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Cheating Wife Story:  Party




My wife wanted to know why I never let her go to my poker nights and I tried to explain that it was my night out with the boys. She then asked why then does Beth get to play? I explained that Beth was like one of the ` guys `. She wasn't buying it and finally I agreed that when it was my turn again to host it she could stay and play. I figured that would give me three weeks and maybe she would change her mind about being there.

You see, Beth may have been one of the guys, but she definitely added a lot of spice to the game. She would start making `side bets' with us that had nothing to do with the money in the pot .She had been playing with us for about three weeks when she had gotten drunk one night and John, one of the players had convinced her that she should ante up some of her clothes instead of money. I couldn't believe that she went along with it but she did and ever since our parties have gotten much more exciting. Several times she has danced for us after she ran out of clothes and she has also went into the bedroom for a few of the "winners". Unfortunately I haven't been the recipient of any of those times because I was married and she asked me if I would appreciate my wife doing it.

Little did she know , but my wife and I have talked about her being with other men and the thought has raised the temperature in our bedroom many nights. Jessica, my wife is 5'4" with the measurements of 35-24-34 with blonde hair and has never told me no. We have made love anytime and anywhere that I have asked. She is the sexiest woman I have ever known and I am grateful to have her. As the days went by I was still trying to figure out how to get out of my promise. Several times Jessica told me how she was looking forward to playing.

I finally figured I would call everybody and tell them that we would have to play "straight poker" only. Everyone was agreeable except of course John. John had been telling me what a hot wife I had for years. Whenever he saw her he would tell her how beautiful and sexy she was and several times in our room she had told me that he had made her feel very desirable. I figured he would go along with the program once we started playing.

The day finally arrived and Jessica was asking me what she should wear. I told her it was very informal and anything she wanted would be fine. The first to arrive were Rick and Jimmy, followed closely by Beth and John. While my wife was still in the bedroom getting ready I again asked everybody to please try and behave. They all told me not to worry, and as I looked at John he smiled and said he would be on his best behavior. I was still a little worried but I figured that everything would be all right.

Then Jessica called me into our room and as soon as I saw her I knew that it wouldn't be exactly as tame as I had thought. She had on an almost sheer white blouse that buttoned down the front and she had 3 buttons opened so you could see the lacy top of her camisole. She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were slightly visible through her blouse. She also had on my favorite short black skirt that had a slit right up the middle. I then realized that she had been drinking and wasn't feeling any pain. I told her that maybe she shouldn't be wearing such revealing clothes and she laughed at me. "It covers more of me then what Beth usually ends up wearing" she said. I started stuttering and saying that I never even looked, and she laughed and said that maybe I should have. Damn John, I thought. "I refuse to have my wife be seen in those clothes" I whispered harshly. She then reached up and kissed me. "Just let me have some fun tonight and maybe you will enjoy it" she said. She then walked out of the room, leaving me wondering what to do.

Suddenly I heard whistling and cheering and I knew she had reached the family room. I tried regaining my composure and walked out there pretending that I had been part of the way she looked. When I came into the room she was putting bowls of snacks down and everyone including Beth had their eyes glued to her breasts. John smiled at me again and told me how this really made our poker night better. I glared at him and sat down and said that we better get started.

After a few drinks and some uneventful hands I started to relax and thought maybe everything would work out O.K. Wishful thinking because my wife started losing and was almost out of money. She asked me for some but everyone reminded me that the rules were that there was no lending of money. My wife then coyly smiled and said then what could she do? Of course Dear old John told her how. My wife turned a little red and started taking off one of her thigh highs. I started to protest but was drowned out by the other people. She threw it on the table and sat back and looked directly at me. I looked down and tried to act like it was no big deal. As the betting went around the table my wife called the first bet with her other stocking. I was sitting with 2 pairs but figured I had better fold so she wouldn't go any further. Unfortunately either everybody had a good hand or were seeing how far she would go. When it came back to John, he of course raised. Beth and Rick then folded and sat back and watched. I was getting nervous but also excited at the same time. Jimmy called and it was up to Jessica. She then reached under her skirt and pulled down her silk panties, she threw them in the middle of the table said I think that should cover that raise. I gulped down the rest of my drink and noticed that all eyes were again on Jessica. I noticed Rick shifting in his chair and he seemed to be trying to adjust himself under the table. John looked right at my wife and put down a king high flush. Jimmy and Jessica threw in their hands and he then picked up her panties and put them in his pocket. "This is the best hand I have ever won" he said as he looked at me. By now I was more excited then angry and I smiled and said "I will win those back before the end of the night" Everyone laughed and Beth said that she was also running low on money and she then put her shoes on the table. It was John's deal now and he wanted to play seven card. Figures I thought, more betting.

After the first three were dealt Rick was high and bet. Beth then took off her jeans and laid them on the table. I of course folded and sat back to enjoy the game. It was Jessica's turn and she stood up and started dancing to the stereo. She then started unbuttoning her blouse, and asked if just unbuttoning it would cover the bet. Everyone agreed and she sat back and smiled at me. I winked at her and she ran her tongue around her lips. I decided to enjoy myself no matter what happened.

Beth then unbuttoned her blouse to start the betting on the next card, and I started comparing the two women. Beth was sexy but in a different way then my wife. She was over 5'10" and had about 38D's. They both looked very sexy and I was starting to get anxious for the game to move along. John of course stayed in and after Rick and Jimmy folded it was again up to my wife. Jessica slowly removed her blouse and laid it up on the table. She lingered as she bent over and gave everybody a long look at the top of her tits. Beth was still high on the next card and tossed her blouse on the table. It seemed that Jessica was a little peeved because she wasn't getting all of the attention. She stood up and took off her camisole and threw it on the table. She wasn't in a hurry to sit down, but stood there while all the eyes in the room stared at her beautiful breasts. I had never seen her nipples so hard and I noticed even Beth staring with her mouth open. John was surprisingly quiet and I was wondering what he was up to? On the sixth card, Beth who was sitting in just her bra and panties shyly took off her bra. It wasn't the first time so I suppose it was because Jessica was there. Her nipples were also harder then I have seen them and I imagined how they would feel in my hands. John then raised and I waited anxiously to see what Jessica would do. She sank a little in her chair and looked again at her hole cards. She then smiled and started taking off her skirt. "Will this cover the raise "she asked. I couldn't believe that my wife was standing there naked in front of five people, but there she was. I imagined how wet she must be and wanted to rub my hand over her pussy.

John and Beth agreed that it was enough and Beth then slowly peeled her panties down her legs an threw them in. "What are they going to use for the last card?" Rick asked. John started laughing and said ,"I am sure we will think of something. The last card was then dealt and Beth was still high. "Well?" she asked? "If you want to bet, I think a kiss to the remaining players would be a good start" Beth started to protest but she then leaned over to John and kissed him. He took her face in his hands and shoved his tongue into her mouth. She started kissing him harder and her hands dropped to his lap and slid onto his cock. She then pulled back and he said "that was definitely worth it. He then decided to raise the bet. He then put 20 dollars into the pot. We all looked at Jessica and she asked what she would have to do. "Well, first for the call you have to give Beth a kiss, and I will think of something for the raise". Jessica then walked over to Beth and pulled her onto her feet. She then started kissing her. I watched as her hands ran up and down Beth's back and slid down to the top of her ass. We had never talked about another women so I was pleasantly surprised how she seemed to get into it. Everyone was watching them and I looked at their breasts rubbing against each other.

When they finally broke apart I took Jessica's hand and gave it a squeeze. She looked at me and seemed to ask if everything was all right. I nodded my head and she smiled. John then looked at her and told her to come over if she wanted to call his raise. She again looked at me and sat down on his lap. No words were spoken as she started to kiss him. His hands then went to her breasts and she started to moan into his mouth. I was staring at them and didn't notice that Beth had gone over and stood between Rick and Jimmy. They were now running their hands all over her and soon they were on the couch with her between them. They were taking turns kissing her and playing with her tits and pussy.

I then turned my attention back to my wife and John and saw her pulling his shirt off and kissing his chest. She then spread her legs and he started finger fucking her wet pussy. I started rubbing my cock through my pants not knowing what might come next. John then pushed her off of him and started taking off his pants. She crawled over to him and started kissing his stomach. She then pulled down his briefs and took hold of his cock. I had never seen her this excited and I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if I should join them or just watch. Jessica looked over at me and said "You just sit there and enjoy this. I will try and save something for you". Well that answered my question and I continued to stroke my cock.

Hearing moans I looked over at the others and saw Beth on her hands and knees with Jimmy behind her fucking her pussy, while she had Rick's cock in her mouth. It was definitely exciting but the main event was my wife. I looked back at her and she was sucking his cock down her mouth. She couldn't get it all the way in but she was certainly trying. "I have never had such a huge cock" she said looking directly at me. I looked over at John and he had a huge smirk on his face. Strangely it seemed to excite me more and I was now harder then ever. He started pulling her hair and asking her how much she loved his cock. She told him she did love it and to cum for her. He then stood up and she followed his cock like it was a magnet. He started slamming it into her mouth holding her head so she couldn't pull away. Not that she would have. She started to finger herself and I watched as she started rubbing her clit. All of a sudden he started to moan and he told her to keep his cum in her mouth when he came and to show it to everybody. She then started to rub her pussy harder and they both seemed to cum at the same time. When they stopped he asked her if she still had his cum and she said most of it. "Show it to your husband" he said. She turned toward me and opened her mouth. His cum was all over her tongue and when I saw it I started to shoot. I cannot remember ever having such a violent orgasm. I then heard him tell her to show the other people and then to kiss Beth. She did exactly as he said and I watched as Beth sucked her tongue. When everyone relaxed I said that I was drained and needed some sleep.

Rick, Beth and Jimmy then got dressed and left. Jessica, John and myself sat and had a drink and I waited for him to leave. Jessica then leaned over and whispered in John's ear and I strained to hear what she was saying. John then got up and walked into our bedroom. I looked at Jessica and asked what was going on? She smiled and said "Did you think I was going to let that cock leave without fucking it?" I started to protest but she stuck her tongue in my mouth and asked if I could taste his cum in her mouth. I told her I wasn't sure, and she said for me to just sit there and I could eat her pussy when he was through. I couldn't believe it but I agreed and sat there for over an hour while I heard them fucking and screaming on my bed.When he finally came out he looked at me and shook my hand. "Thank you" he said and handed me my wives panties.

After he left I walked into the room and found her laying there with her legs spread and fingering her pussy. "I am full of his cum just as I promised you" she said. "Now cum and satisfy me". It was the best night we have ever had and I have a feeling it won't be our last.





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