This was about putting me in my place. My wife was just along for the ride.

"Stand there and watch me fuck your slut wife, listen to her moan as I make her cum with my massive cock head alone. I can penetrate her farther than you ever could. I'm going to make her a woman right in front of you, and there's nothing you can do about it. You won't interrupt us, because if you do, you'll be robbing your wife of the only fuck she's ever going to be satisfied with. So you stand there and watch my dick slide in and out of your wife's tight cunt. Remember this every time you look at her, every time you lie in bed with her, every time you touch her. Remember that you couldn't' satisfy her with your little dick, so she ran over to Big Rob to give her some real meat. Oh, yeah, baby, work that cock. Ugh, you're going to make me cum if you keep doing that. Watch your wimp husband as you lick my balls, that's right, show him what a slut you can be with your nose buried under my balls. Sniff away, you little whore. Oh yeah, you're Rob's little whore, aren't you. You like sucking my balls, don't you baby?"

"Mmm, I love sucking your balls Rob." Laryssa told him.

"Check it out." Rob said. "Your little wimp husband's hard watching his wife sucking on my big boss cock.

Regardless of the way he degraded me, he was right. I was hard as a rock. The scene right in front of me couldn't have made me harder than I already was—my wife kneeling in front my ex-boss, worshipping his cock, unlike she ever did to me.

"Let's see what all the fuss is about. Let's see what you got buried down there, cocksucker. Take your pants off. I want to see what your wife had to put up with." Rob commanded me. I obeyed, unbuckling my belt, unbuttoning my jeans and sliding down my zipper in an attempt to be sexy, hoping my wife would notice. Instead, she laughed at me again and told me to hurry up, that she had to show Rob this sad excuse for a cock. I thought this was especially degrading, considering that I didn't really think I had a small cock. It was about 6 and half inches, which I always believed to be average. Now that theory is out the window, thanks to Rob and his massive package. Before long, I was stark naked before the couple I knew well.

Rob and Laryssa laughed at me as hard as they could. It lasted for a while too.

"Now that is small. Laryssa, baby, you can ride my dick for as long as you want to, you need to make up for lost time, honey." Rob said to Laryssa.

"Damn right! Now you see what I was telling you all this time? The day you first showed your amazing package to me, the first day you let me sniff you, I wanted you and knew nothing could satisfy me like yours could. You've got to understand, I can't go back to that now! Your cock has set the standard. Do you know how hard Daniel's going to have to try to measure up to that, pardon the pun?" Laryssa found her back in Rob's arms again, caressing his shaved chest and placing light kisses on his flat stomach. "One thing's for sure after today, though. The only thing he'll be good for after tonight is to suck your spunk out of my cunt, right after you spew it into me. You think that's enough to get his job back, Rob?"

I stood there in front of them whimpering. I looked at Rob big cock and knew I could never compare myself with him.

"I don't know baby. Right now, all I want is to feel your tight cunt around my hard cock. That's our first priority. Daniel, if you touch yourself while I fuck the shit out of your wife, I will beat you down with my cock. You understand that, right wimp?" He laid her down on the bed and spread her legs, lapping her pussy with his slick tongue. He didn't need to lubricate her at all. She was soaked with anticipation, ready for Rob and his massive cock.

"Fuck me, Rob, fuck me, please fuck me." I heard Laryssa beg. Rob shoved his cock right into Laryssas tight pussy.

"Ohhhhh, yeeeessss." she moaned. He slammed his big cock into her, his balls slapping against her pussy. His cock was gigantic compared to mine. After fucking her hard for a while, he rolled off of her and she eagerly jumped on him, letting his massive cock glide smoothly back onto her cunt. He pounded her pussy, grabbed her hair, gripped her ass, called her every name in the book, and about every 30 seconds he made eye contact with me, taking times to either insult me, spit on me or wipe cum and sweat off his cock and sling it at my face. Although this only lasted about 20 minutes, it felt like an eternity. I still could not tell whether or not I was enjoying this or watching this out of fear. At this point, I assumed it was a combination of both. It wasn't long into Rob and Laryssa's little fuck session that I realized I had cum. Uncontrollably, I might add.

"Look at your husband. His little dick just exploded. There's probably less than a teaspoon full of cum dripping down his leg." Rob laughed out loud.

"You seem to enjoy me fucking your ex-boss." Laryssa said to me. Rob then pulled his cock up next to Laryssas face and started jerking it.

"Ugh, yeah Laryssa, you're going to get a huge load in your face and in your mouth."

Laryssa opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, eager for a gallon of Rob's special sauce. Once he came, he flooded her face, shooting first on her lips, then her eyes, nose, ears and hair. He ordered me on my knees and told me to open my lips. I tried to protest, but he smacked me hard with his backhand and forced my mouth open by gripping my jaw. He want back to jerking, this time with my wife's tongue licking the underside of his balls, and ropes of Rob's cum oozed out of his thick mushroom head. He tasted good, I was ashamed to admit. There was a reason my wife liked his cock.

"If you spit it out, I'll kick you so hard in the nuts, you'll never have any chance to fuck your wife ever again. Suck on my cum and swallow everything that I gave to you. Then I want you to lick all of it off of your wife's face, and then I want you to suck what's left out of her cunt.

"He's doing it. He's doing everything you're telling him to do, Rob." Laryssa said.

"Just like you told me he would, baby." Rob replied.

I felt even more humiliated than I had felt before. I had just swallowed my ex-boss' cum. And was lapping away at my wife's pussy for any residue that may have lurked within her well fucked cunt. The sweet hole that was my wife's that was supposed to belong to me alone was now being pounded by Rob, once my boss, suddenly my bully.

Once I was done I was virtually ignored, as they kissed for a while, decided to shower together and god knows what else. I didn't stay to find out. I cleaned myself up in the sink and showed myself out. I was sure my wife would be spending the night with Rob, so I knew I didn't have to wait up for her.






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