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Story: Adam's Smirk




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I knew my buddy Adam and my wife Laryssa were having an affair, and today they decided to reveal it to me—in a big way.

Adam called me up and asked me to meet him and my wife at the bar near our house. Once I got there, I saw that Adam and Laryssa were already there, kissing passionately against the jukebox, each other's arms wrapped around one another's. Adam saw me coming and whispered something in Larissa's ear, his thick pouty lips moving to the tune of "he's coming…its show time". Laryssa turned around, took a deep breath and smiled at me. Her face full of guilt, excitement and nervousness, she grabbed my arm and told me she and Adam had something they needed to confess to me, something a long time coming.

"I'm sleeping with Adam, baby." She said. "I've been fucking him behind your back for a couple of weeks now." "I had a feeling you were doing someone else. I can't believe its one of my friends, you fucking whore." I responded. "Don't talk to my girlfriend like that." Said Adam, suddenly in my face, intimidating me, overpowering me physically at his 6 '2 stance, all 200 lbs of meat on him. He was a good-looking guy, a few years younger than my wife and I, putting him in his early twenties. He had a football player's build and a little bit of a stomach, but he wore it well. He always dressed in style, was extremely charming and had a smile that would make you just want to like him. Hell, we all liked Adam, but apparently my wife liked him a little more than the rest of us.

"I can talk to my wife any way I want to, Adam, she's my wife!" I said. "That may be, " said Adam, "but at the moment, she's also my girl, and quite frankly, that's why we called your ass out here. Come here, babe."

Adam turned my wife around and kissed her passionately on the lips, her arms again wrapped around his huge frame, his hands squeezing her waist, sliding down to her ass. He broke the kiss and smiled down at her, then looked at me and winked.

"We had no intention of cuckolding you like this, but we can't help it. What was supposed to be a well-planned one-night stand between your wife and I has turned into an ongoing fuck-fest marathon. We can't stop fucking—we're like fuckin' rabbits, dude."

Adam let go of my wife and walked right up to me, face to face, and smiled.

"I wanted to tell you to your face that I'm fucking your wife behind your back, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it, you spineless little wimp."

His words destroyed me. My heart broke and sank into a million pieces. My wife started to laugh out-loud, proud of Adam and his arrogance, his direct approach to what was anticipated to be an awkward situation, I'm sure. She looked relieved, walked right over to Adam and hugged him again, this time stroking his crotch and looking me dead center in the eye.

"I want him." Laryssa said to me. "And I need him so bad. I've wanted him since the day I met him, and I told him that too. He's everything to me. And he's bigger than you are, baby, in more ways than one. His body, his confidence, his attitude, his cock…" "Please, Laryssa," I begged, "Please stop humiliating me like this." "You might as well here this all at once, instead of bit by bit. It will hurt less that way. It won't make you feel so bad if you knew the kind of fun we were having. We make out all the time, we fuck whenever we can, wherever we can. He can satisfy me like you never could! His cock is huge, thick, meaty, and he just keeps on going and going in bed! His hands—look at his hands! Do you have any idea how great it feels to have those thick football player hands squeezing my ass, my tits, and my body as his cock is thrusting in and out of me? Do you have any clue how his fresh minty breath feels in my ear or in my mouth?" "No, I have no idea." "Well, guess what. Tonight, Adam's gonna fuck me right in front of you. He's going to show you what a real man is capable of doing to me, he's going to teach you a thing or two. And you're going to watch every minute of it. What do you think of that?"

What was I supposed to say? My wife and buddy had cuckolded me, and it was the most humiliating thing that ever happened to me! Yet I was so turned on—I couldn't help feel glad that if my wife were fucking anyone behind my back, it would be Adam. I knew my wife wasn't exaggerating when she was giving me stats on Adam and his package. In some strange way, I couldn't wait to see my buddy Adam fuck the shit out of my wife.

We went back to my place, and I tried hard not to stare at Adam and Laryssa in the rear-view mirror, making out in the backseat, his giant soft hands in her pants, fingering her softly. His tongue was in her ear, licking her neck, and she kept trying to catch his lips with her own. She would suck on each lip, telling him how sweet he tasted. He would grin at her, catch me looking at them, and whisper things in her ear, making her laugh and try to avoid eye contact with me. It was so hard not to look at them, but the feelings they were putting me through!!! I was very confused, as I was both loving and hating this. My hard-on was forcing me to humiliate myself at my wife and buddy's pleasure, and I didn't want it to end.

I opened the door to the two lovers once we reached our house, and it took a moment to pull my wife's face away from Adam's crotch. His pants weren't down, but his zipper was, and Laryssa was sniffing away at what she called "a real man's scent". Adam smirked at me as he pulled his zip up and used my shoulder for leverage to help himself out of the truck. My wife jumped up in Adam's arms and kissed him as he carried her to the front door. By the time we were all in, they were at it. Lips locked, undressing each other and naked within 30 seconds. Adam used his football-player's body to shove her towards the bedroom, pushing her naked body down on the bed. Adam got down on his knees, his big dick swinging from his crotch, getting harder and harder by the second. He was lapping away at her pussy, fingering her, and making her soaking wet, making her scream things at him she would never say for me. Adam kept looking up at me and winked once or twice, giving me a dirty look every time I stroked my cock through my pants. I didn't want to do anything to piss them off—I didn't want to make my wife's boyfriend mad. I was afraid of how he'd humiliate me in front of my wife, as if I hadn't been humiliated to the nth degree already.

I watched Adam underneath my wife, his big strong hands caressing her waist, squeezing her ass hard. She was riding him, sucking on his thick thumb, which was larger than my cock, and thicker too. He was squeezing her tits as she cried his name, telling him how good he was, how fantastic he was in bed, how this was so worth it. She kissed his lips, licked his chest, took a whiff of his armpit, and through all of that, Adam's smirk grew larger at me. They were moving in unison, rubbing and licking each other's body parts with appreciation. They were soaking the bed with a combination of their sweat and cum, and with my wife's cries and moans, I couldn't tell if she was cumming consistently or simply having the best fuck of her life and letting me know about it.

Suddenly, Adam jumped up and pushed me to the ground with one hand. He stuck his hand out in front of mine. "Look at these hands Daniel, just look at them" he said to me. "You know what they say about guys with big hands, don't you? Well, don't you?" "Please Adam," I said, looking up to him, readjusting myself to my knees. "Don't put me through this!" Laryssa was watching intently, playing with her blond hair, and twirling it around her fingers. She was getting wet just hearing Adam talk down to me. "No, this has been a long time coming, buddy." He said to me. "You are a fucking wimp, and I'm not going to pussyfoot around it. You suck. You have a wife here who deserves nothing short of the best sex of her life. Just look at her. She deserves a man like me. Someone who can take care of her, someone who can give her the fucking she needs, dude! What the hell is wrong with you?" Adam grabbed my hair and smacked me once with his big right hand. I tried to cover the blow, but he pulled my hand down and yanked my hair harder. "Wimp, look at me when I'm talking to you. Look at you, on your knees in front of your wife's boyfriend. You are the sissy of sissies, you know that?"

"No, I'm not."

"Yes, you are."

"No, I'm no—" SMACK! Adam hit me again with his thick right hand, this one no doubt destined to leave a bruise.

"Yes, you are. Say it."

"Yes, I am, Adam."

"Louder. Don't whimper it like a little girl, say it loud dude."

"I am a sissy!"

"Now say it to your wife."

"Laryssa, I am a sissy."

"I know you are, honey." Laryssa said to me, winking at her boyfriend. "That's why I'm sleeping with one of your buddies instead of you."

They both laughed out loud at the pathetic display around them. Adam pulled me up to my feet by yanking my hair, gave me a few light slaps on both sides of my cheeks, then pulled me close to him, so we were face to face. He looked into my eyes with those baby-blue puppy-dog eyes that my wife loved so much. He smiled down at me and I looked down again, but this time his thick finger pushed my chin up so we were once again at eye level. I studied the face that my wife loved. His complexion was perfect—not too dark, not too white. His thick pouty lips complimented his puppy-dog eyes, and his chubby cheeks would make any woman give him a second look. His short brown hair had a hint of red dye in it, something my wife must have given him. His thick neck had hickies all over it, another present from Laryssa, I was sure. Adam stuck his thumb on my lips and told me to suck it. I opened my mouth and deepthroated it, sucking on it like it was his cock. Adam shook his head in disgust.

"I want you feel how thick my thumb is, wimp. Suck it with your tongue. Suck it. Can you feel how fat it is?" Adam shouted at me before pulling his thumb out of my mouth.

"Yes Adam, it's so thick."

"That's good, because now you will know two things. Take the thickness of my thumb and multiply it by 5, and that's how fat of a cock your wife gets when I plow her every night."

"Oh Adam, well said!" Laughed Laryssa in approval.

"What's the other thing, Adam?" I asked.

"I just wanted you to taste something that was bigger than your cock at its hardest."

Laryssa broke out in laughter and Adam pushed me back to the floor. They laughed at me some more before realizing that they had more important things to take care of now. I felt like I was their foreplay—like my humiliation was something they wanted to do before fucking. I understood, as Adam's cock was a lot bigger than he just described. It really was a monster. So fat, so shiny, so thick, so juicy, so hairless, so throbbing. It was the most impressive thing I had ever seen.. I sat at the foot of the bed and watched them fuck each other senseless. I watched Laryssa smell his armpit, lick his toes, bit his chest, suck his earlobe and give herself all to her young stud. Adam was very relentless, fucking her hard, extra hard I'm sure for my benefit. He buried his face between her tits, fingering her clit with his thumb as he plunged her deep and fast. He whispered things in her ear, he sucked on her neck, and after rolling around in bed with her, he even pinned her to the wall and fucked her fast and furious. He whistled or me and I came running. He snapped his fingers and I got down to my knees, placing my face right under his fat cock sawing her cunt in half. I was ready. If they were going to make a cuckold out of me, I was ready to fulfill their fantasy…and mine.

He came in buckets, he wouldn't stop cumming! His thick, white gooey, creamy spunk exploded in her tight pussy, and lots of jiz leaked out all over my face, Adam pulled out and stroked his cock all over my face while pulling my hair, laughing and howling. It tasted so good, and I was so turned on, I forgot about the humiliation they were putting me through. I looked up at them and admired my wife, still on cloud nine by the fucking she received at the hands of my buddy. Adam was giving me the ultimate smirk, nodding his head at the activity I was performing in front of him.

"Good job, buddy. I like what I'm seeing here." He said.

"Yeah, Adam, thanks for making this happen, dude." I replied.

"Don't thank me, I was happy with fucking Laryssa behind your back, but your wife here wanted to tell you about us. I had no idea you were such a wimp, that there was a reason you wife went looking for other cock. Too bad it had to be at the hands of your buddy. What'll the guys think of you now, eh?"

"Adam, don't tell anyone about this! Dude, I'll do anything!"

"Anything, eh?"


"Well, then, while I'm lying here, go get a nail-clipper. See my foot? My toenails need some work. You can start by trimming them, then giving my feet a nice massage. After that, it looks like I'm gonna be having dinner here, which will probably be after you're wife recovers from the fuck she has. We're gonna have a shower, than I'm gonna fuck her again, and then you'll have dinner ready for us, right?"

"Right, Adam."

"Oh, and Daniel, one more thing. You're wife wants to tell you something. Tell him, honey."

"It's over, Daniel." She said, snuggling up in Adam's arms, giving him a peck on the cheek and looking back to me. "I'm his woman now. I'm sorry, but you've lost me to your friend Adam."

"Sorry Dude," Adam said to me as Laryssa snuggled up with him. "But once I stepped into the picture, once Laryssa got a hold of some of my meat, you never really had a chance. No one can give it to her like I can. No one."

I got down on my knees and opened my mouth, Adam cheering me on as his big toe was shoved in my mouth. I kept replaying the scene I had just witnessed in my head as I deepthroated Adam's toe, not paying any attention to the hot couple in front of me laughing at me between kisses. I hadn't realized I had been licking the rest of Adam's foot, almost on automatic pilot. Disgusted that I was enjoying this, I got up and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind me. As I hit the stairs, Adam came running out of the room and tackled me to the floor, pinning my arms and legs down with his own, his naked body sweating all over me.

"Don't you ever pull another stunt like that again, wimp!" he said to me.

"Enough is enough, Adam." I responded. "You win. You get her. I get it."

"Not that easy. I want her with a bang. You don't leave until we are through with you. We've waited a long time to do this. This took a lot of planning. We have things in store for you that you can't even imagine!"

"And if I don't participate? If I don't go along with this stupid little game?"

"You will. You want to. I know you better then anyone. You like me fucking your tight little bride, don't you sissy. Admit it. I got you by the balls here. You love the fact that your wife chose me over you. Admit you like this and I'll go easy on you."

"No." I responded..

"No, what?" he asked.

"No, don't go easy on me. You know I like this, you son of a bitch. Damn you Adam, you played me, and now you got my wife too. You are a motherfucker. What's next, what do I have to do now?"

"Come back into our bedroom and find out."

The walk back into the bedroom was long, as I was nervous. Laryssa was on the bed, her legs open. The door closed behind me, and I could feel Adam's minty breath behind my neck. Steam from their sweat and cum flooded the air, as no windows were open.

The night had just begun.

I knew he was fucking her.






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