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Anonymous Stories:  Husband Made to Eat Fresh Creampie  - cuckold creampie, submissive husband

My wife laid back on the bed, with her legs spread towards me. Then this guy climbed on top of her and began to slowly slide his cock into my wife's hairy pussy. As he inched his cock in, cum globbed out of the bottom of my wife's pussy and dripped down her crack.



Anonymous Stories:  Cuckold Husband Waits for Slut Wife

She said looked at him as she rubbed it all over breasts and said she was going to go home and make her husband lick it off.



Anonymous Stories:  Watching  -  cuckold, slut wife story

Her face was totally covered by Mark's huge creamy load cum and I thought she had never looked as sexy as she did then, with sticky white cum dripping from her gorgeous face.



Anonymous Stories:  Jessica Cuckolds Her Husband

When your husband eats another man's cum from your pussy then he is truly all yours. This cuckold lifestyle is not for everyone and there are many fantasy players on the Internet. It was nice to discover some real people in the cuckolding lifestyle.



Anonymous Stories:  Roxanne Humiliates Her Husband  - Mistress, male chastity, husband humiliation

I started lapping her wet pussy like a madman and she started cumming again pushing their cum onto my face. She grabbed my hair and just held my face on her pussy as she released herself. She let my hair go and then ordered me to look up at Billy so he could see it. They were both enjoying the show. I was so humiliated and yet I could not stop myself even if I wanted to.



Anonymous Stories:  Her Lover  -  hot wife, creampie story

'Wouldn't you like to taste that come, come from a real stud in your wife's cunt, hmmm' she murmured in my ear. her tongue teased my ear. 'go on, go down and taste his come, see how he opened me up with that big prick of his'.



Anonymous Stories:  Ruining Signe  -  slut wife story of 3 parts

This is an absolutely true account of how I turned my ex-wife, who was a 17 year old virgin when I met her, into a total slut.



Anonymous Stories:  Sabour  -  slut wife, cocksucking, cuckold BI story

Nora let the cat out of the bag and told him that I was a cuckold. He was instantly turned on, having just fucked he got hard right away and fucked her insistently asking about how this fucking would be reported to me. The idea of cuckolding me fired him up.



Anonymous Stories:  Cuckold BDSM Story  -  cuckold, forced BI, interracial, BDSM

You can kiss her freshly fucked pussy and you can bury your face in the place where Ned's big black dick stretched her out. Oh, and Dan's as well. They're going to double dick her you can bet. They're going to push both their dicks in her pussy at the same time. Have you ever tried that before? Your wife is going to love it.



Anonymous Stories:  Hot Wife's Dominant Bull  -  cuckolding, cum licking, domination

I have been instructed by my Hot Wife and her Lover to write about their first encounter and their upcoming second encounter. This is the first real Dominant Bull that my wife has ever met. She has been cuckolding me now for about a year and before that we dabbled into swinging and other things.



Anonymous Stories:  My Indiscretion

Shannon turned around, spread her legs over my face and told me to eat her cum-filled pussy. She assured me that if I didn't make her finally cum, then I wouldn't get a chance to either. Her lips and clit were swollen and sticking out from under her beautiful red bush. Keith was kissing up the inside of my spread eagle legs but refused to kiss my pussy.



Anonymous Stories:  First Time Swinging  -  swingers story

As Phil watched his wife being eaten by Cassy we both got the same idea and knelt on either side of her head. We leaned forward and Pam grabbed both cocks in her hands. She took turns licking and sucking our cocks into her mouth. Once she tried to get both cocks into her mouth at once but had to settle for one at a time.



Anonymous Stories:  Visualization  -  cuckold wannabe story

"Going down on me, licking my cunt right after he has fucked me, tasting another man's sperm in me. Making sure that it happened and it wasn't just your imagination". Her verbal teasing was finding nerves I never knew I had, it was as if she had suddenly discovered a key to the inner world of dominance and subservience that lurked hidden in us, she realised that the reward for the subservient husband was the close witnessing of his wife's infidelity, the other man's sperm.



Anonymous Stories:  Hot Wife Persuaded Story

Rick pulled me up and moved between Julie's legs and rubbed the head of his thick cock against the exposed, swollen lips of Julie's vagina, right above where Steve's cock had penetrated and entered her pussy. I was amazed, Rick was going to stuff his huge cock into my wife's vagina, alongside Steve's big prick, and they were going to fuck her pussy in unison.



Anonymous Stories:  Donna's Trip  -  cheating wife story

He exploded inside me huge load after load of cum in the same 5 or 6 blast this seemed to go on forever. All that time we were holding each other tightly and screaming in ecstasy. He finished cumming while we were kissing passionately as our bodies keep shaking uncontrollable from the orgasms.



Anonymous Stories:  Donna's Vacation  -  cheating wife story

I could feel him jerk several times as he pulled my ass hard to him trying to insert his dick deeper into me as he came; my body was shaking as I matched his Orgasm. There we stood pressed as tight as two people could get together and and our lips were locked together in one of the longest passionate kisses I had ever had.



Anonymous Stories:  Touch

The crack between her buttocks glistened and I leaned forward to take a closer look. Cum filled the area around her anus and a stream lead between her legs, some getting caught in her pubic hair, the rest making a small pool on the bed sheets.



Anonymous Stories:  Sloppy Creampie Sex  -  slut wife, domination, creampie

The sight of our neighbor's come oozing out of my wife's fiery hole did me in. I sucked so hard I almost turned my wife inside-out.



cuckold fetish




Hot Hedo Nights -  cuckold husband, slut wife story by Anonymous

The sound of his cock and balls slapping my young wife's pussy was a sloppy anthem that made me go even deeper into her asshole with my tongue. Soon after I stopped licking my wife's ass, I could see his balls tightening up, getting ready to blow. He told her he was going to cum and she said she wanted it in her mouth.



Cheating Wife Tina   by Anonymous

I caught Tina cheating on me about 6 months ago and I was going to leave the marriage. Tina cried a lot and confessed to several affairs, somehow I got turned on by what she was saying and we had the most intense sex ever. I guess at some level I always knew that Tina was a slut.



The Preachers Cheating Wife,   story by Anonymous

I knelt between her legs, and pulled her wet pussy lips apart with my fingers. As my tongue darted inside of her, she yelped. Her body began to shake wildly as she climaxed.



Interracial Cuckold Story   by Anonymous  -  cheating wife, cuckold humiliation, interracial

"Your wife was begging me to fuck her in my car Evan, what do you think about that? He didn't want me to answer he just wanted to humiliate me. He was enjoying himself toying with me. He looked back over to me and said, "but I am principled man Evan and I would not fuck your wife without your permission".



Wife, Boyfriend and Cuckold Husband ,   story by Anonymous

I jumped right into her slicked up pussy and got absolutely no feeling at all. It was just too used up and with all of his cum in her, made it that much worse. I tried to fuck her doggie after that. I could feel her boyfriends cum literally all over her pussy and running down her legs.



The Wife Swap ,   by Anonymous

I gently eased the tip of my dick into her and then pulled back, rubbing the tip around the outside. All the while I was rubbing up and down her right leg with my left hand and fondling her pussy with my right.



First Black Bull ,   by Anonymous  -  dominant bull, forced BI, wimp husband story

Finally he got himself all the way in her pussy and then he began to pump her slowly. She just kept screaming and cumming. He was on top of her now when he ordered me to suck his balls from behind. I thought it was a strange request but I crawled in between his legs from behind and began licking his balls as best I could.



Cuckolded at Parent's House  ,   story by Anonymous - cuckold humiliation

Clair said, “take down your pants and let me see your cock. I want to see why my daughter has to sleep with other men all the time.”



My Husband's Mistake ,   by Anonymous  -  cheating wife, interracial cuckold



Cheating Wife Party ,   by Anonymous



Double Fun ,   cheating wife story by Anonymous



Sub Slut Jane ,  by Anonymous - story of cuckold couple



Slut Wife Tips Delivery Boy  ,   by Anonymous



A Borrowed Wife  ,   by Anonymous



The Office Slut  ,   by Anonymous



White Girl  ,   by Anonymous  -  lesbian slut, BDSM, domination



My Wife is a Slut ,   by Anonymous



Newly Wed Fun  ,   by Anonymous



Random Black Stud  ,   cheating wife story by Anonymous



My Birth Wish  ,  by Anonymous



Nympho Wife  ,   by Anonymous



The Line  ,   by Anonymous



Fuck My Girlfriend  ,  by Anonymous



Slut Wife Lynn  ,   by Anonymous



Cuckold in Jamaica  ,   by Anonymous



Dirty Sex  ,  slut wife story by Anonymous

I had for the very first time in my life a dick shoved in my mouth which I sucked on greedily. I felt fingers probing my anus which nearly made my body explode with lust, and it wasn't long before the colored guy stiffened and began pumping his load into me.



Another Slut Wife Story ,   by Anonymous

"Ah... Kevin said your wife told him you like to eat her pussy after she's been fucked. Is that true?" a rather effeminate looking boy asked. "Yes. It's true," I admitted, feeling my cock suddenly poking out through the hole in the fly front of my boxer shorts. I allowed it to remain on display for the boys, and as I did I experienced a giddiness of such intensity I almost came in front of them.





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