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I still cannot understand how I got into the position I am now. Let me set out my story.

My name is David Harris, and I married my wife Anna 18 years ago. She is now 38, a 5' redhead. As she had never had children, due to my inability to fertilise her, she had retained her figure well. Large, firm breasts, a flat stomach and shapely legs, her naked body would have any man drooling.

About a year ago, Anna decided to return to teaching. She decided to take on a small class of ethnic teenagers with learning difficulties, taking remedial classes. After a time she told me that one of her pupils, a black boy of 17, was having problems at home, and wanted to move out. Anna said that, as we had a spare room, would I mind if we had him stay with us. Knowing of Anna's kind nature, and trusting her judgement of the boy, I said OK.

I was surprised when I first met Darren. He looked older than 17, being at least 6' tall, and very powerfully built. He was extremely polite, and called me Mr Harris or Sir. He settled in very well, and Anna was just like a mother to him, at first.

In bed one night, Anna told me that she had noticed that Darren had seemed unhappy. She had spoken to him about it, and it turned out that he had problems meeting girls. Anna guessed that he was frustrated, and tentatively put a proposition to me.

"Honey," she began. "I wonder if I could perhaps help him out with my hand on occasion. I would not have sex with him, of course and would only do it with you in the room, so that you could see it was not getting out of hand."

This brought out the pervert in me, and sent my dick hard and my pulse racing. The idea of watching my wife get another man off really appealed to me, and I decided to be bold.

"Yes no actual sex of course," I ventured. "But I don't see any harm in you perhaps giving him the odd blow job."

"Yeah," she replied. "He would probably enjoy that a lot more. Thanks for being so understanding."

So Anna spoke to Darren, and our first evening was arranged. I sat in the armchair with my newspaper, so that I could pretend not to notice them. Anna and Darren came in, both looking a little nervous.

"Are you sure this is OK?" Darren asked me anxiously.

"No problem Darren," I reassured him. "I realise a young man needs his release."

Looking a little more relaxed, Darren sat on the sofa, and Anna knelt between his legs. As she unzipped his fly and released his cock, I felt a real surge of jealousy, not only because of what Anna was about to do but also because of the size of the cock she held in her hand. It must have been a good ten inches, and thick. Anna gasped audibly as she stroked it to erection.

"Oh Darren, you have a beautiful cock," my wife said adoringly.

"Thank you Mrs Harris," he replied.

"With what I am about to do, I think you had better call me Anna!" laughed my wife, definitely not treating him like a son any more.

She began kissing and licking Darren's cock all the way up and down the shaft, then slid her lips over the head sucking gently.

"It feels so good, stiff and big in my mouth," she remarked, breaking off for a moment. "I am going to make this last as long as possible. Do you mind?"

"Fine with me," answered the boy, grinning widely.

She did indeed make it last. For two and a half hours, stopping occasionally to let him settle down a bit, she did everything a mouth can do to a cock. Finally, Darren shot his load into Anna's mouth with a groan, and she happily swallowed it. This was something she had never done for me during our marriage.

"You taste so good darling," she informed him. "I am going to be doing this a lot!"

And so she did. During this time our sex life was normal, a little better in fact, due to my increased excitement at the sights I was witnessing. But I was beginning to find that gradually, their relationship was changing. They spent a lot of time together of course, and Anna started to put him first, nothing being too much trouble for her. She began to become almost reverent.

The cocksucking ritual began to change quite quickly. At first, both would be fully dressed, but as Darren's confidence increased he enjoyed being naked for the sessions. Also Anna started to come down heavily made up, in a skimpy black night-dress he had persuaded her to buy. In addition to this, instead of just getting down to suck him, Anna would sit on the sofa with Darren for some time kissing him quite passionately. I noticed things changing very dramatically a couple of weeks later.

As usual, Anna was poised on her knees in the night-dress; ready to suck the young boy, when he spoke to her.

"Take your tits out, bitch."

"Just a minute!" I interrupted.

"You shut the fuck up!" he shouted, the tone and volume of his voice stopping me in my tracks.

Anna did as she was told, and he slapped both tits quite hard causing her to whimper.

"You love sucking my big black cock, don't you slut?"

"Yes Sir." She really was under his spell.

"Supposing I said you couldn't do it any more?"

"Oh no, please Sir, don't say that, I love having your beautiful cock in my mouth. I will do anything if you let me carry on."

"How about if I shove it right up your white whore cunt?"

"Oh God yes, I have dreamed of having that monster between my legs, please let me Sir." I was shocked, and wanted to speak, but was frightened to. I was becoming subservient, just like my wife.

"Not tonight, but soon maybe. Now get your slut mouth round that cock and suck me good, or I will slap those tits until they are red raw!"

Things really moved quickly the next night. Darren told her he wanted her naked at all times for their sessions, so both were naked as Anna began her nightly sucking duties. As the night before, Darren spoke to her.

"You want this cock up you tonight bitch?"

"Oh yes please Sir."


"Master, please allow me to have your magnificent cock in my unworthy white whore cunt. Give me the fucking I need, and have never had before." This remark hurt.

"Right, kneel astride me and slide it in."

With a little difficulty, my wife finally managed to get the whole ten inches inside her with a loud grunt of pure pleasure. She began to ride him slowly, whimpering all the time.

"You like it, cunt?"

"Oh God yes, I love it."

"Better than your husband?"

"Much, much better. There is no comparison."

"Tell the wimp!"

"David, he is so much better than you in every way. He has stretched me like no one ever has, and reaches places inside me that have never been reached before. I only want this cock that is inside me, you will never be any use to me again. Not that you were much use before with your little boys cock, and your useless performance in bed. I hate you for that now!"

"Hear that, white boy?" Darren laughed. "You are history as far as your unfaithful wife is concerned, she has a young black stud to satisfy her needs. How does that make you feel?"

"Yeah, how do you feel, sissy boy watching a teenage boy fucking your wife as he pleases without asking your permission? What sort of a man does that make you?"

Hurt and shocked at my changed wife's words, I blushed deeply and said nothing. They both laughed at me. With Anna ring Darren a little harder and faster, he continued to talk to her with her replies punctuated by gasps and cries.

"How many men have you had since your marriage?"

"It's hard to say. I have always had one lover or another throughout the marriage, as sissy boy over there has never been able to make me come."

"Tell me some of the interesting ones."

"Well his family doesn't like or respect him, so it started with his father and two brothers fucking me. In fact they started even before the wedding. Later on, I had his sister's husband at her instigation. She liked the idea of him cuckolding her wimpy brother. Since then, there have been several of his friends, some strangers, and the latest before you were David's two assistants at his office. The three of us loved the thought of them fucking the boss's wife."

Listing all those in front of me for the first time seemed to increase my wife's excitement, and it was not long before she was screaming out a powerful orgasm, just as Darren's black seed entered her body for the first time.

After they had recovered, Anna informed me that they would be taking the marital bed that night, and they went upstairs hand in hand, laughing happily. I remained on the sofa, trying to take in all the revelations I had heard that night. I eventually managed to fall into a fitful sleep, the faint sounds of my wife's further adultery ringing in my ears.

I was of course allowed no further intercourse with my wife, and was in fact relegated to the spare room. Most nights, I was left in no doubt that Darren was enthusiastically carrying out my marital duties, and doing a far better job than I ever could, even at his age.

A couple of weeks later, I entered the lounge to the sight of the two of them naked. My wife was bent over the armchair, with her lover ramming her from behind talking all the time.

"There's nothing to stop it now is there bitch?"

"No Sir."

"No, with the diaphragm taken out, nothing will stop my potent black seed reaching your womb and putting a baby in there. Is that what you want?"

"You know I do Master, more than anything!" Then, turning to me,

"Look wimp, he is doing it, he is going to give me his baby juice and put a black baby inside your white wife. Your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues will be laughing at you because you are not man enough to do it! Give it to me Master, empty your big black balls into my womb and swell my belly!"

Darren did exactly that, and a little over nine months later, little Darren junior was born. My status as lodger in my own home continued, and I became baby minder on the occasions my wife and her lover wanted to go out, or when they were upstairs making baby number two.





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