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When cuckolding works properly, the wife and the cuckold are on the same page from the begining of the relationship. The wife knows that she deserves much more, sexually, than her inadequate husband can provide for her. So, there is a mutual understanding that the Wife will be obtaining sexual gratification outside of the relationship. Rather than opposing this or trying to change it, the true cuckold husband accepts this fate gladly.


The power of dominant Wife is ultimate. She is forcing her wimp husband to pleasure the bull. The process of forced BI is ideally suited for cuckolding and humilitation.



The term Hot Wife refers to a married woman who has sex with men other than her spouse, with the husband's consent. In most cases the cuckold takes a vicarious pleasure in watching the pleasure of his Hot Wife and the man or men, or enjoys watching, hearing, or knowing about his hot wife's adventures. Cuckolds may also take part by engaging in threesomes, or arranging dates for their hot wives.


Dominant wives have the last word, period. The husband is willing to accept absolute control over his life, financially, sexually and socially, because he understands that this disciplinary arrangement is driven by the love of his dominant wife and that she will only correct his ways for his own benefit.


Being a cuckold male to a Woman is an act of true love. Crying while being spanked by your Wife makes for very special and very meaningful spankings. You must learn to submit, to obey, and to surrender.

A cuckold husband who deeply loves a  Woman should put Her first in everything and be submissive to Her.


Cuckoldry is a must to keep husbands in line, particularly if circumstances prevent a Woman from taking multiple spouses. The rules here are simple: the Wife is allowed, encouraged-to pursue affairs, heterosexual and otherwise, outside of the marriage, while the husband must remain faithful exclusively to Her.


By enforcing staying chaste, the Domme Wife controls one of the most itimite aspects of life of her cuckold. Forced chastity implies that the sub hands over the control of his sex life totally to his Domme. She decided when and how he is allowed orgasms.

Reminding the chastity slave that his penis is for the Wife's pleasure, as her toy rather than as a male sexual organ, is an important element of cuckold slave training. The cuckold husband has to stop thinking of his penis as a source of pleasure for himself because when he has this idea, his attention will be focused on his penis. His only purpose of living has to be the pleasure of his Wife.


Cock teasing is usually practiced for the express purpose of creating powerful feelings of sexual frustration and pleasure in the person being teased by singly or repeatedly bringing the subject to the brink of orgasm without actually causing orgasm.



Sissy cuckold must practice everything he learns, and WILL practice over and over again. Sissy cuckold will be sent to clean other peoples houses, he will have to cook for huge amounts of people, will have to become a master of soiled clothes, an expert at ironing; a scientist of dirty toilets and insanitary living conditions, a subject for the experimentation of his mistress and her household.


In addition to straight humiliation, many common submissive fetishes involve humiliation of cuckold. These include anything  such as golden showers, being an animal such as a dog or pony, foot worship, wearing a diaper and infantilization, and wearing women's clothes. Even loss of control could be considered humiliating for cuckold husband. Just being dominated by a woman can be a humiliating experience.




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