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Cuckold Stories by WimpHub





WimpHub Story:  Amanda's Ex Boyfriend  -  celibate cuckold story

Wife is cheating on her cuckold husband with an old love.

I was forced to watch the scene, as Amanda whimpered and sobbed over Ray's cock. While the other two pushed into her from front and back. With a cry, Ray came first, and shot his load into my wife's soft mouth. He beckoned me over, and made me place my open mouth just below Amanda's. She opened her mouth, and a mixture of Ray's slime and her saliva slid into my mouth and down my throat. I gagged slightly as I swallowed.




WimpHub Stories:  Despised by Wife and Daughters  -  cuckolding, male chastity, wimp husband story

It is now two months since my chastity device was fitted. Since then my wife and even my daughters have been parading round the house scantily dressed. Often they will wander round in just their panties, all three of them reveling in my increasing frustration.




WimpHub Stories:  The Cuckold's Boss  -  wimp husband, cum denial story

After drinks Ben said we were going upstairs, as he wanted to fuck my wife in our bed in front of me. We went straight up to the bedroom, where the two of them stripped off and told me to do the same. Ben laughed at my little cock before sitting on the bed with Jenny kneeling between his legs.




WimpHub Stories:  Sue's Second Choice  -  Dom Wife, creampies, femdom, cuckold

"Eat Ben's cum," she urged me. "To say thank you for taking such good care of your wife."
I lapped away at her until she was clean, while the two of them laughed at my humiliation. Then Sue untied me, and told me to go sleep on the couch, as she and Ben had not finished cuckolding me that evening. I went down stairs, and had a fitful night, having been woken a couple of times by my wife's screams of ecstasy




WimpHub Stories:  My Prim Wife is Now a Slut  -  slut wife, sexual denial, cuckold story

After Jeff, Lloyd took his place in my wife's soaking pussy, and the taunting continued until he shot his load deep in her belly. Afterwards, Jenny asked the boys to make me suck her pussy again. I was forced to my knees, and made to suck out the mixture of Jeff and Lloyd's cum, plus my wife's juices. It was much worse than the first time, and I was actually physically sick.



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WimpHub Stories:  Hounted by Ex Wife  -  chastity, cuckold, cum control, femdom

However, Denise tells me you are likely to be unfaithful, or more disgustingly that you will jerk yourself off. So she has bought me this present. This is a cock cage, which you will wear all the time you are not with me. It will prevent you getting an erection, and coming without permission. I know it will be frustrating for you, particularly when Denise and I are teasing you with our bodies, but that's part of the fun isn't it? Denise has promised she will help me all she can with your humiliation, so I reckon you will be seeing as much of her pussy as you do of mine. And you won't be allowed to enter either of them!




WimpHub Stories:  Counselled into Black  -  slut wife, obedient husband, humiliation

"Now I have tasted black cock, I want more and more. Your faithful, conservative wife is going to become a complete slut for blacks. You will have to get used to watching me serve virile young black men in future, it is going to happen, and there is nothing you can do about it!"




WimpHub Story:  A Nasty Wife's Letters

Story of unfaitful wife and cuckold husband in jail. Husband is blackmailed to be a cuckold slave.

Does it still hurt, knowing that your wife has black hands all over her, black cocks in her mouth, pussy and arse, while you are locked in there unable to do a thing about it?




WimpHub Stories:  Totally Humiliated Husband  - chastity, cuckolding, orgasm denial

I knelt down and lapped at Jane's pussy until she was wet enough, then turned and got Bill's cock ready. I had to remain kneeling to have a close up view of him ramming his huge dick into my wife. He went up to his balls in one stroke, and she cried out in pain and pleasure.




WimpHub Stories:  What Blacks Around Cums Around

Interracial cuckold fantasy is real now.

Lisa was absolutely right, Jamal and Tyrone were at our house practically every day to fuck my wife. On some occasions they would bring two or three of their black friends, and gang fuck my wife all night, much to her pleasure and delight. Every time a new friend came along, my wife would make me ask him to fuck my wife, as I was unable to satisfy her.




WimpHub Stories:  A Star is Born  -  cuckold, chastity, husband humiliation

Angry wife is humiliating and cuckolding her husband.

Well, actually, after he had worn the chastity device for a month, Bobby began pleading with me to let him come. Finally, Ryan and I dragged him into the bedroom, and made him watch while Ryan fucked me energetically on the marital bed. Then I told my cuckold husband I would give him hand relief if he sucked my lover's cum out of my pussy.




WimpHub Stories:  It's Her Way or No Way  -  story of cuckold's frustration

You must expect to be humiliated by both of us, and to do humiliating things for us. This is to remind you that you are inferior and inadequate, and also so that you continually acknowledge that Dave, a man superior to you in every way, has taken your wife away from you.




WimpHub Stories:  The Boot is on the Other Foot  -  slut wife story

"Can you smell the sex John?" she taunted. "Can you see what that enormous cock has done to your wife's pussy? Does it upset you that another man is getting what you can't have?"



WimpHub Stories: Breeding of Brenda  -  cuckold wedding and cuckold marriage

The wedding ceremony had gone beautifully without a hitch, and we were now all in the hotel enjoying the reception.... Tony began to push, and I watched miserably as, inch by inch he entered my wife until he was inside her right up to his balls. His entry was accompanied by a cry from Brenda, which sounded a mixture of pain and pleasure.




WimpHub Stories:  The Next Door Neighbor  -  creampie, wimp husband story

"Darren wants you to suck his cum out of my pussy," she explained. "It is important that a cuckolded husband is humiliated, as well as being constantly reminded that another man's cock is entering his wife in his place."




WimpHub Stories:  It's All My Fault  -  creampie, orgasm denial story

I turned over slowly, crying with the agony of it. She then jumped up and straddled my head, pushing her cum filled pussy over my mouth. After she had emptied all the cum into my mouth, and moved back to kneel on my chest. Then she started to bounce up and down on me. The pair of them laughed uproariously as I sobbed and begged her to stop.



cuckold husbands  



WimpHub Story:  My Wife is Now My Boss  -  cuckold, forced bi, dominant wife story

Climbing on top of me, she invited me to have "sloppy seconds". Almost as soon as I felt Sam's cum coating my cock, I shot my load. More derisive laughter from my wife, and taunts how it was a good thing she had a real man to rely on.




WimpHub Story:  Learning My Place  -  inslaved, humiliated cuckold, creampies, forced bi

"Come and kneel before my lover," my wife snapped at me. "I want you to take this white wife pleasing cock in your hand, and suck it until Andy is satisfied. I want you to suck on the cock that is cuckolding you while I watch. Make it nice and hard to please your slut wife's pussy."




WimpHub Story:  Maggie's Revelation  -  cuckold husband forced to watch, creampie story

"You really are a pervert, aren't you?" she asked. "There you are, on your knees sucking another man's cum out of me while I tell you how useless you are, and you have a throbbing erection!"

She warned that I must not masturbate during the week, and if she found that I had, I would be allowed no sex at all and she would consider having my cock locked up. With her newfound dominance, I knew she was not joking, so I did as she ordered.




WimpHub Story:  Cuckolded and Hating It  -  wimp husband, humiliation, sexual control, cum denial

You will never have me again, but I will make you watch while my black studs have me. You will be made to suck their cum out of my cunt to emphasise their superiority over you. John, I haven't even started yet, I am going to make your life a misery!




WimpHub Story:  Amy's Revenge

She told me that they provide the definitive record of her transformation into James' slave, and slut for superior black cocks, and my descent from self-respecting husband to impotent sex slave and cuckold.




She Needs Them Big and Rough  - cuckold humiliation, slut wife, creampie story

"I consider sex and love to be separate, and while I love you, I think you should be cuckolded and humiliated because you are so sexually inadequate. I want to go out and find men with huge cocks to fuck me and hurt me, and then flaunt the results of my infidelity in front of you. I also want to tease and taunt you with my sexy body and deny you any sexual pleasure from it. Do you understand the way I feel?"




The Swap Club  -  husband is humiliated and cuckolded at swap party - male chastity, orgasm denial

Though she was a lot younger, she insisted on calling me boy to humiliate me. She had me on my knees, giving her feet a tongue bath, followed by licking and sucking her tits. Then I had to lick her young arse for about half an hour, and as a finale, sucking on her pussy for a full two hours.

Author: WimpHub




Bigger, Better and Black  -  interracial cuckolding, husband humiliation, orgasm denial, creampie story

You are now going to be fitted with a cock cage to prevent you having an erection or sexual release. They will spend the weekend cock teasing and humiliating you. You will get to know every inch of their bodies with your tongue, and knowing that you find them so sexy, you will probably spend a lot of time shedding tears of frustration. Just think, while I am sobbing from having my sexual release, you will be sobbing from the lack of it.




Snivelling, Cuckold Wimp  -  cock teasing, femdom, humiliation, sexual denial

"Am I getting you too excited?" she would taunt. "Well you had better go and dribble your weedy cum into the toilet, while you imagine your wife on her knees sucking on her black master's cock!" To my shame, I would do exactly that, with my wife's laughter ringing in my ears.

Author: WimpHub




Small Dick  -  cuckold, small dick humiliation, femdom wife

"You have to accept that Lance is the man I want in my bed, and the man I want to be the father of my baby. You have to accept you are a cuckold, and that is all you will ever be with me. Your cock will never enter my pussy again."

Author: WimpHub




She Prefers Them Young and Black  -  interracial cuckold, creampie, slut wife, forced BI story

"Hold his cock up, and take his balls in your mouth. Suck on those balls full of the cum which shortly going to finish up in your wife's womb. That's enough, now thank Jason for allowing you to suck on his cock."

Author: WimpHub




My Wife's Wimp  -  cuckold, creampies, forced bi, wimp husband story

When I had finished with Jane, I knelt before Sarah, who sat on the bed as I cleaned her pussy with my tongue. All the time they talked as if I were not there. Sarah was saying she wished she had tasted black cock before her marriage, so that she would not have finished up with me. She said now she had, she would not be fucked by a white cock ever again. Jane laughed, saying that that sounded like bad news for her cuckold husband.

Author: WimpHub




Humiliated Bartender  -  slut wife, creampie, humiliation

Without thinking, I began to suck Tony's cum out of her pussy. My wife remarked that it did not seem like much of a sex life for a husband, sucking another man's leftovers out of his wife's cunt. She also suggested that I get used to it, as most times that will be all that's on offer.

Author: WimpHub




Celibate On My Honeymoon  -  cuckold wedding, small dick humiliation, orgasm denial, creampie story

I was made to suck her nipples. Getting over excited, I caressed her breast with my hand. I was given a stinging slap across the face for my trouble, and my wife said: "This is not for your pleasure, it is for mine and Tony's"

Author: WimpHub




My Wife and Ex-Con  -  cheating wife, interracial cuckold story

I had felt so aroused at that afternoon's events, and now the sight of my wife's well used body, that I shamefully agreed to her terms. She wanted to make it humiliating for me, so she made me kneel in front of her to suck her lover's juice out of her. Although I found it unpleasant, my cock was rigid.

Author: WimpHub



My Biggest Losing Hand  -  Husband lost a card game, turned into cuckold and slave of cheating wife.

"That's good," she went on. "Because I want to hurt you and humiliate you. You used your own wife as a stake in a poker game. I will never forgive you for that, and intend to make you a permanent cuckold with no access to my cunt for your miserable little cock ever. I will be back when my young lovers have finished with me."

Author: WimpHub




Humiliated by Wife  -  Dom Wife, cuckold, femdom, orgasm denial, husband humiliation story

"Not only will you not be able to fuck your wife," she said spitefully. "But you will not even be able to jerk off. On top of that you must lie next to Sandy's beautiful naked body every night with her teasing and taunting you knowing that you can do nothing to relieve the terrible frustration you will be suffering.

Author: WimpHub




How Did It Happen  -  A story of cheating wife.

Later on, I had his sister's husband at her instigation. She liked the idea of him cuckolding her wimpy brother. Since then, there have been several of his friends, some strangers, and the latest before you were David's two assistants at his office. The three of us loved the thought of them fucking the boss's wife.

Author: WimpHub




Contract for Sex  -  creampie, cuckolding, forced bi, cheating wife story

Alex followed me home a couple of hours later. While I was on my knees doing my cleaning duty, she lost no time telling me how pathetic I looked on my knees sucking pussies and cocks in front of everyone. I decided I could take no more of that kind of humiliation.

Author: WimpHub




Cuckolded by My New Bride  -  cuckolded husband, creampie, humiliation, orgasm denial story

After she had recovered, Alan turned her on her back, and ordered me to get my face between her legs and lick up the slime he and his brother had deposited in her willing cunt....

..."How dare you!" she spat. "You know very well you are not allowed sex with me. I give you a treat by allowing you a nice kiss and cuddle, and this is how you repay me. Heaven knows what my lovers will say when I tell them!"

Author: WimpHub




Cuckold Caribbean Nightmare  -  cuckold marriage, slave husband, forced humiliation story

"As you are taking care of the wedding night duties you should be standing next to me too!" Ben grinned and came to join her, as everyone watching laughed. When the service was over, and I was told I could kiss the bride I turned to my new wife. She turned and allowed me just to kiss her on the cheek, then turned to Ben and kissed him passionately to cheers from the assembled guests.

Author: WimpHub




cheating wife






Cheating Wife Stories by Tripleg24



Cuckolded by My Landlord  - cheating wife, husband humiliation, wimp husband watches as wife dates his landlord

Laryssa was completely oblivious to my presence, I just stood there, watching my wife's afterglow. Peter walked back into the room,telling me to get out, because "I had a mess to clean up on the toilet seat", no doubt the one he just made.I had become the laughing stock of the neighbourhood, no one wanted the cuckold husband living under their roof.



Adam's Smirk  -  How can he satisfy wife when she's had big Adam?

"We had no intention of cuckolding you like this, but we can't help it. What was supposed to be a well-planned one-night stand between your wife and I has turned into an ongoing fuck-fest marathon. We can't stop fucking—we're like fuckin' rabbits, dude."



Joel, Andrew and my Cheating Wife  -  forced be, humiliation, slut wife, cum licking creampie

Joel leaned over my wife's face and kissed her sweet lips with his own. The kiss they shared shattered my heart into a million pieces. Fucking was one thing, but the passion they shared in that kiss was something I would never forget.



Cuckold Marriage Manipulation  -  cheating wife, young bull, cuckold husband, ultimate cuckoldry, seduced wife

"I want to shove your face in your wife's holes after I fuck them. I want you to listen to her screaming my name, again and again and again. I want you to give her to me, as my fuck-toy, as my whore, as my bitch, as my woman. And I want you to be my obedient little bitch."



My Wife - wife becames slut, wife and lovers, scared cuckold husband

You're wife is now mine, but she is married to you. You are not divorced, your marriage is still entact. I, however, am her real man, the one who gives her what she needs. The only one who can satisfiy her. She is mine, and as a result, so are you.



You're Fired! -  cheating wife, MM humiliation, cum eating

The day my ex-boss Rob and my wife Laryssa make a cuckold of me, my life was forever changed, and I would never be the same.

I felt even more humiliated than I had felt before. I had just swallowed my ex-boss' cum. And was lapping away at my wife's pussy for any residue that may have lurked within her well fucked cunt. The sweet hole that was my wife's that was supposed to belong to me alone was now being pounded by Rob, once my boss, suddenly my bully.





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Creampie Eater Stories

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Stories by Wifesboy



Cuckolded at Last

As our relationship grew, it became apparent to both of us that she was the head of the household and that I was not just to be an obedient husband but also her slave and service man, her toy, her servant.



His Wife Fucks Black Man

She kneels before Jamal, something She would never do for me and begins sucking his cock and licking his balls -- all the while looking up at me, knowing She is torturing me.



Letter to my Mistress

I think you let me cum too often. I cant believe I am saying that, but I notice that I more at the top of game when I am hungry to cum... I am not saying I never want to cum or that you shouldn't let me if it is what you want, but I am prepared to be denied. I no longer expect to cum to be honest very often. I do not expect you to make me cum. I do not expect you to suck me anymore. I want it to be all your choice and I want your pleasure to be top of mind for me.



Wife Worship

I was a sissy boy, my Wife's little boy.






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Stories by Wayne C. Rogers   (MUST READ!!!)



Wayne C. Rogers stories:  


The Sweet Taste of Revenge  -  Story by Wayne C. Rogers

A wife decides to dominate and cuckold her cheating husband.

What better way is there for a wife to get revenge on her husband than by having sex with another man.  Of course, I’m looking for a very special man…a man who knows how to please a woman and has the equipment to do it with.




The Essence of Love  -  Cuckold Story by Wayne C. Rogers, 6 parts

Submissive cuckold husband prepares wife for another lover. He cleans the kitchen while his wife is with her lover.

Carolyn loved to take me down to our soundproof basement, hang me up by my wrists so that only my toes were touching the floor, and whip me until I begged for mercy. She was quite good with a riding crop; and, given enough time, could break any man. As much as I loved and worshipped my wife, I was also a little scared of her...

She was the Mistress of the house and free to date whomever she desired. I, on the other hand, was the slave and not permitted to have sex without her explicit permission. She told him about our dungeon in the basement and the things she’d often do to me as punishment and for her pleasure. He seemed genuinely curious about our Mistress/slave relationship and asked a number of poignant questions...

As I placed my lips to the moist wetness of her vagina, I tasted her new lover’s semen for the first time.




The Edge of a Darkness  -  BDSM Story by Wayne C. Rogers, 4 parts:

Wife returns from date & whips submissive husband.

One of the walls was covered with an array of S&M equipment: riding crops, whips, paddles, leather hoods, wrists and ankle cuffs, blindfolds, mouth gags, dildo harnesses, metal handcuffs, etc., etc. In one corner of the dungeon sat a brown cedar chest (Pandora's Box) that was filled with rubber dildos of various sizes, metals weights and clamps for cock and ball torture, leather gloves with thumbtacks protruding from the palm and fingers, nipple clamps, plastic bags filled with used panties, stockings and pantyhose, bottles of oil, tubes of lubricant, candles for hot wax torture, and a multitude of other things.




The Seminar  -  Cuckold husband is forced to watch as his wife is dominated.

As you may have guessed, Tamara cuckolds me every chance she gets. My wife loves to fuck and tries to have sex with other men at least two-or-more times a week.

Story by Wayne C. Rogers




The Cuckold Proposition  -  Long Cuckold Story of 13 parts. Cuckold husband accepts his wife's infidelity with a group of men.

The first time it happened had been on our wedding night when her long-time lover, Timothy, had come over to take my place in the new bride’s bed. Danielle had wanted to immediately establish her authority over me as Mistress and what better way to do it than by forcing me to watch as another man made love to her only a few hours after we were married.

Story by Wayne C. Rogers




Making of a Submissive Husband  -  Cuckold Story by Wayne C. Rogers, 4 parts:

Husband is cuckolded and forced to submit to Wife and her lover.

Whenever Gerry allowed me to have an orgasm, I was always required to clean up the mess with my tongue. It didn’t matter if I ejaculated on the kitchen floor, on my wife’s leg, in her hand, on a pair of her dirty pantyhose, or on her black leather boots. Once the climax was completed, I had to lick up the semen, or risk being denied an orgasm for a much longer period of time.




Love Is More Then A Word  -  BDSM Cuckold Story by Wayne C. Rogers, huge story of 6 parts:

Submissive roommate learns the meaning of cuckold.

I hadn't had an orgasm in nearly four weeks and I was about to go crazy. Jennifer kept me in a constant state of sexual heat by forcing me to wear a CB-2000 male chastity device at night, on the weekends, and whenever I was left alone..... My Mistress knew this, too. It gave her a multitude of reasons to tease me, to humiliate me in the most shameful ways, to physically hurt me with unbelievable pain, and to make me want her all the more.






Kimberly's Proposal  -  Cuckold Story: Married woman takes a new lover as her slave.

I intend to take our relationship as Mistress and slave very seriously. I can already tell that a hard whipping is needed to put the fear of the Goddess into you, and I promise that when I've finish beating that ass of yours, you'll think twice before lying to me again.

Wayne C. Rogers stories




Jacqueline  -  BDSM Story: Dominant woman turns waiter into her slave.

I slowly got down on my hands and knees in front of my Mistress and begged for the privilege of serving her, offering absolute obedience to her every command, and pledging my undying loyalty to her. I also told Jacqueline that I loved her. She then gave me permission to kiss her feet.

Wayne C. Rogers stories




Be Careful What You Wish For  -  BDSM Cuckold Story: A submissive male is cuckolded on his wedding night.


When I asked Olivia about the "cuckolding" clause in the contract, she'd simply smiled at me and said that it was time to carry me to a deeper level of submission and that cuckolding was the perfect way to do it.

Olivia now felt it was beneath a Mistress to have sex with her slave, even if she was married to him.

Wayne C. Rogers story




The House That Bleeds  -  Erotic Horror Story: A married couple buy a haunted house.

When her hand reached my penis, she started to play with it, and I suddenly found myself growing hard with desire. I thought back to earlier in the day when she was about to give me oral sex in the car and wondered if that was now her plan. She stroked me to a full erection.

Wayne C. Rogers story




A Night of Hunger -  Erotic Horror Story by Wayne C. Rogers: Young submissive soldier gets more than he bargained for.

She never pulled any punches when torturing a slave, nor did she allow the slave to have a safe word. Once a man was helplessly bound in front of her, she usually ended up marking him both physically and emotionally for the rest of his life.




Excerpt from THE HOUSE OF BLOOD  -  A submissive husband is made to service his wife's lover.

The humiliation of the act was a real turn-on to her. Because of this, I knew that she had expected me to choose the whipping. I, on the other hand, figured that I could live with sucking another man's penis as long as he didn't cum in my mouth.

Wayne C. Rogers story